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Here is two of my tables. First is the dict table, which is offer the key-value pairs code_value,code_label. And the other table subject stores a column called subject_type with id, subject_type.


I am very new to HTML and during my study of this mark language I encountered with tag which ensures that any any letters and characters are rendered properly in a browser. But I was wondering why


from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import pandas as pd import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt #pd.set_option('display.max_columns', None) a = pd.read_html("D:\\abcd\New folder\PRTG Report


I am trying to set numbers in mat-icon button instead of other icons.but in my case when I set some other icons it's working but when I set numbers it's showing a blank button . I tried to resolve


{% for host in groups['db_server'] %} [server{{ loop['index'] }}] ip={{ hostvars[host]['ansible_eth0']['ipv4']['address'] }} {% endfor %} I want to get host ipv4 via groups. But I got only


I have a stackBlitz here - https://stackblitz.com/edit/d3-tooltip?embed=1&file=src/app/bar-chart.ts&hideNavigation=1 I'm trying to show a tooltip when I hover over the bars in the chart and


What should I pass in svg param field for exporting svg through REST API SAIKU. There is no any expamles, any answers. Maybe someone know and can help me with this. Or maybe exist another way to get


So I've been parsing YAML file and have a field called indexes, which refers to the table columns (defines the table indexes). And they have a property sort : ASC columns: sta_id: { type:


I have been looking through the web to find an answer to my questions however cannot seem to answer them. If anybody is able to direct me to some source information or shed light with their knowledge


How would someone merge 2 arrays where $_array_1 is scattered but $_array_2 maintains its original order? I have 2 arrays $_array_1 = array( 290, 188, 519 ); $_array_2 = array( 213, 702, 231, 173,


I've tried to search the answer for this but none of the solutions I've found have worked. I need to subtract 2 date fields from one other: datearrival - date departed but these are both varchar and


On publishing updates to an existing wagtail page it raises a ValidationError with the message below. ValidationError({'live_revision': ['page revision instance with id 33 does not exist.']}) All


I have a react app where I make have lot of DOMs, The DOM's are of different types(image, video, svg's). All these DOM's are not rendered at initial stage and will be rendered at the click of a button.


I made a dynamic data view with constraints. Once the data loaded into the form the form is updating its size properly in the scrollview's content view. But I cannot get the background color properly


I am having performance issues with this LINQ Query.Please help me optimize this linq statement for performance. How can I optimize this query, and run it in one select statement ? from


I have a NAV 2018 extension with different pages. Those pages stopped appearing in search after I modified app.json. In app.json I changed the name, description and version. The UsageCategory

如何使用节点JS Passport向客户端发送错误消息?

I am using passport with local strategy .but I want to send message and status when credential is not match or (user is not exit is DB) here is code router.js const passport = require('passport');


How I can get event on any edit in DataBindingSource to change button color after any filed is editing


I am trying to add a UILabel as a custom view to the backButtonItem of the navigationItem. But it doesn’t show up. I want to achieve something like the Mail iOS App as in the following picture where


I'm trying to translate a function from numpy to tensorflow but I'm getting different results when using tf.linalg.svd and np.linalg.svd. The numbers I get out are the same, but the signs vary and I


If I read the docs correctly, then the FileField in Django does not know the content_type of the file: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/2.1/ref/models/fields/ I would like to store files in a Django


Let's imagine that I have 3 microservice: The source service contains data in XML format inside the database. The target service should contain transformed XML as a ZIP file. The 3rd service knows


I am developing a application that the voice as input and must give the text as the output and it is an iOS app and previously i developed the app through the Siri kit and implemented it. But problem


I am using HP Laptop .Today i installed ubuntu 18.04 with wifi drivers installed as per downloaded and shown during ubuntu installation. But it is not detecting wifi. How to download the drivers that


I am trying to add my own CSS which is composed of output of Sass but I do no know how to as per the documentation say module.exports = { css: [ // Load a Node.js module directly (here it's a


I am trying to make online coding judge to host coding competitions in our college using django, python, can any one tell me how to compile and run user input i.e source code of c,c++ languages by


Given this pandas.core.frame.DataFrame sample: col 0 2 0 0 1 3 1 I would like to get those indexes where col is 1: df[df['col']==1] The expecter result would be a vector (0,

