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I've referred to the following threads and I don't think that this post is a duplicate of any of them: Calling a function of a module by using its name (a string) Python Call Function from String Use


I found some threads that explain why a Fragment class should be static (not non-static inner) like this. But can't understand the reason for this error message: This fragment class should be

UiPixReSvVIEW在UICollectionView SWIFFT3 iOS中没有更新

I am new to Swift3. I am uploading Video to Amazon S3 server from my Application and for each Video I have set one progress view. When I am adding a video that time my ProgressView is updating but my


Need to let admin user modify content on pages that are used by basic users without adding text to html, but from webpage. I'd like to add the content that I modify in textarea of TinyMCE editor to


I have a base class that defines a collection List<Person>. Now, one specific class extending the base class should change the collection type. Is that possible? public class Request {


I have this string DOCPROPERTY "EndDate" \\* MERGEFORMAT and am trying to extract the field name: "EndDate" Using the code: Dim p As String = "(.*)DOCPROPERTY(?<field>(.*))MERGEFORMAT(.*)"


As per my understanding the spring cloud consul config is using only port 8500 by default for communicating with consul. If this is correct, Won't this application participate in gossip protocol? If


I have just started playing with airflow. I am using bash operator in airflow to make a curl request to a post api. The api takes around 6-8 minutes after which it responds. When I make the curl


To implement Login, i used a dropdown control It's a simple dropdown placed to the right of the navbar made up of the input username and password fields and a button to send the data. the HTML code is:


I have some Data for a Messenger: public messages = [ { direction: 'me', // Required user_id: 554, // Required user: 'Sven', // Optional avatar: 'urltoavatar', //


Ag-grid is not returning me the state of my autoColumnGroup ("agGridAutoColumn")Output from ag-grid


Question I have two different folders with different paths and I want to link them to the same repository. For illustration purposes, the two different folders are Folder 1: C:\Users\Tea\Desktop\


I am trying to uplaod my ionic code APK on the Google Play store by the following command :- "ionic cordova build android --prod --release" but i am getting following error:- enter image


i made a game using python and now i`m asked to upload it to a website that works with PHP and make it work on the browser client-side like a flash game . can anyone tell me where to start ?


I have a problem with the use of Rabbitmq in RPC mode. We have a PHP server and a C# client. But there is too many autogenerate queue.. That kills my server. Do you have any idea ? Is there a way to

Ruby on Rails心理测量应用程序

Hi Guys im trying to create a ruby on rails app that will allow a user to answer a set of questions for a psychometric assessment. an example of a question is I am driven by financial reward. the


I'm kinda new to coding and I'd like to be able to stop the program and if possible throw up a custom error message from within a function (as in: def Rounded_square(lots of inputs): radius = (


I am trying to get Squid (3.5) to forward traffic to ip's connected to the internet ( an I am using the following squid config. This config can directly pass traffic going to .9


how to get the li value of multiple ul tags when it is clicked. this is my code: <h4>Size:</h4> <div class="row product_details"> <div class="col-md-3"> <


i have a problem to create a filterset for one of my ModelViewSets to provide filter functionality (incl. all allowed lookups e.g. in, gt, lt, ) for annotated fields in my api. My Code looks as


I've wrote a function that create workers with a limitation and that create a queue of workers which will be created when a slot in the pool will be free. here is the method export function


I am writing a code to make a query builder. but unfortunately, the filter table text box is not working. This might be a problem of javascript confliction. but I could not get the hang of it. Can


I have this JSON Data: {"title": "Title1", "authors": [{"name": "Dave Chappelle", "org": "MIT"}], "id": "abc123"} {"title": "Title2", "authors": [{"name": "Rick Sanchez"}, {"name": "Amy Schumer"], "


What is the best way to hide the progress-linear component ? Should i have it implemented as after waiting for many seconds after doing : axios.get(this.endpoint) .then(response => this.


