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I have some code on Nodejs (Koa): identification and reg users, work with DB. After successful identification or registration I wanna to transfer control to code on Reactjs, with some parameters (user


I'm running a local Mongo replica set and I'm noticing that if I put my machine to sleep and then bring it back out of sleep after at least 30 seconds, a process I'm currently writing using the

Nordnet /科尔多瓦热码推安全存储WWW文件外部的代码包

File Access is possible on devices Using the cordova-hot-code-push, I am concerned about keeping the web app (www files) in an external storage/folder other than the main app bundle, would this not


I am a beginner at React and I might be doing all of this wrong, but how do I update the state of a third-party object that has its own functions/variables? Here is my code: import React, {


If I create standalone service fabric cluster with single node, will it be possible to add nodes to it later. Per this document link scale out is not supported on one node clusters but I'm not sure if


How do I get the width of a column in a bootstrap grid? I can't get the code to return a value like the number of px. Also, I expect the number to change when I resize my browser. var width =

Adobe Flash 2真假

I don't have really a question i just want to learn how can i use in adobe flash whit ActionScript 2.0 in actions "true" and "false" and for what can i use it ? And please if you can give me


I need to change the chart type to line for the last series. The last series is a dynamic number where it depends on the user data. May I know what is the syntax to pass the series number as the


I have a basic networking function in swift as given below: func fetchObject<T: Decodable>(from url: URL, completion: @escaping (T) -> ()) { URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: url) { (


Description So I recently decided to try to make a chrome extension. So following this tutorial https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/getstarted I made a manifest.json file with the following code:


I have a box for user input, but i need it to be a input area that can be used like a notepad and not just 1 line. Iv made a text area but when i try to regex the value , it does not handle it and


Is there a way to do something like a (Thread/sleep millis my-watch) that would wake up in case my-watch got changed before millis? Or do I have to go clojure.core.async for that, using channels

htaccess 301重定向与redirectmatch行为

I'm having a little issue with understanding the behaviour of a redirect I'm trying to set up. Essentially I want to redirect /folder1 to /folder2 and keep the language subdomain which proceeds it,


I am looking to install Apache Atlas and test APIs on AWS EMR. Reading trough https://atlas.apache.org/InstallationSteps.html but do not see how to change user/pass. What is default user/pass and


on my portfolio site, I have boxes which indicate my projects. Where it displays the languages used per project, they seem to overlap entirely and wont adjust to fit all of them in their allocated div

使用DataTable 1:n

While mucking around with some data I encounter a problem with sub setting a data.table Sample of my datatable library(data.table) datatab <- structure(list(a = c(183591969L, 183591969L,


1. As I understand, react native contains some basic standard components that translates into native Android or iOS components. All of them listed in Components section of RN docs. Those components


I'm using Angular5 and i can't go back in the browser without losing data. I mean, that the previous component, could be loaded with their data again. Example: In my component: import { Location }

如何检查与天青的BLOB createreadstream错误?

This code will work fine when the container and file exist, but there's no error checking: function downloadFile(req, res){ var container = 'aaa'; var file = 'bbb'; var stream = blobService.


I was wondering is it possible for a user to input a thing and a image and add that to a drop down menu and by clicking the thing it changes the image, and the next time the user visits it should save


I am attempting to generate breeding values from a linear model for beef cattle birth weights using the pedigree R package. I have imported my data from an excel file with the following format: ID


Recently my partner application was rejected and I am trying to understand why so that I may resolve the issue. The company name is Sprynamics. I contacted LinkedIn customer support who I've been in


While trying to write a test, if I call a parent function from a child it returns props.onPress() is not a function I am assuming I need to manually pass the props in for the on press in the


I'm trying to convert bytebuffer to a signed integer. (For example, -42 0xd6) if i use single byte and cast it to an int and use putint method it stores the integer properly. int byteInInt = (

Delphi C++Builder窗钩上赢得10 wm_touch

I am trying to create a hood dll to catch WM_TOUCH events before they hit the OS on windows 10. But because i don't have a touch screen i only use MultitouchVista touch from mouse i think that's why i


I'm having some issues mocking the request library using jest. I've had no issues mocking request.get() in the following way: jest.mock('request'); require('request').get = jest.fn((options: any,


