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I am able to successfully create and insert entries in a table via Hibernate, however for some reason my update method appears to not be working. For my table, I chose to use Java annotations in the


My PHP script is returning the Mysql value with the highest ID, not the requested ID: <?php $db = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', '(Password)', 'web'); #THE 'userEmail' variable is from a


This is driving me crazy because it was working fine a few days ago, now it's messing up everything. I try to create a Unique Id by using UUID.randomUUID and it repeats itself twice. Basically to cut


My candlestick chart works except the last bar is hidden be the y axis labels. How can I position the y axis to the right to expose the last bars? This clip show just a sliver of the bar, not enough


Category component <ul v-else> <li v-for="cat in getCategories"> <router-link :to="{ name: 'ProductsCategory', params: {category_name: cat.name}}">{{ cat.name }}</


I am trying to display 2 piechart in same view, this is my view code : <div class="panel-body form-horizontal"> {{-- <div id="morris-donut-chart"></div> --}} <div class="

如何循环多维数组并一次加载一个部分?- JavaScript

I have a very very big multidimensional javascript array object with coordinates of many earthquakes. Like this: var array_eq= [ [ 0 : { "casa": "home",


I want Jenkins to run JavaScript unit tests. Although I came across different JavaScript unit test frameworks, like Jasmine or Tape, I cannot find any documentation on how to make them work and set-


html from gutenberg]1 I want to parse an html like this and get the href link and title using JSoup.I tried many ways but never succeed. Anyone can help?


I am giving new Class() in an HTML, however I need to get the result of this SET in another HTML, how do I do this? OBS: I'm using JAVASCRIPT OOP and ECMASCRIPT 6. URIControler.js class


I am using php7 when i convert from php5 to php7 I get these error Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; Sql has a deprecated


I am new to ansible and I am running a playbook that will be installing jenkins into my ec2 AMI Linux instance. However, when running the playbook, I was experiencing error on the task: name:


is it normal for session_start to take too long in redis using PHP 7.1? $start = microtime(true); ini_set('session.auto_start', false); ini_set('session.cookie_httponly', true); ini_set('


I have a table on a SQL Server with 4 columns : Example: **ID - Name - Value - CAT** 1 - John - 100 - A 2 - Mary - 200 - B 3 - John - 150 - B And i need a trigger


The files are currently named like this: apple_1.jpg apple_2.jpg appke_3.jpg apple_4.jpg appke_5.jpg And I'd like to change them to: apple_5.jpg apple_6.jpg apple_7.jpg apple_8.jpg apple_9.jpg

Swift字符串初始化导致ESCA BADIAccess

I use the Xcode10 beta1 with swift4.2 on ios12 develop. When I Initialize a String in a swift file like this: let _aa:String=String.init(); The constant _aa is never declare before.(That means this

XAMARIN错误:无法打开文本符号文件Obj\Debug \r.txt:权限被拒绝

In VS 2017 I have created new cross-platform project (Mobile App with Xamarin.Forms). Just after IDE finished creating all files, I tried to build solution and got this error: "Unable to open text


I am trying to highlight elements of my bsModal with the r wrapper for intro.js, however cannot get it to work. I have also tried to include custom js scripts, but my js is terrible. I have also set


one of the answer in this question is using pure css approach: HTML: <div id="summary">Sample</div> <div id="detail">Detail of this summary</div> CSS: > #summary:hover +


A MATLAB struct was created: filenameSubstring='C:\Data\**/*.json'; filenames = dir(filenameSubstring); The attempt to evaluate the mean was unsuccessful: sizemean = mean(filenames.size); Attempts


I assembled some codes for zooming and sliding images using Cloudzoom and Thumbelina vertical slider. After I posted it on Blogger blog (Emporio Theme) the slider seems working but I can't click the


I've seen many UUID articles but can't find unique id oriented to device like android / iPhone.. is it possible to get unique device id value in node js?


