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I am attempting to recreate the process for generating a realistic correlation matrix for a Monte Carlo study involving factor analyses. I have attempted to follow the steps outlined by Hong (1999),

There are so many guide for gulp 3, when following vscode guide(which use version 3), but I am use gulp 4 after run npm install gulp I want to compile scss in projectroot/jsp/scss/*.scss, output to

I want to connect two entities Dish that is in some DishCategory Dish (category_id) with DishCategory (id) I am getting an error The association AppBundle\Entity\Dish#categoryId refers to the

I can not directly modify the Java code by any means. However, I have a steady exception, and I want to apply a try catch to it. Is this possible with the jvm option?

For Android App, I tried to use @VisibleForTesting() as per https://developer.android.com/reference/android/support/annotation/VisibleForTesting @VisibleForTesting() void myFunction(String id) {

I am trying to create conways game of life using p5js. (p5js website) here is a link to a gif of the simulation: Google Drive Link I have two 2d arrays, one to hold the current grid and one to hold

I have my WordPress Address (URL) and my Site Address in the WordPress settings as my url: https://example.com/blog but when I type in http://example.com/blog, it doesn't redirect it to the SSL

I'm working in a SpringBoot project where I'm developing a rest endpoint which will receive a few parameters and based on these parameters I will create a uri and I'll call another external endpoint

I have data returned from an API, that seems to be a dictionary or list but is identified as a string. To obtain the data, I use this code: for datadict in temp: temp1 = svc.call(session, '

I am trying to make my $mdPanel to be always visible on screen when the window is small. I have the following code https://codepen.io/anon/pen/ZVOLoK angular.element(window).bind('resize', function(

I want to insert a file(.txt ,.xlsx,) as a attchment, like manual insert a file into word in MS-Office,i want to know whether the apache-poi can support this operate ? Thank you!

I want to generate share key with PBKDF2 algorithm, and I follows MDN's guide https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/SubtleCrypto/deriveKey However, I generate an "empty" key with the

I'm using netbeans with gcc to compile. When I run the attached code, I get the error: RUN FINISHED; Segmentation fault; core dumped; real time: 310ms; user: 40ms; system: 10ms If 'char stringData'

I am using the new OffscreenCanvas released in Chrome 69 and cannot seem to render custom loaded fonts that render to ordinary canvases just fine. Is there a trick to getting a custom font available

Let's say, I want to restrict each character of the string to the charset: [a-zA-Z0-9] using Z3 constraints, can I use a boolean operator to specify that? As an example: input = [BitVec("input%s" %

My server environment is Apache, version is Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) The site configuration file is as follows: <VirtualHost *:80> DirectoryIndex index.html index.php RewriteEngine on

I am trying to run a deep learning job (developed in Tensorflow) in PBS but after 1 week I got error message PBS: job killed: walltime 691231 exceeded limit 691200. I'm new in PBS job hence I want to

I am trying to read file the file content looks like 1 steak $20.0 2 chicken $5.3 3 spinach $3.3 When I call my function to read the file into variable. I still got extra same result from the last

I am generating one dynamic pdf with my laravel blade and sending this through mail.My pdf contains some input boxes to be filled by user. If user will open pdf in google chrome then only input

Given the following type hierarchy: sealed trait Edge[T] sealed trait WeightedEdge[T] extends Edge[T] sealed abstract class AbstractUndirectedEdge[T] extends Edge[T] case class UndirectedEdge[T]()

I'm still new to Pandas. I'm trying to cache the indices of matching data entries between two Pandas data frames in the form of a python dictionary for more time efficient computations and hash

Is there a shard for Crystal that resembles the way the ruby gem mechanize works ? I am scrapping a website and I need a shard that emulates the JS of a webpage in order to interact with it as some

I deploy a openproject(https://github.com/opf/openproject-ce/tree/release/8.2) with ingress on k8s,sometimes,I get errors as RoutingError (No route matches ),but The Route is existed and It is

I would like to build a music player into an app I am working on and am attempting to work out how to play files and playlists from the mobile device's 'Music' app. In my app I need to be able to

