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A some time ago I made a game which made a bit of profit. I made use of a few clever solutions too. I learned a lot from it's development, but being a simple game, I made a behemoth using over 20

Given the following classes: abstract public class Animal{ abstract public void greeting(); } public class Dog extends Animal { public void greeting() { System.out.println("Woof!");

Looking for how to use Java anonymous lambda functions so Consumer can process all objects provided by a Supplier, and get rid of the explicit while loop and null checks. I have a Supplier of String

I am trying to create an instagram feed to fetch latest 20 posts from my company account. I have registered new client and got my client secret as well.I followed steps which is there in instagram

I have a Spark cluster with 3 worker nodes. Take the simplified word count as sample: val textFile = sc.textFile("hdfs://input/words") textFile.count This application is creating a RDD, and

Running the command ng serve is working fine where as ng serve --prod shows error ERROR in src\app\employee\employee.component.html(12,9): : Property 'emp' does not exist on type 'employee[]'. src\

I am trying to extract coefficients from a fitted pfr-object. I fit Functional Generalized Linear Model (FGLM) of the form: E[Y_i] = X_i' \beta + \int_T f[t, Z_i(t)] dt, I then try to extract

Have deleted the branch from Pycharm . I got a suboption as delete and accidentally I clicked it. The branch got deleted from the origin .Is there a way to recover the branch?

I am using Angular 6. I am pulling CSV Data from the Api in my service like this : apiPing(){ this.http.get('http://kaboom.rksv.net/api/historical?interval=1') .subscribe((response)=>{

In vim go to first line I normally press gg. I am wondering why not the single g? It would make this motion so much easier, but is single g used for anything?

I am trying to repeat the function "refresh(geocoder, map, infowindow)" every x seconds but it won't work. Below is what the code that i have tried in html and javascript. Any help given is

I have Nginx server setup as proxy that forwards request to upstream server. After Nginx forwards request to upstream server, I want Nginx return a file to client rather than response of upstream

On clicking of the arrow button it should slide to right and show the other element in the array.Any help is really appreciated since I am new to this platform. Thanks and regards in advance. The html

I am trying to split a pandas column repeatedly. I want to find the string in-between two strings, indefinitely. For example, lets say i have the pandas column from the input below: import numpy as

I'm trying to experiment chartjs and I stumbled some problems. How can I make the X and Y axis label programmatically and align center(see image attached)? How can I make the pointer make not snap on

An instrument panel I'm working on has an LCD screen in Japanese. I have dumped the EEPROM data off the screen. Is it possible to change the screens displayed language from Japanese to English? Being

I am new to use jspdf and I want to export the form input into CURRENT pdf file. I mean now I already had a pdf file. And I want to export the input content into the existing pdf instead of a whole

I try to execute a function in my MainActivity when a notification is clicked. The function needs a data that i put in intent extras. The problem is when i click the notification when the

By default a TTY is in canonical mode, meaning that it buffers received data until it gets end-of-line or end-of-file (by default Ctrl+D). However, the buffer is only 4096 bytes in size, so if I am

How to take all property of a json variable in node js and put all of them in a txt file? If the structure of the JSON is like below, I could create a txt file of the property only. // JSON Variable

https://www.theaustralianwine.com.au/jsp/offer/recr/au/adc/offer_temp5.jsp?offerId=91300290&promoCode=4179001&offer=2018/december/4179001 banner images in header and tablet is not visible but

I have the django project with the Model to save date_added information. Here's the Model code. class Outputting(models.Model): date_added = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True) And I want to

I'm going to create an API in which I need to translate a book. I have a book in Arabic which I want to translate into English. I want to translate it line by line and word by word. What I want a

I setup a bucket in s3 and configured cross region replication for ap-southeast-2 and us-west-2. Every file copied to us-west-2 will be replicated to the other region which is ap-southeast-2. It works

While studying Vue By self-taught, I faced some problem. First, I bind some component by "new Vue ({el:" # id "})". And when I bind root component by "new Vue ({el:" # app "})", It ruin what

