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I'm taking a online c# class and it asked me to fill in some of the blanks and I figured out everything expect this: In my console app I added up different amount of money and now i'm trying to


Could someone please tell which software I could use to recover my lost data on a corrupted flash drive. The ones on Google search are not free. P.S I didn't know what to tag.


I recently try to use python to control a lumenara camera to measure intensity distribution of a light source. camera API has some function to create a live video of camera but that is a 2D video. I


I am using Firebase real-time database in my Android app. For data normalization purposes, I'm saving Player's data to multiple paths. When I save it to each path separately all works fine. But I


Trying to avoid a duplicate question but I think this varies from the previous ones I searched for. I have a state of 'favorites' that is an array of items. I want to add an item to the array in the


I am new to nodeJs and trying to understand node features. now I am developing an angular2 project where i can see every plugin is imported from npm_modules folder. My question is, is it mandatory


How to do autocomplete dropdown with search as like as below the picture in android programatically. i want to do this with android

Djang ImageField -只渲染

I have a Django form which has an ImageField in it, and I render the field like this in my template: {{ form.my_image_field }} The resulting HTML looks like this: Currently: <a href="https://.

MajyRead事件未被触发,Android 4.4的问题

map.on(plugin.google.maps.event.MAP_READY, function() { alert("pleasee") }); I am using IONIC1,In recent cell phones the map works great, but tested on an Android phone 4.4 the map


I want to write an Or filter in Ember. The filter that I want to implement is as follows: (end_date <= filter_end_date && end_date >= filter_start_date) || (start_date >=


I perform a join of two tables, and then when trying to get the data an error occurs: Exception while beginning fetch of 1 outstanding blocks java.io.IOException: Failed to connect to. from


plz help me How to save a text file like Word I can convert it and save it in a Sqlserver database. Saving text(word) to image in sql when insert

如何在Android 1.1.0上获取/DATAB/ANR/ANRXXXX

I'm unable to adb pull /data/anr/anr_xxx files on my Pixel Xl with Android 8.1.0. I googled many times and didn't find a solution and i'm really going to be crazy. Any help or hint will be


I am trying to detect file type of uploaded document. For this I have created an instance of "FileReaderService". I am doing something like this: var reader = FileReaderService.createReaderInstance(),

不能使用FrIDa JavaScript API获取SysBOL

I'm trying to develop a test tool with Frida. Recently I try the code snippet from the doc to log a backtrace: var f = Module.findExportByName(null, "open"); Interceptor.attach(f, { onEnter:


i have a dataset and i am saving the result of the encoding of the images for fave recognition in pickle object. i would like to add new images or delete images in database and when i do it then prior


I've a web app running on a docker container behind an LB, and in one of the responses I'm returning a callback URL. The problem is that the callback URL resolves to the docker container name


I have an object var obj={ value:"abc", sample:"test1,test2,test3", nestedObj{ code:test1; display:"tes" } The output I want is, var obj={ value:"abc", sample:[{ code:test1, display:"tes"},{test2,


When retrieve the images from Firebase to SQlite it comes as link, so I am trying now to show the images through Picasso as the following: Picasso.with(context).load(favoritesList.get(position).


So I'm getting a list from a file on my computer I am seeing if the name in the file equals a certain name for i in names: if names[i] == "paaches": NotTaken.append(names(i)) else: print(i)


I am new to shell scripting. I wrote a c.sh file to run a.out against 4 files. if I write the code in 1 line it works: for f in *.in; do ./a.out < $f; done; if i write the c.sh in multi line it


I am trying to get jquery to validate if what the user imputed into a form was correct. I got the validation to work. But, every time I try displaying the errors to a div I wrote in my .php document


I have a table of users with their latitudes and longitudes, like for example: id | latitude | longitude 1 | 42.98698170 | -98.17260750 2 | 42.98701450 | -98.17262350 3 | 42.98700660 | -


I want to know why we concatenate a dummy string with a variable while printing its value. Eg. system.out.print(var+" "); I'm new to java, help me out? Thanks in advance