Suppose I have a table like the one I show BUT with 2000 MM (big data). How can I get to the same result in a way that escalated? with the proposed solution it never ends up executing. Can you think

like example: i want chart line label for label survey put on column bar label follow up, etc how to solve my case for chart.js? var chartData = { labels: ["January 2018", "February 2018", "Maret

I am trying to have the color of the bars in the code below to go from a light blue to a dark blue (bottom to top) q2r <- c("Not good at all", "slightly good", "somewhat good", "quite

This is a general question but I will describe my specific scenario - My project is a .NET Core 3.0 SignalR Console application in VS19 (same with VS17) After upgrading everything to Core 3.0 build

Typically, arrays in javascript are extensible, but this is not true for the array passed as the first argument of a tag function: let ary = [1,2,3]; console.log(Object.isExtensible(ary)); //

How can I get an Google Translation API key to connect Trados Studio to Google Translation API? In this instruction of SDL below, the key seems to have been available in the list in "APIs &

I'm trying to get the name of an object and put it in an array after it's defined, I tried doing this code, but the name ended up being undefined any help? function command(category, help, callback) {

This is for a ruby app, but the problem is more general. Party 1 requires party 2 to be available for work, however rather than specific timing, it is more general Monday to Sunday Morning

I'm building a single-page application in Vue.js. Currently, navigation through the site works properly until you attempt to use the browser navigation buttons (back/forward). When attempting to

I've started learning Haskell for a university course, and I've written a function with pattern matching (Called Simplify). But I am a bit unsure how I can optimize my code, since I feel like it's a

This is wired just started spring boot project with simple main class, it works fine without spring-kafka dependency but after adding spring-kafka and spring-kafka-test blows up with exception, github

I want to encapsulate the internals of my aggregate, but the way it is right now I could just call Person.Address.Update() and be able to modify that entity directly. I'd like to make Person.Address

In lua, you have the wait() function to cause a delay. How can I do something similar in the C programming language? Which header files should I pound include? How do I cause a delay in my program?

I have a column in a postgres database that is of type varchar but has a binary value stored in it. How can I return the binary value of the column in a way I can read it? for example at the moment I

I have a df where I need to predict the dependent variable (numeric) for each day in the next 7 days. The train data is like: df.head() Date X1 X2 X3 Y

I have an issue with one of my container views. I have 2 container views. Both load up nicely and everything works as intended. However after I started testing it on different models I started getting

I would like to bind a NIC to listen to a specific port, from a specific IP address. I have set up an internal send/ receive process in my code for testing. I have managed to allow for configurable

Pandas' pandas.DataFrame.diff almost does what I'm attempting to do. From the documentation >>> df = pd.DataFrame({'a': [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], 'b': [1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8], ..

I am trying to change the link with anchor text 'Prev' green, but when I use the ID attribute, the link stays blue #page a {color: blue;} a {color: green;} I realize I can do the following, but let'

Probably a simple answer, not sure what I am missing. For a homework assignment I have to use random.random() to generate numbers between 30 and 35. The seed has to be set to 70 to match the pseudo-

i have a problem with array (php) i have a data like this in .txt file example : data.txt = email1@domain.com email2@domain.com email3@domain.com email4@domain.com email5@domain.com email6@domain.

The pre-trained ELMo models are provided at https://allennlp.org/elmo. How would I use the files provided? I think that I have to reconstruct the model from the json file, and then load the weights

So I am trying to call a program from within a c file I am making but the only way I've been able to do that is by using the system() function which causes error on its own. To run the program in

I have the following model: class Address(models.Model): full_address = models.CharField(max_length=100) Some full_address ends with "Region". Examples: 123 Main Street, Markham, York Region 1

I have data in which subjects completed multiple ratings per day over 6-7 days. The number of ratings per day varies. The data set includes subject ID, date, and the ratings. I would like to create a

I am trying to understand the logic of Bash algorithm. When I tried this, it printed "a": a=a;[ $a == "a" ] && echo $a So far so good. Then I tried the following and it printed "a" again: