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I have a Spring Boot (v1.5 and v2.x) application which uses JPA as ORM and the application implemented in the microservices pattern. The Application has a couple of business tables (across all

I am trying to create a Facebook application. In the application I need to use a permission called "groups_access_member_info", which is a permission that needs to be reviewed and granted by Facebook.

I have a folder(which is where I am running all commands) called learning. Inside this folder, I have two files, one is called Driver.java which is a simple main class with a simple hello world method.

Can anyone assist on below WPF GUI how to convert to Linq due to low performance: foreach (Grid b in main_grid.Children) { foreach (Control s in b.Children)

for many who don't know a sneaker bot allows for somebody to set up a bot (usually built with python) to buy exclusive sneakers on the day the shoes drop. However, there are many different parts that

Hi I would like to know how to implement the react native picker to select a country and an image of the flag. Any help would be appreciated import React, { Component } from 'react' import { Text,

I've read this guide, but I can't figure out how to do this. What I have is a regular chain with all the elements, chain mode "spread inside": What I want is the buttons with the up and down arrows

I am using Odoo v12 Enterprise and by default all the product those who even don't have variants. They are coming up in the list of product variants. The issue is I have already assigned external id

I am really stuck with my little coding practices def get_zhan_created_snapshots(self): snapshots = self.ec2.describe_snapshots(Filters=[{'Name': 'description', 'Values': ['Created by CreateImage

I was trying to insert data from dataTable into a related table in the database using PHP, jQuery and AJAX. I don't know where am missing it out Please I need you to help me solve this problem. The

Hi I am using Visual Studio code for JavaScript project, but suddently it started showing gitlens layout on left side of every file i open, i tried all possibilities, uninstall git related extensions

This form worked fine months ago with the exact same code. Now it does'nt work. It's not inserting data into my database. Halp! I've tried everything. Changing the quotes, looking over the code.

Hi,everyone!I want to know the choice of glibc, kernel, gcc version. For example, why does debian 9.4 choose the kernel of, gcc is 6.3.0, and glibc is 2.24. What is the relationship between

Hi I have the following code to solve a Hackerrank problem: Jesse and Cookies. I was banging my head on this for over three hours and I couldn't find a JavaScript solution or a hint for this problem.

How can I write a location block that matches any path ending in the following extensions: jpg|jpeg|gif|css|png|js|ico|json|xml|txt|html Unless the path starts with "/rails" (eg: /rails/randomstring/

I'm very new to flutter but I'm interested in learning it pretty much from the beginning. Right now I'm trying such a basic thing as changing the background color of some text, but I'm stuck. import

I am facing problems with the Vue Router and I have no idea what is causing this When my application loads it inserts the page path twice. Example: If I access the path http://localhost:8080/

Here is how I run the looping <div class="form-group m-form__group row" *ngFor='let url of validId; let i = index'> <label for="example-text-input" class="col-2 col-form-label">{{

I installed Twilio: pip3 install twilio But it will run only from the Python 3 Applications folder. // ♥ python3 Python 3.7.1 (v3.7.1:260ec2c36a, Oct 20 2018, 03:13:28) [Clang 6.0 (clang-600.0.57)

I have some questions about the Azure Files Share snapshot, if you know something about that, please let me know. Thanks. 1, Where are the snapshots stored? Will it cost the storage capacity and how

I'm using cosmosdb with azure table api and no where can I see any way to get total records count from a table. Can see that there are ways to get count of records with sql api. What is the best

I am working in WordPress and added some code in my functions.php that will prevent WordPress from adding default classes to the image and add my own class. This works except now when I create a new

when i build my by django+uwsgi+nginx on centos, i use supervisor to manage the uwsgi process. when i reboot computer, it seems uwsgi is started, but the web turns out error: [The above exception (DPI-

I have the following error in my Chrome console: Deprecation warning: use moment.updateLocale(localeName, config) to change an existing locale. moment.defineLocale(localeName, config) should only be

here is the problem: I have bunch of files in a folder named as such: MyTestClassname1.class MyTestClassname2.class I need to copy these files into following: MyClassName1Test.class

