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I wanted to know what would be the best way to make an animation when a property of a Control is changed. Per example, if I change the Width of a Rectangle, the rectangle would grow from it’s

Getting error while adding subView add ScrollView is for creating scrollview func addScrollView() { self.scrollView.frame = CGRect(x: 0, y: 150, width: self.view.bounds.size.width, height:

I have an array. But trying to separate items. For example: $array1 = ["banana","car","carrot"]; trying to push car into another array which is $array2 $push = array_push($array1, "car") = $

I'm developing some kind of buttons (really they are images) that when they're disabled (not by enabled = false) they have and opacity value of 0.1. So, with a simple checking of opacity in the

Hope everyone is doing well as the year comes to an end :). I have a series of ogg files as well as JSONs inside my Assets/Resources folder. My scripts then call upon files of both types using

I get this error while running Error in jags.model(textConnection(model_string1), data = list(Y = Y, : RUNTIME ERROR: Compilation error on line 5. Dimension mismatch in subset expression of Y I

I've been trying to use the knapsack problem to solve a particular domain. Given a constraint of: Calories (e.g. 300) No of meals (e.g. 3) I want to create the optimum meal plan from a search space

Im returning a complex object from the sql server as a JSON. But when im mapping to a List of String in dapper, the JSON string is being mapped to more than one string in the list depending upon the

I am unable to automate Microsoft Excel Application with its DCOM config Identity set to "This user" when the system is locked. But as I keep the servers logged-in with that 'this user' I have set,

I am trying to do: var abc = Context.PersonSet.Include(p=>p.Child).ToList(); But not all Persons have a Child. So I get: TypeError: Child is null. I would like to get all Persons, and if the

I have two tables, one is called Invoices and another is called Records. CREATE TABLE Invoices ( InvoiceNum INT NOT NULL, Amount DECIMAL, RecordPK UNIQUEIDENTIFIER NOT NULL ) CREATE

I am having issues opening a new tab in Safari browser with my extension. Using the Extension Builder I added bar.html: <html> <body> <form id="myForm"> <input type="button"

I downloaded this package off github https://github.com/JacORB/JacORB using git clone https://github.com/JacORB/JacORB But now I have no idea what to do with it. I find that it's really

i am trying to convert my usda to usdz using the usdzip command line tool provided by pixar. i have managed to successfully build the package using their official build-method. however when i try to

I've been trying to build out some code in Powershell (Powershell 6 Core works, the following code didn't work in Powershell 5), $Token = ' Token Here '; $Headers = @{ Method = 'POST' Uri = ' URL

hi i using this code to run a timer in OTP view in my app but this does not work in background CountDown source link if there is a another source to make a countdown counter plz show me to use it

I'm trying to use TeamCity command line tool but receiving an error? What is missing? The command executed: java -jar tcc.jar info --host http://tc The output: [Connecting to "http://tc" TeamCity

I have more than 400 image files in my loacl directory.I want to read these images in r for passing it through XG boost algorithm.

Good morning friends, My problem is. I need to integrate into a PayU application for android, i downloaded the files and integrate it into a new module. When you finish compiling, throw this error.

I try to get number of rows in a table. But cassandra turns timeout for this query select count(*) from events ; I think that my tables is too big so if ı give a timeout value for my query, it turns

I am using SVG.js. So I get ready SVG file, I catch div with document.getElementById and I make innerHTML. I had an error but when I used Angular sanitizer error is now not displaying (It was 'access

I have a problem with wraping materialize grid. Now its look like: [A][B][C][D], and when i resize to small - <600px it look like: [A][B] [C][D] but i want to look like: [A][C] [B][D]

we are using "International Telephone Input v13.0.2" for site phone field. The Canada Phone Code is selected and when the change is saved, the phone code is changing to US code. How to solve? You

Const-string v1, " ~/u00b0/u00bo/ ~ Release and Protection by Kirlif/' ~/u00b0/u00b0~ "

hello guy's i'm using open xml sdk dll in my Asp net MVC for uploading excel into my website. there is 4 column in my excel file Name , Email , Company Name and Phone Number. i use following code to

I want to create a POJO class for storing data of one row of a Cursor that is obtained from specific table (table1) of a database. So as it is described here I did: public static MyPOJO fromCursor(

How to write a generic F# function to calculate the mean of a collection? I tried: let inline mean x = let length = x |> Seq.length let sum = x |> Seq.sum LanguagePrimitives.

