WeChat QR Code


I am attempting to submit a form, however within this form there is a hidden element. This element is essential for the workings of this page and it was created to act as a template for the same


I want to test a custom QMessageBox that I created. In particular, my API will execute automatically the exec() loop of the QMessageBox, and I want to check the result when the user clicks a button or


I am building a Mesos cluster on 3 three masters and 2 slaves. Each VM has at least 4 vCPUs and 2Gb of memory. In the past, I compiled Mesos on each one of the servers which took a ridiculous amount

GNU make执行细则

I have a makefile that shall convert some files into PDFs. Right now the makefile looks like this: PDFS = file_A.pdf file_B.pdf <snip> file_K.pdf all : convert file_%.pdf: $(

noreversematch / Django 2. x

Can someone please explain me whats going on and how to fix it please :D im using django2.x url.py from django.urls import path from . import views urlpatterns = [ path('', views.site, name='


We came across a scenario where need to upgrade our servers in partial chunks to support TLS1.2 protocol. We are not expected to run any network capture tool on our production servers like wireshark ,


I need to translate this CURL curl -X POST "" -H "accept: text/plain" -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -F myparam="12345" in a Retrofit request. I think that I am


I need to know if there is a Websphere/Liberty specific answer to this, as I am aware that one cannot normally open a flat file from within an EJB or servlet for security reasons. The problem: I


Just look at the following simple codes: program hello call foo() contains subroutine foo(bar) logical, intent(in), optional :: bar if (present(bar) .and. bar) then print *, '

Oracle APEX图-无效的数据显示

I have a gauge chart that displays a value label and a percentage. it is based on a query that returns VALUE and MAX_VALUE. In some cases the query returns 0 as MAX_VALUE and then the chart displays a


In my mstest's I have the following function. public void WriteLine(string text, LogLevel? logLevel = null) { var writeLevel = logLevel ?? LogLevel.Level2;


I am a bit confused as to why my ajax call doesnt return a result. I thought a method defined as async automatically returns a promise. What am I doing wrong? async AjaxCall(filePath) { let


I am new to Power BI. I want to clarify "Why in organizations there is need of Power BI guy?" Moreover, Project Manager can also do the task of Power BI developer. But why they need different person.


I am trying to build a vertical carousel navigation (see design attached). What would be the best approach for the actual layout, I was thinking of using flex as a column, but how can I include the


I would prefer to migrate from our AS/400 i Series Green Screen app in house but after a few weeks of on and off research, there seems to be a lack of options for porting outside of writing my own


I have an API gateway POST method that call a lambda function. When I call that API from the bash CLI, all works fine. however, when I integrate that url in a form, the lambda function is never


I'm trying to reverse engineer some postscript file and come across this set of commands: {/@co18 37 59 63 t! (PROMO) eq not def}exec So basically, what I'm confused about is this line: 37 59 63 t!


I'm interested in using the uber api into my on demand delivery service, I know this service was available for uber rush, now there is deeplink option, I would like to know of this is possible? Kind

如何在TFS 2015对象模型使用continuationtoken:getbuildsasync?

I am using the following code BuildHttpClient service = new BuildHttpClient(tfsCollectionUri, new Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Common.VssCredentials(true)); var asyncResult = service.

如何添加imagesloaded(砌体)的WP Ajax吗?

I use following ajax code, as you can see there is added masonry( 'reload' ), but I have to add imagesLoaded() too. Do you know how to do it? $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: ajaxurl,


Below is pom.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:


since yesterday i am trying to insert multiple lines in a dataframe with python and pandas. I did many hours of debugging on it but i cant figure what the problem is. I have a number i of servers


So I have a nodejs script running using Socket.io on a websocket. The script itself works, but it tends to crash sometimes. It could work for a few days, but I just had to restart it twice within an


I have data extracted from the MYSQL table in the following format, ABC 2016 567 ABC 2017 456 ABC 2018 987 DEF 2016 537 DEF 2017 452 EFG 2016 537 EFG 2017 452 EFG 2018 687 I need to display it in


I have a large dataset containing a mix of words and short phrases, such as: dataset = [ "car", "red-car", "lorry", "broken lorry", "truck owner", "train", ] I am


