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I'm trying to understand the relationship between the Sequential() API and the Model() API for setting up NNs in Keras. In particular, I'm confused by the existence of an InputLayer object in a model

I am writing my first django app and in one of my ListView there will be hundreds of records. I want the user to be able to filter the result. The filter widget in the admin console looks intuitive

I have a page listing different items, and when an item is selected I want the name of the item clicked on to load an item-detail page, with the item clicked on being the paramter to item-detail. For

Is there a way to get partitions to inherit a generated identity column from the table that they were partitioned from? E.g CREATE TABLE data.log ( id BIGINT GENERATED ALWAYS AS

Say I have a dataset like this: is_a is_b is_c population infected 1 0 1 50 20 1 1 0 100 10 0 1 1 20 10 How do I reshape it to look

On a scenario to have a pointfree omit i can do this: const omit = <K extends string>( name: K ) => <T, U extends PlainObject<T> & { [P in K]: T }>( x: U, ) => {

I am using file_put_contents to create a video file. the problem is the speed and performance. It takes about an average of 30 to 60 minutes for an average file size of 50 mb to be created and that is

I run the program and it reaches while loop with input set on "" before the loop. When it enters the while loop it prints "Wrong input!" and then it asks to type in input = sc.nextLine(). Why? It hasn'

In my code I have keys in dictionary(concepts). When ran, the input that matches the keys in (concepts) prints the matching values from dictionary(files). Now I'm trying to print at the bottom of the

I have a Controller ProjectContoller that is supposed to receive a ProjectDto and save this into my database. I got the following code for this: @Autowired ProjectService projectService; @

I am a beginner in web programming and I am developing a website to study, I am still very beginner. How do I make the text "We are ADV6" and all its complement not in the images section? I need the

I am trying to build a docker-compose file that will mimic my production environment with its various microservices. I am using a custom bridge network with an nginx proxy that routes port 80 and 443

I am trying to achieve knockout observe computed behavior in vanila js In react, you will have both these variables on state and compute the fullname How can we achieve the same in vanila js

I have tried everything, but I can't read/write any files in the StreamingAssets folder. I have researched, but I can't find any answer. Here is my code: void SaveInventory(){ try{ File.

What Pre Processor can I use to enable or disable the test name. For example : I would like to make it false for testname="TimeCardLoad_Login" enabled="false" of Jmx file <TransactionController

A friend has a Windows 10 machine. She recently upgraded from Windows 7. She used to be able to use a PrintPreview Utility from Brother that would allow her to do the File - print clicks and it

I have to run this operation on 10200 text files: s[s$POS==sample[tail(which(sample$obs_pval == min(sample$obs_pval)), 1),1],]) and write in one file output of every operation on every file which

I was testing my code by writing bunch of characters and "correcting" it by using backspace a couple of times in quick succession. Normally the code works but after that brutal treatment the output

I keep having a strange error and I need to delete my database, remove my migrations and start again to fix it. It runs for a while then the error just happens again. Can anyone see the problem?

Trying to run tailwindcss docs it uses jigsaw and I'm running win10 but I get We are in Cgywin using Windows php, so the path must be translated when i type this is in my command : $ php vendor/

I just started using Promise in my node app. And I believe that in the code below the loop will break if one of then returns an error, which is rejected. Is there a way to let the loop finish,

My parent's state change but the children are not re-rendered: ReactDOM.render( <Frame> <Background loop="infinite" /> <Progress width={110} height={5} y={Screen.