I've got the following code. I am loading it in Chrome 67 under Android 8.1. I am loading the same code from two sites. One URL looks like this and is served by Apache: https://my.site/vtest.html

插入值基于Postgre SQL条件的新阵列

What i have id test_1 test_2 test_3 Indicator_column 1 651 40 0.4 {test_1,test_2,test_3} 1 625 80 0.6 {test_1,test_2,test_3} 1 510


In a Shiny interactive web application (link to source here, we use numericInput() for users to enter values which are used (see ui.R, or, here's a snippet): sidebarLayout( sidebarPanel(

This is, I guess, another variant on a couple of other notes regarding CSP and recaptcha; I've checked these, but they haven't helped. Here's my situation: FWIW, the basic site is a rather heavily


I have implemented VUE Carousel 3D Slider on my website but I can't find how to control the heigh on the slides. The slider has too much extra space under it due to the slides being unnecesary too

PHP trader_stochrsi返回不正确的值的函数

Can anybody help me? Why does the stochrsi trader function not return the "similar / next" K and D values of the Stochrsi indicator to the chart? I believe the input parameters are right, I'm passing


I use a for loop which contains a function that shows 4 paragraphs. Running the application I see the paragraphs from No.4 to No.1 whereas it should be vice-versa. for (int i=0; i<4; i++){


Sample DF: var some_df = Seq( ("A", "no"), ("B", "yes"), ("B", "yes"), ("B", "no") ).toDF( "user_id", "phone_number") some_df.show() +-------+------------+ |user_id|phone_number| +-------+----------


I'm trying to create a Spark Structured Streaming job that does a custom join (lookup) i.e. it checks to see if the value of a field from the first stream exists in the 2nd stream (2nd stream is


this is my first question on Stackflow. I want to create a pascal triangle with height of 'n'. Here is my code: nb = input('input lines: ') nb = int(nb) array = [([1]+[0]*(nb-1))]*nb for i in range(1,


I wrote a bash function which made a PUT request and printed the response as such: foo() { echo "$(curl --request PUT "foo.com" )" } When I call this function from my shell, I only see the


I have my media queries underneath my normal css, all in the same file, and even put !important tags on them but they wont work when testing them on different window sizes. I feel like i have tried


I have a computationally-expensive method for simulating data coded up as a generator that I want to feed into my neural network model in Tensorflow. The output has variable width, so I switched to

建立图表系列C #角Highcharts

I am trying to build series for my box-plot chart which I would be using it in my angular application. However the series needs to be built in c#. You would notice that I have set the TSType attribute


I'm implementing binary tree, and have encountered some problems with understanding of reference types. This is not implementation itself, but piece of code that produces confusion in my head. class


I am attempting to build a custom keyboard that is built into an application (not an external keyboard) so the key flow is a little different. <Key android:codes="241" android:keyLabel="ñ" /> &


I have followed this python code to a tee out of a python beginner book and it works to a degree, but does not display the word as you guess letters. It appears to have issues with the "guess=".join(


We are using Docker on Windows Server 16 without 1709 update. We are running several .Net-Core projects inside Docker containers and just started to run UI tests on these containers using Selenium on .

DAX -计算两个日期之间-没有得到结果

I want to calculate the SUM(AMOUNT) between the beginning of the previous month (01-05-2018) and the DATEADD([Date];-1;MONTH) (21-05-2018). For that I'm using this: CALCULATE ( SUM(AMOUNT);


My problem is very strange. I've written a simple audio player application with javascript and php. I have an Audio element on JS and when i have to load a song i use the link /player.php?token to


So, I'm still very new in C programming. There is 3 strings with the same length. str1="abc", str2="def", str3="ghi". The output in the new string will be like "adgbehcfi". #include<stdio.h>

htaccess href链接不工作。

please can someone help? I have the following configuration in my .htaccess file: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] I have


The Flutter tutorial uses the word "Widget" everywhere. What is a widget in that context? The closest question I could find on this on SO is here: What is a widget in Android? But it is about Android


Essentially, if I upload new files to S3 (via drag-and-drop), my website should be up to date on visit, not cached as the previous version. Right now the behavior is possibly inconsistent. iOS