Need you Help on something really quick : How to set storage account "soft delete" option enabled using arm template? 2.What's the property that I should be using in arm template. Tried browsing


I have the following function: subtract(sub: number | CalendarWeek): T { if (typeof sub === 'number') { return new CalendarWeek(); // Returns a CalendarWeek if sub is a number }


I try to migrate my classic jenkins jobs to pipeline. Actually I have groovy script which read input json. I would like to know how to run groovy script in stage ? I try this but not working :

Python API测试框架[持有]休息

I have a question, I need make api rest test. I would like make this in Python. I don't make api test, I haven't expirience in this and I'm searching good solution What framework can I use?


I’m trying to use Matlab to control 8-channel perfusion device. The manual said that on the back of the device there are 8 BNC type connection ports for transmitting TTL signal to control the on/off


I'm trying to install Python dependencies on a server that does not have outside access to the internet. Methods like PIP and wheels are not an option from what I can see. I have tried going to the

如何将stringvar()从Tk PyQt

I have this function as part of my code and I am trying to move from tk to pyqt, but I do not have much experience in pyqt. I am trying to generate a list of Tkinter string variables to store the

Excel VBA系列工作簿之间复制/粘贴

I used to code in VBA frequently, but its been a few years and I am stumped. Have an issue with the following code that seems to work fine (although very slowly) for the first 9 files it is opening /


I'm doing a web portal and I want to sort a table without refresh the page. When I try it with a static table it works perfect but when I do with my table that it uses information from the database it

如何申请谷歌/ YouTube的数据API服务条款

We are working on a Youtube section in our Android app, and just not quite clear on some of the requirements. Since the only support Youtube provides is this great forum, I'm hoping to get answers

推荐系统的Python # lightfm # fetch_movielens安装问题

I want to create a movie recommendation system. I could install all the dependencies except lightfm. I literary tried every possible command, it just won't work. No matter what I do it keeps printing


I am very new to R and R studio and I have successfully important a table from sas7bdat into R studio. Now I want to use columns 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 from that table to make a new table. Once I do


In summary I have a script that presents a dataset to the user. On user selection (element class .sOrder) detail loads into a holding div. If user changes any of the inputs, a text input is updated (


I currently have this code: public static void main(String[] args) { Pants pants = new Pants(); pants.eat(10, 10.3, "Nice."); Object[] params = {(long)10, 10.3, "Nice."}; Method


Why is VS giving me this error? I am quite new to OOP and Templates in C++ and I am trying to write simple Stack implementation using these techniques. I tried to google it but I did not find anything

2调整指令引起domexception iframe的角

I need to have a dynamic size Iframe because the Iframe I use make sometime 1300px height and sometime 250px height So I decide to insprire me of this code : here the problem is that I need to


I want to find and replace all of the Managerial positions in a CSV file with number 3. The list contains different positions from simple ",Manager," to ",Construction Project Manager and Project


Currently, I am using @media to define different CSS for different screen sizes @media (max-width: 1800){ body{ font-size: 14px; } } @media (min-width: 1800){ body{ font-


I am new to Python and Django. I want my model to have range-validated floats. From this answer I wrote this: class FloatRangeField (FloatField): """A FloatField constrained to a given range."""


We have a large RDD with millions of rows. Each row needs to be processed with a third-party optimizer that is licensed (Gurobi). We have a limited number of licenses. We have been calling the


I am very new to GMM models and currently trying to make a unsupervised clustering on data. The data has 34 features (dimension). I am thinking of using GMM with Dirichlet process and trying to code


I have an excel macro which converts special characters. I would like to do this from within Blueprism (perhaps using a code stage). How can I convert this? I have tried pasting it into a code stage

停止Avecto defendpoint编程

Before anyone says anything about access rights I have full access to services and can manually stop both the Avecto Defendpoint Service and the Avecto Defendpoint ePO Interface. And, all users who

I think I pretty much tried every xPath within the Bottom element to download an Excel file by using xPath methods but don't know where it's incorrect. Besides, I also tried Click() and Keys.ENTER.