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I have a maven multi-module application as below parent -+ module 1 -+ module 2 -+ module 3 Module 2 and module 3 are seperate jars and added as depencency in module 1. All the modules have

I'm trying to make a One-to-Many/Many-to-one association in Symfony3.4 Doctrine ! i'm working on 2 entities [Single and Many] the "single" entity contains a "Many" entity and the "Many" entity

I have permissions to create lambda functions, as well as RDS instances. I am able to use these tools via the AWS console without issue. However, each of the following commands fail: $ aws lambda

I have started learning python online a few days ago and was doing fine until i came across importing module tutorial.They said you have to create two files in same directory in order to import from

So I'm having some trouble with my program. It doesn't seem to fill the array properly. It dosen't seem to populate pass element 0, even though I'm increasing i. When I debug and go back, i remains

I need to find value of b using extended Euclidean algorithm, such that it satisfy ab ≡ 1 (mod (p−1)(q−1)) I have value of a and I want to find b. I implemented the algorithm with below code in C:

I have setup a web application in IIS. There are no files or anything in it. /wwwroot/automock Next, in IIS in a subfolder called v1 I setup an aspnetcore web application that points to my

When you enter to www.mutantshop.mx and add products to cart all is fine and all products appear in the float right cart, like this image: But the issue comes when you try to refresh the page with F5

Android Guru. Can anyone explain to me why the breakpoint does not stop in Fragment and Adapter, only stop in the Activity page. Please advise.

Is it possible to retrieve the status of attendees in Outlook Web Add-In for an appointment/meeting? Here is a snippet similar to the code I'm working with. let item = Office.context.mailbox.item,

I have been using a variation of the Template 10 approach to using NavigationView. See Alternative way to create shell in Prism.Windows 7.1.0? With the Prism 7.2 pre-release, the call to

So I am trying to understand the difference between unsigned and signed octal number subtraction if the octal numbers were 6 bits. For example, octal 76 - octal 64: I first convert 76 to binary which

I am working on a mapbox map and want to use the clustering feature found here. So I copied the code and need to know instert my data instead of the example one. The problem, however, is that I do not

I am new to react and I've been trying to achieve a function that I am not sure of, I have a component that renders JSON file and shows products named 'product list', another component named 'person'

nowadays am working on c# application everything is perfectly fine but I am getting stuck that I want to merge 3 cells in one header but in my query, I can merge only 2 cells in one header please help

I'm trying to use deeplab for semantic segmentation. I'd like to calculate IOU per class(IOU for person only) instead of mean IOU. At L142 of https://github.com/tensorflow/models/blob/master/

I have used prepared statements for this signup form but there seems to be a pretty serious issue that I can't figure out. When a user is trying to sign up and enters an already registered username/

In my game I have a sprite sheet. My aim is to select a random sprite from the sheet and draw it on the specified x-y coordinate.

I am using the CosmicMind library for Material design and I am trying to set up basic textfields with some error checking but the documention is not very good. I have set up my text fields like the

I'm working with the MyGraph power query sample and I've been able to pull data when I define my source like this: source = OData.Feed("https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/me/", null, source = OData.

Recently I tried to get 3D text into my scene into my 2D game..The strange thing is that text appear normally on my other projects , only on this one text doesn't appear I really don't know why

I'm still in the process of moving my Enzyme tests over to react-testing-library, and I have a fairly common scenario where, when a component mounts, it kicks off an Ajax request to get some data.

