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I want to design application in such a way that. On left side I will be having controls and I will drop those controls on my form and form should get design . I should able to update and delete

I’m using Google’s geocode API in Javascript. I’m trying to find a city from Postal code, In most cases it’s find the city, sometimes more cities belongs to a single zip code no problem with that. But

How to possible select only one value from given group. Please Help

I've a machine learning application which uses flask to expose api(for production this is not a good idea, but even if I'll use django in future the idea of the question shouldn't change). The main

I'm new about dns concepts, I want to dynamically add zones to my bind dns server by python but i have no idea how to do that and what python package should I use. how to do this in python? thanks in

How to avoid the 'favicon.ico' not found error in below flask code? I searched few favicon.ico issues but could not resolve this one. @app.route('/<path:req_path>') def dir_listing(req_path):

I am trying to pull data from a firebase cloud firestore collection (events) onto a list view, I’m not sure if I am implementing this correctly, when I run the app I get the error 'MappedListIterable'

I am using the python script to wake the zap and shut down the zap inside the code once the scan is completed. having the issue in spider scan it runs in an infinite loop (99). my code is here, please

I am trying to implement alerting using grafana and prometheus. As Grafana does not allow template variables in metrics to be used in alerting, I am currently forced to hardcode the IP's if I want to

I'm using sanity.io as a headless CMS and am trying to unit test some of my code. Sanity internally uses babel to pre-compile the source code. For my unit tests I am using mocha and am invoking it

I have created total api's using php programming, for the output i used json_encode($arr) Now i want to print output by replacing null with "". I have already completed 400+ webservices using

I applied this code in oracle forms 10g on trigger WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED. This code only save the file on target location. CODE: PROCEDURE GEN_EXCEL IS IN_FILE TEXT_IO.FILE_TYPE; VC_HEAD Varchar2(

I'm importing helpers.py file from <project_root>/lib/helpers.py location to one of the sub-folder in my project. I am using sys package. But I'm getting ModuleNotFound error while importing.

I have a Intel(R) Atom(TM) x5-Z8300 CPU@GHz Tablet. The java application contains few threads, queues, arraycopy, etc to process data frames and display in a table. The tablet was working fine. Last

So when providing a build to a client we archive it with our key and provisioning profile and they then resign it again with their key. But then how do we enable iOS Push Notifications Capabilities as

I'm trying to fill spinner with list of objects I'm getting from the server. the problem I'm not getting the response from the server or I get all the response as one string here is the json { "

I am evaluating the vert.x framework to see if I can reduce the Kafka based communications between my microservices developed using spring boot. The question is: Can I replace 1. Kafka with vert.x

I am Using SQLite database in my Android App. I want to See the database in my chrome or Firefox browser . To See the Database , normally i Open Logcat in android Studio and select verbose and write

I have a dataset which have json data how to make a series using that?

In my dask-based application (using the distributed scheduler), I'm seeing failures that start with this error text: tornado.application - ERROR - Exception in Future <Future cancelled> after

What's the difference to use the select() directly, and use dplyr::select() in R? If we use the dplyr::select(), does it mean I do not need to library (dplyr)? If they are same, why do some people

Hi I have created a social network for Desktop with the Java and I want to write a command so that the user does not need to log in again after login once and auto-enters the program. How can I do

View : <li id="imgid0"> </li> Append Part: $("<img width='50' height='50'>").attr( "src", hc.photo ).appendTo( "#imgid0" ); and getting this error "GET http://localhost:

I have a state space equation defined as: X(dot) =A x(t)+ B u(t) as given: A=[-1 0 1; 0 0 1; -1 0 1] B=[1 0 1]' If I do check the controllability of (A,B) the system is not controllable as it

when I double click the wps icon it wont open and if I open it using command line command "wps" it gives me this error /opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/wps: error while loading shared libraries:

I'm trying to load data into owl carousel on each click request. It works fine on first call but when i second call it disturbs the owl carousel structure and shows the items vertically stacked!

I have two tables tbl_group AND tbl_members. Here is snapshot of both the tables. +----+------------+ | id | groupTitle | +----+------------+ | 1 | Group 1 | | 2 | Group 2 | +----+-----------

We have a Docker Swarm Cluster with Consul + Traefik as a proxy for our microservices. Traefik v1.6.1 was installed and now we have to configure de wildcard certificate I have the own wild card

An application uses EWS Managed API to export message then encounter error MessageText: Data is corrupt., The object data is corrupted. The value of property [0x1039001f] PR_INTERNET_REFERENCES

I have a layout which is a mixture of 3 and 2 columns(attached image below), i need to know if this layout is achievable in css grids using single container as i have already tried using it with grid-

My objective to create a session in java with the JSESSIONID I am passing in the request cookie so that when I send the request again, then I can use the same session everytime and the new session is

I'm creating a project in the Visual Studio that accepts data and stores it to MS Access. Then a button is provided to show another form that has a data grid view of the data from the database and

We are using Klarna Checkout(3rd party plugin) to handle payments for our WooCommerce platform. When the product is added to cart, Klarna Checkout Form appears with the details needed like email and

I have a User class with name, type and age and then a long list of these users are my input List<User> users = db.getUsers();. I am trying to create a set of all unique users from this, but

I am able to load a csv file fine into a pandas dataframe with the panda defaults: df = pd.read_csv(file) >>> df distance recession_velocity 0 # not a row NaN 1

i have few confusion let me show code first in app.js app.oauth=require('./serverice/login') app.islogin=require('./middleware/islogin')(app) app.get('/next', app.islogin,(req, res) => {

i want to create a page which have for example 12 containers on top of each other .. and when i click on next .. container number 12 will go and 11 is displayed .. and so on till i end all of them ..

npm install ng-pick-datetime --save I used owl date time picker. from https://danielykpan.github.io/date-time-picker/ <input [owlDateTimeTrigger]="dt10" [owlDateTime]="dt10" [

i try to write a program that when i add many textbox programmatically (using button) where you can click the textbox and it will Toast the String inside of it. but everytime i add a new Textbox with

I'm new to flutter, and after doing some searching, can't find a widget similar to the Drawer for the top of the page coming down, instead of the left or right side of the page coming out. Is there

ASP.NET Web API supports SignalR for publishing/subscribing messages between client and server. Is it possible for the Web API to support MQTT client to communicate with devices. Should I consider

I had logged into https://test.com/test from my computer which is different from server on 12/8/2018 evening. I had used “test1” local user to sign-in. I left the browser open. Today morning (12/9/

Trying to implement macro's in a simple code. `define MEM_SIZE 1024 module hello_world; initial begin $display('MEM_SIZE); end endmodule Output Error: unmatched character (')

I am trying to add Vungle ad to my app, Untill ading vungle the app is quit in good mode. after adding Vungle sdk, When I try to open the activity with vungle init code, The activity crashes. and

[Datatables joining tables search and order stuck with codeigniter the case is the same at this link, see the correct answer, but why can't it be given "where"? private function

I am creating a web app having dashboard using laravel and vue. When I pass data from controller to vue file data is received properly but when I set it to vue variable the value is not set in the

xml to json converts all data types to string, is there a way to force the datatypes on elements. my xml: <data> <price>999</price> <product>chapter</product> </

I'm using recharts library for PieCharts. With paddingAngle={0} able to remove padding angle but want to remove cell separator(white color). Current Looks like: Like this: How to achieve this?

I would like to know how many possible spills are there been when we execute mapreduce job. And can we avoid all disk spills ?

We are getting lot of manual files which we need to validate the few datatypes before process the data-frame. Can someone please suggest how can I proceed on this requirement. Basically need to write