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I have a pretty speciffic question, I have an input file, every time I add a file a new li with the file name is added to an existing ul. I want to create a function that will validate the file input


ES6 is great, it reduced number of codes but typescript for everything just doesn't work. If I would want to implement type checking for my arguments, which is already been destructed more than one

意外地发现了一个Mach-O头代码:0x72613c21 Xcode 9.2

First of all, I am new to xCode and have developed iOS app which has already been working in Android perfectly. But when I convert the same into Xcode, I found so many error that I removed myself

使用GPO或类似关闭Internet Explorer的所有网络实例

Is there a way that GPO or similar can be used to distribute a command to all workstations on a domain at say, 1am, which will shut down all instances of Internet Explorer on those workstations which

在RxJs ErrorObservable突破性变化(迁移5—

We're facing an issue while updating our application to RxJs 6 (with rxjs-compat). A referenced library, which is still on RxJs 5 is using ErrorObservable as a return type of a method. public


I am having struggles loading the data of drop downs when loading the page. I somehow always get an error that my object is null. When I debug it seems like the error in the PrepareViewBag() function


I have the follwing image where i have to clean the picture as much as i can. Removing the small dots around the names. I made the following processing but without big results blur = cv2.medianBlur(

Uncaught TypeError:不能设置属性

Am using laravel-boilerplate for my application and i installed hammer.js using npm command. When i run npm run dev command the laravel-mix build is successful, but am getting an error like


I want to achieve that NHibernate queries different types based on a condition. Let's say the condition is false then the query should look like this: var myVar = session.Query<TypeWhenFalse>()

apsaradb API版本无效

I'm trying to connect to Alibaba ApsaraDB service through HTTP API. I'm getting the following error: {"RequestId":"3292ADAB-F4F2-4E5C-BA0C-33208F779FC5","HostId":"rds.eu-central-1.aliyuncs.com","Code"


In VSTS CI/CD , i am setting some variable's value in a Powershell task in CI. During CD i want to access that variable's value to do something , lets say echo. Is this possible ? If so , how ?


The following code doesn't compile, although the documentation says it should be as simple as this: override fun onResume() { super.onResume() async { Log.d("foo", "async") } }

PHP preg_match和ISO-8859-1西里尔字母

I'm facing an issue with regex and Cyrillic symbols. I simply trying to read the file, use preg_match and display its content in a dumb function as below: $regex = '/"(.*)"/im'; $content =

最后得到5 3从列表中最后一个元素的大小未知

I have a list of unknown length which I want to get the 5th to last, 4th to last, and 3rd to last elements from: So if my list is like. a = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10] I want to get. b = [6,


I've got this snippet of code in react class App extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { data : [], } }


ERROR- am getting as type mistmatch. Here is my code-Please help public void addDetailDescription(List detailList) { SQLiteDatabase db = this.getWritableDatabase(); ContentValues values =


I came across this sorting algorithm called american sort. I read it being a variant of radix sort. Can someone elaborate me regarding this sorting algorithm and also the time and space complexity


I am plotting Amcharts in a particular div in my html.The problem is I receive the data through ajax and try to plot it in that div (mainchart) but I am successfully receiving the data but unable to

如何把GraphView图像然后保存在Android PDF

I have created an app that creates a Graph by using the values given to it. But then i want to save it as a PDF in my external storage.


I am using google places API and trying to parse the JSON response according to types filed. So in the address_components array, I get different results: Sometimes in types, it has the street_address


I have created a bitbucket and some folders inside that with following path: my_bucket\merchant\logos\ Now I am trying to upload a image file inside the my_bucket\merchant**logos** folder but it is

致命错误:libxml / xmlversion。H:没有这样的文件或目录的libxml2

I made git libxml2 which is a xml parser in c (home: http://www.xmlsoft.org/downloads.html) I've got the source using "git clone git://git.gnome.org/libxml2". However, when I was compiling it, there


assume I've the following short example. My goal is to rearrange the data.frame by the column "n", so that the output should look like this.Since I am still the beginner I dont know how to do this. I


I'm getting RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded error and it's because of the line "'account_id','not in'" what can i do about it? @api.multi def


