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I am making a test class just to practice programming in C++. I have the following class: Test.cpp #include <string> #include <sstream> #include <iostream> //using namespace std;

Hello i have some problem with threads and client and server implementation, i created 2 clients that write on the socket infinite numbers. to managed the 2 client in the sever.c i create threads

I'm having a issue with MariaDB when I execute several Rest api calls: 17:05:53,188 ERROR [org.springframework.boot.web.servlet.support.ErrorPageFilter] (default task-1) Forwarding to error page from

In a custom module for Drupal Commerce, I want to modify the "Add to Cart" button of the products of certain type of store. I want to replace the text of the button "Add to cart" by "Subscribe" on

When I input "forever list" in centOS command line, after Enter, it shows nothing, just as the pic below: enter image description here what I suppose: enter image description here

i was trying to show image in django admin. i try this code admin.py @admin.register(SampleImages) class CategoryAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): readonly_fields = ['image_tag'] and for models.py

I'm making a software in Javafx and want it to auto update when a update is sent to the client. The program is a launcher that you can download other programs and will tell the user that is logged in

I have a bean that is defined as a service: @Service public class FileHandling { public void doSomething() { It's possible to autowire it in my app and use it: @Autowired @Qualifier("

I am running a MapReduce application on top of Hadoop Yarn cluster. My question is: at the yarn-site.xml config file is it mandatory to configure the yarn.nodemanager.local-dirs and yarn.nodemanager.

Below is my code which I have written to delete data from MySql using laravel but I am facing a problem while deleting; which is it always delete the top most row; regardless of which row I clicked.

I have ansible modules, thousands of settings i have to perform, lot of data parsing has to be done to provide valid inputs to ansible modules inputs. I have opted Python script which perform

hello guys i am new to ajax and i did not get it how it work, with jquery ajax method or XMLHttpRequest also let me give you example , when user tries to sign up and there is identical information in

I'm working on a new Drupal 8 project and ran the drupal console "drupal site:mode dev" command. After I created some custom blocks, views or content types. I noticed that when I make changes to

I am learning golang and can not figure out why the following does not work: package main type Numbers []uint8 type OtherNumbers []uint8 func main() { n := Numbers{1, 2, 3} o :=

I want show direction with google maps API from variable. If langitude and longitude manually input can show the direction but if get from variable the direction not show. <script> var jos = -

I'm trying to create a virtual port using a VSPE api . I try to run the demo code , I get no errors - but it doesn't create me the port . any idea why? this is the api guide : http://grzelewski.net/

I have a game and I want the game to add one point when the player touches the baby. I know how to add the score but I don't know how to make the system understand that there was a collision between

I have a code in which i have an image in img tag, I have a code for explode the image . I want to add this explode effect for onclick of image. How to add this explode effect to image onclick

First here is my code fun <T> max(strings : List<T>, compare : (acc:T, nextElement : T) -> Boolean) : T { var s : T = strings[0] for (t in strings) { if(compare(s,t))

Let's say for example I have this simple string let str = '5+81+3+16+42' Now if I want to capture each plus sign with both numbers around it. My attempt was as follows: let matches = str.match(/\d+

Based on the Woocommerce documentation I expect is_product_category() to return true when I’m on a categories page. I want to do this with is_purchasable() so that I can remove the “add to cart”

How to understand the programming language used in libraries related to different authors? How to find the list of all commands related to a perticular device which we are gonna programme? (ex:a

I am totally new to VBA and was asked to create a function that adds the numerical values of two cells. I came up with the following, but I am given the message "Compile Error: Cannot assign to array,

I have a text file that looks like this: ccc 1 1 bbb 2 2 aaa 3 3 I want to get an entire line by the first word: f bbb = "bbb 2 2" f aaa = "aaa 3 3" I have written the following code:

def check_and_remove(pathlist): for path in pathslist: if os.path.exists(path) and os.path.isdir(path): shutil.rmtree(dir, ignore_errors=true) print("Deleted")

