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I have a list of words and I want to do if statement,below is my list list = ['camera','display','price','memory'(will have 200+ words in the list)] Here is my code: def check_it(


I'm trying to write password to PasswordBox in my WPF application using TestStack.White I can find PasswordBox using private TextBox Password => Window.Get<TextBox>(1); But using


I am developing an Android application where I am dealing with some sensitive data in EditText field. I want to know that is there any way by which I can disable Keyboard caching, so that the


Quick Intro (classification problem): I have a data set X, which contains 140 variables, both numeric and factor variable types, while target variable Y is either 0 or 1 and it is unevenly distributed


Within my iOS App, I have a framework I have made which is from a shared project in the same workspace. I have the following crash log from my app. Normally the DSYM allows me to tell the line of code


Where can one get online tutorials for iTextSharp? Simple tutorials such as creating tables and borders to get started.


Suppose I have a function foo() in some C library and I am statically linking this library to some executable, but there is no call to this method from library or from the code within the executable.

按钮不是可点击的——Selenium Webdriver C.* [复制]

Hello i am facing a problem while running a unit test using selenium. My problem is that i am getting this exception error : OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException HResult=0x80131500 Message=


import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; public class Main { public Main(){ JPanel panel = new JPanel(); panel.setSize(500,600); } public void paint(Graphics g){ g.setColor(Color.BLACK);


I have to achieve scheduling start and stop AWS EC2 instance without using other AWS Services(CloudWatch, Lambda) I'm planning to use AutoScaling for scheduling purpose. But looks like it will


Im using array_set to create a array with value to use on a report. the problem I have is the the $key variable used to create the dynamic keys in the array sometimes has some fullstop chars in the


I use li tag and below css for this tag : <li class="line"></li> li.line{ width:100%; height:3px !important; background:#000; list-style:none; float:right; }


In ReactJS , I have this routes: <Route exact path="/" component={Home}/> <Route path="/:id" component={Profile}/> <Route path="/settings" component={Settings}/> when I request


How can I catch successful execution of sqoop import in shell? I would like to execute a subsequent import like this (only pseudocode, does not work yet): result=$(sqoop import -connect jdbc:oracle:


I have a function in my code that looks something like this: bool foo(ObjectType& object){ //code const float result = object.float_data + object.bool_data * integer_data; //code }


I tried to use the 'or' operator in R. However, it does not behave as expected. (4|6)==1 #TRUE #expected: FALSE (4|6)==6 #FALSE #expected: TRUE 6 %in% c(4,6) #TRUE The latter works as expected. I


I have this login and registration form in HTML. Can you suggest what I can use without using mysql or anything server- side database I can only use something like just javascript to fetch the


In my work I have been assigned to make a shift managing web app. I have based my code on the OpenSkedge, but now I require that each user has a skill set and a number associated with it. Each user

仅用于ETL的SQL Server?

I have recently commissioned a new virtual server with SQL Server 2016 installed, on which I plan to schedule and run all (or at least all new) SSIS packages. My question is Would it be best

Eclipse CDT:无法解决

The indexer of eclipse CDT does not properly recognize the 'end' and 'begin' symbols needed in a foreach loop whenever I want to directly iterate over data returned by a function. It works when I


My page has a region with 2 tabs. Tab1 , Tab2 On Tab1 and Tab2 has The buttons for Save value . When its button(Tab2) are pressed the focus is moving to the Tab1 So. is there a way to set the


I want to download my image and pdf etc files from my azure blob storage. I tried with this code it gives me blank files.can anyone help? here is my code. my url is like.https://xxxx.blob.core.windows.

