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this resulte of the fetch.php that contain on the data from mysql database page [{"id":"1","name":"Moblie phone","price":"3000","image":"mobil1","desc":"samasong mobile garand prime 2+"},{"id":"2","

How do I prevent Service running msg from getting logged first? I would like the messages inside testDBConnection fn. to be logged first instead. When DB is not running I would like the Looks like

I am currently working with content control in Microsoft Word 2016. In excel there is the "Intersect(Target, Range(xx,xx)" function, so the macro only activates based on a certain cells. Private

We are having an issue with the price showing with the % discount on our Magento Website. So it shows the original price, the sale price and getting this box under it that shows the percentage

I have a Xamarin page in which I had to use Android native page renderer in order to support platform specific API. BasePage.xaml passes control to MyPage.xaml with Navigation.PushAsync() XAML page :

I am using cross validation for model and parameter selection in Spark. because of application need, I am not only need to know the best model, but the results for all models. When I worked with

I'm having difficulty setting up Xdebug in a VM with Eclipse Neon. When I go to add the PHP Executable manually, the next and finish buttons are grayed out so I try using the Eclipse search feature. I

This is a very straightforward question. I have and x axis of years and a y axis of numbers increasing linearly by 100. When plotting this with pandas and matplotlib I am given a graph that does not

I am rebuilding documentation in a custom package in RStudio. Running R version 3.5.1. I am able to rebuild the package. However, when I run Document from the RStudio Build pane (or the shift+com+D

May someone help me with my build.gradle please? The repo that I'm trying to edite is https://github.com/ZonCon/Wedding-Retronight-Android/tree/master/app, from two years ago. I'm getting this fatal

I have a project in which we have an imported listA list of various CPUS but I only need to compare the second column What I need to do is compare specifically that second column and print highest

I have a login page in spring boot and now I want that page to show only specific links. Furthermore, my ADMIN User is created during startup, being done with my import.sql INSERT INTO benutzer(id,

I am trying to reproduce the first example of a Java publisher that can be found in RabbitMQ's main page. First, I did it in Java and it worked fine. Then, I tried it on Android and here is where the

We have locations that has_many images and images belongs_to a User. I want to get all of the distinct locations that the user has taken a photo at ordered by the created_at on images. I would like to

I call a third party service from my application and the response they return is usually in the form - "Fail - Error: T4 - Invalid". So, the flow is UI -> my controller -> there web service. I

The General Problem I want to vary the additional arguments passed on to a function in a lapply/sapply (or maybe mapply?) call. It would be nice to know how to do this in general. If it matters,

I'm trying to create a simple little view but I'm keep getting errors all over the query. I have looked up pretty much everything online and I know that I need to give the columns I select an alias

I have created 3 random points within each of 27k polygons. I now want to label each of those 3 points as "A", "B", "C" within each polygon. Is there a quick/automated way to do this?

I have a navigation flow consisting in SearchPage -> Others or SearchPage -> Others or SearchPage -> and wanna persist what was the search string when navigate back. <template id=

I'm trying to figure out how to center my logo image horizontally with bootstrap. I can't find any way for it to work. Css trying margin: 0 auto; for example or d-flex or the justify options. If

I thought what I did was correct but the button itself seems to place itself outside the div/background. I'm just trying to get it to overlay on it now. HTML: <div> <img src="/images.png"&

I have a data set which contains site usage behavior of users over a period of six months. It contains data about: Number of pages viewed Number of unique cookies associated with each user Different

Use the twitter API to send direct messages, with the following method: "POST direct_messages / new" with php, tmhOAuth library. Since a few days ago they changed (as indicated in migration

How do I add an item to Mongoose, if I want to push it to an item of the array? I want to push it to the document with predefined _id, to the 'productList' array with predefined 'id', to the 'items'

Similar to (I suppose) std::reference_wrapper, I want to create a wrapper type that can allow -> access to members, regardless of type semantics. In other words, whether its a pointer, smart

