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I want to show navbar container only when navbar component is route and hide for other component of navbar dropdown component.can anybody help me with this if you don't understand i will make clear to

I've got a large .gitlab-ci.yml file with lots of jobs in it. Many of these jobs are filtered to only run on certain branches. When managing this file it would be convenient to define the names of

How to get/pass value from Modal1 to Modal2. I have a modal1 that opens modal2 for getting value that needed in Modal1. I always get an error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'click' of null"

I executed the following code with the purpose of acquiring the log of Watson Assistant. In the acquired log, the Japanese log was garbled. I got a log of conversation in English. Could you tell me

Multiple grid layouts in one screen

Let me see if I can describe what I'm trying to do. Currently, your mouse is limited to only moving from within the bounds of your screen dimensions. I'm wanting to remove this restriction and allow

I have a command button and table. On click of command button I want one column attribute value to be changed from "P" to "R". How can I achieve this?

I am getting an error over the argument of KING and COLOR that i passed to the Piece constructor. This is my code i am makinga chess game with a class main then tehre is a game class which makes a

I have built an Installer for mac os using packages. Now I want to upload it to app store. But apple complains saying the installer should be built either with Xcode or productbuild. I guess I won't

I am about to create a circular layout; for example shapes like oval or circle. But shapes should be created dynamically. So I created a class that was extended from ConstraintLayout. This class's job

How do I get my Constraint Layout to display my Shape drawable like this: This is my designed. And this is what i got. I wanna let the blue color display in position like my designed. I was try to

I am coming from a C++, python background and recently started learning C#. But I stumbled upon a peculiar problem, which I can't figure out after spending considerable time on it. Please forgive if

I am not familiar with scss at all. We have a .scss file named Theme6.scss. In Visual Studio 2017 solution explorer, if I expand that file, I see a file named Theme6.css. If I expand that file, I see

I have a Private GKE Cluster with a public master endpoint, which has jobs that needs access Cloud SQL. I have a cloud SQL proxy DaemonSet receiving on 3307, which connects to actual DB on 3306. My

[please try here ][1] i am trying to add button or icon prepend to filter icon or panel open icon in header row when we hover over it feature that already is there : its for filtering the column data

Help to solve out the below DAX function in power BI its not working. Kindly provide me the solutions Excel - =IF(A2="","",IF(OR(U2=Lists!$B$2,U2=Lists!$B$3,U2=Lists!$B$4,U2=Lists!$B$5,U2=Lists!$B$6,

I have 2 projects in the same solution, Algebra and Algebra_UI. Algebra is a class library with the target framework .NET Framework 4.5.2. Algebra_UI is a console application with the target framework

I followed the Flutter tutorial from Google CodeLabs - Part 1 Part 2 Then I tried adding SharedPreferences to persist data. Saving data works perfectly but deleting doesn't. My complete code is

I am aware this has been asked before. How do I connect to a container hosted in Docker Toolbox? docker-machine: Can't access container's web server from host and many others They all

I'm new to Python and data science. I'm working on Electricity Load Forecasting. When I use Normalisation the results are Good. I get very Small MAE and MSE. But when I apply SVR on the same data

PHP session data destroys when requested is made via IOS emulator in ionic 3. It is working well in android. The backend is developed to check session data for each request. PHP debug does not work

I have this function that is attached to the site master. All the webpages are supposed to inherit the style and function that are listed in the site master. So the sequence of my website is like

I have a data frame stored in a variable testResult which consist of time and customer id as seen below testResult= Time of Transaction - Customer-ID 1:02:10 | 101 4:02:10 |

I got a model folder which contains all sequelize schema models, and I tried to write an index.js in this model folder; but when I run the app, there is an error "sequelize is not defined" in the

I am processing, a chunk of stream received from MediaRecorder API in chrome browser. The interval for reading data is set at 200ms and whatever data is received is sent to server, immediately for

