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Here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/dlgbox/using-dialog-boxes#creating-a-modeless-dialog-box I don't understand the second example. Where is msg defined? I could find them in the

I am using the Python SDK of Apache Beam. I have a few transform steps and want to make them reuseable, which points me to write a custom composite transform like this: class MyCompositeTransform(

Why is the InstantiableConcreteTask giving a compilation error for abstract method execute , when it has already been implemented by its immediate parent. abstract Class Task: abstract public void

I have a StackBlitz that you can fork, I found a similar answer but I'm having trouble applying it to my example, I think it's because I have an array of objects. I have the code working but it's

In the screenshot below, there are 3 scroll list. List 1 contain List 2 and List 3. List 2,3 won't scroll when they not fully visible. I think we need some ways to make list 2,3 pass user wipe action

I'm trying to understand what I'm doing wrong here.. all responses appreciated :) If uncomment "// grow()" works, else errors: prog.go:38:2: impossible type switch case: p (type plant) cannot

Whenever I expose a service as a load balancer in kubernetes the external-IP is in forever pending state. So, I am not able to access the dgraph ratle through my browser. I needed to expose my service

http://demo.globalmedya.com/ilgenvida.com/cevirbak/index.php in this link after click the zoom button if i move the picture somewhere with mouse, i can't stop it always the picture follows the mouse.

I want to use FabricJS to draw shapes in an existing vaadin 12 project, but the shapes not showing. test-design-1.html file: <div id="divCanvas"> <canvas id="c" height="800px"

I have XML file which have some tags with dot(.), now i am using "StringWriter" to Map XML data with C#, but i am not able to handle XML tags which have dot(.) in tag name like:- "Customer.Name", how

I use WriteableBitmapEX with WPF, draw vertical line to fill the WriteableBitmap from left to right. If the Visual Studio 2015 debugger is attached, it draw fast. Debug or Release mode does not

I have a list of events in HTML: <ol> <li data="01-11-2018">Event 1</li> <li data="06-12-2018">Event 2</li> <li data="04-03-2019">Event 3</li> <li

Hello i want to know that how can i access the current username in my laravel route file? i want to add current user name as prefix in my url but i don't want to pass username as parameter for every

such as: gcc test.c mystaticlib.a -o test -O2, whould -O2 take effect for mystaticlib.a, or just test.c?

I want to learn c c++ reverse engineering practically which of the books is best and simple. I dont know about this anything.

I wrote a erc20 token contract and I deployed in rinkeby tetstnet. I given the toatl supply=1000000 but my token balance is showing 0 in metamask. How can I get the tokens and tell me the way to get

so im making a media player in javafx (eclipse) and i used to slider as a progress bar and scrubber but for some reason the sider only shows the progress for the first media , as soon as i press next

I am trying to have a notification bar for playing music using foreground service. I want to identify which control of exoplayer clicked in a notification, like play, pause, rewind, fastforward or so.

I'm using an ACS ACR1252U card reader (http://www.acs.com.hk/en/products/342/acr1252u-usb-nfc-reader-iii-nfc-forum-certified-reader/) connected via USB. Using the command E0 00 00 40 03 01 00 00 I'

I have some code that works. It immediately reroutes a user from the /test page to the FinishedPaying page. It is as so: class Test extends Component { state = { redirect: true };

Created a bootable USB disk with the DBAN program, which must be loaded before the operating system starts. The bootable USB disk was created by the program "rufus-3.3", while indicating that "file

I am stuck on sending some small chunk of data sending from one module to another module. I don't store this chunk of data in query params or in some browser level storage or caching. What options are

I want to import the database from our staging database (RethinkDB) to my local/PC. Since I do not have access to the server, I was given a dump file (archive of the db tables). The archive file

I want to write a script to create an image from a connection matrix. Basically, wherever there is a '1' in the matrix, I want that area to be shaded in the image. For eg - I created this image

