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Here i'm using firestore query to update, insert data. How to upadate dictionary of array value to firebase database. here is my firestore data structure: Right now able to get data of slot1 -> 0th

How to remove all characters(Ex: :)([]{}./;\'"<>@,#*% etc. and so on ) from any non English language string, excluding only the Alphabet(Both uppercase and Lowercase) and Digit/Numbers both of that

To say that a data set is (person,year) level means that each row of dataset has different (person,year) like this person year wage Mike 2000 10 Mike 2010 30 Jack 1990 20 How can

The following method was written to determine whether its String parameter reads identically left-to-right and right-to-left (the so called palindrome). I am having trouble finding the logic error of

I am creating a intermediate smpp server uding smppsim from selenium software! I got the java code and smppsim is running successfully. When i send a smpp reuqest from my node.js file i get the number

i'm using api that gives me response with this code <p> <iframe width="1165" height="655" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/sJUCMmYsN1A?feature=oembed" allow="accelerometer; autoplay;

I'm trying to implement this animation. So, I implemented a Recyclerview. On recyclerview item click I'm openning a fullscreen dialog. I tried to implement animation from YoYo animation library, but

I have used the react-native-fs library to download image through my app. The download shows to be completed but still the image doesn't show up in the phone anywhere. The folder shows the modified

I'm trying to use GCloud's deep learning VM image. My request for 8 Tesla K80s was approved. But when I try to create an instance with even a single GPU, I get an error saying the Global GPU limit of

I have a situation where I want to have a global variable like a whose value I'll be fetching from jQuery Ajax from some server and then want the value to be available on call from other function. To

I have long running query in Azure SQL, need to find the details about the user who executed the query.

When i run my jest test script present in package.json on local machine, tests run and give code coverage as expected. But when same script is executed from jennkins, tests run but coverage show "

I am trying to implement face detection tutorial of openCV but my google colab kernel is crashed when following code is used: from google.colab import files xml = files.upload() import numpy as np

how to add a project using library in another project. I've created 2 individual apps and now just wanted to add my second app into the first one in a way that the output should be like this: if i

This is a question about a particular situation I have found when working with git. Say I have an application with a master branch (several commits of course). The application is working. Then I

I just want to select the next control in key_up event by write This.SelectNextControl((Control) sender, true,true,true,true); Its work fine for winform controls but not for metro framework controls

I want to add product record under a product category. But if expected category not found on the select option I don't want cancel from this step I just want to add a category from this step. If I add

WildFly 14 is missing the org/apache/commons/configuration module in the package , same for wildfly 15. Is this removed from wildfly distributions for some reason?

I'm playing around with React hooks and faced a problem. It shows the wrong state when I'm trying to console log it using button handled by event listener. CodeSandbox: https://codesandbox.io/s/

/* I have class A in one file */ public class A { public List<string> details; public void fillList(){ details.Add("abc"); details.Add("xyz");} } }

Gone through a lot of answers but still couldn't find the solution. I have been trying to get a successful response for a POST request to the following controller, def create @user = User.new(

I'm trying remove hover status using jQuery 3.3.1: $("#read-all").click(function(read_all) { read_all.preventDefault(); $.ajax({ // some code }); // And now I want to

I'm working on an app that records when a user stops a scroll motion, appends the offset of the scroll and an elapsed time to a local array, and then uploads the scroll history to Firebase when the

I'd like to be able to use protocol buffers in a dynamic C++ module that is loaded by a user, but not require that user to also have libprotobuf installed. Currently I'm looking at moving to

I am trying to pass the function onSearchChangeEvent() from my App.js to Searchbox component as a function but I am getting the error saying Expected onChange listener to be a function, instead got

I have following method that converts a hex string into a byte array. Although I can achieve the same using methods available in Apache's-commons-codec library, DatatypeConverter.parseHexBinary() and

feignclient: @FeignClient(value = "code-analysis") public interface ICodeAnalysisService{ @PostMapping({"/cache"}) ResultVO<String> postResultCache(@RequestParam(value = "file",required

see image .. i add subcategory more then 150. when user select a subcategory i have show conponent (edittext , textview .etc) and remove some component that user have to add information according to

I want this function to run in the command line so that if i call the funtion and give the filename in the command it executes the code. eg is running $~ tcp_plot('12_11_tcpd') in the command line (

I am using a calculating score based on the cosine similarity of the ideal values array and data collected array. (code below) However, when I run the following code , the result is 99.4 which I think

I have used Mathquill Interface to create math editor for my website. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>math</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"

I was hoping someone could help me with an excel formula. I have a long list of Accounting codes that include Stages - ie: Construction Stage 1, Construction Stage 2. Architect Stage 1, Architect

Please advise how to locate the link for New business tag in the below code. I have tried the following xpath but it didnt work driver.findElement(By.linkText("NEW BUSINESS")).click driver.

I have created custom post type career in my main site. also have a custom post type career in my micro site.But the custom post type in my micro site shows 404 what will be the reason

I am using segmentio/kafka-go to connect to Kafka. // to produce messages topic := "my-topic" partition := 0 conn, _ := kafka.DialLeader(context.Background(), "tcp", "localhost:9092", topic,

So i was attempting to code this question Link and i developed the logic and i started coding it. The code is shown below, but there is an issue with it. When i gave the code the following input (

i am developing a trick taking online multiplayer card game and i want to implement user's skill level logic in my game may be based on wining-losing ratio so when user connect to server room then i

Is it possible to somehow limit the memory usage of a python program (maybe using pycharm) so the system would also be responsive while the code is running?

Is there a callback function in HandlebarJS? I tried looking for many solutions but I couldn't find any. I have an each loop which adds items dynamically to a ul element. I need to call a function

I want to convert my array to JSON format how can I do that. Below is my code $arr['more_images'][] = $datas; echo '<pre>'; print_r($arr['more_images']); echo '</pre>';

I am trying to open a web site which uses Java. At first, I got the message: "Click to install Java" for which when clicking on it sent me to download Java. Although I already had a Java

I'm new to the OPENTEXT Rest API and while I'm able to authenticate/create folders using it, I can't get the document upload to work. The following is the code I've been using: import java.io.

I am using StorageVolume API to retrieve URI for both SDCard and USBStorage by following StorageManager storageManager = (StorageManager) getSystemService(STORAGE_SERVICE); for (StorageVolume

I have to collect the timestamps of all the touch event on the soft keyboard adove my Activity. I have tried onTouchEvent, dispatchTouchEvent, onKeyEvent, onKeyDown and sh -c getevent but failed,

What is a subword? Details: We all know that a substring for a string will be all the permutations that are consecutive in the given string. In addition, we have subsequence, where the permutaion

I am working on a simple login application. I did code for the header or navigation section, whenever a user registers themselves on that page login get successful and his/her profile pic will show

I am using react-native-mapbox-gl in my react-native app. I want to send a feature request to WMS server. In openlayer I found a solution MyLayer.getSource() .getGetFeatureInfoUrl(

A. I have a dataframe whereby order is important. import pandas as pd inp = [{'c1':1,'c2':111123}, {'c1':2, 'c2':1001}, {'c1':3,'c2':11032}, {'c1':4,'c2':11044}, {'c1':5,'c2':11012}, {'c1':6, 'c2':

I am developing E-Commerce application in angular 6.I want to update the shopping cart count in header component,when the product is add /remove from cart.Both are different component if i refresh the

We are facing following issue when we switched from OracleJDK to OpenJDK: [Host Controller] 09:25:41,568 INFO [org.jboss.as] (MSC service thread 1-6) JBAS015899: WildFly 8.2.1.Final "Tweek"