如何实现大量调用Oracle DB操作

I am writing a report generation program in Java, with oracle DB. I have a stored procedure, that will retrieve one value at a time. From my Java Program I am calling the procedure repeatedly. In


I updated my PHP from 5.4 to 7 and after that my wordpress website cannot connect to the database. When I put the line define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true); within the wp-config.php and go to address:


I've a CSV file that has Embedded json as shown in the figure csv snapshot link to data link to csv Dataset am trying to use Java to read the csv and map it to the a pojo . But could not find a


i want to show ram consumption in real time & i tried to implement runnable, Thread in my fragment & my app crashed after some time. how could i get the result.or How can i implement

FielOnStudioRror:[WangRebug 3 ]系统找不到指定的路径:

Actually i am trying to run the code from tutorial .I have placed the code and dataset in the same directory but still i am getting the following error. FileNotFoundError


I am trying to load a css file in my component .js file but while doing so I get this error : ERROR in ./stories/styles.css Module parse failed: Unexpected token (1:0) You may need an appropriate


I'm building a MEAN stack app. And here's the structure: A MongoDB database is on one port The images are hosted on Uploadcare, and the cdn_url for images are in the MongoDB database The


[Click here to view the image of firebase database]1 Below is the image of my Firebase 01,02, i inserted it manual but when i tried to add thing by using android studio the key generates randomly..


when i install cloudlinux on my server, the file_get_contents and soap functions in php 5.3 and 5.4 turn into an issue as below: both of them can not retrieve a url and return empty string without any


I have this code List<Item> listOfItems = itemsPlanning.get(editText.getTag()); for (int i = 0; i < listOfItems.size(); i++) { Item item =


When trying to create coremlmodel on keras model. Traceback (most recent call last): File "convert_lambda.py", line 91, in <module> custom_conversion_functions={ "Lambda": convert_lambda }


I have a simple login view in pug.I've used material design for bootstrap with it.When I try to run as simple html file it is showing up.But when I tried to include all the css,bootstrap,js files to


I'm trying to extract data from web page using Html Unit. I've already achieved this by converting HtmlPage to text and then extracted data by using regular expression out of that HTML page. I've also


I have searched lot of over the internet about media converter(eg: various audio format to mp3, various video format to mp3). I have found some API but all have some restrictions. Can anyone provide


I need to order the request result by varchar column: select user.email as email, user.first_name as prenom, user.last_name as nom, fuel_voucher_line.bar_code as code, fuel_voucher.


I have followed Intents for Google maps Documentation Like so: Uri gmmIntentUri = Uri.parse("google.streetview:cbll=29.9774614,31.1329645&cbp=0,30,0,0,-15"); Intent mapIntent = new Intent(Intent.


pleaz hlep me How to Copy Files(pdf or excel or move , ) from one server to another with sqlserver query?


There is some logic in the base.html file. I want to make its correspondent js file simpler and to put some functions aside. Is there a way to access variables inside one IIFE (main.js) from another


I was trying to dump users and passwords saved in Mozila Firefox. Where Stored Users & Password in Firefox? and How i can dump them With Powershell?


I have the following templates made using pods which are used in the same page. The output of the first template is right but the second template also displays the same data as the first template. i


Let me start by saying this should be a relatively simple problem which is / was made unnecessary complicated by bad Database design (not by me) that said im also no expert in mysql. Consider the


The number of possible min-heaps containing each value from {1,1,1,1,1,1,1} exactly once is ? ===================================================================== If the question would have been


Adding the items to the cart is very crucial. I have a session based shopping cart and I need to adjust that shopping cart along with the model because I will need the cart data or cart items in the


I need to click on a radio buttom from a web site, I have tried many variants of getelementby and querySelector without succes. This is the source line code: <input type="radio" name="


I want to write a python program that copies the contents of outlook mail body (Mail body : contains the tables) pastes it to word document. import win32com.client import pythoncom class


I am integrating app insights into our AspNet Core app(Target Framework .Net 4.7.1). I have two queries regarding app insights integration. I am using SimpleInjector IOC, so does it make sense to