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I'm relatively new to Node and Electron so I could be way off on this. Essentially what I'm trying to do is create a SPA that has a main navigation and the user can click on the links which will load

I'm working on a quick app that needs to display a preset paragraph of text depending on which radio button is selected. Easy enough with making the selected one visible and all others invisible.

So me and my friend have been working on recreating Conway's game of life in python. It's been going well until we started drawing the cells with pygame. we just finished the grid easily but for some

When trying to use a javascript variable as an object key, javascript uses the name of the var instead of its value. As opposed, when I use the var as an object value, it works as expected: let

I like to control 'sooperlooper' from java, a sound looper. This uses the OSC protocol. First try was the Java OSC lib, but this doesn't do anything. Now I'm trying JNA to wrap liblo.so The program I'

I did an animation with scrollme. I did an animation with scrollme. The opacity of the object on the bottom right is going to 0. but I want it to be the opposite. So I want it to be slowly 1 and 0

I am looking at some functions in Haskell in point-free style. While trying to rewrite some easy examples, I got stuck at this one func a b c d = sum . take 2 . sort [a, b, c, d] How to turn the

I'm trying to do the following. import axios from 'axios'; function testURL(url) { var data = axios.post(`http://localhost:4000/api/test`, { url } ) .then(res => { return res.data;

I want to create a query that finds the last insert that I have found. Here is my dataset in Infos collection. { "_id": "5c7114339624d8dd041bae18", "user_id": "AHK", "gps": "gps

I've been working on a dataset using Jupyter Notebook, I am comparing quantities of items being moved through a warehouse vs the count of picks for those items. I'm using Seaborn to render my plots.

Been looking into some decorators in python3. Below is a code snippet. Why am i required to return the function (fn), when it is called inside the wrapper function def log_function_data(fn): def

I want to convert bash script into Lua script. I am stuck right now how to replace the variables that are inside strings in bash. I want to replace "count: $OFF_COUNT times" with "count: " ..

I have a bash function that looks like this: test5() { echo $#; } I want to be able to detect when there is a space after the last argument. For example, running this (quotes show to illustrate

I have a database containing a table @exercises, which each have a category of "Cardio" or "Strength," which relates to a @units table. I would like a dropdown to display the associated Cardio and

So for this piece of code: \begin{enumerate} \item[Komutativnost] $(a+b) = (b+a)$ \item[Asocijativnost] $a+(b+c) = (a+b)+c$ \item[Distributivnost] $a*(b+c) = (a*c) + (b*c)$ \end{enumerate} I get

I'm working with a bank account program that allows users to create an account and then add as many sub-savings accounts as they want. The data structure used here is vector <pair <int, pair &

I have a original throttle valve and I have to design a matching model of throttle valve in Simulink. The only information, I have is the input PWM signals and output throttle position sensor signals.

I am trying to route an application to a sub route on an internal server, using Gunicorn with my Django app. My virtual host file looks like this: LoadModule proxy_module /usr/lib64/apache2/mod_proxy.

Here is my code: <div [id]="id" class="modal fade" tabindex="-1"> <div class="modal-dialog modal-full"> <div class="modal-content"> <div class="modal-header bg-danger"

I have been trying to build a home-brew B cross-compiler for my Ti-89 for a few months now, and am finally at the point at which I would like to generate assembly which my calculator executes. The

I'm almost lost I've been working on this for days, I have a Text() widget and passed a variable in it which holds a username from Firebase auth. the issue is I want to check if the user is logged in

Is there anyway to display the hour of the day (e.g. 00:00, 01:00 23:00) instead of the dates when using pd.grouper. I currently have this: df = (df.groupby(['category',pd.Grouper(freq='W', key='

I am trying to insert 3 variables multiple times into a 2D array in C. My issue is when I do a double for loop I don't know how to insert the next element. Here is what the array should look like if

I have simple Maven Java-EE based on Jersey web service in my Eclipse that runs in Windows 10. Project is created from jersey-quickstart-webapp artifact. I'm trying to use Log4j logger, but can't find

