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I simply need to get all docs where the sec field =laptop. Then, I need to order the results by timestamp, their date and limit to 3 results. So this is my code: Query firstQuery =

Objective: Include category_name field in $posts attributes. The corresponding FK - category_id is currently included in my return. Controller returns all Posts with their PostChilds return $posts =

i don't how to begin i've a lot of problem and i've been searching for more than a month (everyday) i'm really tired so i'm gonna ask maybe some of you would help me and it will be really appreciated.

My dataframe has 47,232 rows and I want to add the sequence number to which the row belongs. One sequence exists out of 16 rows, so after every 16th row a new sequence starts and the value should go

Because of the Jackson Databind vulnerabilities, a saga that has been going on for some time now, our security team has asked us to move away from the Jackson library altogether to Gson. We

I'm just starting with angular and some concepts are very obscure for me. If someone can help me i appreciate so much: Why i need to install jquery (npm install jquery) and import inside angular.json

Need ID of the Item. After selecting the Item from search box not able to get item ID. (Please suggest: I need item ID after selecting the item). View.php <input class="typeahead form-

My dataframe likes in loop x=1,2,5,6 dfx Dataframe : df1,df2,df5,df6 filepath; file1 = 'G:\python\out\consumption_rice_1.xlsx' file2 = 'G:\python\out\consumption_rice_2.xlsx' file5 = 'G:\python\

I want to specify 2 loss functions 1 for the object class which is cross-entropy and the other for the bounding box which is mean squared error. how to specify in model.compile each output with the

I Have connectionString OracleConnection when I try to do : ConnectionString.Open(); I get the error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. the code: private static OracleConnection

I am looking for some best practices that can be followed while creating a docker STACK file.

I have to django models in two diffrent apps like app1 and app2, in app1 I got Model1 and in app2 I got BaseModel and the Model1 is like this class Model1(BaseModel): Model1 and BaseModel where

Can i route on components to specific page? i would like to route somewhere after like() process done like(id:string,l:string){ if(l == 1){this.likes=0 }else{this.likes=1}; this.gs.like(id,

I am working on a capacitated vehicle routing problem and have found an optimal solution with the following set of arcs on my graph active: [(0, 1), (0, 4), (0, 5), (0, 6), (0, 7), (0, 10), (1,

I have this bash line: $ printf ' Number of xml files: %s\n' `find . -name '*.xml' | wc -l` Number of xml files: 4 $ When I run it from python in this way the python interpreter stop and my

Im trying to remove redux of our application. To do so I try to use the new React Hooks API. I wrote my own hook which is an exend of the useReducer function, to persist the state each time its

I'm using Android Studio last version 3.2.1 I've created a sample project for testing the problem I have on my main app. I thought at first it was a thing of my app, but I get the same problem on the

So our teacher gave us the "Game Of Life" project. I was really proud of my project until I ran it and got the error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of undefined". For those who don't

with the command psql --dbname=mattermost --username=mmuser --password then if I place the password it succeeds but if I write psql --host=localhost --dbname=mattermost --username=mmuser --

I have two file a.js and b.js, I need to return value from a.js. This is the program which I wrote, please correct it thanks! a.js var a = (function(){ var some = function(aa) { aa + 10;

The following runs well on SSMS However on Power BI, I am getting this error and do not know why. Microsoft SQL: Incorrect syntax near ';'. Incorrect syntax near ')'. database = Adventure Works

I'm trying to filter fingerpring image by using the Gabor filter, i'm using framework accord.net, and i have two problems: 1,. i don't know tow to set the bigining values of the flter, i was finding

errors: govtcareer | govtcareer | Traceback (most recent call last): govtcareer | File "manage.py", line 15, in <module> govtcareer |

I have troubles with my application which is connecting with arduino throught bluetooth module. If user won't connect to arduino and he wants to come back to the previous layout the application will

My question is about the /reports/campaigns//searchterms endpoint of the Apple Search Ads API. Apple returns a record with metrics for each search term. Each search term has a keyword as its parent.

