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The detail of exception as follow: org.apache.poi.ss.formula.FormulaParseException: Specified named range 'LOCAL_YEAR_FORMAT' does not exist in the current workbook. at org.apache.poi.ss.formula.

I have been attempting to write a program that processes files, and to do so I need to convert the array buffer of the file to a Uint8Array. The problem is when I run my code the array is empty.

I am trying to run a python script on a several raspberry pis that requires a few modules which have not been updated to their latest version on apt nor on pip. Specifically I am looking at opencv and

I am working Angular as Front End and I am getting data from REST Full Web Service. 1) I need to show the pdf file in new window of the web browser which I am getting data from the web service as base

First of all my apologies for the way this question was written. At the current moment I am not sure how to write it any better.. Please let me know to improve the clarity. Adding the dput or giving a

How can I draw undirected graph like this one in c# using drawLine and drawEllipse? https://www.e-education.psu.edu/geog597i_02/sites/www.e-education.psu.edu.geog597i_02/files/Lesson8/

Is it necessary to have a full pathname when the API returns a file? { logo: 'https://example.com/images/pic.jpg' } or { logo: 'pic.jpg' }

Error is showing nvalid resource directory name: C:\Users\In\source\repos\Xamarin\Xamarin\Xamarin.Android\obj\Debug\81\res contact.png "res contact.png". Although I delete this image file from this

I'm trying to add into a script a step which removes duplicate copies of the same documents by using $group, $sort and $first so that my base set of documents are the latest versions of the documents.

I have a scenario wherein, I have a file(resides in ADLS) which contains 30 columns , but when i am creating external table.. i wanted to pick only 5 columns. My question is : is it possible to

I wiped out the database on my Django app to start again. I did this by deleting existing migrations and then re-running makemigrations and migrate. I of course backed up the database first. I soon

Is there a way to run Linux Docker images in a Windows Hosted Agent (Hosted Windows Container as recommended here)? I want to run Linux Selenium Containers hosted in Docker Hub on an Azure DevOps

Im trying to implement custom threads in C by creating a simple context switch function plus a FCFS scheduler. The first step that i want to perform is to copy the entire function stack frame to heap

My Spring Boot application (v1.4.2, with undertow starter) is currently setting the Strict-Transport-Security header for every resource it serves up, including API resources from my spring-web

I am currently programming a dynamic video player. The program is capable of getting the property of a video file using php and retrieve it to a video player using javascript/jquery. However, the

I want to show the camera of my mobile on the form. but what i have for now is the camera is showing ONLY on web page of the Desktop not on the web page of the Mobile, why? why i cant access the

Good day Stackoverflow, This morning I've ran into a problem of which I can't seem to find a working answer. I'm trying to get the full URL (what shows up in the address bar) via either a HTTPServer

I am new to iOS development and I have a question about alignment. when I want to centre a view horizontally, I find there are two ways (am I wrong?) 1.) size inspector -> Arrange (position View, I

I'm facing a problem now in Angular 5: I have Paper class with no template: export class Paper implements OnInit { ngOnInit(): void { // async function here this.loadData(); } } Now

I have NiFi workflow and we are thinking when our application goes to production how we can protect our workflow? What are the best practices? solutions? etc. Kindly share your experience. Thanks

Am running a ADB on android to check the toggle of Adaptive brightness inside display settings. I tried using adb shell settings put system screen_brightness_mode 0. This works, but the button didn't

i have a problem in passing id number from sqlite database to new second activity page. I think my passing id is null. But i dont know which part i need to correct. And i think it also related to

These days JavaScript is just a nightmare. I want to install Clipboard.js. I did: npm install clipboard --save Then inside webpack.mix.js I added: .js('./node_modules/clipboard/dist/clipboard.js',

I got selected after online aptitude test. If anyone have some good experience with COGNIZANT interview process, help me. Next round is GD, TECHNICAL & HR.

