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Given and array A, Split the array A into K groups such that the inversions in each of the group is the maximum. Inversion in a array A is when i < j and A[i] > A[j] Example A = 9 1 7 2 3, K =

I'm trying to use Handlebars.js in a very simple webpage. When clicking on a button, I want to generate the html for the template and output it as plain text. (The template and most of the javascript

I selected employees need to quit the job in 31-Jan-2019 IDbg| name | status | Quitdate 123 | Kally | active | 31-Jan-2019 222 | Shan | Active | 31-Jan-2019 845 | Danny | Active | 31-Jan-2019

(The question should have been in std-discussion. However, I found it is not shown in the list after I posted it for half an hour. So I'd make a backup here.) Cpp17InputIterator requires reference to

Suppose this is a mathematical application that manipulates waveforms. User opens a waveform file, and edits it. Now user amplifies waveform using the application toolbox. Amplification may take a

Hello, I've been struggling with deleting data on cloud firestore :( Does anyone who can solve this problem? It is deleted on Android application but not on firestore. It would be great if you

I have created an environment using: conda create --prefix C:\Users\Dell\Dropbox\DjangoProjects\webenv python=3.6 After executing: conda env list I find the environment name is missing. I can

I have a directory containing many sub-directories, each with lots of files having different extensions. Is it possible for me to filter the output of the tree command so that files having certain

How to create a user defined functions in SQLite database for Salesforce iOS applications? I am using SalesforceMobileSDK-iOS for building native iOS app that interact with the Salesforce platform.

Just wanted to purchase a cost effective laptop and a ssd.

The user is already login but when I use getEmail and getDisplayName method to get these values, they all return null. headerName.setText(user.getDisplayName()); headerEmail.setText(user.getEmail(

I've 3 fragments and I'm trying to hide toolbar from one of the fragments using ((AppCompactActivity)getActivity()).getSuppotActionBar().hide It is simply hiding the contents of the contents of the

Hi i am using c# code and trying to encrypt and decrypt a CSV file which is having lacks of record and 24 columns. Encypting it by 4 mb chunk by chunk and generated the salt by random. How do i fix

TypeError: Singleton array array(0.2) cannot be considered a valid collection. X = df.iloc[:, [1,7]].values y= df.iloc[:,-1].values from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split X_train,

I am currently attempting to cross compile targeting Windows using cmake in Linux Subsystem for Windows Ubuntu. I am compiling form Linux because I want to be able to support multiple platforms. I am

I am trying to send an email to notify of the user that they have successfully made payment and testing it using the ipn simulator. Everything seems to be working but I can't get my redirect page to

` import UIKit import FirebaseDatabase import FirebaseAuth class mapVC: UIViewController { var name:String = "" var number:String = "" override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad()

i have this function: def func1(): if name==name: name_map = dict(zip(known_person,[e+'.jpg' for e in known_person])) name2= name_map[str(name)]

Suppose I have the following Table: Id Visitors Date 1 100 '2017-01-01' 2 200 '2017-01-02' 3 150 '2017-01-03' I want a query to provide the average of a range of records

I am getting an error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'Password='kdsdj'' at line 1 The code

I'm just playing with new Google Map package of Flutter. I want to change MapType of the map like, hybrid, satellite, none and etc by using of PopupMenuButton. Below are my code. import 'package:

I have these 2 almost identical dataframes. But the comparison indicates that there is some difference in one of the columns. try: from StringIO import StringIO except ImportError: from io

I am trying to create an video outputstream using Xuggler, and am successfully outputting to the stream using sample code : mediaWriter = ToolFactory.makeWriter(XugglerIO.map(outputStream));

i am using admob from one year and every month i am updating my apps to newer version but from past 2 weeks ads not showing in most of the devices, like only 10 devices showing ads out of 100 devices(

intento en mi app reproducir un sonido y que me mida los decibelios de media y de pico de los mismos, pero siempre me muestra un resultado de -120 y no termino de alcanzar una solución. Pego el código