I'm dealing with design layers of an application. Basically what I've so far are: Business requirements Architecture: Client-Server Techonologies: PHP+MySQL, HTML5, JS, 3rd parties APIs My app Data


I am creating a profile page screen for my application. The screen displays all the user's recent posts. I used storyboard to create two UICollectionViewCells in a UICollectionView, one that displays


I am using Jhipster (Version 4.13.1) with angular 4 and gradle, when I build for production my application using 'gradlew -Pprod bootRepackage' command it takes more then 2GB memory to build. My


I've developed a flutter app in AndroidStudio and everything is running perfect. Now I want to display the app on iOS device. I see many similar questions which state that you have to have x-code,


I have used Mobile Vision before and i'm curious, that how i can use the camera as a source to detect barcode. There is nothing fancy, previously i have passed the detector to a CameraSource, but in

导航抽屉在Android Studio3.0.1中崩溃

I am making a navigation drawer that when you tap on it, it launches an activity. "nav_camera" works, it opens the activity "AddActivity" But "nav_gallery" crashes the app, and I am not sure what to


program to check if a no is power of 2 or not int not; // no of testcase unsigned long long int no; // input number int arr[100]; scanf ("%d", &not); for ( int i = 0; i < not; i++ ) {

Rails 5.2和TurbLink、Webpacker和角6的重复页面获取

I have a contact page in Rails that runs an Angular 6 application, <% content_for :content_title, "Contact Us" %> <% content_for :metatags do %> <!-- This is to get rid of "Zone


My dataframe has daily stock data in it: Date AAPL NFLX INTC 0 2008-01-02 27.834286 3.764286 25.350000 1 2008-01-03 27.847143 3.724286 24.670000 2 2008-01-04


I am using the following method in viewDidAppear to add an UILabel which show today date as a subview. let date = Date() let formatter = DateFormatter() formatter.dateFormat = "EEEE, dd


Given an image (2048x2018) with a lot of noise of random pixels (>90% for each possible image), there are several pixels of the same color distributed across entire image. I want to remove noise and

如何在IOS模拟器上删除Hello World事件

hello world thing on simulator How to remove this hello world thing on simulator. This is happening since i update Xcode and high sierra [ Xcode version 9.4 , iOS version 11.4 , macOS High Sierra


I have a simple Ionic implementation (Android) to receive message from FCM. When a message is sent from the Firebase console, the notification arrives and an alert is displayed but the message data is


So I'm trying to limit the results only to those that placed 2 or more orders but I'm not sure what I did or what I need to do in order to get that result. Here is what I've gotten so far: SELECT C.


In Angular 5, is there a way to dynamically set the #property when using *ngFor? <div *ngFor="let i of inputs"> <input #field> </div> I would like it to be #field1, #field2, #

There is a node.js service listning on port:8080 and my asp.net mvc application needs to communucate with node.js service using socket.io This works fine in local host. But getting 502 and 522 error


Pycharm code completion is fine in code editor, but rather slow in debugger console. It always hangs for quite a while (up to minutes) after typed in the first letter after a variable of sort (say


I've been thinking if there's an answer to the question. So i have this code in server.R desc <- reactive({ for (i in 1:input$txt1){ print(paste("Cluster ke", i)) clust <- ensemble()


I am having difficulties trying to order a list element-wise by decreasing order I have a ByPos_Mindex object or a list of 1000 IRange objects (CG_seqP) from C <- vmatchPattern(CG, CPGi_Seq,


Does anyone here knows how to have to decimal places in html code? <#assign unitprice = item.itemunitprice/> <td border-bottom="0" border-right="1" border-top="1" align="right">${


I have data frame like this test <- data.frame(gr=rep(letters[1:2],each=6),No=c(100:105,200:205)) gr No 1 a 100 2 a 101 3 a 102 4 a 103 5 a 104 6 a 105 7 b 200 8 b 201 9 b


Regex Pattern: Regex::new(r#"/test/(\w+)/"#).unwrap(); Input string: /test/test1/test2/ I am using let result = REGEX_PATH_WITHOUT_DOT.replace_all(&input, "$1:"); to replace. Now my problem

使用jQuery /JavaScript读取更多不使用SQLite数据库的按钮

Am trying to implement readmore button within a data retrieved from sqlite database via javascript/jquery append() functions but the read more button is not showing as in the code below function


I am using react native and I have a situation where I navigate to a new component using react navigation v2 stack navigator. The user then presses an option and goes back to the original screen they

Java Eclipse servlet——从本地文本文件读取输入

i'm trying to run a servlet on java through eclipse, but when I try to read in data from a local textfile in the same folder as my java project I get an error 500 on tomcat when running my servlet.

科尔多瓦建造Android -不是WWRIKE

when i run cordova buidld android it is showing below error Android Studio project detected ANDROID_HOME=/home/vishal/Android/Sdk JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64 studio /usr/lib/jvm/java-


I am looking at one database, which somebody else created, and I am trying to find relationship between tables. But those tables have only keys (indexes), and some of them have primary key too. There


I have a drawable xml mybackground.xml as below with a height of 50dp <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <layer-list xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"> &