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d = {'col1' : [78, 56, 7, 3, 33, 99, 10, NaN]} df = pd.DataFrame(data = d) I have a csv file which contains column named IMDbrating which i want to convert

I have a blue ray which is 4k HDR format and I am trying to create .mkv file which is also 4k in 10 bit HDR.I have 4k OLED TV which is capable of playing 4k HDR content.I am new to ripping and video

Fairly new to programming, apologies is the question is broad. import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup def data(): League = ['nba', 'nfl', 'mlb'] url = f"http://www.espn.com/{League[0]

MainActivity.java public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.

I've created modal with React Bootstrap. Despite the fact, that I'm using onHide function, nothing happens. Here's my modal: <React.Fragment> <Modal {

I'm trying to write a script that json-stringifies a Vec and uploads it to S3. I have tried a few things the code works essentially up to this: s3_client.put_object(PutObjectRequest { bucket:

I'm trying to setup a kubernetes cluster with kubeadm and vagrant. I faced an error during installing nginx ingress controller was timeout when the pods is trying to retrieve the configmap through

My site is implementing Google Sign in with the code bellow and it's working pretty well. When I try to do it in the mobile version all the flow works right, but I get not the answer of sign in. I

Forgive me for the triviality of this. I am doing operations on stock data, and I am attempting to assign functions to ranges. Below is the code: Sub RSIFunction() Dim numberOrRowsToSkip As Integer:

When using html/css to create is it possible to use nav-extended with navbar-fixed for one nav bar? I'm trying to create two Navbars stacked on each other with the top Navbar being of larger height.

I would like to create a virtual screen by somehow cheating the MacOSX and get the frames of that screen to stream to a server. I am wondering how DuetApp creates a virtual screen and cheats the OS

I am doing some SQL exercises and one of them requires me to run the given code that creates a new table CREATE TABLE TDEPTO_1 ( NUMDE INTEGER, NUMCE INTEGER, DIREC INTEGER, TIDIR

I used the script provided at 'https://gist.github.com/jdhao/e3fd77d51f3a95684d2b3354fc61b2ab' to upgrade gcc/g++ to v5.4. The script ran successfully and the new libraries were supposedly installed

I have a Django web app which I want to do some basic filtering on. Basically, I have a social media like site where Users register their hobbies. What I want to do is have a filter where Users can

I am trying to have a button go from a fragment layout to an xml file. However when running the app, I can not click on the button. I've checked if I have to correct id. This is the case. Does someone

How to create database table using phpmyadmin? Would anyone explain in a simple way?

We are using ExoPlayer cast extension. The video files are 'mp4' and has inbuilt English subtitles. We are able to see the closed captions in the device using 'Player' class and selecting

I've just started reading The Little Schemer. It starts off with several questions asking if a given expression is an atom. It's pretty straightforward but, funny enough, the very first question is

This is my java code: public class MoviesReviewsMapper extends Mapper <LongWritable, Text, Text, Text> { public void map(LongWritable key, Text value, Context context) throws IOException,

I'm trying to write a code with exec and eval function to read lists of variables from a numpy .npz file. When I ran the code without defining it as a function def, the code worked. However, when I

I have this array of arrays: [ [ 'TWENTY', 20 ], [ 'TWENTY', 20 ], [ 'TWENTY', 20 ], [ 'TWENTY', 20 ], [ 'TEN', 10 ], [ 'FIVE', 5 ], [ 'DOLLAR', 1 ], [ 'QUARTER', 0.25 ], [ 'QUARTER', 0.25 ], [ 'DIME'

I will set this 3 blocks as #HEAD-LEFT , #HEAD-CENTER and #HEAD-RIGHT. All 3 blocks are floated to left. I want to make more blocks below the #HEAD-LEFT. Unfortunately, string goes up, because

I have four tables, the main purpose of these tables is to have a many to many keyword to message relationship. each keyword can have many messages and each message can have many keywords they are

I'm using firebase realtime database to make a pokemon-go style game. For each user they have a data structure like this: Each entry in the "pokemon" node has an ID which corresponds with an ID in

