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I have the following code in main.py: @app.route("/admin") def admin_panel(): resources = [{'id': '302', 'title': 'Participant 302'}] events = [] return render_template("admin.html",

I have a legacy code that I don't have control to make changes. I want to serialize the return value of a method in a custom way. Here is the legacy code ---- legacy code begin -- Foo {

I recently downloaded the JavaFx 11 for java 11. Jmod files I downloaded But I don't know how to import and use them in my project. Please help, this is very frustrating, and it seems like there are

I get a file then convert it to string and replace some words. With this string I run the following com.hierynomus.smbj.share.File remoteSmbjFile = share.openFile(fileName, EnumSet.of(AccessMask.

I have some trouble about installing my application developed in Java for Steam platform. Steam requires that a Java application includes a JRE for running. Initially, I created a simple batch that

I am deploying firebase hosting files. But it is not reflecting even after 4 hours. Everytime i am getting the below success message when deploying. Deploy complete! Project Console: https://

I just installed conda under root (I know, it's bad -- I did not know what would happen). I am on Fedora 29. When I type dnf into shell I get File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/dnf/base.py",

I am attempting to do a Vlookup in VBA, and I am getting a type mismatch Error 13. The code is Below: Dim CSVName As String Dim ThisBook As String Dim Vlook As Variant Vlook = Application.

I'm trying to receive data from SigFox devices in Thingsboard using the Thingsboard Gateway. However, althought I'm not getting any error anywhere, data is not visible at Thingsboard dashboard at all.

I just started using react native maps~0.22.1, and I am having trouble acquiring the draggable marker onDragend new position; I followed the documentation even though it is a bit vag, but the result

I've calculated monthly mean over the some time period and want to generate 12 plots. In the following code, I tried for January and February only. My attempt to do everything in loop was failed. How

Example matrix (Input) enter image description here Species PH PNH A 1 10 B 2 11 C 3 12 D 4 13 E 5 14 F 6 15 G 7 16 H 8 17 I 9 18 I want to subset a matrix in R

I am trying to connect to a device using a DLL provided by the manufacturer and its very documentation. I have managed to connect to the device but when trying to modify a the user table from the

I am currently working on my first D3D project, which involves creating an overlay for a game in order to present the user with real time information. The actual data acquisition has been handled,

I'm trying to log into heroku through Git Bash, but after I click "log in" at the browser, nothing really happens. No error message or anything, it just sits there. I've tried troubleshooting as the

I am dynamically generating content on a canvas (effectively creating an image map where each child on the canvas is clickable) where the total width/height of the content is often more than the size

For each row in my dataframe I'm trying to get the average of all the values in specific columns by indexing the column names and then adding those means as a new column in the dataframe. I tried this

I am running Selenium testing overnight (using Java & WebDriver) and would like to take a screenshot when one of the testcases fails. If I use the Robot's createScreenCapture() method it only

I want to extract the "month" from the date_contact column. I tried select dateadd(mm, datediff(mm,0, date_contact), 0) from cohort and select cast(date_contact As Date). I received result that is

I have three tables: Guardian Student Address One Guardian may have many Addresses and one Student may have many Addresses. Observations: Guardian addresses can be exactly the same as the Students

I use Django 2.1.4 and use Django sample for create pdf report def some_view(request): # Create a file-like buffer to receive PDF data. buffer = io.BytesIO() # Create the PDF object, using the

I have a problem issuing a cert from puppet-agent to puppet-master to sign. I have follow this tutorial>https://cloud.google.com/community/tutorials/puppet-in-google-cloud-platform However, when I

I'm learning PHP by building a CRUD website. Since it requires users to sign up, I figured I would take security seriously. I know phpMyAdmin often has vulnerabilities, but what benefit would I gain

My spring boot application can not get configuration parameters from application.yml file. My main class as following: @SpringBootApplication(scanBasePackages={"com.test"}) public class Main { @

I'm fetching an int and a xml-string from a Microsoft Sqlserver 2012 (on windows) with PHP Version 5.6.30-0+deb8u1 on debian. The XML comes from ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[XMLproduct] (@id integer)