I am trying out some practice questions, and this is one of them. I think that I am meant to use getch in order to recieve a keypress without the user pressing the enter key, however I have no clue

I am having a problem with update mapping in query based view object. When I use NULLIF function in where clause the application gives the builder error(An unexpected severe error has occurred in

Since I am using MySQL lower than version 8, I cannot use CTE. So I am trying to make CTE by view and it works. But recursive CTE is challenging me. I want to transform recursive CTE below into view

I am currently getting this error while running the application through electron but when i run directly i donot see any issue Uncaught Error: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine

I've got an assignment where I have to see if the entered number is an Amrstrong number, the problem is when I click on the button the prompt window doesn't show up, and it only occures when I have

i am trying to built a model for LasVegasTripAdvisorReviews-Dataset using bagging algorithm , i have an error (Multilabel and multi-output classification is not supported) can you please help me and

When I try to access my AWS console using my account name in the URL, I get this error (in Firefox): Your connection is not secure The owner of mycompanyname.tech.signin.aws.amazon.com has

I performed a superpixel segmentation to a specific image. In my hand are the original RGB image and the labeled image contours. How can I draw the superpixels in the image?

I'm trying to create a simple program in Powershell. What I'm trying to do is backup two different folders into one location, if the user chooses 'Y' by the prompt. If the user chooses 'N' then the

I have installed Python 3.7 I can use Python 3.7 by typing python3 command in terminal. However if i type pip --version or pip3 --version it prints pip 18.1 from /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-

I have researched this, and know it could be a problem with my computer. However, in case it is something wrong with my code that is causing Python to crash, I thought I would put it up here. This

gcloud and docker irregularly generates permissions errors as below. Why is gcloud trying to write these files? Why might irregular failure occur? How can this be bypassed (I.e., exactly what

Need to know can we declare private construct in abstract class and how to access it in Java.

I have two servers, one of them is Webpack server for React (localhost:3000), and another one is for Express server (localhost:4000). I read that I need to set up proxy in my package.json file. Okay,

An example configuration: two pods within kubernetes based on dropwizard framework with hibernate. Both pods (duplicated) contain the same code and Rest APIs. Both pods access the same DB. With this

I'm looking to simplify this code. Any way to it so? Spring MVC + Apex Charts var d = /[[${s0}]]/ null; <-- it's send via Spring Framework, basically represents datetime(in millis) at d[0], d[3],.

I want to use automated build for a public repo. I pushed and taged the Repo to github. git add . git commit -m 'Initial commit' git tag 2018-4 git push origin master --tags The next step is to

Given the coefficients of the hyper-plane of the support vector machine for classifying an mxn-dimensional dataset into two classes as an n-dimensional vector, how can we find out the direction (e.g.

I am new to arch Please tell me how to install grub in arch linux I have installed arch on sda9 but not booting https://i.stack.imgur.com/Wn9Hj.jpg

While setting up my new system, I am trying to run my notebook file on VS Code but as soon as I open VS Code it give me this error Failed to detect Jupyter Notebook. Please use 'Select Jupyter

I'm trying to connect to a dBase (.dbf) database by VB.Net, I installed vfpoledb provider and use connection string like bellow : Dim cn As New OleDb.OleDbConnection With {.ConnectionString = "

So, I was building a really simple game. I was going to make a circle jump. Until that all worked fine. But when I tried adding jumping to the game, an error messege appeared, telling me, "TypeError:

Given a price comparison website, companies are listed in ascending order of price. I want to extract the following: Where is my company in the list The exact price of our product The price

recent security changes have made my csv upload not work saying that the type is invalid. I need to bypass this change but have failed to do by adding the mime type to the relevant filters. function

My application exposes some of the APIS through REST using CXF implementation. Earlier we were using CXF 2.x and I could see the list of rest resources inside the WADL file. After upgrading to cxf 3.0,