How to order a vector (array) from least to greatest by using recursion in C? Some ordering method that you recommend me. method of selection or method of the bubble

When making a wrapper like this: public class JsonDeserializer { private static ObjectMapper objectMapper = new ObjectMapper(); public Foo deserializeFile(String path) { // using Jackson to

How can i match path from lambda expression, like following: getProperty<User>(x => x.email) //want to get a "x.email" I tried with regex but i'm just amateur at that and don't know how it

Source code for the modal content for one button <script> var modal=getElementById("myModal"); var btn =getElementById("myBtn"); var span =getElementByClassName ("close")[0];

I have read PNG file specification and learnt that after the first 8 bytes of PNG signature, we have the IHDR chunk. This image states that we have IHDR with length of 13(0x0000000D) bytes. I have

I want to display an Image, when a JComboxBox is selected. When I select "Tesla Model S" from the JComboBox I want to display an Image above the JComboBox. Adding the Price into the JTextField works

I was trying to build my own standalone tool using clang lib tooling, outside of source tree and I referred to this CMakeLists.txt file here, but now it complains that /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -

So I have figured out how to query with arguments (such as a mongoID for an individual document), but I cannot seem to be able to query every single document in the collection. So basically, I would

I'm trying to install Mojave in a VirtualBox VM for debugging software issues for our Mac OS users. I'm following the instructions here, just altering them to work with a Mojave ISO: https://www.

In my maven would like to create a jar with the only compiled classes from the package org.lory.ejb.commons as you can see here: because these classes are common between ejb core project and client

I'm trying to have one of the tab bar items open as modal when clicked, I'm currently using expo. I've read this: How do i make a TabNavigator button push a modal screen with React Navigation. However,

In a Vue page, I have a call to get data using Ajax when the mounted() event is fired. The code recreates the existing Pager using a new Pager object where it has to pass in all the parameters in the

Is it possible to specify a list of files or directories that one would like copied to the _site directory? I would like to copy those files as is, in the way the webpack-copy-plugin lets one use

I am preparing a longer report that uses ggplot bar chart. Since the number of bars change, the bar width also changes. The documentation says, the bar width is set to 90% of the resolution by default.

I am trying to develop an application using firebase. I want to use toolbar searchview. But I don't know how to do it. I did some research, but I didn't get a result. FETCH ACTIVITY @Override

#!/bin/bash if $(ps -C "bm_d21_debug") then kill $(ps -C "bm_d21_debug" -o pid=) echo "exists" fi This gives me: "PID: command not found" not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong. It's got to

we are about 20 agents that use an escel log to record inputs we have office 365 buisiness . data to be retreived from individual excel workbook daily. we use a sharedrive

In reading the Apollo Server documentation, it recommends using a mutation response interface for mutations: In order to provide consistency across a schema, we suggest introducing a

I've got a requirement to embed Wistia videos on Angular app, however I've got some struggles. The following StackBlitz is a simple reproduction of it with a not working expectation and a workaround

After adding Google map to my pubspec, I tried to use GoogleMapOption in my code but it's giving me error. I am sure I did it the right was. please kindly help me out. here is the important part of

I am newly started with angular 7 and facing a problem ,I can't figure why this happen . I want after on every redirection RouteGuard will check if the token is valid or not .For that I write a

I'm trying to compare the effect of instruction to different groups at different testing times. I have the following variables: Independent Variables (Learner_Type: 3 conditions-LING, NOEX, TRAD;

I have 2 tables, which have the same columns as primary key. Eventhough the tables have same columns as primary key, based on the significance of information the data is normalised across 2 tables. I

enter code hereE/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main Process: jdp.term5.babysittr, PID: 12904 java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{jdp.term5.babysittr/jdp.term5.

I have always used R, so I am quite new to Matlab and running into some troubleshooting issues. I am running some code for a tensor factorization method (available here: https://github.com/caobokai/

Why this line of code does not work in php like as in JS: $id = []; $id = null || []; if (count($id)) { echo 'd'; } Why $id still is null instead empty array []? Therefore count() gives an error.