So I am kinda new to PHP and am trying to create a page to delete a user from a database. I have been provided some code to achieve this, however after printing print_r($_GET), I am getting a string

Looking for some guidance on how to connect to both SQL and Cosmosdb (documentdb)from aspnet boiler plate.Connecting to SQL works fine with with a DBcontext class which extends AbpZeroDbContext. While

I'm using Nlog and trying to make it post to a CosmosDB(DocumentDB) target using https://www.nuget.org/packages/Nlog.DocumentDBTarget/ my configuration code looks like this var documentDBTarget =

I'm trying to find a way to optimize away empty global constructors. Previous optimizations will turn constructors into functions that do nothing. I need to add a new pass to remove these functions

Using travis I am running unit tests using multiple builds as travis has a 120 minute limitation for a build. Each build generates a report and a shell command exports the report to GIT at the end of

I made an AppleScript earlier today that displays the subscriber count of a YouTube for Geektools, but I wanted it to be easier for people to use and tried to make it work off the name of the file (ex.

Mistakenly through short cut keys and quick impulses i converted my main java code files to kotlin in android studio. Now is it possible to revert the effect back to its previous state. If there is

for some reason my backprop algorithm makes my weights NaN, I have no idea why. Its not all the time, as well, seems random. I don't know what makes NaN occur, but it would help if anyone could

I'm determining a rectangular area in an image and showing it to the user in a picturebox.Since the image can sometimes be very large im using a picturebox with the sizemode set to zoom I'm using the

To get straight to the point my issue is all sections briefly displaying at the same time stacked together upon initial loading. I found the exact same issue asked by someone else on github and tried

I am move my yii framework website from one server to another server with old domain. my old website is https://example.com and new domain is http://example.com when i am use simple html page in my

I am new for Flask and Python. I am just trying to learn them. I made a short program to understand req/res structure for flask. But last method (CALC) doesn't work.my request is :

Is there a list of file types whose formats are recognised and correctly displayed in Github preview on the webpage other than these that I know?: text/ASCII/source files .MD (markdown files)

I have a MasterPage in ASP.NET webforms application where i designed layout. Here it is <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-

I want to run a performance audit of my website for: desktop, without throttling network, without throttling CPU. I'm using Google Chrome's DevTools's Audits tab and selecting the following options:

From my extension's manifest.json file I am using this: "content_scripts": [ { "all_frames": true, "js": [ "jquery-2.2.3.min.js", "content_script.js" ], "matches": [ "<all_urls&

I'm absolutely new to Python programming. My networking course requires us to do an assignment in Python. We have to create a tic tac toe game that is played between a client and web server using

Qt 5.12.0 I'm using a class derived from QSyntaxHighlighter to highlight text in a QTextEdit widget. I've overridden the highlightBlock(const QString & text) function and I'm trying to make a

We have Software Defects dataset in ‘.CSV’ format. This file includes (334 x 37 Table) 344 Rows and 37 Columns. As a input, we need 36 features and 37th is actually a class label, which included 0 and

This are my html and javascript code, please kindly help go through it and advice on the best way to display this fields as a preview. the html code includes the bootstrap Modal already.i have

I want to make the authenticated users can access my admin(module)/sysMessage(controller)/index(action) My accessRules is as below: public function accessRules() { return array(

I am stucking with placing left and top property to CSS according to BEM methodology. My structure is <body class="page-content"> <div class="page-content__calculator-container page-

I implemented interface for http get, post,put requests but I am not finding any difference with/without interface. code public get_api<T>(path: string) { return this.http.get<T>(

I have a function with rest parameters, with different types: function a<T extends any[]>(opts: T){ } I need to declare return-type of function like this: a(100, "Hello") => number |

I want to upload and retrieve file (that includes image and csv) for my django application. My project is currently hosted on Google App Engine Flexible. From my understanding, I need to use Google