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I want not to deserialize some elements of an XML file, if some condition is met, for example, take a look a this code sample: namespace Test { [Serializable] public class Person {

Doing An Android app which has a post Requests . Below is the screenshot. please give me a proper solution for this.

Here's the picture Why there is string and with question mark? i can't get the value of my webservice because the website has username and password? how can i insert my username and password so that

Let's say I have a component tree as follows <App> </Header> <Content> <Select> items </Select> </Content> <Footer /> </

I wrote the script that puts Spotify user's currently playing song to the status on vk.com. It's like a one-time thing now. When you run the script - it sets the correct status. But to update it, you

I am using Awslogs on Amazon Linux 2, but my awslogs agent does not seem to start successfully. I am using this documentation When I look at the service journal systemctl -l status awslogsd ●

In this very simple program the constructor is called once, but the destructor is called twice: #include <iostream> using namespace std; class CTest { public: int m_val; CTest(int val);

I'm creating a class diagram for a room reservation system. There is an option of creating a regular reservation (for example every Tuesday in March). I´m wondering whether I should design a specific

I'm attempting to /POST items to a MongoDB database, but only three out of the five things within are going through, or when when the "required: true" flag is on, it gets a validation error. server/

I want to deploy a PHP container using the official image. After that, I need to install imagick, so I need to install libmagickwand-dev as well using apt-get first. AFAIK, PHP image can be based on

I’m building an iOS app using C++ and encountered an issue with a large array. The problem is that if the array reaches a certain size I’m getting an exception of type EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV),

I want convert int(number) to hour i.e., in AM or PM. i have variable a=17 from datetime import datetime datetime.strptime(a, "%H") d.strftime("%I %p") this is showing error as TypeError: strptime()

Another beginner's Mocha question! I'm struggling to get WebStorm to treat my Mocha hooks as such. I have followed the guidelines here: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm/running-unit-tests-on-

I have implemented the prettyphoto plugin to show a photo slider in my website. In desktop version the images are shown very well, but in mobile version it is not shown as I expect. In this image you

I am trying to add new html in label using jquery but html not added below the jquery code JQUERY $('.my-select').parent().children(":first").html(new); //using this var new = $("<div class='fs-

I know that I can change the display format of a date variable in SAS using something like the following: data junk0; x = date(); format x yymmddd10.; run; Could someone show me how to set

I already have a starting code for the adding/removing of value into array. Got from this post - jquery add / remove item from array My problem is i'm using label, and the jquery code i get isn't

I have a dataframe that contains dates as String like 1 Aug 10, 2018 2 Aug 13, 2018 3 Aug 9, 2018 4 Jan 23, 2018 5 Aug 31, 2018 6 Jan 29, 2018 How can i get this to display as:

I am using DevExpress' RichEdit control for WPF and trying to print the content to pdfFactory to create a PDF file which works fine. However when clicking the "Save" button, the default suggested

I am trying to pass a Jenkins Credential Secret text into a Java Task. All my parameters are set as JVM parameters when calling the gradlew command swith -D flag. In my java I can then do System.

I'm asking to do a Vec which heritates from a ABR. This ABR got 3 pointers as attribute with ABR type. i'd like to know if those pointers'type can become Vec while derivating into Vec without template

This should be a relatively simple thing to do, but I can't seem to get it right here. I am generating PDF and so it's not as simple as using coordinates What I am doing is making an x axis that's

i'm working on asp.net core 2.2 project , trying to implement best practices. i Have two models like this : public class CustomerClass : Class { } and public class SupplierClass : Class { } While

i'm trying to do a simple todo app exercise, i don't know why but my list item gets appended but disappeares right away. Any suggestion? /* jshint esversion: 6 */ window.onload = function ()

When creating a new user using Google Authentication in Firebase, what are the requirements for the user-created password? What is the character limit? Can the password contain unicode? Are there any

I need to expose a SOAP WS with an operation having the same name of its request. After generating the java class via cxf-codegen-plugin I see this method public void methondName(SoapBodyRequest breq,