Django Python Mauni.PyRunServer输出执行系统检查

I've been trying to solve database problems with Django for a while, I gave up on using mysqlclient because it just wouldn't install properly, but with mysql-connector-python another bug appeared as


I'm currently working on an old Java Web application (running only on IE5). In this application, there is a menu and the pages are called in different ways: self.navigate ( 'cretIhmMenu.do?cret=


I'm trying to make a digit clock which will auto update its time every second. I saw a demo making a clock with animated which makes by images and animated. However, when I come up with the numbers,


I would like to create the .Net Core class library that will be contains following extension method: public static class MyServiceExtensions { public static IServiceCollection


I've been checking jxplorer and I just realize that the software loads all the ldap tree with just your server info (IP, port) and I'm wondering how can I do that with php. Any clue would be much


I've installed latest "rxjs": "6.2.2", and "redux-observable": "1.0.0",. I have precommit hook that does eslint checks. After installation is started to throw this error: C:\XXX\node_modules\any-


Can I use Angular materials 4 to create a similar behavior of the following sidenav example made with mdbootstrap: the link shows a responsive sidenav with buttons with lists. I don't want to use


Hello in this shiny plot, output graphs display after I have checked the required check box, Now this works well with condionalPanel the only challenge is I would like this plot to be organized in


I discovered that SpaCy had the ability to make dependency trees. For instance given a question “To whom did the Virgin Mary allegedly appear in 1858 in Lourdes France?” We can create its dependency


I want to display all the users' input on the recyclerview, however, it only shows the last user's input. I don't know where I did wrong. Thank you This is the Class where I get users' input public

XML信封签名在XML文档中的重要性(Java IMPL)

We have an issue with the validation of our XML Signature. We generate an enveloped XML Signature that we place in one of the XML Elements of the XML Document. This Element contains a namespace prefix


I want to ask why my code get this error, because it seems fine.. Please anyone can help me? I just want to open this .btw format file this is my code this is the error I got:


so i have been getting a "max update depth increase" error, I have tried all possible solutions and haven't been successful. Please take a look at my code, thank you. class RegisterPage extends


I wondering how can i get current user position by user points? Example: User1 = points: 100 User2 - points: 150 User3 - points: 360 So User 3 will be first, user2 second and etc. I getting all


I try implement Request SMS Verification in an Android App and my code work like a charm in debug but when i generate sign apk app and run it as release my BroadcastReceiver class seems not execute ,

Access SQL子句不能写入数据库

I have recently re-written the VBA code in an inherited database, to include the IN statement to connect to the database, rather than have linked tables constantly connected (close to 400 users will


In my app previously we are using InstanceID.instanceID().token() method to get FCM token. But now this method was deprecated and showing warning like token()' is deprecated: Use instanceIDWithHandler:


my C++ program has encountered a bottleneck. There is a function to cut the rgb32 image. Look at the code: BOOL Convert2MultiImage(BYTE *p32Img, BYTE** p24Img, int dxSize32, int dySize32, int row,


So I have the basics narrowed down using GraphQL. In my laravel APP My graphql returns the ID, tenant_reference and roles but i cant seem to add in custom attributes its an object with custom keys

Bootstrap V4.1如何截取数据解散事件

The Bootstrap modal docs give four methods to intercept modal interactions (show, shown, hide, hidden). However, since modals have auto-dismiss for "click away" or "keypress" (the latter can be

在jQuery Ajax中无法获得JSON格式的表单数据

Hello I am new to Jquery Ajax and I am building a form, where I can get the input data on form submit in JSON format through ajax. I am trying to get the output in JSON format so I can display it on

如何从NG重复Angulst JS删除空条目

Hi This is my html code <select style="width: 199px;margin-top: -9px;" id="ddlTypeCode" ng-model="selectedCountryCode" ng-change="locationChange(selectedCountryCode)" name="ddlTypeCode" class="


I'm fighting with a minor issue with my eslint, it seems to work fine most of the time, but there are some cases that it doesn't work weel with React code. Let take as example this code: const


The full extent of my code. I downsized it here Need guidance! Trying to learn about fetch() and Promises to try and be more concise with my question. The code essentially works. It's just that I

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Here's something I tried to build (an example new object for Dia called RBcomp) #include <assert.h> #include <math.h> #include "object.h" #include "connectionpoint.h" #include "


I need to show an error message if the validation is incorrect. At the moment I have the message when the user starts writing but I would like this to happen with an onBlur. I have tried several


If I extend a TopDown field with an additional subfield from the Tarmed Product, it appears an error message "Subfields cannot be anchored (DDB11780)" if I want to change the Verifier settings of the