I am trying to train a simple Linear Autoencoder of one-hot vectors using simple classifier. But my Weights are not updating. Can you tell me why? tag_seq_size=30 encode_size=10 X = tf.placeholder(

I'm struggling to figure out how to create a nested unsorted list from a predefined javascript array. The array looks like this var directory = [ { type: 'file', name: 'file1.txt' }, { type: '

I was wondering if someone knows what the hell is wrong with my code/import of the API keys in my project. import os try: from secret import * except:print("Error: make a local version of

public IHttpActionResult TestSpeed() { Sleep(10000); } Called the above API concurrently, I can only manage to squeeze approximately 16 connections within 12 seconds. I think this is kinda low.

i have this in main activity package com.android.myapp; import android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.webkit.WebView; import android.webkit.WebViewClient;

I'm trying to format a simple line chart with Victory. However, the output continues to shift the data one position to the right (n+1) of the corresponding axis label. As a result, it also cuts off

My Json Input Object type is List<string>: {"PropertyType" : ["Ranch", "Apartment", "Condo"]} I need to transform the above as below using Dataweave: {"Property":[ {"Type":"Ranch"},

I am new to C++. I have seen code that includes a library file (string as an example) in both the header and cpp file. Will this cause duplicate code if #ifndef is not used? or is the preprocessor

Trying to create an onclicklistener for the buttons, normally when I type in a variable name and a period, it gives the methods options for the listener. I'm not getting this, tried invalidating the

I just filed such an issue against findbugs-idea. I'm thinking of one thing: Is it possible to configure Java to return unix style path, always and globally? It's rahter tricky, error prone, and

Working with an array of mapped items, I am attempting to toggle class in a child component, but state change in the parent component is not passed down to the child component. I've tried a couple

I am trying to create a wedding banquet table planner app for an assignment, but I am getting a NaN error for my "table" variable but not for my "guests" variable within my return statement. The

I am writing a class where I would like to take a class specific enumeration as a parameter. In the past I have always put the enumeration in the header, outside the class, but in the same namespace.

I am making a simple JavaFX game with a main menu, an options menu, and an actual game. I was able to successfully navigate through all of these menus until I made a seemingly unrelated change: I

I want to add HTML tags when creating posts and i want them to be converted to a normal text for the user. I want to know how to add links in posts for users to access them directly when they click on

I have #import <customframeworkname/customframeworkname.h>. Xcode does list the frameworks under Linked Frameworks and Libraries. However, when compiling it from the command line using Clang,

I am using video.js in React. I try to migrate to React Hooks. My React version is 16.8.3 This is original working code: import React, { PureComponent } from 'react'; import videojs from 'video.js';

CPP program to do level order traversal of a generic tree, want a Python implementation of the codes below; How to initialize a python class and build an random tree as below; #include <bits/stdc+

I have a section in my header named #contact-stripe that has a space/gap between it and the navbar. However, I don't see anywhere that has padding or margin so I'm stumped. I put this on CodePen

I'm pretty new to SQL. I've been googling for hours and I'm stuck with this problem: I have a table games with following keys: gameID, homeTeamID, awayTeamID And a table teams with following keys:

I'd like to setup a Service Catalog Product to allow teams to create Security Groups. Unfortunately, I don't see an example in the Starter Catalog, nor on GitHub, and the challenge I'm running into

I've written a simple python script that takes a .csv file, rearranges it and spits out an excel file. My aim is to be able to right click on a .csv file in Windows and for it to generate an .xslx

What are the Batch testing frameworks available in java. Scenario: I have a web application. UAT customers asked me to develop easy way to test using excel file upload.test result also should be

I have been learning to code on my own and i'm really stuck here I am trying to get data from Room Database that i can manipulate and based on it to create Live Data list which can be observed.

Hey Im trying to work html5 canvas video into a React Application while make the code as clean as possible.What kind of imporovments should be made to improve the preformance utilizing the React to

I need to use a COUNTIFS function in a normal use case. However, the cell values can also be blank, so if I used whole column ranges, the total I'd get would be an irrelevant value. I don't want to

Is it possible to do that? I know that we can sign transactions offline before send to network, this process make user's keys totally private even for admin. But can I do the same with register? And

I have the following code that puts a basic hidden form on my woocommerce product page with a button (it is part of a plugin that I am trying to write that adds some custom options entered in the