I am coding a program that determines the lowest operating cost of 5 named boats. This is calculated using predetermined integers stored in arrays along with user input integers. I was able to

Im new to java and this is my problem. Why did the code went straight to the else statement and print "Invalid item entered" instead of going to the if statement and print "Enter quantity" after i

I can't get the data of a JSON object. This is my API action: public string GetVideoInfo(uint videoID) { ApiVideoInfo videoInfo = new ApiVideoInfo() { Likes =

Is there any way to use baggedModel() function in R forecast package with fn argument is "ets" and for weekly data? As the default ets can't handle data with frequency greater than 24, baggedModel

Hello its my first time here. I've been trying to solve this issue for the past couple of hours and I cant understand the problem (I'm new to react). the error I'm getting is: Objects are not

Alright so I am working with a multi-tenant setup and I am looking for a way that when I attempt to request access tokens I can send the request to the correct login end point. For instance in a

from random import randint result = [] colors = {1: "Red", 2: "Green", 3: "Blue", 4: "White"} while True: for key in colors: ball = randint(1,4) probability = (ball/10)

I have a simple json: { "timestamp": "38519277!12/14/2018 08:35:17", "entity": "Account", "entity": "Contact", "entity": "Case" } That I need to add to Dictionary: Dictionary<

I am using Django2.1 with MongoDB, Djongo ORM. as you can see the documentation of Djongo is very short and incomplete. I want to write a custom user model that inherits from the django's original

I know this going to be a very basic question, but please be patient with me as I have just started using js and jquery. Here is my part of code: function swapImage(){ debugger var image =

I have 2 absolutely positioned divs inside a relative container, I plan on using JavaScript to toggle visibility .container { position:relative; } .section1 { position:absolute; top:

Got following strings, need to remove numbers/decimal from string (in below example we have 11. or 11.1 - this can change for strings, it could be 12 or 12.1 also) String 1 = "11.Interest Periods"

I have a few questions concerning Randomized grid search in a Random Forest Regression Model. My parameter grid looks like this: random_grid = {'bootstrap': [True, False], 'max_depth':

I am plotting a grouped dotplot with ggplot2, which works fine. But if I am using stat_compare_means from the ggpubr package to add p-values it won´t work. When I am using compare_means outside of the

I have a list of dictionaries, and I want to filter the members based on some values, like hostname, idle, ignore, owner and notes. This is the format of a member and the list contains more of these:

For years, I have been using the following method of having a list of related checkboxes: <input type=checkbox name="property[]" value="National" id="property[]"> National <input type=

I'm confused about how PSReadLine history works across sessions in Powershell. I can see in PS version 5.1 my previous command history is automatically stored in %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\

I'm working on a project for an interview. My project has an EmployeeService class for getting employees from the database. Employees can have a list of Dependents. However, this list is always

import random n=random.randint(1,7) file=open("artistss.txt","r") lines=file.readlines() guess=(lines[n]) x=guess.split("#",2) print(x[0]) attempt=str(input("please enter the song name with the

In need of a guide here. I have a set of records for the year 2019, the entire 365 days, that I need to make some updates with. The things that I need to do are: 1. Update a column from another

I have an observable that for some reason is being marked as required even though it shouldn't be. I've searched my code and can't find out where this validation was added. Is there a way to figure

I have the following DataFrame >>> df = pd.DataFrame({'ap1_X':[1,2,3,4], 'as1_X':[1,2,3,4], 'ap2_X':[2,2,2,2], 'as2_X':[3,3,3,3]}) >>> df ap1_X as1_X ap2_X as2_X 0 1

I'm using the command line "docker-compose up", and I'm having some errors: mongo_1 | 2018-12-14T14:46:53.503+0000 I STORAGE [initandlisten] wiredtiger_open config: create,cache_size=256M,

This is my index.php : <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', 1); session_start(); require __DIR__ . '/../src/bootstrap.php'; /** @var array $settings */ $app = new Slim\App($