I've been given a working HTML page that has JS code that looks something like this: <script type="text/javascript"> function nativeThingEventHandler(event) { console.log("event

So I'm making a game where hopefully, you can press the space bar and the number will go up by 1 (more stuff like that) I'm new to coding and I know very little so any help would be appreciated. HTML

I am in the process of writing a javascript library for multiple precision arithmetic. Essentially, storing a number as an array of digits and applying operations on them. I have recently discovered

I am trying to get getStream for laravel integrated. I have followed all the steps as mentioned in the below link. getstream Laravel Integration tutorail Thought the tutorial is good i am having

I have recently begun using Ubuntu and am still learning the basics. I have however been completely unable to find a way to create .json files. Apologies if this has been answered before or is

Looking for a sandboxes to run unsafe JavaScript or Ruby code with the following requirements: Let's say there's 32Gb Server, allocate 300 sandboxes with 100Mb each, with Full isolation, it should

I am looking for a .bat file that would create an exact copy of a directory with the only difference being that every file in the directory would be replaced by an (ideally) empty .txt file of the

My question is about an exception that is thrown when executing the following code: public boolean createUser(String name, String nickname, String password) { Hash h = new Hash(); String

Hi thank you for helping, I am looking for a way to link 2 cells together in Google Sheets, where the output of either one will depend on the input of the other. Let me give an example I have a

We moved to using Git and PRs then we moved to Azure DevOps from on-premise TFS. Our developers still have a number of old, irrelevant code reviews in their Assigned to me section. I tried

I would like to know how can I reverse my loop in Python. import time for x in range(5) : print("-", end="") time.sleep(1) Output is : - -- --- ---- ----- And I want it like this : ----

The following program produces this with gcc 8.2.1: warning: type qualifiers ignored on cast result type [-Wignored-qualifiers] int * const ptrCast = const_cast(ptr); int main() {

How do I increment a number on the same line as a string? I have this so far: file = open('test.ipynb') text = file.readlines() for lines in text: lineNumbers = print(str[i] + '\t' + lines)

i have a strange issue with an SQL query using (10.3.2-MariaDB-10.3.2+maria~jessie) Query 1 select `reseaus`.`id`, `reseaus`.`nom` from `reseaus` where `reseaus`.`id` in ( select `faces`.`

I am trying to export a crystal report to a pdf file that takes in a user-specified start-date and end-date. The report has default values for these parameters, and it exports without issue if I try

I need to download pre-trained model uploaded to GCS to tmp folder of Cloud Function in order to carry out predictions. After the prediction, how can I delete the file in tmp? There were examples of

I want a drop down box to be in my figure. The figure will be updated based on drop down selection; thus I want drop down to remain on top. I think I want the drop down to be a child of the figure/

I want to return alert after the creat by kendo from action and also return custom validation for example: "the username Already taken" but the return JavaScript("<script language='javascript'

I am having a hard time loading isotope in my application. I've used "yarn add isotope-layout" to download the plugin and now when I try to use it I keep having the same error: Uncaught TypeError:

I am now using python3 and keras-tensorflow framework. I would like to create histogram like picture below, describing data distribution (train, val, test) for each class. Does anyone can provide the

i am a newbie in php. i have no idea on how to paginate searched data in php . I tried using the normal way of pagination method but I ended up getting confused. I need help

User needs to be sent from a page to a specific tab (not the 1st one) on a different page with tabs in a similar way to how html does it by simply a hash sign and the relevant id, e.g.: site.com/

In my project i have directory structure /libs and /src. I want to create makefile where main has dependency in /libs. ie. header file is in the /libs. I have used the following #Compiler to use CC=

I am getting the following error while trying to install mininet (output below). The whole problem started after I tried to install openvswitch according to the tutorial at http://docs.openvswitch.

I have a set of Servlets that pass back array's of objects like text=[{"sPK":1,"sName":"foobar","cFlag":0}, {"sPK":5,"sName":"barfoo","cFlag":1}] In a java app I am using org.fasterXML.