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I'm using UrbanAirship for my mobile engagement tool in parallel to FCM on Android. Based on the UrbanAirship documentation, in case using my own FirebaseMessagingService I need to pass the remote


For example is that i got Form1 with textBox1 and button1 and i want the integer from the textBox1 to be pass, transfer, or access from another form Form2 and use it for a certain formula: < if (


I have a website written on wordpress. The was working properly, but once it has broken and now when I'm trying to reach my website by passing it`s address in browser it shows an empty screen. I


I am trying to run Linear Regression in the spark shell. I am trying to run the following code val feature_names = Array( "DISTANCE_TRAVELLED", "ENGINE_PCT", "MOVING_TIME", "OVER_SPEED_PCT",


I am a beginner hacker and i would like to see somebody's lines of code to hack the box on www.hackthebox.com I am doing the entry level where you have to hack your way in and i don't know where to


I have windows command(cmd) that fetches tomcat registry value @ECHO OFF FOR /F "usebackq tokens=2,* skip=2" %%L IN ( `reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apache Software Foundation\

使用PHP HTML解析器将HTML附加到标签

I am working on a project in which I will need to use PHP to modify the contents of any given website. To do this I am using this PHP HTML Parser. Now, I need to be able to add a <style> tag to


What I want to do is to be able to make a data source that is editable, which means to delete and edit rows from it in an easy way, I know one option is to call the server to change the data there,

Excel VBA -查找列的最大数,直到下一列中的单元格为空

enter image description here I would like to ask if Cell value in Column C is "c", then find the maximum value for Cells in Column A marked with x in Column B. Thank you.

为数据定制Laravel Backpack的HTML搜索响应

I'm trying to customize the HTML returned to my Datatable by the /search route of a given model in Laravel Backpack but couldn't find where are the files to do this. I know the content itself is


Task: Print the largest 7-digit number that is not divisible by 3 and is divisible by 7 This is my code for (int i = 1000000; i < 10000000; i--) { if (i % 7 == 0 && i % 3 != 0)

是否排除了来自REST API响应的某些字段为HATOOAS使用?

I have a use case where I need to exclude certain fields from REST API response on basis of my client type. For example : If I have the API to fetch some product details : http://api.domain.com/


I am familiar with the fact that an edge-triggered flip-flop's outputs can only be changed in the instant the clock transitions from 0 to 1 or vice versa. However, looking at one of these circuits, I


I understand that classes are reference types, for example I created the following class: class Class { String s = "Hello"; public void change() { s = "Bye"; } } With the following code, I


I've been reverse-engineering a Medion RC-0617 remote control (with USB dongle) under some Debian 8.8 derivate (antix16). It registers 3 different HID devices (/dev/hidraw*), and I wanted those to be


I am trying to install nginx (and then nodejs) in my container. I have my own nginx config files in nginx/ folder: # --- Release with Alpine ---- FROM phusion/baseimage:0.10.1 # Create app directory


I would like to compare the date field with a dateRange. here is my original code: let results=Show.find({_MovieId: paramMovieId, date : {$in : dateRange}},{}); But I want to compare the date field


I am working on importing huge tables with the help of sqoop. It is likely to fail because of connection issue or out of network issue in between. How do I tell sqoop to do all or nothing during these

如何从PHP ZIP存档功能中排除文件或文件夹?

I am creating a zip archive from a folder on a LAMP web server using this code: $the_folder = '/var/www/html'; $zip_file_name = 'snapshot-'.date('Ymd-Hi').'.zip'; class FlxZipArchive extends

用NoDEJS在RHEL Linux上安装连接Web服务器

I have installed nodejs 8.11.3 on RHEL 7.5. Next step is to install the connect web server by running the command from the nodejs installation directory. npm install connect However, my problem I


I'm trying to filter out some fields in Spring WS SOAP messages that are being put in the logs. More specifically i have to censor some data that goes there. Currently I've got level for requests and


I am getting Unable to load native-hadoop library for your platform using builtin-java classes where applicable error while trying to install the hadoop version 2.8.3 on my windows 10. I have set


I'm trying to make a table with 2 columns, the header is for Names and Salaries, then i'm trying to loop an array with names and another one for salaries, but it doesn't come out in order, they fill

在C 11中重复类和函数

I am working on a project in C++ where I have written a set of new classes which supersedes some other classes with similar functionality. I therefore want to deprecate the old classes and all methods


So I pass my file writer a Singly LinkedList(FundManagerLogImple) and a jav.util.LinkedList (StockTradeLogImpl) as well as a String for where the file is going and the size of the StockTradeLogImpl.


