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I am using MSSM 17 to connect to an Azure database. I can connect using Windows Authentication so I know that my server name is correct. However I am having problems connecting with Azure Active


I'm using redux-saga to fetch data from a simple json-server in my React Native app. It looks like the fetch is successful, but i'm not able to extract the data i'm looking for in the response object


I have read all that is available regarding calling a function within a function in JavaScript, but for some reason it is not working for me. The code is supposed to hide a text input box whenever the


[ERROR] Join-Channel - TypeError: client.getEventHubsForOrg is not a function at Object.joinChannel (/home/shashankp/projects/Block-Chain/samples/fabric-samples/balance-transfer/app/join-


I have project created in laravel and I already configure it to https by adjusting the APP_URL=https://www.olympusfood.ca/ in ENV file of laravel folder. I find out when i type http://www.olympusfood.


I have the following elements in my CreateUser.html First Name:<input type="text" placeholder="Enter First Name" name="fn"/> Last Name:<input type="text" placeholder="Enter Last Name" name="


Android grid menu with icons from the bottom with an animation


The WebSite Is Giving Network Request Failed When Jmeter Is Implemented On It For The Recording. The Port Is: 8888 both on G.Chrome & Jmeter Jmeter is : 4.0 and Java: 8 Without Using Jmeter The


I am trying to git clone a repository using TortoiseGit. I only have access of SSH to my git repository on VPS. I am getting the following error: git.exe clone --progress -v "ssh://git@xx.xx.xx.xx/


I am developing an app using Xamarin.Forms for android and ios. When running on iOS, I get this error message when calling my WCF: MonoTouch does not support dynamic proxy code generation. Override


Hi I am trying to access the complex object values inside the JavaScript but I get undefined error. here is my code.I want to get A1: {v: ''} , A2: '', and so on. I am using codepen because code


This is my code echo Nav::widget([ 'options' => ['class' => 'navbar-nav navbar-right'], 'encodeLabels' => false, 'items' => [ ['label' => '<span class="glyphicon


With express-validator how can we check the query for a request? In the documentation there is an example to check body: const { check, validationResult } = require('express-validator/check'); app.


I would like to create a visualization in Kibana which will give me the average number of logs per hour per day. Can someone guide me to create a visualization as shown below. I had tried to reach out


I'm trying to use the TinyMCE CDN, a Rich Text Editor to edit a textarea of a post in my blog. The problem is that the textarea content should look like this, Ex.1: Hello World! But instead it is


So, for example, let's say I have this collection (dates are month-day-year): [{id: 1, date: 1-1-2018} {id: 2, date: 2-1-2018} {id: 3, date: 3-1-2018} {id: 4, date: 4-1-2018} {id: 5, date: 2-15-2018}

科特林原住民Hello World

I am trying to get started with Kotlin Native, and have fallen at getting build.gradle.kts right for "hello world" ;( I have stumbled to: plugins { kotlin("native") version "0.8.2" //kotlin(


I have a trigger on insert, delete or update. In SQL Server 2014, by default, does an update query cause a table's delete trigger to be executed?


we were looking for a proof if our project is possible to create.. our project is entitled "Android and Web Based attendance Monitoring with SMS Notification using Biometrics" The student will use

Windows 10导入问题

After considerable amount of diligence I am not able to resolve this issue. So basically I had tensorflow 1.8 running perfectly on my win 10 with CUDA 9 and cudnn 7.0. I wanted to check if support for


In the log there is following error. The error occurs when a string \xF0\x9F\x98\x94 is passed as argument. This value cannot be saved to the table so it throws incorrect string value error. I am


Using Braintree's client SDK for Android, "Android v2" I implemented sandbox account in my project and made a drop-in request using Drop-In UI. and it successfully works with Credit / Debit card and


I am new to learning android and am learning from Udemy. The lecture which I am currently learning is not explained clearly and I would like some help. In this lecture, the instructor is teaching to


I uploaded my app in hockey but I can't download the app using hockey app store. This is my app/gradle file buildscript { repositories { maven { url 'https://maven.fabric.io/public' }


We have to ignore a single table from our binlog because of memory issue. So is that safe if will use "--replicate-ignore-table=name" command to ignore our table from logs?


