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my C++ program has encountered a bottleneck. There is a function to cut the rgb32 image. Look at the code: BOOL Convert2MultiImage(BYTE *p32Img, BYTE** p24Img, int dxSize32, int dySize32, int row,


So I have the basics narrowed down using GraphQL. In my laravel APP My graphql returns the ID, tenant_reference and roles but i cant seem to add in custom attributes its an object with custom keys

Bootstrap V4.1如何截取数据解散事件

The Bootstrap modal docs give four methods to intercept modal interactions (show, shown, hide, hidden). However, since modals have auto-dismiss for "click away" or "keypress" (the latter can be

在jQuery Ajax中无法获得JSON格式的表单数据

Hello I am new to Jquery Ajax and I am building a form, where I can get the input data on form submit in JSON format through ajax. I am trying to get the output in JSON format so I can display it on

如何从NG重复Angulst JS删除空条目

Hi This is my html code <select style="width: 199px;margin-top: -9px;" id="ddlTypeCode" ng-model="selectedCountryCode" ng-change="locationChange(selectedCountryCode)" name="ddlTypeCode" class="


I'm fighting with a minor issue with my eslint, it seems to work fine most of the time, but there are some cases that it doesn't work weel with React code. Let take as example this code: const


The full extent of my code. I downsized it here Need guidance! Trying to learn about fetch() and Promises to try and be more concise with my question. The code essentially works. It's just that I

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Here's something I tried to build (an example new object for Dia called RBcomp) #include <assert.h> #include <math.h> #include "object.h" #include "connectionpoint.h" #include "


I need to show an error message if the validation is incorrect. At the moment I have the message when the user starts writing but I would like this to happen with an onBlur. I have tried several


If I extend a TopDown field with an additional subfield from the Tarmed Product, it appears an error message "Subfields cannot be anchored (DDB11780)" if I want to change the Verifier settings of the


I can not login directly trough SSH in MySQL. I use the following command: mysql DBName -u DBuser -pDBPassword In that case I get the following error: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user '


Hi I am trying to do a multiclass classification using python. I have tried few algorthims such randomforest, xgboost, etc . To seprate my dataset I used python train_test_split. I tried to mesure


Goal: to set alert, triggering on specific Analytics query result (by aggregated value). But notifications don't trigger. This request returns results for each 5 minute interval. Every


The purpose of this is to prevent the kernel from causing lots of disk reads(effectively freezing the system) when about to run out of RAM, even when there is no swap enabled, but before OOM-killer


I am trying to remove the div that contains search text. Before I had only ul and li and I used following line of code to remove that list. $('.ui.list.found-result').filter(function() { return $.


I have a data frame which is partly panel data, looking something like this: respnr country country-year year a b 1 France France2000 2000 NA NA 3 France France2001


The weka deeplearning package for cpu has been installed and worked smoothly with no problems. Yet it is too slow. #windows8.1 #cuda90 #cuda92 #weka3.8.2 Tried to download the gpu version:

Mave3 -多模块项目封装

I has project with this structure demo +---api | +--pom.xml (packaging jar) +---main | +--pom.xml (packaging jar) +---utils | +--util1 | | +--pom.xml (packaging jar) | +--util2 | | +--


Im using fetch in React Native that calls a backend that implements authentication as sessions. My understanding is that fetch implements native mobile networking methods which in turn, when receiving


I have deployed an umbraco website. I got error: Umbraco cannot start. A connection string is configured but Umbraco cannot connect to the database. I'm surpriced because I do not use a database. It


I am archiving 1 year data (365 partitions). Read one year data of table into data frame, repartition(1) and save to archive folder as single file. df.repartition(1) taking longer time due to shuffle.


I want to report the Corrected Model, Intercept, Total, and Corrected Total of Type III Sum of Squares for my MANOVA. For the corrected Model I'm also interested in the Mean Squares. For the intercept,

在SWT Wizard Page中,只有在单击“下一步”按钮时如何编写事件。

I am trying to implement an import wizard which have three different pages, How do I ensure that a piece of code for validation is only when the next button is clicked. I) As a first step is for


I am trying to make the following. It is a screenshot of a website. Two spinners side by side with heading and a button that will add another row of two spinners. How do I go about it?? How do I


I have created an examination software in php. When student attempt examination it automatically saves the students progress in every 3 seconds. But after 50 minutes it automatically logs out the


I have a problem with exec(*.exe 2>&1, $out) in PHP. It ran perfectly in Localhost But when I upload hosting Linux, An error happen: "sh: *.exe : cannot execute binary file". What did I do:


Experts, here as we can see best, worst and average case time complexities for different algorithms, then suppose for merge sort, best case should be Ω(n logn) but instead it's given O(n logn).