Let's say I have a big .js file. I need to know which strings are duplicated in it. How to? Example: BigFile.js: var variable = "123456" function exampleFunc(test) { console.log(variable)


I have the following Test class, and my beans are always autowired according to the application.properties in my src path. The simple attributes are correctly autowired (queueFrom, queueTo) but


I am trying to make an item selection in React. You can see my code below. When I click on the item, they all selected, but my goal is to click only those that i clicked on. How can I do this? I found


I want to get imageview realPath and write textview.. I can get RealPath in library but ı cant in camera Here is My Code private void setTextViews(int sdk, String uriPath,String realPath){


I have written code that compares two strings to find matching words. Now I'd like to be able to find words that are relatively close. For example, book and brook are similar whereas book and luck are


I have a DataTable in oracle containing 5 string type columns, and I have a form in WinForms that can add remove or edit some of the rows. I want to send the whole table to the Oracle DB (using


I have a list of checkboxes (around 100+) and want to loop through to get the 'label' value without having to do the following 100+ items. <p>Colors: <?php the_field('colors'); ?></p&


My App.java is as follows: package com.prodatingscript.demo; import com.parse.Parse; import android.app.Application; public class App extends Application { @Override public void onCreate() {


i have a .txt file that has a number in it let say that number is set to var , how can i write a program that filter var in a way (on text change excute) if var == 9digits then write only the last 8


I have a Javascript code that creates a base64 image, but now I want to extract the image data from that base64 image. How do I do it? You can see the script live here. Javascript: function

XAMARIN Android系统

I use linphone-xamarin in my Xamarin project. I don't have any problem yo launch my project on my Android's devices with version 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0., but when I launch the project on my Samsung version


I'm working on a project. I have some options, and the price will be shown after the user choose the option. My codes are simply written below HTML <select name="package" id="package" onchange="


I am facing issues with recaptcha after updating jquery version from 1.12.0 to 3.3.1. I also have updated Bootstrap from 3.3.6 to yet to be released 3.3.8 version. The issues I am facing are: When I


$.ajax({ url:'http://localhost:9000/display', dataType: 'json', type: 'POST', contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8', data:JSON.stringify(finalJson), crossDomain:true, success:function(


I am developing a web server for a device that to be connected in a network. Its services will mostly be used in local large networks, not on Internet. To be specific, the device is an Under Vehicle


If x = 1.71 Then output = 1 If x = 1.82 Then output = 2 My round up factor is 0.8 How do I achieve this in Oracle stored procedure calculations?


I have multiple data(models) in a cell separated by columns(eg: 123, 456, 789). I would like to generate a report. That is how many times a model has been chosen in the enquiry file. For example: Name


We've been working on a Google App Script to automate a reporting based on query results for different Analtyics real time datasets stored in Big Query. Basically, every 10 minutes, I empty the table


I have created a service for calculating Steps. Obviously it will be running in background always . So I used startForground(1, notification) method. But I don't want to show notification as it is


i am added a tracking pixel to every message i sent through gmail for open tracking. It contains a traacking url and tracks email opens by reciever But when iopened my sent items , the tracking


I am developing a voice-bot using Dialogflow and Google Assistant. My webhook and API are in private network and I can access my webhook thorough proxy only, which is provided by the client. I have

在Windows Server 2016中使用XAMARIN安装VisualStudio 2015

Is there any restrictions to build cross-platform applications on Windows Server 2016 using Visual Studio 2015 with Xamarin.


How can I properly deserialize POCOs using OrmLite from ServiceStack when I dont know the exact type of the POCO at designtime, but I only get a Type at runtime? So, something like this: // Returns


I'm awkward as I only have Tableau public on my own computer. I'm using proper tableau on a remote desktop and can't upload data/files. I'm wondering if anyone can give me the general route as to


I have large number of includes and only one path is changing for each projects, this is causing lot of runtime. Is there a way in doxygen where I get to keep the initially generated files and only


I'm trying to test this lib https://github.com/Ritaja/java-exchange-rates/issues/3 But when I add gradle dependency project does not build successfully. Error: Program type already present: org.