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I need to insert parent record through for loop and based on newly generate ID need to create child records, but EF doesn't seem to be working well. Based on answers suggested in different

I did some research, but I couldn't find the correct answer. Can I use component structure with Vue.js? In the meantime, I don't use CLI. For example, I would like to separate the header and footer

So I'm trying to send back an array of objects after a get request to a url but I can't figure out how to structure the logic so the return array fully populates before sending it to the client.

Spent several hours on this now, to no avail. Simply trying to turn output buffering off on a clients WHM install, for a simple XHR response log. For testing, I have a very simple PHP script, which

I want to change div content with button, but I want to use css/html only. Are there any examples?

I am very new to prolog and I asked a question a couple of days ago about writing a BST program. I have that done now thankfully but I'm having some difficulty explaining some aspects of it in plain

Lately, I have noticed that the amount of CPU usage shown in "Performance", does not correspond to the amount of CPU used by "System Idle process" on the "details" tab - for example, the reported CPU

I have this data frame: import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv('olympics.csv', index_col=0, skiprows=1) for col in df.columns: if col[:2]=='01': df.rename(columns={col:'Gold'+col[4:]},

Hello Stack Overflow SQL people! This is my task: Table sec1202 has four columns: row_id, col_1, col_2, and col_3. Write a select statement that groups the rows by the value in col_1 and for each

I'm studying for my systems programming examination, but am having some trouble coming up with a simple deadlock example in c. I understand deadlocks occur whenever the waiting process is still

I have a database that contains different headlines and different links to Firebase storage, like in the picture below: And I would like this line storage.refFromURL('gs:///File.jpg')

I'm debugging a C# application that becomes almost unresponsive after a few days. The application calculates memory/CPU usage every second and displays it in the footer of the main UI. The cause for

I am trying to create an array of vertices, and then run the 'rect' function over this array to display an arbitrary amount of rectangles. Right now, I have: var vertices = new Array(); function

Write a JavaFX application - CircleOverlap.java - that presents 20 circles (use the JavaFX Circle class), each with a random radius and location. If a circle does not overlap any other circle, fill

Writing a C++ application for school to take an input file and to read its contents and compute those contents. This is the first application I have worked on in C++ and having the following errors on

I have created a dataframe in pandas that shows the calculations of total time taken to complete a work order. Due to human input error some time calculations come up as a negative time as you can see

I'm trying to sort a list of dollar amounts from lowest to highest using python's built in sort ability, but when I call on it, it sorts the numbers super screwy. It starts at $10,000 then goes up to $

First, thanks for taking the time to read this and maybe trying to help me. I am trying to make a script to easily login in a site. I wanted to get the login cookies too, so maybe I could reuse them

I want to install phpMyAdmin to Ubuntu on VPS. I tried this commands in this order: 1.Check for updates: sudo apt-get update 2.Install phpMyAdmin + apache2 utils: sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

I'm building an app that will be intended to be an alternative to the official Reddit app, and I want to figure out how to use their OAuth2 API and implement it. Do I have to do anything special or

I'm building a site using Ruby on Rails for the backend + app, but Hugo for the static marketing site. Even for the marketing site, I'm generating 60+ pages based on backend data that changes

Long story short I need to get a bunch of balls moving in random directions in space . I am using a python script with Vred (3d rendering software) to display the balls on screen . I am trying to use

Does somebody know how I can convert an image from a folder to a base64 string in a component in angular ? Because i can't find how i can convert an image

On a Wikipedia article it has a code example for a function: function fib(n) if n <= 1 return n return fib(n − 1) + fib(n − 2) When I copied this into my compiler it couldn't

I have written out a MaxDiff script using the following packages install.packages("devtools") install.packages("AlgDesign") install_github("Displayr/flipData") install_github("Displayr/

We know angular has something called as ng-container which can be used to create a logical container and which does not gets rendered on DOM as the container itself creates a html comment. At times