没有配置IDP,请使用Spring SAML更新包含至少一个IDP的元数据

I am trying to implement the Spring Security with SAML using the tutorial by @VladimírSchäfer i.e. https://docs.spring.io/spring-security-saml/docs/1.0.x/reference/html/chapter-quick-start.html

PHPMYFAQ 2.910中检测到的慢度[重复]

I have installed phpMyFAQ 2.9.10 using xampp. The thing is its extremely taking time for loading the page or each and every process. It could be helpful if someone could guide on improving the


I am doing a simple web app, where i am using a external lib called (html-to-pdf). The idea is to create a pdf with the html and css generated on the frontend. The lib receives a html document, so i


let's say I have a grid with 4 columns. Every column takes the same amount of width -> 100% / 4cols = 25%. The 3rd column has a TextBlock or any other control in it. Now, when I resize the Width of

PyScBar DataFrame selectExpr不在一列以上工作

We are trying Spark DataFrame selectExpr and its working for one column, when i add more than one columm it throws error. First one is working, the second one throws error. Code sample: df1.

GULP -编译SCSS到CSS,迭代多个文件夹

I'm new on gulpfile and i can't figure out how can I iterate through multiple folders using a single task My src folder structure folder1 assets style.scss folder2 assets style.


Im loading 13 cr rows of data from DB2 to SQL server. currently I have implemented fast load option and set up batch and commit size. thus improved some performance. Please suggest to improve further.


I have some trouble with google autocomplete when i use my react project. i made a simple autocomplete component for react, using google autocomplete. Autocomplete.js import React,{Component} from '


I am new to Django, I am trying to send data of different content-type in HttpResponse function of Django but i am getting the error. I want to send the date with an image in HttpResponse.


My problem is that I have a has_many through relationship between workers and trainings and a special join table that contains additional information about trainings each worker has done. training.


I want to increment a checkbox element in haml and when I refresh the page, the element still be there. I try to use an input number to increment the element but it doesn't take into account all the


** Settings *** Library RequestsLibrary Library Collections *** Variables *** ${SERVICE_ROOT} https://xxx.yyy.org/m1/oauth ${SERVICE_NAME} accesstoken ${client_key}


I received web-service documentation in html format but it is very unfriendly when it comes to search for a specific word. Using index file it displays list of names of each request on the left and


Hello i tried to create a generic query method but the problem i still get the error responseValidationFailed (Alamofire.AFError.ResponseValidationFailureReason.unacceptableStatusCode (400)) Here is

Python 3:将列表列表转换为列表字典

I am facing a problem with one of my python script when trying to convert a list of lists to a dictionary of lists. Here is what I have: a list of lists of ID numbers. a = [ [0,1,2,5] , [4,5] , [0,4]


I'm used to making web apps using JSON but now I have to develop in C# and I'm running into difficulty choosing the correct object notation as I have little formal training. Basically I want to re-

I have a situation where I need to add "dataType" in my HttpRequest() in Apex. When doing using jQuery Ajax it is written like this : var settings = { "async": true, "dataType": 'jsonp', "url"


I have a problem on my page. I am trying to pass a JSON cookie to another page but after submitting and redirecting to other page then get the cookie. It seems that the page doesn't fetch the cookie

密谋Chen Gackstatter Surface

As I know that the parametrization of the Chen Gackstatter surface is a complex integral. However, the integral is path-dependent, so how can I plot this surface (e.g. by choosing what paths)? I


Say, I have a MySQL table like: | model_id | feature_name | feature_value | count | woe | iv | | -------- | ------------ | ------------- | ----- | ---- | ---- | | 1 | age | age0


My data has the following structure data have; infile datalines delimiter=' '; input customerid : 8. date : date9. opens : 3. ; datalines; 2123780 11APR2017 0

未受支持的Ma.or小版本52,带有Eclipse构建的Web应用程序,服务器是Tomcat 7 [复制品]

I have recently upgraded my development machine to Ubuntu 18.04 and have been revisiting and checking some old projects, one of which is built under Eclipse oxygen and deployed using Tomcat 7. To the


Adding a toolbar to a canvas. the default function for zoom is zoom, how can i extend this function? if i redefine zoom it over rides the default function. class correlator_toolbar(