I have created a table called "hosts" where the primary key is a CHAR(16) called "SystemID". Looking at others example not sure whats wrong. Why am I getting the error: Data too long for column '

This is a pretty basic Drupal 8 question, but I'm new to this CMS and can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I'm trying to use this module for address autocompletion using the Google Maps API: https:

The application I am working on allows any character to be used in a tag. Tags are stored in the document as an array. Other characters seem to work fine but an apostrophe does not. In a previous

I have views in SQL server that I have linked to Access as Tables. When I create unique index on the views for example like this: CurrentProject.connection.Execute "CREATE UNIQUE INDEX PK ON

enter image description here This version is 6.3.0. I did everything. (IIS, IIS_IUSRS rights to the App_Data folder, etc) But why isn't the UI applied? What's the problem?

bundle is loaded but no progressbar Enviroment: react-native 0.57.8, xcode:10.1, ios:12 i built in xcode, npm start successfully, bundle is loaded but no progressbar in metro bundle.i run command:'

I am working on creating a web-scraping tool that will download articles to txt files. I have created the soup with bs4 and pulled out the specific piece of html that contains the desired url for the

I am a beginner in React. I need a parent's state keeps a list of cards(as children), and every child also has its own state. My problem is the child will be unmounted whenever the parent add a card.

Is it possible to vertically and horizontally center multiple lines of text in the top X% of a SVG container? For instance, the code below is meant to vertically center two lines of text in the 25%

****Trying to setup a login but an error keeps coming up on the last line with the user.Uid. Learning to program so any advice would help thanks.**** override func prepare(for segue:

This is dumb but still, hard to clearly read how it works online without consuming a full book. When a user type an address for a page with a photo gallery, and he would like to get this gallery

I am currently doing an automation testing for mobile web on Android(Chrome) and Ios(Safari). My problem now is I want to verify the CssValue. I run the below code on Android and it works but when I

I'm using Flask for website I'm developing and am stumped by this problem: I use the following code to display an html audio element: <div class="row"> <div class="col"> <

I got the following error after installing a new archive file created by the Wordpress plugin Duplicator (the archive file effectively migrates a Wordpress website by using Duplicator to install it):

I am attempting to do something which I thought would be quite simple, but I've been struggling with it. I've done a lot of searching, and nothing I can find is exactly what I'm looking to try and do.

I Installed PHP 7.2 on my ubuntu server in order to upgrade my PHP. I ran these commands to update my php version: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get -y install

Excel keeps throwing me a "Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error" every time I try to run the below code. I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong :( Would really

I have a text file like this lets call it df1.txt >tr|A0A1B1L9R9|A0A1B1L9R9_BACTU ABC transporter permease OS=Bacillus thuringiensis OX=1428 GN=berB PE=4 SV=1

i have an actionmode bar that has an arrow button and a delete icon. see pic below i am trying to identify in my code when the arraow button is pressed but not able to. i have the following code

I try to utilize tensorflow for my project. I am getting the error: ValueError: operator getitem cannot be overwritten again on class class 'tensorflow.python.framework.ops.Tensor'. Here is the

I am trying to get my rows as a list or a pandas data frame from a Query.all() function in SqlAlchemy. users = session.query(User).filter_by(name='steve').all(); the results came out as an array

I have a sample WPF application which uses tabs to allow a user to navigate to a uri with different embedded browsers. I've added Microsoft.Toolkit.Win32.UI.Controls to my project and am attempting to

I am currently doing a remake for local website hosted locally. I am not new to HTML, but i am just not used to it especially if it is mixed with scripts. I find a code and i don't understand this "

I dockerized a .net core 2.2 web api application in Visual Studio 2017 successfully. One part of this application is supposed to store some data to Azure Storage Emulator running on the same machine

I am trying to learn Redux and Redux selectors. My React application has list group where each list group button represents a category. It also displays all items from redux store. When the user

I am deploying an app on heroku. I developed it in my computer and when I deploy it, a dependency is missing. I am not able to install it via pip, since the pip installation is buggy. How can I get