Android Studio同步时显示错误。C支持空活动

When I start Android Studio with an empty activity with c++ support shows an error A problem occurred configuring project ':app'. Without c++ support the project works without any error. I searched


I am using spark sql to query elastic search using jar package : "org.elasticsearch" %% "elasticsearch-spark-20" % "6.3.0" % "provided" When I start a spark application on yarn cluster, spark gives me


I have an XML that looks like below. As of now if both A and B nodes are coming in the XML, I can easily map their attribute i.e. type="A-type" and type="B-type". I'm stuck at a scenario when 'B' node


I've done that script is fillin-up all visible inputfields in a loop. But, I need to slow down between filling up an input fields. Any ideas, how it is can be done? My code for detecting input fields


cmake command not found when I running make on ubuntu16.04 /bin/sh: 1: cmake: not found However, cmake is found with whereis & which command /usr/bin/cmake cmake: /usr/bin/cmake /usr/share/man/

如何在iOS 11.4中为XAMARIN窗体自动编辑/输入大写文本

In iOS version 11.2, I used this code to set auto upper-case text. It run OK. *In Xamarin.Forms: public static readonly BindableProperty HasAutoUpperCaseTextProperty BindableProperty.Create(


The code in this repo shows how to create as flask web endpoint to predict probability of surviving the titanic disaster. The trained model is serielized as pickle file using joblib which takes as


Good morning, I am trying to get the most up to date element of a group from the database but no luck so far. Ideas anyone? I guess the solution is quite easy but I am really stuck there Data:


I'm creating a web application these days. Backend portion is implemented in Spring Boot (inter alia MVC and Data), but frontend portion is implemented in Angular. I would like to create push


I am new in WPF. I have created a static menu using Tree view in WPF. But left menu click event not triggered. I have the following code. <UserControl x:Class="navigationApp.dashboard"


I realize an exercise from "Advanced Android Development Course". This code doesn't display RadioButtons: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.

将Paypal支付与LaaVell 5.2集成

I followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=144&v=ly2xm_NM46g to integrate paypal in my project with laravel 5.2, but I receive this error message : Argument 1 passed to


I just started learning node and I am stuck in the middle of the situation in this image the request is in the app.get('/') but I have a async function which requires the req parameter. since both


I am trying to change value of a cell if any other cell gets edited because I want to have an EditedAt cell in my Database and grid. I tried it with this event but it only saves the values without


i am getting this error to run the program. It seems the solution is to put the "option ( MaxRecursion 0 );", but i'm not sure where to put this. This is my store procedure ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[

来自HESREST的异常:0x800 A03EC电源外壳错误

We have been using this code for some time, but on Thursday it just stopped working. Throwing the above exception, I've been going through all the fixes online and nothing seems to work so I thought I'

页面级导航- BreadCrum

I need to create a breadcrum with page level navigation in sharepoint online site. For Example: there are 4 pages Page1.aspx, Page2.aspx, Page3.aspx and Page4.aspx If i navigate from Page1 to Page3


I am using shopping cart plugin for my website but I dont know how to send it in form, so I decided to make it as canvas or screenshot and send with the form. But it doesn't work . Here is my code:


I'm using Saxon processor to execute the validations. The file which contains all the function definition is as below:default-definition.txt: declare variable $a external; declare variable $b


I'm trying to catch mceImage command while pressing the "Insert/Edit image" button on the toolbar. I try to do it with the next code: editor.on('ExecCommand', function (e) { alert(e.command); });


I want to query my SQL database to display the total count of data in it based on current date and month but my query counts both current and previous date. For instance, if there is 2 entries for 20/


I'm making an app to store every users' comments and then dısplay them in my app. (just like a restaurant rating app) However when a user enters a comment and hits submit, nothing seems to appear on