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TL;DR: Is a javascript generator.next() and the associated yield a blocking process? Or does the yield actually queue the result? Details: function* nextIntegerGenerator(index) { while (true) {


I'm a high highschool student taking an online course for python, and one of the assignments is to create a function similar to fizz buzz, except instead of "fizz" and "buzz", they simply use "three"


In Linqpad 5, there is a "PanelManager.StackWpfElement()" function that allows controls to be placed stacked vertically. I'm wondering if there would be a WPF solution to house multiple buttons/


im working with realm in android and im getting this error message: error: Field "items" of type "java.util.List" is not supported. it's at this line: private List<Item> items; here is


Say I have a long list: >>> import string >>> my_list = list(string.ascii_lowercase) >>> my_list ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f', 'g', 'h', 'i', 'j', 'k', 'l', 'm', 'n', 'o',


I have created module in Angular 4. Also i created service using @Injectable, added to module. Now my requirement is , service should not load during module loading. once i perform action or event


I have 2 controllers which both display the same view, the first shows a specific SSO provider and the other shows all SSO providers. When posting the login form and something goes wrong, the [


We are getting an automated email from us-west-2.amazonses.com, about summery of orders. Could anyone please tell where it is triggering? We are using MEAN Stack.


When I try to use document.getElementById to get the value of a text area, it returns [object HTMLTextAreaElement]. How can I fix this? This is my code: <html> <textarea id = "inputbox">


I try to execute test using selenium and extent report but each method i run log twice in extent report. For instance, login() get logged twice at extent html report. When run in debug mode, it record


I came across to a problem where in I have to use data from XML file, and these XML files are quite big. i need only limited information from this file. Can you please suggest me the ways to pull data,


I have two text columns (valid_from and valid_to) in a table (history) in SQLite database in which I am storing date in dd/MM/yyyy format. Now I am running following query to fetch all the records


I had a situation where I wanted to use a default paramenter for a reference in a VERY large legacy codebase for a fix. static bool _defaultValue = false; bool SomeFunction(const SomeComplexObject&


I want to get the execution time of several portions of my code. Currently I am using time.time() but I feel a bit dumb when writing again and over again code like this: start = time() function1(

Python -YouTube

I want to clean the remnant [Deleted video] of several playlist of my YouTube channel. I'm using this code but it doesn't work. YOUTUBE_API_SERVICE_NAME = "youtube" YOUTUBE_API_VERSION = "v3"


I have already checked that the spelling is correct across the board. I have added the folder to my workspace and still no luck. I changed out the file path and used a picture from placeimg.com, the

AWS Web服务器(EC2 Linux实例)到网站

I'm trying to make a website where a user can upload a .vmdk file, convert the .vmdk file to a .qcow2 file, and then download the converted file (in a .zip format). The user can currently upload any


I am needing to write a function that takes in a parameter. If the parameter divided by 2 is NaN it is to return "FLYING NOCTURNAL MAMMAL MAN!" Otherwise it is to return the result of the parameter


I have a project on Spring with maven build. (Eclipse IDE on Windows). When I run my Spring Boot application I am getting this error *************************** APPLICATION FAILED TO START **********


Hello i'm currently working with React native using my rails api to retrieve user micropost data. The data renders in my log but comes up blank in react native. Honestly not sure what i'm doing wrong.


Before: set extrainfo =concat( '{"from":"carpool","table":"Block","key_field":"b_index","key_value:"',b_index,'","infoid":"',info_id,'","code":"0","message":"This trip is valid"}'); run success. I


My git log command produces the following: commit 568a9783f75b0c1ab12499beb32b518e19ab60c0 (HEAD -> master, origin/master) Merge: 7428e09 e7c1537 commit

MFP 8服务器维护

Is there any default way to enable/disable maintenance in MFP 8 ? So that, App should not be accessible. Also, if MFP is down, what's the default message to check UNRESPONSIVE_HOST or UNKNOWN_ERROR ?


