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Certainly an old issue, but I was not able to find a solution (maybe there are none). On Unix it is straight forward to use file.path to obtain the path to some file. How can the same thing be done


I need number in this order from right to left when user enters a number 00.01 00.12 01.23 12.34 like initially "00." should be there . Most of the solution are restricting value from 2 places or

AWS DATA DATAONTunDrror:无法加载数据:端点

this is the problem. I'm working with AWS and I'm trying to launch an etl job with glue trought a lambda function. In a test, I trigged my lambda function by an S3 event and I trying to print the


we are setup sass css for our project all setup working fine but there is one problem we want source map for my scss to find the scss file name where we make style for element. below code for package.


private void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other) { if (other.isTrigger != true && other.CompareTag("Mouse")) { if (image.activeSelf == false) {


From Firebase database, I've retrieved username as a string. I want to pass this string to another method so as to replace an html element of my WebView. This is my activity: public class

LyaVyMySQL 8连接超时

I'm a beginner of laravel and config mysql. I've a vm with laravel 5.6 and mysql 8, I've configured mysql so I can login with mysql workbanch and here everything works well, but when I try to make a


I have a large application that takes a significant amount of time to publish on the JBoss server. Once this job is done, I can start/stop the server as many times I want. But the problem revolves


I inherited an iOS project recently which has frameworks and uses CocoaPods. I'm trying to replicate this setup so I have a better understanding. It has two frameworks (as Xcode projects) named

重新分配在线订单给虚拟客户(WordPress WooCuto)

I am trying to run a script that reallocates pre-migration online orders to one single Woocommerce user/customer. This is unearthing an issue originally solved by this post, which code does not seem


I have a pcap file that contains rtp data received and sent over the network. In wireshark I use follow udp stream to access raw data for source and destination. Then I save source and destinations


I'm using jquery 3.2.1 and have been reading about Event Delegation: http://learn.jquery.com/events/event-delegation/ Using their example markup: <ul id="list"> <li><a href="http:/


I am new to Custom Speech Service and try to build a custom Acoustic Datasets. After importing the audio (wav file) and transcripts, the result always returns failed, but it doesn't provide any error


I have read and heard about these four concepts in different contexts for different uses, and in most cases it was not clear what the difference was. I thought maybe I would call the implementation

Android仿真器像素XL API 28系统映像x86 8080 404错误

The Emulator API 25 system aremeabi-v7a : is accessible Emultor Configuration Name: New_Device_API_25_new CPU/ABI: Google APIs ARM (armeabi-v7a) Path: Target: google_apis [Google APIs] (API


Hello guys I wondered If you could please help me with my python code for my school, I basically do not understand how to end the code when the user inputs an answer that does not fit the criteria for


As you can see this code generate that picture: dt=pd.DataFrame(np.random.randint(0,100,size=(100, 2)), columns=list('AB')) dt.A=dt.A.apply(lambda x:1 if x<40 else 0) g = sns.kdeplot(dt["B"][dt["A"


At this moment I'm working on 6 different views with recycleView inside. The single item view difference is only like this: textView here or another imageView on the layout there. Now, I want to ask


Register form, when the username is left empty this is the code that will run in script.php if (empty($_POST['username'])) { echo "<script type = 'text/javascript'> alert('You must enter a

我想知道Django QueSET中的排名

I have a product list model and would like to know the ranking of a specific price of this model. sorted_product_list = Product.objects.all().order_by('-price') my_product = {'id': 10, 'price': 20000}


When I run cloc inside a docker container, it does not seem to recursively search through the given directories, compared to running it stand-alone. Dockerfile: FROM python:3.6.2-alpine3.6 VOLUME "/


I'm using wkhtmltopdf 0.12.5 (with patched qt). I've embedded a Facebook post using an iframe tag provided by Facebook on a HTML page I'm trying to convert to pdf. The textual content of the iframe


The active nav pills by default have primary color. How can I elegantly apply info color? <nav className="nav flex-column nav-pills"> <a className="nav-link active" href="#">Dashboard&


i try to disable column only in edit mode with EJ2 Grid Syncfusion Columns Code columns: [ { type: 'checkbox', field: 'CheckBox', width: 50 }, { field: 'id',


How does your project handle the situation when feign calls the remote method to return to null?


