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I was implementing bottom app bar in: implementation 'com.android.support:design:28.0.0' and it all went fine until I put the coordinator layout in a constraint layout with match_constraint property

In the following code, I am converting an image file into a string depending on the choices of radio buttons: def convert_now(self): self.img_data = "" self.img_data_encoded = ""

I'm looking for a way, and a simple example, of running Active MQ in memory, in order to perform encapsulated integration tests (using Unit Tests framework, in my case: xUnit).

As I am new to html and dart. As I am going to connect html button with dart file but I couldn't connect it so please help how to do it. Folowing is my html and dart codes. <div> <button

My json passed from angular { address: "sample address", gst_no: "asdfas2342asfsdf", vendor_code: "12312as", vendor_name: "asdfsdf3", } In Laravel api.php Route::post('createVendor' , '

How Parent object will create in Django Restframework nested serializers? I want to show all children associated to the parent but the problem is that when I try to create Parent it asks children list

I want to build a modularized system with modules communicating over ZeroMQ. To improve usability, I want to Dockerize (some) of these modules, so that users don't have to setup an environment.

<?php $sql_query = "SELECT id_card_no, voter_name, gender,age, voting_booth_detail, ac_no,part_no,sr_no,email FROM a318 WHERE email IS NOT NULL"; mysqli_set_charset($db,'utf8'); $

When I try to import the sample json file "home-automation.json", LUIS throws back the BadArgument: Failed to parse application json. Parameter name: applicationJsonString

I want to incorporate inverse-probability weights (iptw) into the likelihood to do what the svyglm does with weight (i.e., create pseudo-populations). According to @Jeremy Miles and elsewhere, svyglm

Python 3.5 / Windows 10 / tensorflow-gpu 1.12 (GTX 1070) Goal: Build a convolution autoencoder for 3 channel images Tutorial Source: https://towardsdatascience.com/autoencoders-introduction-and-

Alright, so i'm trying to create a script that flips a coin untill either "heads" is flipped 3 times in a row, or " tails" is flipped 3 times in a row. My attempt is a quite long snippet of code that

Im new with flexbox, im using bootstrap 4 and i have and issue. How can do div cont1 have 100% of his parent div(flex-column)? .cont1{ background-color: red; height: 100%; } @media

I have a remote Virtual Machine and I'm developing a Spark Application that runs inside a Docker container. 2018-12-16 13:07:10 INFO main [AbstractConnector] - Started ServerConnector@79c3f01f{HTTP/

I've just started python and OCW seemed like a pretty popular choice to start. However i'm stuck at a problem set wherein given a set of params you have to figure out the amount of salary you have to

please anybody help me in the UIautomator for UI testing, i am unable to find proper answer

I'm working on SEO for my blog and I'm building structured data for Google. I think I have to get this date format : 2018-12-13T10:50:00+00:00 Currently, my date is like this because I don't know how

I am working on WebRTC and connecting two-peers on different browser pages, one peer which is initiator comes with this url http://localhost:4200/#init and other which is video receiver comes with

I have a question about webhook connect. I edited usually by inline editor of dialogflow. But now I want to edit in my local. So I did some setting. [1] I made file, Users/a/firebase.js

I Have an Activity , that has a button on it , i want to change orientation 90 degrees clockwise after everytime user clicks on button , i wrote some codes and worked on emulator , but when i tested

How do you load another common script for a provisioner such as . scripts/common/import.sh "provisioners": [ { "type": "shell", "script": "scripts/scr.sh", } ],

So I've always run whois from linux command line and I see the normal stuff, Im sure we are all very familiar with. But lately I have been seeing 2 weird occurrences when running it. Occurrence #1:

How can I write Szudzik's function in Java? Szudzik's Function is a function that pairs two numbers to give a unique number. Mapping two integers to one, in a unique and deterministic way

I facing some issue when integrate vast ads with jwplayer 8 this is the error com.stickyadstv.vpaid.core.Vast Empty vast. (env:undefined) mustang.min.js:61:248 com.stickyadstv.vast.Vast ERROR CODE :

export class FriendsaddPage { chatPayload: Chat; email: string; name: string; chatuser: string; friendsStorage: string; private chatService: ChatService; private db: AngularFirestore