In a csv excel file, in one of the columns I want to do a left and a mid of a large data set. Example: Header 12345 23456 34567 45678 56789 Output of mid: 45 56 67 78 89 Output of left: 12 23 34 45

I am trying to change text (user-agent) in m3u file , with new text from inputed text box, to write or rewrite m3u file part of text (where is "qwerty") with new text from input box when i click

I am trying to compare two different dirs with many many dirs inside du -hs User/data/dbs/* home/common/dbs/* The result is that the two dirs are shown one after another. 12gb User/data/dbs/

When and where is the correct time to change _member_map_ or Test.one_._name_ inside the life cycle of enum itself? So that the final enum will reflect those changes. class Test(Enum): one_ = "

For my homework, I need to write a python program which, google the given sentence and prints the most frequent 5 words related to that search. How can do that ? Is there a library or API ? Thanks!!

I want to apply sagemaker's kMeans algorithm to a sparse matrix, obtained with TfidfVectorizer from sklearn's library. Ideally I would like to provide the input data to Sagemaker's kMeans

I'm implement a normalizing flow model such as RealNVP where the number of bijectors are dynamically incremented. Starts with one bijectors, then after few steps of training, increase to two; then to

I'm trying to display a heatmap of a spin lattice using AmCharts. In order to do this I create a chart with ColumnSeries and 2 ValueAxis. Unfortunately, the code doesn't work properly and it only

I expected: both of these files to show 'Test!' and have a Vue component. Both of these files reference the exact same Vue source code. Both of these have what appear to be exactly the same

I have written a program that implements Big-five in C++ however in the middle I got stuck: //g++ 5.4.0 #include <iostream> class Array { public: Array(); Array(int); Array(int*,

I want to write some data of type string into whatever default notes app a user has installed. For this I am using NoteIntents. Docs: link The code I use is from here: link Example Intent:

I use ggalluvial with ggplot2, though, I'd like to be able to generate the same plot without attaching ggalluvial but only specify its use with ggalluvial::. If it is not attached, I get the following

We, as a team of 6 developers, are dealing with an ongoing debate on whether unifying the code-style, format and structure of all components in a micro-service architectural style project is

I have an instance of gitlab, self hosted on a droplet. I have a microservices architecture and I'm attempting to configure a parent mono-repo so that developers can easily pull all the

I want to fetch all rows from my mysql table which is matched with my query as of now I have two rows with matched query I am saving every row in $tourData variable and than adding into $allTourData

this is my first time asking a question here, I'm new to JavaScript and I'm trying to make a game to learn. I have 5 players, each with a scoreHistory array. How do I sort through all players scores

Collapsing toolbar is showing white space when collapsing. When scrolling down, collapsing toolbar collapsing faster then scrollbar so there is a wired white gap(marked with blue line) is created

I have created this event procedure TExport.ListMouseMove(Sender: TObject; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); begin TWinControl(Sender).height := 100; TWinControl(Sender).BringToFront; end;

I created a class which runs a function to return a string as a date. However, when I run the code, nothing is returned. I cannot figure out why and I have spent about an hour researching and trying

Is there any way to be able to shrink a SectionList section, when the user taps on the section title? Something like the way that Reddit comments work on the mobile app, where the comments shrink and

The abbreviations i18n for internationalization and l10n for localization are common. In the world of TYPO3 in tt_content I find l18n_parent, l18n_diffsource. Note the small leading L! In pages

I've made a calculator webapp, and when I visit the webapp on my iPhone, the button text is shifted (no centered). But on all the simulators I've used it appears it should be centered with no issues.

Hello I need a help to setup multiple products ship in multiple days. Like I ordered 7 juices I need to get delivered the product 1pc/day in total 7 pieces 7 days.

I have been trying to configure JDBC against a database. Please bear me if you see this question naive. I followed the instruction on https://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/community/jdbcconfig/