I have a question regarding memory leaks. I have the below anonymous class. As you might know anonymous class hold reference from the outside object(here is Activity). Does this code causes memory


I wanted to add table layout in my app and i am facing some issues while doing it.all my headers are seen,but my text view is not seen and i am not able to find my mistake. i thought that i should


I am writing a program that will find the amount of words with a specific length in a maximum of 10 lines inputted from the user. Each line is assumed to have a maximum of 80 characters. These


I am currently using a dictionary called chessboard. The values in the x list represents columns while y values represents rows. Combination of yy and xx gives a "cell". x = ['a','b','c','d','e','f',


I have this problem that I've been trying to solve for a couple of days now, but it seems the more I try the farther I become from solution. I have a code that does a number of things, and finally it


I am using an API to get the credit balance of an SMS text platform. They gave me the PHP code, but it doesn't seem to actually work! // Account details $apiKey = urlencode('XXXXXXXXXXXX'); //


I'm currently developing a plugin for internal use at my company. What I'm trying to do is create an image gallery that gets it's content from our digital asset management company. I can access the


I'm getting started with Django but I'm stuck with an error while trying to execute python3 manage.py runserver . fmlg-backend/fmlg/urls.py from django.contrib import admin from django.urls


I am making a Java app with a local database in localhost. Now, I want to make an executable program from my .jar but I want the user that will use my app, no need to open the xampp and turn on the


I have this code inside a try block , my Ftp server should be at the same network of my client. ftpRequest = (FtpWebRequest)FtpWebRequest.Create(host); ftpRequest.Credentials

为什么我的SQL 5.5没有配置?

i am using python and django. for that database connection, i need mysql, i have successfully installed the mysql 5.5 version and i am trying to configure the data base from django it is showing this


I need to use this https://github.com/kieuquangloc147/YouTubePlayer-Swift library in Objective-c, is it possible? If yes, can you send instruction? I am just kind of beginner in objective-c, so i dont


I have a numpy array and a list as follows y=np.array([[1],[2],[1],[3],[1],[3],[2],[2]]) x=[1,2,3] I would like to return a tuple of arrays each of which contains the indices of each element of x in


I have a problem with writing a simple code. I am trying to check if my matrix is [a 0 0 ;0 a 0;0 0 a,b 0 0;0 b 0;0 0 b] (it's like stacking two different identity matrices). How can I do this in


I have created javascript slider with a next and previous button. But when i click on next and previous button they are not sliding please help me regarding the same. code has given below !!


html: <label>Label1</label><br> <input type="text" name="first" onclick="somefunc()"><br> <label>Label2</label><br> <input type="text" name="second"&


How do you match an object of type Module (i.e. those given when you use dynamic import as specified in proposal-dynamic-import) For example let's say you're going to import foo.js: const

用jQuery FordDATA附件将值追加到$XPOST数组中

I have a simple HTML Form and in this form there is a section where the user can select one or more checkboxes. I have written a JS function that gets the value of every checked box and puts it into


public BranchUOW(Func<FoodieTenantContext,BranchRepository> branchRepository, Func<FoodieTenantContext, BranchContactRepository> branchContactRepository,


I just installed Anaconda to use it for python, however, whenever I try to launch the navigator it crashes straight away. I have tried reinstalling, even opening cmd and typing "conda update conda"


Unable to use iisreset, because after using that I got something like below: Attempting stop Internet services successfully stopped Attempting start Restart attempt failed. The service did not

无法在Java 1.8中加载载入器12.53中的事件

I'm using HP Load runner 12.53 version - java record and replay protocol to record a java application. It was working fine with java version of 1.6 and I was able to both record the events and replay

Django HeloCu部署:OsCurrist:(ErnNO 2)没有这样的文件或目录:

I've found similar questions but they were from years ago and the solutions haven't worked so far. Here's the traceback: (devtm) λ heroku run python manage.py collectstatic Running python manage.py


The issue is that when including bootstrap CDN, it is not fetched. I tried clearing browser caches, changing the browser even updating my windows but no effect. Note that when including .css it runs


I want to predict the values in a data set in R, but the values are in format like <10 and 100-400 and 100+. Also under which category does they fall,Categorical or continuous variables?