I have a wordpress website and I have to get the news or new posts that are made in wordpress and show me in my Android application. How can I link Android with wordpress API and get the latest posts

I'm trying to do something a bit complex with my EventPage form. It normally has a Start Date and End Date field, which are DateTimeField in the model. I also want to add an "All day" checkbox that,

There is an interesting example on the Vue.js site that reverses a string using JS running in the browser. How can I recreate this example by passing the string to Python using Flask, reversing the

I use symfony 4 with FOSRestBundle. I have controller: /** * @Route("/api") */ class ProjectController extends FOSRestController { /** * @FOSRest\Post("/project") */ public

I'm writing a custom MIB to expose a table over SNMP. There will be one table with set columns, but a variable numbers of rows. Is it possible, with Net-SNMP, to add multiple rows to the table from

I make an api using Linkedin for website. After created all files, my application run fine but the only that has problem is when I try to allow the website, gives me this errors: enter image

The code is meant to loop until the user gives a valid input of either "coffee" or "tea." It allows me to continue when "coffee" is entered but just tells me that there is an invalid input and loops

I have a source code that is supposed to read a .dat file. the code is in Matlab. There is an error I am getting every time I try to read a .dat file: this is the .dat file: https://drive.google.com/

I have a collection called prodSampleNew with documents that have hierarchy levels as fields in arangodb: { prodId: 1, LevelOne: "clothes", LevelTwo: "pants", LevelThree: "

I'm trying to use MySQL API in my C program. The problem: it seems that mysql.h library doesn't not exists, but if I don't go wrong it shoud be available if I install MySQL Connector (I have installed

I'm editing hundreds of .dot (Word template) files. How can I find and replace multiple phrases within the body of these documents easily? I haven't been able to find a good method of doing so yet.

This is a small C program to test the client and server programs so that the client sends an integer to the client. The server multiplies the number by 10 and returns the integer*10 back to the client.

I found many similarly titled questions, but could not find the exact one I am looking for. I have a datafile like this: title1:A1 title2:A2 title3:A3 title4:A4 title5:A5 title1:B1 title2:B2 title3:

I've got a reverse proxy, frontend and backend container. The backend is running Pyppeteer and the reverse proxy is set up with an alias "servicename.localhost" in docker-compose.yml: networks:

How to simplify the my query and use additional commands? I turn to the three tables in turn. It seems difficult. I ask help. result = "<p>" + (++num) + ")" + node.Text + "</p>"; foreach (

If we consider the three following models: clients, companies, contacts. Clients can purchase goods from several companies and a company has many clients. Moreover, a company has several "contact"

Microsoft have announced it is possible to turn off the loading image shown when a report is loading. Loading Image Use the Power BI Embedded JavaScript SDK to hide the flickering Power BI logo

I found this JQuery plugin that looks pretty good for my project. But sadly, it was written way back in 2010, and it can't work with JQuery 1.6+. As the source code isn't very long, I've then

Hi I have a program that measure edit distance between two strings. My professor left out a few lines for us to fill in. I edited the code but it’s only returning edit distance 1 for all my inputs. I

Given: import pandas as pd lis1= ('apple','orange','strawberry','strawberry','strawberry','apple','orange','orange','orange','strawberry') lis2= ("lorem ipsum review","lorem ipsum review","lorem

I have a String abc="a","b","c"; I want to convert it to ArrayList. I am converting it using this code. List list11 = new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(abc.split(" , "))); Currently, output is coming like

I am new to Spring Boot and JPA,I am making a simple project which consists of receving a json String and converting it to model and then inserting it to the JPA. Thank you all in advanced API

I'm trying to utilize createMemoryHistory to move around without changing the url address because my app will be rendered inside an iframe. However, when I push to history, it seems to update my url.

Friends, -- I have created two datasets using two different stored procedure for the SSRS report, one fetches "summary" records when the stored procedure executes and other dataset fetches "detail"

We are currently using CROWD as our authentication source for Bitbucket. We are grating access to repos using CROWD groups. These CROWD groups are sync from Active Directory. We do not have any local