I can successfully upload a file using MVC but when the file gets great a little bit I encountered the following error: HTTP Error 404- File or Directory not found This is my codes: [HttpPost]

How do I stop a firestore transaction from retrying after it has been run for the first time . I have a function which I want to run once so that if there is a network problem it does not retry again.

i can't user clarifai in angular 7 give me this error index.js:8 Uncaught ReferenceError: global is not defined at Object../node_modules/clarifai/dist/index.js (index.js:8) at

This is the image Some more information about my localhost server: Server: Localhost via UNIX socket Server type: MySQL Server version: 5.7.24-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 - (Ubuntu) Protocol version: 10 User:

Using git bash: I worked on my master branch, pushed it and decided I want to implement a new feature. I created a new branch for that. Later I added another feature, creating yet another branch. I

this error enter image description here anyone can help me? please <tr> <td>{{ $siswa->nisn }}</td> <td>{{ $siswa->nama_siswa }}</td> <td>{{ $siswa-&

I have a large python code base which I need to dig in. I think it would be easier if I could create dependency graphs between classes and modules in python to understand the code. I want to use pymap

I'd like to know if it's possible to pre-configure some Spring Boot properties like : # application.yml server: port: 8443 management: server: port: 9443 From a custom starter library (

I am trying to do some progressive rendering, but seem to have some problems to do it with my current setup: most of the examples seem to follow a similar approach as described here <figure>

I have no idea how to start here. Can you do the following? I have 50+ tables like this `db.events_100`: + id + ts + var + val + -------------------------------------------- |

I need to open one activity from several different points in the app. Let's say from Settings fragment, Main Activity and Navigation drawer (fragment). I don't want to copy/paste the same method and

I need help regarding PHP upload multiple images with different logics. I am having 1 primary image input button and 4 optional image input buttons. 1st Logic: Upload All Images from 1-4 images 2nd

I have a table with child rows and I use ColReorder and it is set to true in the def. I can move columns - that is fine, but right next to pretty much each column except column 0 there are child rows

Jenkins In Jenkins I decided to use the remote docker feature. So I installed docker.io on the linux server and use this pipeline. node { stage('Example') { docker.withServer('tcp://

I know there is a lot of Solutions but i can not find the best solution. I am using ELK **5.x,**I am trying to configure Kibana to depend on Time Stamp from Logs files not from the Insertion Time

I tried z-index and overflow in a lot of ways but they didn't work this is my select <div class="col-md-9" > <select id="

if(empty($first_name) || empty($last_name) || empty($user_password) || empty($user_positon) || empty($user_department) || empty($user_status)) {header("Location: signup.php"); exit(

having trouble trying to get subprocess to run mayapy.exe program but I am running into a problem with subprocess not finding the .exe file even though I am providing the path. Why? import subprocess

I'm trying to remove a product from the cart using the Shopify Ajax API, but the product isn't getting removed and I get an Unexpected token: ':' error in the console. $(".slide-cart-remove").on("

I have just started learning machine learning and I was watching a tutorial in which the tutor used OneHotEncoder for dummy encoding (the reason given by him was so that the categorical features don't

Playing with Dart, is it possible to create a delay constructing a Future?: Future<String>.value("Hello").then((newsDigest) { print(newsDigest); }) // .delayed(Duration(seconds: 5)

I have a really weird problem with IE. The text breaks (completely unnecessary) in to more lines even though there is plenty room for it. This only happens sometimes when reload page with ctr + 5. If

I am fairly new to React native, and I have bought a template called sketch elements to get me started which is using Flow for it's type checking. https://react-native.shop/elements I would like to

I start a kubernetes cluster by kubeadm v1.12.1. I deploy metric-server, heapster, influxdb and when I run the kubectl top nodes/pods it gives me the resource percentage usage by nodes/pods. But the

I am trying to get a burt table from a python dataframe, this is what I want: http://documentation.statsoft.com/STATISTICAHelp.aspx?path=glossary/GlossaryTwo/B/BurtTables I've looked a lot through