Could someone help me to solve the problem of authentification of a mini-chat using Linux with C langage (sockets) ? When I chose number 1 it doesn't give anything ! Everything is logic in my mind

E.g. I have following Perl script { package A; { package B; sub _y { print "Just Another Perl Hacker\n"; } } sub _x { print "Hello

import numpy as np import pandas as pd Largest product in a grid Problem 11 In the 20×20 grid below, four numbers along a diagonal line have been marked in red. 08 02 22 97 38 15 00 40 00 75 04 05

I try to use the GANEstimator model in tensorflow here https://github.com/tensorflow/models/blob/master/research/gan/tutorial.ipynb and try the second case GANEstimator,but when I run the code to

Today I logged into my WordPress admin and was prompted to "Update the database," no options were given so I did. After that, my pages showed a "new" visual composer based in blocks that showed none

I have the following code that is comparing a hash value and username to the corresponding hash value and username in a local database (App_Users3) //- SqlConnection con = new

So I am making a word guessing game and this is the html for the keyboard <div id="qwerty" class="section"> <div class="keyrow"> <button class="key">q&

In regards to pointers and variables, why should we ever use variables when storing primitive data types when pointers can do the job too? int *p = malloc(sizeof(int)); *p = 5; printf("%d",*p);

I am using ng-value default value to display on UI(angular js) as "0" but I need to enable the below SUBMIT button on basis of required field. If the field is added to "1" then only the "SUBMIT"

I'm building a translation function to suit my needs in ReactJS. Currently, it seems to work well. The only issue comes when I need to replace a variable in a string with usable content. While what I

Apparently there's no dashed border-style: dashed; styling option for stack layouts. Is there something I'm missing?

As the question says, I'd like to hide the window that pops up warning that the computer will shut down. I am using shutdown /r /t through a batch file, if that changes the details.

Here says, "Refcounted opaque types all have a _reference() function to increase the refcount by one and a _destroy() to decrease the refcount by one." And there are two types of expression in

When using Room whenever new tables added to your database you have to create it in your migration. Unfortunately, Room doesn't have such method to create table by just giving class name. Something

I am trying to use altmetrics in one of the my article (PDF) in my website. I tried to add the altmetric badges (here) to in reacts js but I could not manage. Here is my trial: First I tried to

There's actually a couple of similar questions here, but I've tried all the suggestions, and still facing this problem. Wanted but not invoked: observer.onChanged(<Repo matcher>); -> at xxx.

I've created a benchmark for a method which finds out the longest common subsequence using dynamic programming: @Benchmark def longestCommonSubsequenceDP(): String = { val s1 = "Pellentesque

Can anyone have any suggestion for below excel formula to convert into a Dax? =IF(ISERROR(AVERAGEIFS('P'!$U$3:$U$2186,'P'!$H$3:$H$2186,'C'!$I2),"No" (***Tabsheet=P,C)

Below is my Dialog object -- entity.message value which i added below code snippets. Dialog(name='Anonymous', date=datetime.datetime(2018, 12, 15, 19, 45, 7, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc), draft=<

I would like to have my app rebuilt and redeployed once per day. The reason for this is that I am using Jekyll and I display 'upcoming events'. I use LiquidScript to determine which events are '

My problem is quite simple, but I am still lost on why it's not working. I have my launcher file loading my database and my main controller, and my main controller is launching another controller

I'm working with Excel. I have input information like this: And I would like to create a table that resemble this: But so far, while playing with the pivot table features, I can only get a similar

Note - I'm not running a script in the python console inside FreeCAD. This is all in a python script in a docker container with FreeCAD installed. I'm trying to make an SVG of a page generated by

heres my code <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $.get(** URL **, function(shorturl){ alert(

I needed to build my Ionic 4 app with : ionic cordova build ios -- --buildFlag="-UseModernBuildSystem=0" and I got an error message from Cordova saying : CordovaError: Promise rejected with non-

I don't know how he protect this file. Download at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1huUrPGUC8XZT7zfwJH30MdK7wqwxD28X/view Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/