Suppose I have the following dataframe: df <- c("@Accessoires A-B [COLL]", "@Accessoires C-D [COLL]","@Components A-D [COLL]","@Components [COLL]", "@Accessoires [COLL]", "@Components H-Z [COLL]")


I saw a bunch of questions about max heap in java but none of them has a support for incKey (for max heap and decKey for min heap). Does anyone know of a heap implementation with O(log(n)) incKey,

SWIFT 4图像剔除透明像素

I need help to create perfect clear image after cropping transparent pixel from UIImage using swift 4. I want to create image with remove transparent color, So for that i have used below code.


It's quite a silly question, but the output amazed me a lot. Basically I want to calculate a percentage decrease in a vector x. So the first idea to make the calculation neat is an usage of base::diff


In DB i have som sample data as fallows items(Collection name) Object 1 { "_id" : 1234, "itemCode" : 3001 (Number) "category" : "Biscuts" } Object 2 { "_id" : 1235, "itemCode" : 3002 (Number) "

VisualStudio 2017显示错误为

i am trying to compare id using comparison operator as shown below. But i am getting error as (ESLint) Expected '===' and instead saw '=='. In visual studio 2015 the same code worked fine. if (id ==


I built some addin for Excel, I use some my webservices, and I'd like to know if there is a way to desactivate my addin if my webservices don't work? If, yes, how can I do that? Thanks for your help


I have issues reading a low contrast QRCode with my swift app. Indeed, we ordered paper bags with QRCode printed but their color is lighter that what we asked for. (see picture) Now the SDK we used


I would like to create passwordless authentication using SMS. When user write his username he would get an sms with otp code. after user write the otp code he would get access token. We are using


I've only been doing R for about three hours, so bear with me! I have imported a csv into R Studio. The input dataset is a model output, which has some character "n/a" values in some columns. I have


I have a basic SpringBoot app. using Spring Initializer, JPA, embedded Tomcat, Thymeleaf template engine, and package as an executable JAR file. After the migration of SpringBoot from 1.4 to 2.0.4.


I can't rename an existing folder in GCS. As per the documentation, this should be: gsutil mv gs://my_bucket/olddir gs://my_bucket/newdir However, what happens is that olddir is placed under newdir,


I have the following code: public static ConcurrentBag<MyClass> all = new ConcurrentBag<MyClass>(); public static void Load() { all.Add("first"); all.Add("second"); all.Add("


The Exception occurs while trying to repaint a list of Objects after some of them have been removed from a list. The Items are removed via the secure Collections.removeIf() method. The Exception


I am new to python and I am finding it difficult to understand how the following code works: mylist = [1,2,3,4,5] print(sum(i for i in mylist)) the code above gives a correct result of 15, but


I am thinking of applying the Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric in an innovative way to reduce corruption in businesses, corporations and such. Before this, my only hyperledger project was to set up a


I am creating Form action using ionic-v2 and Angular-2.It gives me error,plese suggest me How can i use Form action. my ionic 2 Html code <form (ngSubmit)="logForm()" action="" method="post">&


I'm trying to write a simple c++ program and include the library for GLFW. I'm using the CLion IDE and the following is my CMakeLists.txt cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.12) project(Engine) set(


I would like to automate the creation of a word template from git bash, hence am asking this question.


How can we extract files from a .zip archive (unzip) in Windows CMD but without using 7zip? I mean CMD analog of right-click and the "Extract All" command I found only solutions with 7zip


I am trying to use stlm function from R Forecast package in rpy2. However, I keep getting following error. /dp/softwares/anaconda3/lib/python3.6/site-packages/rpy2/rinterface/__init__.py:146:


I am using NavigationDrawer with some dummy Fragments in the menu and a AlertDialog. When I click to open the AlertDialog from the drawer I can close it with the no button but when I click to open it

最精确的定时器QT C

I use QTimer to send periodically 'Ping' packet to the server (MQTT client). But it timer is not absolutely accurate. After some time of working it has some delay and server broken connection. I try


The question is simple, but yet I cannot figure this one out; I need to render a date-selection module, that displays the first_possible_date and the 6 next days, and the ability to navigate back and

获取HTML文本框的值,动态创建为ASP.NET中的几个文本框(具有唯一ID)之一,用于作为查询字符串的HREF URL中使用

I have a static string in ASP.NET. This static string is used to create HTML content, and within that string are place holder values that get replaced at run time. This is so I can use the static