When data get from ant+ device, page cannot show that on time. code of ts: this.antplus.subscribeHR(ID, (response) => { this.heartrate = response.heartRate; }, (error)=>console.log("error:" +

This seems to be a best practice, since it is used almost everywhere. However, nowhere is it clearly explained what exactly it does I did find a comment in the docs that said: "This comment

I'm trying to write my first app and I get this error message. Of course I know how to use a search engine but the problem is that all I get is "solutions" like "insert code x at position y". Nobody

This is my code: FILE_TIMESTAMP = "{{ execution_date.strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%H') }}" file_path = "/home/ubuntu/airflow//file-{0}.csv".format(FILE_TIMESTAMP) cmd_command="""scp {{ params.

I am calling an AJAX request with the below and I need to obtain the JSON data dynamically. I tried by getting the ID of each h1 element, using var id = $(this).attr("id"); and then using data.id

So, I've just bought a Lenovo USB-C hub (port replicator) which I want to use with my laptop and desktop computers. However, neither of my devices has USB-C ports and I can only use USB 2.0 or USB 3.0

My website is set up for users to generate image by themselves and share it on their Facebook profile, so new image is generated on every session. I couple of things so far: onClick: share image on

I would like to calculate the time difference considering ONLY the days and months. For example: > as.Date("2018-12-15")-as.Date("2018-12-16") Time difference of -1 days > as.Date("2008-12-15")

On a Windows 10 machine, I'm trying to use emulators for Android development but run into the problem that the emulators do not show any characters: This happens for all emulator types. The one

I am using class based views for my Django viewflow project. However I am getting the below error: _wrapper() missing 2 required positional arguments: 'flow_class' and 'flow_task' Here are my

Im new to ReactJs and wanting to learn more about it. As of right now, im facing an issue where i want to groupBy using lodash and displaying it into the local:3000. When I run the js file, it gives

I have problem with implicit conversions in C++. I'm trying to create some Expression template for vector arithmetics (I know that same libraries already exists. I'm just learning C++ so I wanted to

Does anyone knows why text inputs elements switching their order position based on which one is being typed. It happens only in safari. So far I didn't noticed that in any other explorer. Here is a

I would like to take pictures with the camera of an android, in base64, and send them to a server and get the response in text format. The app is in Unity3D. I do not need to save the photo. This

I'm using a script to work a timer so I can track time on projects. This script currently doesn't start until I click start, which is perfect for starting to track a project but if I've started a

I am trying to build a relase version of a nativescript vue app. I have followed the following instrucitons: https://docs.nativescript.org/tooling/publishing/publishing-android-apps When I put the

I wrote one Golang script and compiled it to "exe". The code works all right if executed manually. But strange thing happens if it runs on boot, that exec.Command() takes no effect and yields no

I'm following a tuto from "Mastering kubernetes second edition". But when i'm trying this script: # -*- mode: ruby -*- # vi: set ft=ruby : hosts = { "n1" => "", "n2" => "192.

Hello i changed the div color with javascript using css. How can i save the changes for ever. Like if color was yellow. After even user gets offline and gets online again , the yellow color will shows

I have a JSON Schema object which I want to save in a .json file. var file = new File([jsonSchemaObject], "filename.json", { type: "text/json; charset=utf-8" }); I use the up-mentioned code to

I'm trying to write python app (for study project) using Electron (because I want to make my app look nice, so I am learning javascript, html and css too). I try to use python-shell to run python

The first window is created on stack in main.cpp FirstWindow firstWindow; firstWindow.show(); return a.exec(); When I simply try to do like this: firstWindow.close(); SecondWindow secondWindow;

I have a proc defined in a file that renders an array of config : strategy.rb : Proc.new do |klass| [ { klass: ::BlockUtils::RSpec, args: [ "model"], } ] end I

So as the title states, I am making a basic program to count the vowels of a string. Now I wanted to try using a boolean function because I felt like it, but whenever I enter the string with vowels,

I'm trying to fix a few issues on an nativescript-vue app. The app was developed on the nativescript-vue version 1.3.1. After arranging the environment i found out that the actual nativescript-vue