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Why the following code: private static IEnumerable<int> TestYield(bool check) { if (check) { return 1; } else { Console.WriteLine("In the else"); } }

In mongodb aggregation if two high level operator are used then which one would be first prior?

public class FlutterRunArguments { public String bundlePath; public String entrypoint; public String libraryPath; public String defaultPath; } There are four fields in FlutterRunArguments.

Obligatory "I'm new at this". I'm having an issue where a cookie doesn't seem to be persisting after captive portal login. I have a captive portal set up where it lands on our web server, stores mac

I am using the following code to reduce spacing before and after figures and equations in order to save space \expandafter\def\expandafter\normalsize\expandafter{\normalsize \setlength\

I have a question on SQL but I couldn't get the correct result. The question is in below: Please use MySQL(5.6 or later) or MariaDB(10.2 or later) There is a contest start from Jan 01, 2018 and end

want to normalize an array and need help. Array i have: $myArr = array( array( array( array("id" => 1) ) ), array("id" => 2), array("id" => 3), array( array(

I have a div in which there is a octagon with img at its center and p tag just below it.I have created it and its working fine as well in responsive but now what I want is that the octagon div and the

I am using jQuery's $.ajax() method to send a POST request to an end-point on my ASP.NET Web API. However, the browser/jquery xhr object sends an OPTIONS request instead of a POST request, to which

I just want clarity of $this behaviour in PHP. From below program I want to know how can refer $this in class B to class A members, also on same time how can I use $this to refer the class B scope.

I want to search for Freelancer projects via their API with multiple query words. I want the projects to match any one of the words in the query and not all of them. Reading through Freelancer's API

In first, sorry for my bad english. I following a tutoring, and the function softmax crash when i use it. newSignals = [0.5, 0., 0., -0.7911, 0.7911] newState = torch.Tensor(newSignals).float().

I would like to add a number of days to a date with custom holidays, where I can define the holidays list in a separate sheet in excel. I tried it with workday, edate and some other function. But none

I'm trying to visualize an image of massachusetts roads dataset with its related mask I got this situation only the image with no mask visualization image with completely black mask the input image

I have .csv file containing continous data with timestamp (but in some cases some lines-minutes can be missing) and I need to write some script which will go through this file and add these missing

I'm making the following request: https://www.googleapis.com/blogger/v3/blogs/(blogId)/posts/search?key=(myKey)&q=(someSearchTerm) and I'm getting 10 items at the result and a nextPageToken

Here is my code : data = pd.read_csv('asscsv2.csv', encoding = "ISO-8859-1", error_bad_lines=False); data_text = data[['content']] data_text['index'] = data_text.index documents = data_text It looks

This is my getLiveSearchUsers function in my JS file, i cant understand it, Can somebody help me please. i cant understand selector[0] and what is toggleClass doing here? $.post("includes/handlers/

java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Class 'com.google.android.gms.auth.api.signin.internal.SignInHubActivity' does not implement interface 'androidx.lifecycle.LifecycleOwner' in call to 'androidx.

For my program I want to have a successful login for user and admin with my code below. How could i use 2 different database one for user and one for admin in if else statement. Here below is my code.

I'm trying to get the content of an attachment from a mail item using the Office.context.mailbox.item.getAttachmentsAsync() API call from my add-in, however I'm running into some unexpected results

I have three tables zones, websites, webstats, I want to get website details and zones details from website and zones table respectevily and web impression from table webstats and order results by

I want to process some audio stream. I have my C++ code working. But I don't have any Mac device to port it to my ios system(iphone7) so I want to run it in a raspberry pi(which I want to configure as

I have created a lib and angular, this has installed npm i ngx-smart-modal --save. From my lib, I need to call ngx-smart-modal css. in a regular project I can use angular.json in order to include

I've tried quite some time to analyse this and I can come up with only one answer - that the process ID printed will be different. but gcc is printing the same value. Can anybody explain why its so?