I have a simple framework which will allow "everything" subscribe to events given that a "Guard" has been passed. The syntax for declaring it looks like this: public class MyObject : ICanHandle<

I try to post some data, JSON format, from a mongoDB to a elasticSearch. Here is my code : First I extract data from mongoDB, then I try to post each "document" to my elastic, which adress is "http:

I want to bind a method of a model to a button control in ListViewItem template. How can I do that in WPF? I tried but I get an error in runtime. The error is I just need a very simple and

Unable to Get the Access token , Grant Type: password URL : https://login.microsoftonline.com/<tenant_id>/oauth2/v2.0/token?resources=https%3A%2F%2Fgraph.microsoft.com%2F Request: {'

I can't tell if there's something really obvious that I'm missing, but I'm writing a small game and I got some memory leaks using DrMemory. I couldn't figure out what was wrong exactly, so I wrote a

What is the proper way to remove a table from my code if I have already deleted it from the database manually or via migration? Which files/directories should I delete for a clean delete of the table?

1.)Filter The Share point Data with rows 2.)i have a requirement i need to get share point list data from java script using REST API and the data is around 5000 items are there. 3.)Now i want to get

I am creating a product loop on the homepage of our site. The site has smile elastic search running. I have set up the manual sort for products in the category admin and can loop thru the products,

Below scalar function called from stored procedure.but The stored procedure running very slow. I dont know what mistake i have done below function.Please help me to find what mistake done.

I really not familiar with the trigger of mssql. This is the trigger that i made on oracle. create or replace trigger a4history after update or delete on STUDENT for each row begin if updating then

Is there any option in git to reject my commit if I try to commit specific files which I don't want to commit at any cost unless I give approval deliberately.

I have an array like this: $aMyArray = ['name' = 'test', 'desctiption' = 'my description']; session(['aMyArray' => $aMyArray]); If I want to change a value in array, I must retrive first the

So I found a curiosity with Java's Map computeIfAbsent (using java8) method and I hope someone can tell me why this is happening as I can not really follow the logic behind that issue. So, I have a

let me show you how the contents of this.responseText looks like. {"items":[{"timestamp":"2018-12-19T15:18:38+08:00","cameras":[{"timestamp":"2018-12-19T15:17:18+08:00","image":"https://images.data.

I have a binary numpy array that contains filling data, and two grids that define the bounding box for the data: data = np.random.choice([0, 1], size=12).reshape((3, 4)) xGrid = np.linspace(1, 4, 4)

I have a TimeWindowed KTable stream.table("topicA") .groupByKey() .windowedBy(TimeWindows.of(TimeUnit.HOURS.toMillis(1L)) .until(TimeUnit.DAYS.toMillis(1L))) .reduce((value1,

I have a procedure with two tables ABC and EXT_ABC. EXT_ABC table is loaded with daily data ( EXT_ABC truncated at the end of every day) and ABC is loaded with everyday data from EXT_ABC to maintain

i'm new to foundation-cli and already searched for in the forum.. I tried to install it on my late 2012 iMac several times always getting warnings and errors. Is there anything i can do about it or

Give me full explanation to send data of one activity to second activity using Interface. Thanks in Advance..

So following is the code I coded to scrape data from Glassdoor. The problem is that the code works fine without the headless option it crawl all the pages ( whatever no is given ) but the issue is

enter image description here This problem arises when after the command [pip install mysqlclient] and red warning arises saying [Failed building wheel for mysqlclient]. error: command 'C:\Program

Is there an extra memory limitation for component IO or partials that is imposed by openMDAO? I can see that only 12 % of the whole memory is used but i still get such an error. Is this python or

Please help us to find right way to call .dll file in laravel 5.4 i have used use COM ; top of my controller as well and using this type of code for excute .dll file $obj = new COM('pathTo.dll'