I have a table like this: BRAND_IDX | BRAND_NAME | PLATFORM | VIEW_CNT | ORDER_CNT | ORDER_AMOUNT ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PLATFORM : 100, 200

I have a restfull call that returns a data structure of type List>>>. What is the elegant of processing it using jdk 8 streams and Lambdas and map it to a POJO? Thank you in advance

I'm trying to get percentage of two numbers in my app (laravel based) but i don't get the right numbers. Code: 1. $pdts->price = 123.234 2. $pdts->newprice = 90.500 - {{number_format($pdts-&

Errors : 0 But still, they reject my module. Can anyone help me to find out what is the actual problem? Please have a look at the below image. Failed Technical Review Image URL Thanks, Krishna

how do I add the codes when I ask questions on stack overflow? I tried copy it from myeclipse or type ctrl + K according its reminder, but failed.

So I am a beginner about Javascript and I have to make a dice game, first of all here are the rules: The player and the monster have 2 dice each.Each dice must be stopped when the user click on it (

Hi I am learning to use the hash function to read and write records to a random access file. I have taken some code from a book that illustrates this but I am struggling to get the code to work. The

This is the full code and a working version: When running the game is I check the draw bool flag to be true it will draw a circle around the GameObject this script is attached to. Using the enum

I have in my js i need active variable $.post in my php please help! var jqxhr = $.post(url, function (jsonObj) { alert (jqxhr); console.log("post is here"); callbacksuccess = true; var $form = $("#

I have two ListBox in my window: LstStoreItems and LstPlayerItems. It looks like this: The idea here is that when you select an item from the Store, the Sell button is disabled, and it UnselectAll on

I've a SQL script that is called and containing among others follwoing line: @@./sql/common/scripts/LX2/InsertOrUpdateDefaultValuesLongVersions.sql 'typeinterface' 'en' 'ABCD.translation.SET0136.

I have written a text view with, textView.setMovementMethod(new ScrollingMovementMethod()); int gravity = 0; gravity |= Gravity.CENTER_HORIZONTAL; gravity |= Gravity.TOP; textView.setGravity(gravity);

I want to create a function to find a datetime format of string. For Example: - i have a string as '07/09/2016 12:00 AM'. i want datetime format of this string and it should be like : - MM/dd/yyyy

There is a Junit test as follow: Memory compiler compiles a string to class on.the.fly.Report, which contains some @Autowired declared fields, like reportRepository etc. Everything works as

I am working with BluetoothAdapter and trying to connect BLE device. I have noticed that while I am tring to detect BLE device it throws following error. 2018-12-17 18:19:03.374 15642-15663/? E/

I am in PHP MyAdmin and I don't see "New" above my databases. image 1 and I need it to look like this: image 2 Thank you for any help.

<input type="radio" name="day" id="mond" <?php if (isset($dday) && $dday=="monday") echo "checked"; if($data>=8) echo("function disable() { doccument.getElementById("mond").

I noticed a bottleneck in an api I worked on recently, it relates to how the json response is formatted, specifically with having to iterate through the relationship to format the response. The

unable to upload CSV file on the WordPress websiteenter image description here error: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons Check the following below link image website link:

coprocessor defined as: @Override public void preGetOp(ObserverContext<RegionCoprocessorEnvironment> c, Get get, List<Cell> result) throws IOException { if (Bytes.equals(get.

I have the following code example: public class example{ // class constructor public example(){} public void foo(){ example o = new example(); } } Why can

I have some conflict views: First, I create some base views to do the low level filters CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW view1 AS SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE conditions CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW view2 AS SELECT *

Does anybody here experience this issue in Google Chrome where it does not allow or do not inject ContentScript file to Chrome Tabs.

I am not sure, whether this question relates to Linux in particular: I use the tsp command to run small batchs of processes tsp ./myScript.sh which is then running ID State Output

Using Visual Studio 2017 (15.8.7), I started a "Cross Platform" -> "Shared Library (Android, iOS) project. The settings I use to build are: Debug ARM64 Clang 5.0 Dynamic Library (.so) Nougat 7.0,