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I am trying to develop the simple web application by using HTML, NodeJS, and Postgres. is it possible to develop the web application without using ExpressJS. Please let me know how to do the basic

This code inserts white space on the last of a group of tspan elements, causing the last line of text to fall out of alignment (on the x-axis). If you add/remove tspan elements from the group, it's

I have a collection of documents in Firestore which schema goes as below. Documents: Name : Shirt Price : 200 Name : Pants Price : 20 Name : Coat Price : 30 Suppose I have a dropdown box with a

so basically the code needs to prompt the user for their income and deductible amount, Check that the deductible is not more than $6,300. If so, just use $6,300, subtract the deductible amount from

i am running my code with AssynTask , when i click button i am downloading data with using AssynTask as my bellow code. when i am downloading data if i kill my app while downloading means the data

This is my code :- for(EstimateInfo* est in estimatenArr) { NSLog(@"%@",est); NSLog(@"%@",[est.estimateToItemLine allObjects]); NSLog(@"%@",[[est.estimateToItemLine

Using Pebble version 3.0.6. I need to check if value 'v' has a specific variable (translated to Java: if Object v has a specific property). Looking for something like {% if v instanceof test.MyClass

I am working with api built by another company. They created insert endpoint expecting POST payload like this: { name: 'a', surname: 'b', relatedBoards: [ { id: '123'

I am trying to create a mongodb cluster based on this resource. The service host name is not available inside the container. I followed the following steps: Creating virtual machines: docker-

I am working on a USB crash related issue on my board which has a USB 2.0 based HCI . The issue is smthng like below ########################################################33 1.691533] irq 36:

There are many plugins for gradle for compile the sass. How I select best one among them. Sass plugins

I create login form with reactjs app and also i create api. For backend i want to create function that only role admin can logged in inside coz for now every user can login to backend. i have function

would anyone suggest any articles/tutorials how to use this. I would like to be able to "read/decode" data that are sent over the cable into the device. I am aware of the fact, that the device must be

Here's a sample dataframe: import pandas as pd df = pd.DataFrame({'ID':[1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3], 'value':[42, 89, 250, 31, 130, 108, 107, 93]}) ID value 0 1 42 1 1 89

I am using the following code to draw a curve from my two column Raw data ( x=time , y=|float data|).The graph it is plotting is a rough edge graph. Is it possible to have a smooth edged on these data?

I have prepared a code but its not very effective, the volume is very low and the output is not generated in wav file either Please help as i want to create a model that detect and remove all kinds of

I am inserting data form table tbl_login to table LoginHistory with date stamp. But I am confused to add Date Stemp with query string. My Code is: strSQL2 = "SELECT UserID, FirstName, LastName,

I need to Show/Hide form fields based on a parent Select field. For example, I need to show Pen name text field when pen is selected and show Pencil name text field when pencil is selected. Any

i tried UIImage Scanline Floodfill method, TMReplaceColorHue, PaintBucket. Cant get expected output in above method. And also integrate OpenCV, but struck in calling image and apply color on touch

I keep getting the error in the title and cant figure out why. I have painful quest to generate multiple (5-10) pdf files at once, and send all of them to my server. when i click button, it will

I am trying to predict on single images using keras (2.2.4),tensorflow (1.9.0). def enigne(data): img=data image_shape=img.shape num_train_samples = 4206 num_val_samples = 916

I am relatively new to react and would need some guidance on getting started. I am building an application using react for frontend development. Now i would like to get some help with resources on how

I'm wondering what is the vertical partition in SequoiaDB? Is it the column store?

Iam inserting data using ajax post method using serializeArray to controller and its inserting data as i have passed data with in array now iam getting one record twice with in table as i have run

I have very little knowledge when it comes to batch files. I basically want to write a batch file that will open and run a line e.g Open bat file It opens CMD It inputs "python s3cmd get --

I have tested an email on mail-tester.com and got a score of -1.985 on PYZOR_CHECK Similar message reported on Pyzor (http://pyzor.org) https://pyzor.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ Please test a

I am new in ARKit2 and followed a couple of tutorials and official documentation. problem How to add 3d object as SCNNode()? Code let artFrame = SCNBox(width: CGFloat(w), height: CGFloat(h),

I m trying to classify some questions based on their content. What should i use in my model? Should I Concatenate Attention layers or Pooling layers (like Maxpool & AveragePool) before my fully

While screen-recording using the below ffmpeg options I consistently get audio ahead of video, delay is in the order of few seconds ffmpeg cmd: ffmpeg -y -f x11grab -thread_queue_size 1024 -

While I am submitting Spark submit code I am getting class not found exception even the driver class is there but here it shows class not found, please assist me. I cannot paste the code or error

I am planning to build a react native app.The app gets targetted to 3 main things. 1ft => Mobiles(IOS,ANDROID), 2ft => Tablets, 10ft => Android TV. How can we create files so that if I want to

Let's say I have the same form opened multiple times but I want to control just one of them (one that f.e has "hello" as window title (text) <- to identify) How do I manage to do that?

First of all, this is a long question but targeting only one topic, and I'm sorry I cannot share any code as it is a project of our company and is classified. We are using a foreground service that

suma@ubuntu:~/poc/land$ composer network start --networkName property-network --networkVersion 0.2.6-deploy.113 --card PeerAdmin@hlfv1 -A admin -S adminpw --file networkadmin.card Starting business

I don't understand why I need this.handleChange = this.handleChange.bind(this); to make my program work: class Foo extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props);

While creating a custom attribute of "AttributeTargets.Parameter" constructor is not called. I want to use the parameter value of Fn function under Test Class. I used .net core and .net standard.

I was working on trial version of corda enterprise edition ( cordapp-example-release-enterpise-v3 ). I tried to change one Node's database from H2 to PostgreSQL by using code shown below node {

I want to be able to use my React app to make a GET request to my server, which is suppose to prompt my server to make an GET request to an external API. I'm using axios and tried using request but

I am new to xslt and springboot. I have developed microservice using spring boot. I have xslt file as below. <?xml version="1.0"?> <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/

Using libusb with this c++ code works for me already with other USB devices, but I cannot get it to read from the SparkFun 9DoF Rozor IMU. The IMU is as shiped; no changes done. I can even read the

I am creating chat application using django to create a chat app , that will help to establish a chat between user and admin.I have a code written in python that will help to communicate through the

I have a protocol students: :- protocol(student). :- public([name/1, surname/1, studies/1, marks/1]). :- end_protocol. Now I want to make an object which name is an ID (

I know it depends on the audience but in general what is the acceptable % to use a feature mentioned on caniuse.com?

I have a requirement where I have to send sms using twilio api but my client havent bought number on twilio so is there a way to send sms without buying number on twilio Thanks

Is there any efficient method to delete multiples databases w/attached forests in simple operation/query? My local MarkLogic testing machine becoming messy and I would like to rid out all unused

For example, I have a 82x82 table. But I want to display only central 80x80 part of the table. The hidden table cells would still have some data, I just don't want to display them. My idea was to put

I am writing a code to get JSON data from a web API and ultimately want to put it into HBASE table using Phoenix. Initial piece of code that I am using to get data from web API is returning me data

I've try to prompt user forcefully for Google Signin with official render UI component provided because I don't want to skip the signin process when there's only one google account logged in, but

I am working on a project in which I am getting reports data from multiple 3rd party apis and showing it in tables with custom filters and other things. It's working fine but I am having an issue with

How can I achieve a result that look's like this? enter link description here I'm familiar with HTML and CSS, could someone do me a great favor and write me the code? I'll try to piece it together