I am currently writing a alexa spelling skill to ask different spellings and to check user input according to the data we have. I created below intents & slots to do the expected work: Intents:

I'm wondering if stream could be piped multiple times? According to the document, I don't see any direct answer, here is my code sample. var request = require('request'); var MemoryStream = require('

I have a Ubuntu VM running on Microsoft azure. Currently I can access it using HTTP, but not with HTTPS. In the network interface, inbound port rule, 443 is already allowed. I already added a

I need to export two functions in the global scope, for example, I have these two functions: function Suite() {//} function Test() {//} I want to be able to export them to the global scope

I have two dictionaries - union = {'a':'gamma','b':'beta','d':'theta'} packaged = {'a':'alpha','b':'gamma','c':'alpha'} I want packaged = {'a': 'alpha', 'b': 'gamma'} Thus, I want to select only

Is there a way to change the javascript limit below to import as many images as will fill 1 row and no more/no less? currently, it only looks how I want it to at a couple res's, would be awesome if

I am trying to insert 2 rows to my DB using the mysqli_prepared_stmt. The function will not given any errors however it does not append the rows to the DB. Is there anything that i am missing here?

While I was in the process of editing a project, out of nowhere a border appeared below the menu and address-bar (first noticed in localhost). It is specifically noticeable on white pages. I have

Tying to learn how use Akka.net Streams to process items in parallel from a Source.Queue, with the processing done in an Actor. I've been able to get it to work with calling a function with Sink.

Unless I'm missing an obvious list that's provided somewhere, there doesn't seem to be a list that gives examples of large-ish Elastic clusters. To answer this question I'd appreciate it if you could

Im using a Vuex store for application state management. Since the app is mid-sized I have a multi module approach like so: export default new Vuex.Store({ modules: { listingModule:

As it says I have a stock.txt file from a phone company with some inventory items, the text has ID BRAND PRICE AMOUNT, I can open the file and copy the first struct but I don't know how to keep the

I'm having issues writing this query correctly. Below is the goal, my current query, and attached are the scripts to build and populate the database. Thanks for any assistance! For each DVD in the

This is my main app.js file --- I'm trying to pass down the state values and functions defined here as props to my child components through react-router-dom: import React, { Component } from 'react'

var canv = document.getElementById("c") var theFile canv.toBlob(blob => { theFile = blob }) console.log(theFile) How come theFile is logged as undefined? How do I actually assign the value of

I can't visualize the way the program is executed because of the second recursive call. What's the easiest way to go about solving this? public class Recursion { public static void main(String[]

How are algorithms like GZIP capable of working on a stream. Don't those algorithms require a full window into the original file? How are they capable of compression, when they only see the file piece

I currently have a dropdown list which is populated with locations from a location table in my database. The location table alco contains a "Miles" column. What i am trying to do is once a

I am trying to do the n-Body excercise for OpenCL. I use a struct for my bodyForce function and I need to give an instance of it as an argument to the function. Now I am trying to declare the struct

Currently i am facing difficulty creating Multiple Charts & Tables from same spreadsheet different range and different column using the google app script. Here is the image of my data source

How do i generate a random vector with 20 numbers, using only numbers beetween 1 and 5? ex: 1 3 4 5 2 1 3 4 5 2 3 3 4 1 4 5 2 3 3 1 After this I would like to replace the numbers by anothers,

There are two ways to add page breaks function into an rmarkdown documents: with a docx template or using library worded. At least, these are the ones I know. I prefer to use library worded to avoid

I understand functions can be assigned default parameters with the following syntax: const Foo = (first = 1) => first + first; But in this function grabbed from https://reactcommunity.org/react-

I see a dilemma with Makefiles: If I generate dependencies (*.d) during a dry-run, then it's no longer a dry run and this may involve doing a lot of processing for all the files. If I don't

I have a bootstrap table on my page and it's possible to add rows dynamically: $("#addrow").on("click", function () { var newRow = $("<tr class='myTableClassCalc')>"); var cols =