I am having trouble installing ICP EE. Actually I have had the same issue with CE. Basically, the installation runs fine for over 4 hours, pushing the images to the Proxy and 2 Workers, it


I have a Ti's AM335x custom board. I want to define some pins as gpios and be able to set them as input and output in its Linux userspace. I defined pins in am33xx_pinmux and then referenced it with


So I currently have a nested list. org_network=[[1, 2, 3], [1, 4, 5], [1, 3, 6], [7, 9, 10]] I need to figure out how to manipulate it to create lists of possible combinations of the nested lists.


Here is the scenario, I have different database like document1, document2, document3 . document100. These database are generating dynamically using same username and password. So how I can connect


I'm trying to run my app from my mac on my connected Android device. When I open up Nativescript Sidekick, the device appears under the connected devices. When I try to run my app on my device, my


So im trying to update and save the data to a text file, however everytime i try to run the project it wipes the data from my text file. I believe its trying to update the text file, but is just


I'm a greener in anaconda. Forgive me if I ask a stupid question. The following is the issue I faced. And thanks a lot in advance to take your time. I installed anaconda2 and used jupyter notebook to


I am having some trouble with my [Python 3.6] code. I'm not sure whats wrong, and I have tried many ways to fix it but none work. The problem is at the line where it says "Class Mainarchive:", I


I am writing an application where the Client issues commands to a web service (CQRS) The client is written in C# The client uses a WCF Proxy to send the messages The client uses the async pattern to


I am wanting to create a program using vb.net to rearrange equations that the user has entered into a text box then to find a subject that the user has also chosen from a text box.


I add some custome attributes which contains Chinese in a Spring Boot project.However, the attributes show the wrong way. I use the idea and set file encoding with utf-8. Oh, and I am using YAML


When I override an existing method e.g. def add(a, b) a - b end I still have to call that method using the . operator: some_instance.add(3,2) However, if I override the & or | operators e.g.


I need to get the total qty available for each franchise based on per item. I have menu_catalog table which will link to main table of franchise and item table. id id_franchise id_item 1 1


I'm trying to create an instance of an object with a private (or rather, internal) constructor using reflection: internal static T CreateInstance<T>(Type[] types, params object[] args) {


I have a Flask application that accepts POST requests in the form of JSON. It works locally on ngrok, but when I deploy to Heroku I get the following: 2018-06-05T23:42:05.747024+00:00 app[web.1]:


I've created a sample toolbar for TinyMCE editor and it's out of the editor right now. Here is the link that could be checked: Custom Toolbar For TinyMCE First a user has to select an image and write


Whenever i install a package using the sudo apt-get install command, I would like to know where in the file system the package is palced. Does it get placed in a single folder like in the windows file


I have a View called ShowAll where I want to call another View EmployeeRecord and CustomerRecord. It gives me error Uncaught Error: can't load XRegExp twice in the same frame at eval (eval


How can I make code / queries etc.. 100% private from viewing when user puts the front end DB I developed in a Non Trusted location ? In such cases code cannot run and User can open via Navigation


I am very new to AngularJS development. I have the business requirements to upload and read a file (Oracle BLOB) after saving the file into Oracle database. So far, I have yet to see any good example.


I want to work on opencv to get human body measurements so anybody


I am trying to make an email form that when an error occurs it displays a flash error message. I have the process split over two pages, the first is the contact.php page where the form is and the


Please someone could help me, when i installed de Android Studio the following error appeared. The error: 1 Using Private Resources Text 2 Using Private Resources Design In the message it says

Hadoop 3.0.3

Another episode of the dreaded SSH failseems awfully common! I'm installing Hadoop 3.0.3 on a cluster of 3 servers -- A, B, and C. A is the Namenode, B and C are workers. Each server can contact


So my problem is with the timeout, because by the time it starts my array is reset and also all the other values are changed as well. i have user input in the messages array, which are the lines they


I am trying to iterate over three data frames to find the difference between them. I have a master data frame which contains everything and two other data frames which contains partial of master data


Like I am comparing two elements of array and I am using one more space for swapping. So what will be the space complexity and how I can find any algorithm complexity.