SELECT TOP 1 REPLACE(name, , '' ) FROM OBJ_R) AS lastname and SELECT SUBSTRING(NAME FROM 1 FOR POSITION(',' IN NAME)-1) FROM OBJ_R instead of Beyeler,Nicole Nicole Müller, Barbara Barbara


I have a program using OpenCL and tried to deploy it into my remote machine. There are some bullet points before going to the code : The program runs on my local machine perfectly, and compiled


I think this is some social media icon but I googled and didn't find which one is it if anybody is familiar with this icon please drop me link or names


The back ground is that we need to read file which is used as global configs to do data calculation and the file will be changed each hour, so it is necessary to reload the file. our confusion is


I have a service that I have defined as a global twig variable that makes use of autowiring the TokenStorageInterface in order to get the current logged in user. Sometimes the token is null and


is there an easy way to customize the coordinate view? I would like to put a custom MeshModel3D there. Loaded from a .STL file.


I'm trying to create a gridview with 3 level Master Detail View. My View Should Contain: Invoices InvoiceLines InvoiceLineDetails I use the following code: public partial class


So, recently i was reading about CNN and I got confused about fully connected layer so here what i understand about it : Fully Connected Layer : After multiple convolutional layers and downsampling


I searched other questions but sadly, I couldn't find the right answer. My Userform : My Code : Private Sub cancel_button_Click() Unload Me End Sub Private Sub ok_button_Click() If


I am using Stanford Core NLP using Python.I have taken the code from here. Following is the code : from stanfordcorenlp import StanfordCoreNLP import logging import json class StanfordNLP: def


using Mysql as database and Python as front end. Have a scenario to join 5,000,00(5 lakh) records table with another dynamically generated another table with around 50,000(fifty thousand) records


I have a machine that I connect through SSH. On it I installed the command time (version GNU 1.7). But whenever I try to record the time from a command, the user time is always 0. For example : $


I have a select tag with 4 options. I want to get a particular option clicked when the page loads and a method should called because of click event. Here what I have tried so far: HTML <select>


Is there a way I can make it so Inspect (see picture from context menu) is called when I hover on a selected text/code in an editor (e.g. Java editor)? I can see the menu at Preferences->Java->Editor->


I'm new to Ansible. I have already done some roles and playbooks that are perfectly working. My company has 4 datacenters on 4 differents geographicals sites. I would like to know if there is a

system.io.filenotfoundexception VSTO错误:系统找不到指定的文件。(例外来自HRESULT: 0x80070002)

When I try to debug Excel workbook (VSTO) in Visual studio 2015 Enterprice, I get following error, From: file:///c:/users/sameera.madhusanka/documents/visual studio 2015/Projects/ClassLibrary1/

Python(NumPy数组一维数组)indicess像数组[ X的二维数组,y ]

I am pretty new to python and I try to read data from an array with unknown size (but in general 2D). Not that hard but my problem occurs when I try to get a value with e.g.: array[0,0] but the size


So I have a large web app (non-MVC) that I have built in Visual Studio running virtually on my Mac. Was thinking of trying to switch to VS on Mac so that I can stop using my virtual windows, at last.


I would like to create a secure form in Angular2+, using sanitize or something like that, but I try it and sanitize does not work with forms. I would like to detect script and something like that. I

Excel VBA对环

I am new to Excel VBA programming and I need help. Let's say I have a column where I have to find the name Mandi If it finds it get the value from its left and go on looking for the name. I want the


Good afternoon, I have 2 questions. 1 - how to remove the left indent at the very first bar and the right indent at the last bar. In the picture black lines 2-whether it is Possible to specify some


We are trying to run the below cURL command from an EC2 instance which has IAM role with full permission for SQS and EC2. curl -v https://sqs.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/2775421xxxxx/QueueName -d "Action=


what should be the parameter for getting a similar product from the database. Is that enough one parameter like category id or price or brand


I have a method that will run one query and the query need each data form list as its condition. But the foreach just show the first data and do random loop. Here my code: private void


I read the guide on Actions on Google, concerning the publication of an alpha version 3 days ago, I have filled out the form However, when I share the test link, this error appears: At the moment

不在翻阅旧数据的Excel VBA最有效的程序逻辑是什么?

I remember a friend of mine telling me that is bad practice (and common mistake of programmers) to loop through entire databases to satisfy a condition, but instead you reference to them. However, the