In listview when scroll asset image splashing. Looks like it's re-render images. For network image it's working fine. Issue with local images. Here is issue image. Here is ListView code. These code

Hi I was trying to export my public key format as x509 certificate for sending it to the server. while I was generating it in normal way it works well but after trying to add format by this function

My project runs Polymer 1 and after the new Chrome update a lot of elements stopped either working or even appearing. There isn't a lot of information about Polymer 1 these days, thought maybe someone

There are many 3rd party apps freely available which can provide UUID of any BLE beacon. In certain use cases, this could raise major security and reliability concerns. Few questions pertaining this:

I'm currently using this setting for my project archetype: mvn archetype:generate "-DarchetypeGroupId=com.sap.cloud.s4hana.archetypes" "-DarchetypeArtifactId=scp-cf-tomee" "-DarchetypeVersion=2.1.

I have a code that take value from SharePoint List and display it on table. Below is the code: $(document).ready(function() { getItems(); }); function getItems() { $.ajax({ async:

I want to handle ( catch ) all the exceptions in all the threads of Python from one main thread. This solution doesn't worked for me :Python Global Exception Handling The code I used was : import

I have a dialog box that prompts a user to confirm a deletion. After the user hits delete a simple alert pops up. Im needing to redirect to a new activity but the startActivity fires off before I get

I have an android app which has some encrypted video files stored locally and only subscribed users will be able to decrypt it. I have a flag isScubscribed in my get user details API. Which will be

It raises vector error like this.It shows an vector image and nothing else.

I discovered a really strange bug in a codebase I've been working on, which I only recently was able to isolate and create something reproducible from. The bug is that the catch inside

I have a jersey webapp on tomcat. In the web.xml of the application web.xml, I have <security-constraint> <display-name>Allow unprotected OPTIONS</display-name> <web-

function show(){ table_show = '<table id="show">'; table_show += "<tr>"; table_show += "<td>" + "id" + "</td>"; table_show += "<td>" + "date" + "</

I am reading std::optional in the page 539 of the draft n4791. I notice that there is a template<class T> optional(T) -> optional<T>; What is the meaning of this statement? How does

I need to add signature to a file using apache camel. when i checked in camel documentation, found crypto:sign component where it creates the signature and stores it in the Header keyed by the

I have a 32G SD card from a camera showing as RAW, and Windows is asking to format. I tried EASEUS second option as usual, but it is not listing the device for scanning Checking the third option

i want to do routing and fetch data from my localhost. i've checked on console the data came out but i can't display the data whatsoever. And I got this error messages on terminal ERROR in src/app/

I have a view and it has tabs. at the top it has two a tab. <li class="nav-item col-12 col-md-6"> <a class="nav-link active" id="home-tab" data-toggle="tab" href="#home"

Im trying to make something like a card game in a Discord Bot, Im kinda new to JavaScript and im stuck in trying to display the inventory to the player. Im using Discords embeds to display it, but

I have come across the issue. I have VSTS CI CD pipeline. Angular application contains secrets for each environment. Dev Ops says, we have to have only one build and the same should be deployed to all

I use a single account to manage my test and prod clusters. I want to have IAM users who can access only the test clusters. Currently, the test clusters are identifiable via their name or their tags.

My app was configured to use MeetMe. After upgradeing my server I noticed MeetMe is no longer an option so I tried to migrate to ConfBridge (the replacement), however everything is broken. How can I

I want to change the Delivery Plans UI in TFS 2018 (on premises), something like adding a sum of story points to the column, set different color by project (instead of by Working Item type), align

This is a question about AWS architecture. I have two Lambda functions: setup_tasks and perform_task. setup_tasks contains an iterator that makes multiple perform_task invocations asynchronously.

I'm trying to extract with regex only the domain names from a text file. OS: Ubuntu grep -oP '(?<=display_url":")[^"]+' /tmm/script/string.txt test7.com\/WRlklv5ir4Y test8.com\/r\/IBlkO\/