Please Help me, i download an application and it cannot be open. it says the "Application Error, The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) Click OK to close the Aplication". So, i

I have created a JS Viz in Spotfire using Datatables.js I want to navigate to another page, by clicking on a number in the table (each column corresponds to a specific page/tab in spotfire) I know

I have an edittext and a button outside my recyclerview . whenever i click the button it should update all edittext inside my recyclerview with the value from the outside edittext. how i could

I have a model that has been trained and stored to file in Tensorflow. It was a pretrained model that had some parameter tweaking done to produce the required results. Now I am looking to take that

How can I accommodate all the file Names/Titles in Top bar in VSCode ?

Having a JPA - Spring Specification implementation for 2 API's : 1) POST ../v1/create/ref (Which makes almost 10-15 DB transactions) 2) GET ../v1/ref Both works good if trigger individually. But,

I have to create a chat application in native code (android/iOS) as a library or Plugin so that can be integrated in other mobile apps whether its a Native application , React-native or Ionic

I have done to print logs in the console but I have no idea how to print logs in a text file

I'm stuck here, I have x website and i have created a REST API and now i have a customer key, but now where can set this ? I have search about this but i didn't get anything and I'm confusing when

I use the Firebase to allow users to save URL to play Youtube videos. But if the video is not fully loaded, click the button and it will crash on the next activity. If the video has already been

It's a bit cumbersome to pull in the software's bundle name every time one creates a namespaced label for DispatchQueue, but that's the format. What's the best practice here to avoid messy code and/

So i'm constantly getting the error as mentioned in the title : my code to write to excel file is : try: cwd1 = os.getcwd() + "\\Downloads32" f = open(filename, "r+") text = f.

I have created three to four windows installer. To reference source files in installer i use below code: <Component Id="cmp1089418F0051423B914187A2176B5E5C" Guid="{1089418F-0051-423B-9141-

My log4j file produces two logger files one for errors, one for information. I want to get an email only when error occurs. How do we separate email like that? log4j.rootLogger=INFO,file #for ERROR

I converted kerio.deb to kerio.rpm using alien and now I'm getting the below conflict message. Does it mean that Kerio can't be installed on fedora? I need kerio for my work and if I can't install it

Lets say i have the data below: import numpy as np import pandas as pd data=np.array([["xxx--xxx--xxx--yyy"], ["aaa--bbb--aaa--ccc"], ["xxx--axa--axa--ccc"],

Having a problem with trying to connect my Raspberry pi running android things to my wifi network programmatically. If I use the the adb command it connects with no problems. Here is my Logcat

Does lombok project support openjdk 11? If yes, How? I gave a try on it but couldn't.

I want to display a signal waveform passed through AWGN channel,so I followed these block diagrams and referenced this website then finished this program. (http://drmoazzam.com/matlab-code-bpsk-

As per firebace doc, we can send FCM data messages in below format: { "message":{ "token":"bk3RNwTe3H0:CI2k_HHwgIpoDKCIZvvDMExUdFQ3P1", "data":{ "Nick" : "Mario", "body" : "great match!", "

I am trying to install TA-Lib for Python 3.7. I've already read through a number of solutions, but have come to a point I can't figure out. Here is the message I get from pip: Collecting ta-lib

I have a node/express/mongoose project where I'm not getting something I have an endpoint where I'm passing in an object, to populate another object. The first object may not have all the values

I am trying to send logs of docker containers on a machine to ELK stack that's active on another docker machine. Is there a straightforward way to do this?

1.Producer exchange name : xyz, exchange type: direct, queue: myqueue, routingkey : myroutingkey, producer can be able publish in following ways - 1.send message : myroutingkey + header[type] =

I use SetApartmentState in webbrowser: Private Sub frmMain_Shown(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Shown Dim th As System.Threading.Thread = New Threading.Thread(AddressOf Task_A)

I am trying to write a regular expression which returns a string which is between two other strings. For example: I want to get the string along with spaces which resides between the strings "15/08/