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I have integrated Instagram login to my App before it was working but now i am not able to login from my App i am not able get Access Token. any one have any idea?? Here is my code func


I'm trying to get count week from a year using momentjs as below commend, Example 1: work well let now1 = moment("01/06/2018"); var now = now1.week(); alert(now); Example 2: let now2 = moment("01/


As a beginner, I'd like to see if anyone can suggest any better way of coding the below, as I'm duplicating code and nesting identical if statements as part of the following problem. I'm grabbing


I want to try to scrape a website that gives proxies: https://www.free-proxy-list.net/ Here is what I tried: private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { WebClient wc = new


I use online Swagger Editor with OpenAPI 3.0 and I have to create a definition file file download. I develop server side and a customer should be able to create a client using YAML description without


I am editing a child node in a treeview and after clicking save the focus should be only on that edited node not on parent node as well as remaining nodes are getting greyed out what might be the


The documentation says that with async or defer attribute defined for the external script the file can be downloaded while the HTML document is still parsing Does this mean that the browser fires


I‘m planning to track my online time on a specific plattform and compare them graphically with other ones. Ive got datas with timeblocks like 11:33:12-12:33:59 For every Day. Can anyone name me a


I have 3 table that I got using query from my database. OverallTable | Invoice | Product | Total | Delivered | Not Delivered | --------------------------------------------------------- | 00001 |


I'm trying to kill off a already running java process using the Name of the .jar file. It works completely fine when running the command pkill -9 -f myapp.jar from terminal but it doesn't work


I need to change the view height in the stack view when I press the test button, but it is not working properly. When I press the test button, I want to set the height of view3 to 50 and the height


I use Nginx for my webserver, and have MariaDB installed with PhpMyAdmin as webgui. The server which it runs is public, and not a private local ip home server. I have also binded a domain to this


I have workspace in my local, I want to use it as workspace in jenkins instance. How do I mention that path location which is present in local?


I have installed caffe-ssd with OpenCV version 3.2.0, CUDA version 9.2.148 and CuDNN version These are my settings in Makefile.config # cuDNN acceleration switch (uncomment to build with


I have objection models : applicant.js static get jsonSchema() { return {} static relationMappings() { // Import models here to prevent require loops. const Interview = require("./interview");


So I started learning python 3 and I wanted to run a very simple code on ubuntu: print type("Hello World") ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax When I tried to compile that with command python3


I'm moving part of UI to code from Interface Builder. After finishing, I'm comparing different branches in Debug View Hierarchy mode - the set of constraints look the same, except different


I have an interface with two buttons that pop and return true or false, like so: onPressed: () => Navigator.pop(context, false) I need to adapt the back button in the appbar, so it pops and also

the article [International validation of the consensus Immunoscore for the classification of colon cancer:a prognostic and accuracy study" published in THE LANCET really inspires me. Can I ask a


I'm learning nested select and I've encountered a problem with AS operator within the second (i.e. nested select). Please have a look at the following table (truncated): +-------------+-----------+--


I am using webhook and passing json information to publish it in teams. But i am unable to zoom into the table when i am using the iOS application of Teams. Is there any formatting that i must


The primary purpose of WPF custom control is, It should accept an Enum type and generate radio buttons in UI for the selection. That contains two DependencyPropertys EnumType : Type - to generation


I am currently in the process of creating a.NET Core Web API that is going to interact with an Angular front end. There is a requirement for the web API to be able to return data based on a

具有在线数据库的Visual Basic登录表单

I'm having a problem on accessing my online database. I don't know what's wrong with the code though.The error is System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: 'A network-related or instance-specific error


I am trying to add validation for from date and to date controls in template driven form.how can i validate them such as "from date should be greater than to date"and vise versa. Also i am thinking

如何在API 19运行时从.APK加载类?

