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CSS can only apply for particular URL link : http://localhost:53406/. If I change it to other port, the CSS formatting doesn't work. Why it appear so strange ? I'm working on ASP Core 2.0 C#. Thx

As of now i have Jenkins script file in source repository itself and i can trigger build whenever commit happens to source code but now i want to move out my Jenkins pipeline script separately and

Project: intelligence scissors. The first part of the project is to load an image (in the form of RGBPixel 2d array) then to construct a graph of weights to use it later to determine the shortest path

I have a dataframe with 2 column lists (2 variabels): column 1 column 2 1 324 2 NA 3 NA 4 1 45 NA 325 1 4556 NA which i like to merge with another

I have several modals in jsx <View> <Modal id="first" visible> <View> <Text>123</Text> <Button onPress={() => this.setState({ secondVisible: true

While moving the page up and down the background image is not getting scroll.I need to scroll the image while moving the page up and down. <div data-vc-full-width="true" data-vc-full-width-init="

I had this piece of code List<UserNotification> userNotifications = new ArrayList<UserNotification>(); teatreAlertNotifications .parallelStream() .forEach(can -&

I have an TableView with custom cells. Label smiles contain links. How can I put Image from link to current ImageView'cell? My code func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath:

I'm familiar with Erlang/Elixir, in which messages that are in a process' mailbox remain in the mailbox until they are matched: The patterns Pattern are sequentially matched against the first

I need to get all lines which contain MaTables.* between two matched lines. F.e between: [f63f1ae2de7a8fee:40adda80:167c108e246:3a5f] [sasadm] com.sas.analytics.crm.custdata.sql - and QUIT;

I am trying to customize a module in Odoo 10. And I have created a addon path for the new module but I have no good right! I am getting error "ImportError: No module named pyPdf". Since I am beginner

I need to open an image from the gallery but this image is not in the correct orientation. I have attached my current code this is working fine but the only the thing is images are rotated. import de.

I have a string like Menu: apple, orange-juice, bananas I want to use REGEX to match only apple orange-juice bananas I have tried to search Google and regex101.com for help but still no any idea. I

Is there a way to get the orders with the help of EDI. I have tried to connect it with the SFTP and getting one file. AmazonConnectivityTest file. but dont know how to work with EDI. Can anyone

Can Fluent logger log to Fluent Bit remotely? If yes, how?

I have this jsonobject output. how to make it into list? {"taskList":[ { "title":"title1rr", "imageList":[ {

Windows Server 2012 shuts down automatically in about 30 mins Event Viewer logs show that the Kernel Power Manager initiated the shutdown. I changed the Power Options to high performance, changed

I am refering to this link - Docker pull. By default, docker pull pulls images from Docker Hub (https://hub.docker.com). I would like to know where this link is configured on our local machine

I want to create an ARKit game, where models appear around a center object and try to attack this object. My goal is to place this object at the start of the game. When I start the game the world

I have a jsonb column called props that looks like this: {"house_color": "white", "dynamic_properties": [{ "visibility" : "blue" }, { "autonomy" : "self"}]} Right now I know how to get the all the

I recently had to reimport my android project, which consists of both .java and .kt files, into Android Studio. After the import Android Studio tries to import only some Kotlin dependencies into .java

I'm using Android GraphView. I want to use DateAsXAxisLabelFormatter for x-axis, and a custom LabelFormatter for y-axis. Otherwise the y-axis labels gets cut off. See this: android graph-view y axis

I have a table in MSSQL that is on metakey-value pair, what is the best function to use to select all distinct CustomerIDs if the meta values provided. This is my current script. DECLARE @name

Channels are instantiated using the static methods CreateUnbounded<TType> or CreateBounded<TType>. The created channel will accept writes and emit reads of TType. In my use case I want a

I am using the C# Object Persistence model in my application, and am populating the table from an external source. I insert a row with the following date (in a String column): 2018-12-12T22:27:14.73Z.

i am trying to query which shows all active users (Logged in Users) between two dates. When ever a user logs in the date is recorded in last_login field. The query is below and its working fine;

Is there a way to that the event ValueChanged will NOT trigger once when the listener is attached? Attaching listener: FirebaseDatabase.DefaultInstance .GetReference("Leaders") .

I'm looking for a good practice concerning using one component with multiple services. I have a side navigation menu with 7-8 items in it. Clicking on them should open up a component to edit a simple

I have nested foreach in my blade in laravel but all records compact twice in my select option here is my code: @foreach($user as $user) @foreach($user_renter as $

I have a list with nearly 100,000 GPS coordinates in lat/long format in a CSV file. A lot of these are only a few inches away from each other, so I would like to merge them somehow, or filter those

GA Average site speed is not so useful. More interesting to find users with problems, maybe users have problems in specific geo or with some browsers. Didn't find this possibility to create this kind

I have "axis2" folder in which there is "listServices.jsp" and folder called "include" containing "header.inc" and a folder "images" which contains images.The "listServices.jsp" makes the following

I use com.sun.net.httpserver.HttpServer in integration tests. It does its job but I've noticed that ServletContextListener's methods aren't invoked during tests. When I deploy the app to the real

i will come directly to my questio wich you already could see in the title. I dont know how to programm a button which actually just should create another button wit the same function like another

What is the difference between Splunk ITSI and dynatrace? I'm planning to get the license for them. Please give me a detailed explanation on which to buy and why?

Requirement: We've set of pdf files which should be copied to build directory. We're trying to make a nuget package with these files. nuspec file used for generating the nuget package: `<

The ms doc says it should exist a Listeners property in Debug.Diagnostics.Debug in netstandard 2, but this is not the case in a real project. The Listeners property is undefined. I tryed adding the

my angular module is a global param, it's easy to define controller or service in this style (function(App) { App.controller('HelloWorldController', helloWorldController) })(App) but how to use

I built clang using these command git clone http://llvm.org/git/llvm.git cd llvm/tools git clone http://llvm.org/git/clang.git cd ../projects git clone http://llvm.org/git/compiler-rt.git mkdir ../

I am using object detction api in tensorflow. As, all model's parameters are defined in config file, but I didn't found any detailed documentation/tutorial. Yes, object detection api also provides a

Devlopers I 'm here to ask a favor from you. I have created my first prioject it runs trough htaccess rules .htaccess of root RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !

Here's some action method showing infobar: public ActionResult GetInfo(nodeId) { // do something. return PartialView("InfoBar", model); } How can I draw result of this action on another

How can I get a column from a csv file and change the date format of all the data in that particular column using python?

I was looking for the best approach to handle saving data to device's AsyncStorage to allow user to freely use the app without the internet. That mean's I'd like to force synchronisation on first

I want user to be able to easily upload screenshots into my application. (preferably without to many js/ajax trickery) Is there a standard way in Wicket to allow an image to be pasted in some

Here the snapshot the ie download explorer I have tried using robot but not working. try { Robot robot = new Robot(); robot.setAutoDelay(250); robot.keyPress(KeyEvent.VK_ALT);

My question is a bit more advanced than the question here. Let's assume that I want to develop the following game as a Shiny app. I have 3 x 3 data frame containing the numbers from 1 to 9 in a

I am receiving this error below: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException: KafkaConsumer is not safe for multi-threaded access when I include this in my code: CuratorFrameworkFactory.newClient()

I have this jquery validate add method below with a specific regex. What I want is to create a method that returns the regex, like in my second example, but the second example doesn't work. I get

I use Python Client to connect with Netty server. Client : import socket from datetime import datetime import csv import threading import sys import time starttimes = sys.argv[1] starttimes = int(