I am facing method invocation exception while calling invoke method as below try { method = obj.getClass().getDeclaredMethod(new StringBuilder("get").append(id).toString()); ret =

I have a component like bellow and i want to run a test for the onClick function of it. But the test failed as it cannot find the component and simulate the click function . What have I done wrong and

I have deserialized data in one table where columns are like below Col1 * Col2 * Col3 * Col4 * Col5 * Col6 *.Col60+/- ------------------------------------------------------ 6 "type"

I am trying to retrieve values of fields from a GenericRecord (Avro 1.8.2) genericRecord.get(index) works but genericRecord.get(field_name) only gets me a null value. genericRecord =reader.

I have api its response like this: { "0": "_serialize", "1": [ "login" ], "users": { "token": "aaaaa", "message": "login successful." } } How can i parse this in android using gson

TFS Version: 2015 OS: Win 2012 R2 We are using TFS 2015 for version management. We are also using its build feature to build and deploy the binaries to production server. Now are trying to deploy

`static int EFIAPI va_Utimes( const char *path, ) { struct __filedes *filp; va_list ap; int fd; int retval = -1; va_start(ap, path)

How to fold across #ifdef. Expected behaviour is to have some [+] sign or something next to the if (like other editor), so we can quickly fold this if statement. But for some reason it doesn't work on

Is there any possibility to create a custom video calling framework without using any other third party API or SDK. I want to create a custom video calling framework. I want to calling one to one

When creating a simple program in c ++, I entered a value in an array of undefined addresses. However, it outputs the value to the address without any problems. Why is there no error? #include<

I wish to create a numpy array of shape, (205, 2) and it should look something like this for each tensor [1,0] x 205 times I tried to use np.ones([205,2]). However, the value is [1,1] for 205 times

After putting this <script src="//unpkg.com/react/umd/react.development.js"></script> in a blank html file, how do I verify it worked? Is there some command I can issue on the DevTools

i am using kotlin + springboot to build my web application. i want to create a tool class ,so i coded like above: @Service object XXXUtil{ @Autowired lateinit var restTemplate: RestTemplate

So basically I want to serve the ../client directory on development, where it has the current files being edited. During production, however, I have a folder ../client/dist that I want to serve. How

I am a little confused when using the package ROCR. I don't quite understand how it works compare with the pROC package which seems more intuitive for me. compare the command of the 2 packages: enter

I am using angular js and mongoDB, In mongoDB I have some text with \n, So each line comes into the new line based on \n, But I am also want to add line number for each line. Below is the source

This SVG code doesn't display the following two images, even though both images are available. Image 1 is here. Image 2 is here. Code pen here: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/oJYBRq?editors=1111 <

hi I have a dataframe as below df1:- rade volume packitt wear 28 cult,,daok kwat 45 vaner ,boera itre 17 eaker, ewlvwe, The wrerin reww 87 hakw 57 ,

I have a time consuming task that I am looking to do quickly, I'm open to either t-sql or a nice python library/script suggestion if there is one. Lets say you have a table with x number of columns

I'm wondering if I define a menu and I have a menu item such as: <item android:id="@+id/my_menu_item" /> If I store the integer value of this resId in my app preferences and attempt to

I have an ionic 3 application that behaves differently when built via fastlane-gym vs. Xcode. When built with fastlane-gym, the ionic app exhibits some readily reproducible UI refresh issues, that

I am getting an exception while importing module Here is code import * as express from 'express'; export class Server { app: express.Application constructor() { const port = 3000 ||

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 on which I installed mySQL server and workbench 5.7. Now trying to install odbc driver but I'm getting isql error even though I've changed the localhost to and set a

I am receiving the following error: Notice (8): Undefined offset: 47 [APP/Template\CoursesEnrolled\view.ctp, line 75] I have tried debugging the line but I'm stuck with what to do. My view.ctp

I have a functional component that renders out the object values const MovieItemDetails = (props) => { return <div className='item-details'> <div> <img key={props.