I'm trying to load jar files at runtime. It seams to work perfectly fine on a Android device with api lvl 23 (Android 6.0) but on api lvl 19 (Android 4.4.2) it always throws the following exception:


I have the input as below, INPUT: { "value": 265.3 } I want to remove the decimal values. OUTPUT: { "value": 265 } JOLT: [{ "operation": "modify-overwrite-beta", "spec": { "


I followed the following tutorial: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/machine-learning/tutorials/sentiment-analysis But could not get a proper result to the sentiment prediction. Below are the


I need to create a unique constraint for two columns in a row with conflict strategy attached. Suppose we have a table: CREATE TABLE `telephones`( id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, user_id


I'm new to Android Studio..so plese help me out. I'm working on app which shows the list of student in recycler view,I'm retriving the list from Firebase Database but i'm getting the error at

从前一帧计算Maya Output Attr

Does Maya allow one to compute the output attributes at frame N using the output attributes calculated at Frame (N-1) as inputs? With the proviso that at (e.g.) Frame 0 we don't look at the previous


I'd like to define a signal with the physical unit kWh/(100km) As a first step I ignored the 100 km and wrote: (kW*h)/(km*h) which works fine. But how to I define the 100 km accordingly?


how can I set background odd and even row in alert dialog like this ? AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(MenuRegister.this); builder.setTitle("Pilih Tipe User");


When reading such questions as Get unique values from a list in python you can see the remarks the order can be not preserved. This is understandable. What is bugging me that it goes farther -- as I


I have been researching this topic and got conflicting answers. Any help is appreciated. For an assignment, I am instructed to create a structure of arrays. I am trying to delete an entry in one case,


I cant get a conncetion to my Database, I only recive a compiler error that DAOWorkSpace is unassigned And the bigger problem is that i cant find any Documentation for DAO in c#. Yes i have to use


I'm new to Solr and unsure do we need commit=true in push query when we have autoCommit in SolrConfig??? Here is QA about autoCommit that partial help me to understand autoCommit: Choosing a solr/


I am using this example from Azure-Samples github. https://github.com/Azure-Samples/Cognitive-Speech-TTS/blob/master/Samples-Http/Python/TTSSample.py I replaced the api key with my own, but I am


dyld: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_GULObjectSwizzler Referenced from: /var/containers/Bundle/Application/150D4F83-7653-4556-8ABF-98E0904B9EF7/ABC.app/ABC Expected in: /private/var/containers/

ASP.NET核心2.1中数据保护密钥的连接拒绝- ReDIS

Following this article from Micorosft https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/security/data-protection/implementation/key-storage-providers?view=aspnetcore-2.1 I am trying to do the following:


There seems to be something causing 3x the pageviews that are supposed to happen, Seems there is one universal analytics code sending page view and a global tag page view + other analytics code,


I need to save the double byte word in the nvarchar datatype; My update query as follows : UPDATE T SET T.[Description]= T1.[


I've several hundred data frames and that's how the individual one looks like. wave num stlines fwhm EWs MeasredWave 0 4602.95 2 0.80257 0.14582 124.57526 4602.952365


Im woundering if there is any way that i can create a login page on my website for my customers and then redirect them to the control panel on one.com without having to whrite their username and


I'm using @ionic-native/firebase plugin in our Ionic App, and crash reporting is included in this plugin. Since Firebase Crash Reporting will no longer be accessible after September 9, we are trying


I have 2 arrays with keys and values, want to subtract 2 array values based on keys, Below code is, What i have tried, first array (with key and values): $bulk_service_vals_id4 = '101,102,103,


React Loadable creates several chunks whose name starts with vendor~Home~.js. Whats the logic for the creation of these chunks? I want to omit these chunks or push them to a later state as it


The dataset is extremely imbalanced the positive results were only 10% approximately compared to negative results. Eg: (0 - 11401,1- 1280). I have tried 1. Random forest classifier with GridsearchCV -


When I try to run the below code, an error occurs self.cursor.execute("""INSERT INTO PostUser (DisplayImage, DisplayName, FollowerCount,FollowingCount,TotalPosts,PostReshareCount,TotalLikes, UserID)

使用2 USB远程访问远程PC

I am not sure if this is correct but I did see an advert in the newspaper about secure remote access using two usb. One USB is plugged into remote PC and the other USB plugged into the machine