With this code: <?php /* Import Faults */ class Faults { public $classID; public $studentsID; function __construct($classNumber) { $this->classID= $classNumber; $

I'm sure that there is a very simple answer to this question, but I have tried all the other solutions I have seen, and cannot get it to work. I am using an include in the project urls.py at the root

I am trying to setup permissions on a per-instance level on our GCP infrastructure (for example, can SSH on machine A but not on machine B) using GCloud IAM permissions. However, I came across a

I am trying to plot a scatter graph offline with plotly that will show up in my browser. I would like to have a drop-down menu that will allow me to filter my data by a third column from my data frame

I want to use connect for its performance optimizations and ease of use with mapStateToProps. I don't think I need to pass the store to the component from a <Provider> wrapper component to any

I was following the instructions as said in the GitHub webpage and when i type in the cmd "pip install beeware" it starts working and at some point it says "Command "c:\users\jose\beeware\venv\

In short, Amazon Polly translates and provides voice for pages on my WordPress site. Now, I want to access that full content via the WordPress API. Unfortunately, as I use the API, I can't find that

Is there a way or document for multipart upload to cloudfront using signed urls?

I'm trying to render a animation.ArtistAnimation object into a 24 fps video file in format mp4. I have search about and I reached this. However, even after compiling ffmpeg I get this error message:

Have a saved search using a formula(numeric) as criteria checking for 0/1 result. Below is example of functional piece: CASE WHEN {activity.date} >= {today}-90 AND {activity.assigned} = {salesrep}

I am making a small app that deals with processing files, making static data and allowing users to view and download the new static data. I have not learned how to do this with python manage.py

I've been trying to reload a single element of the page after the user makes a post. What I'm trying to do in my code is the following thing: success: function(result){ $("#postsxd").load(" #postsxd"

I am a beginner at python. As most beginners, I am trying to make a text based rpg. I have finally gotten to the leveling up system and am at another roadblock. When the character levels up, they get

I've been trying to use the below to expose my application to a public IP. This is being done on Azure. The public IP is generated but when I browse to it I get nothing. This is a Django app which

Fiddler captures HTTP requests and responses so that you can examine them and debug them. What tools are out there that deliver a similar sort of functionality but for OS-internal requests and

Hi i'm new using excel packege to create reports for a website MVC. The thing is that i have this method: public ExcelPackage FormUno(int TypeRptGralSerch, int intIdUs) {

My website https://taniaswebpages.com Website number 4, isn't responsive. The Christmas trees and content get shifted whether it is for mac or if i am viewing it on a phone. The right orientation isn'

I have array with this timestamps, var labels = ["2018-12-01T00:00:00.000Z", "2018-12-02T00:00:00.000Z", "2018-12-09T00:00:00.000Z", "2018-12-09T00:00:00.

I have created 3 groups 1. Staff, 2. Admin, 3. Operational Manager and assigned permission. Now whenever I wanted to add new user I wanted to show the choice field of the group and able to select the

VSCode has the nice feature to automatically render url's in source to clickable links, as the following examples demonstrate http://web.org file:///local.txt https://archive.org Is it possible

while reading about xinput, evdev,.. I am not able to even identify the device. I have a nice 4-core intel atom tablet, would like to remove win 10 from it. in the end seems elementary os can be nice

I am trying to set up a trigger on a table so that when the RaiseError condition is met it returns the column value of the inserted row in a string. I am struggling to get the column value into the

I intalled boostrap by command and added import in style. an added a nav bar with a dropdown, tried with dropdown button to html component and doesn't work too.

I have the following code: #include <stdio.h> int main() { printf("Hello\n"); fork(); return 0; } This gives output: Hello Which is as expected. But if i modify the code to: #

FloatingActionButton fab = (FloatingActionButton) findViewById(R.id.fab); //here he was supposed to start listening fab.setOnClickListener((view) -> { Intent intent = new Intent(

I saw around only HTML-to-Canvas posts, and I was searching for a technique to export Canvas to HTML elements. Say I have some shapes in a canvas, and I would like to get the same as DIV elements (

I've this RecyclerView adapter class which has a method offsetRound in it. class LeagueRoundAdapter(private val rounds: List<RoundVO>) : RecyclerView.Adapter<MatchViewHolder>() {

I have sequelize set up to log to winston in the config.js file: "mssql": { "username": DB_USER, "password": DB_PASS, "host": "", "dialect": "mssql",