Developers who migrating to MongoDB often struggle with this question, should I use Mongoose or the mongo native api? Please state your preference between mongodb native driver and mongoose, as well

Python Dox不会在IDE上自动完成

I recently started using python-docx to work with Word documents and for some reason, it doesn't show up in the autocomplete. I tried VSCode and PyCharm. Other added libraries autocomplete fine in


class Filter extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { follow: "Follow", userList: { user1: "A",


I was trying to create complaint management system where i want to change the status of complaint in admin through grid view. I have created a grid view through which admin can update or close the


I using NGINX as a reverse proxy. I have 3 environments (develop, QA, production) Consider, The IP address for develop is, qa is and production is I have configure the


Is it possible to develop an android application which can play music on call, calling functionality would be in app within.

苯胺类API V2图形

Thanks for any help in advanced. Im working on a a project that requires me to use the Anilist api v2, which uses graphQL. I've tried and tried for a few days now, and even approached 2 lecturers in


In my table, I have the serial number from 1 to 10 and when I move to second-page again it shows the page number from 1 to 10. But it should show 11 to 20 for the second page. How to add my serial


I get the following error applying gam function when I use more than one smoothing spline function in my model. model1 <- (y ~ s(a,2) + s(b,2) + s(c,2) + s(d,2) + e + f + g ) gam(model1, data=data)

我想连接我的Web应用程序,以显示来自OsQueSQL SQLite数据库的报表。

Thanks a lot for such a amazing tool. I am running osquery installed on windows machine using installer from https://osquery.io/. I want to connect my web application to show the reports from


I have used ExpandebleListView in my code , Rows are dynamically generated on ADD Button click. Each New Row contain two EditText. Now when i click on Clear Button, it clear list items, but when i


The code is a recursive block for calculating the factorial of a number. I am getting an exception at PC (bad address in text). I am taking a look at the trace but am not sure where the problem really

如何将表单附件文件发送到电子邮件地址而不使用后端服务器和Mayto仅使用jQuery或JavaCsRIPT [复制]

I am using HTML, CSS, javascript, jquery to send a form file attachment to my email address without using PHP and mail to. How to send using javascript or jquery.


so given this csv file User Data,, name,age,gender jhon,15,male nat,14,female ,,, Item Data,, id,name, 1,book, what i want is it will looks like user_data=[{name: 'jhon', age: '15', gender: 'male'},


Hi I need to return string from stringify function, but currently I'm getting lazy seq. Can't wrap my head how to evaluate lazy seq. So what I need is to have chain call like this: (println "Formated:


If bar is equal to jsonObj.alias it should return true or false and that should be the argument to next then function right. But that's not happening here. plz clear this. what will be the argument to

TCPDF CSS写入模式属性不工作?

TCPDF css writing mode property not working? I want to write text in vertical mode in html table to ouput in pdf <style> .ver{ writing-mode: vertical-lr; color: red; } </


Being a Perl convert I'm wondering, if it is possible in Python to create more then one level of keys in a dictionary. In Perl, if I have an empty hash, I can e.g. write this: my %h; # emtpy hash $


I have a upload image input in my HTML : <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12"> <div class="form-group" ng-class="(uploadSgnCtrl.showUploadSgnErrorMessage &


I am looking for playing cards library in either c++, java, php or jquery. I want to do probability and permutations.

卷曲:(35)SSL连接错误(NSS错误- 8152)

When trying to integrate with a vendor I tried to reach the endpoint using curl for testing the connectivity. the site uses mutual authentication. the curl log is as below [was@sl93pwsapp001 local]$


I am working on a project for a zookeeper to monitor animals. The zookeeper chooses to monitor an animal who's data is stored in a text file. If there is important data that needs to be displayed

无法为本地通知Android ORIO版本创建频道ID吗?[复制品]

I'm developing an app which I have used local notification which is working fine till android version naught but its not showing notification in Android Oreo version. Its ask to create a "channel id "


I am using ALS library from Spark, and have some problems of generating multiple returns from one row. say I have a file, and the separator for one line is '#'. So here is what I got so far: val


I have created expandable search bar. Here is my code. My Code My problem is I am getting cancel button which is supported only in chrome. I want to add customize cancel button in it when search bar