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To begin: The two problems i have both happen because of a faulty headset plug. Something like headset blocker would work if it wasn't for device compatibility stuff. If there is an alternative out

Recently I was working with my android studio with no problems, suddenly my project started giving random errors started to show up(about my resources) after I tried to add a new library to my project.

How can I explicitly insert a horizontal spacing in Sphinx/reStructuredText? The original problem is that I want to have a vocalization sign ُ to appear over space, but it is always displayed over

I have set up a demo Twilio studio flow which can process a loan via text or voice. I would now like to put an autopilot in front of it to chat to the user to identify they want a loan and then pass

Earlier in our .Net application we were using ACS service for validating user identity but now we are using OKTA authentication. In ACS we were getting SecurityToken and from OKTA we are now getting

I would like to read the Popularimeter frame from a file with id3-go. This is how the frame looks like when printing with mutagen-inspect: $ mutagen-inspect samples/with_popm.mp3 | grep POPM POPM=

I need an efficient algorithm to merge lists with duplicated items into 1 list. the lists have the same excat items at different order. and they are all inside one big list. example: [ [1,2,3],[3,2,1]

I want to display the search from a form in the url like https://website.com/search?q=query. How can I do that in flask?

this program cannot runing. i dont know why abstact class public class Mahasiswa implements Comparable { private String nama; private int nim; public Mahasiswa(String nama, int nim) { } public

I've had issues installing django dynamic scraper on Windoes (pillow installation was causing problems..), but found it works perfectly well on python 3.5.3. As I am currently using python 3.7, I

Given I have the following JSON format which to be populate to the JQuery Datatable: "Info": [ { "Username": "Reinhardt", "Address": "Reinhardt Street", "

Can you help me list categories in the order as they appear in wordpress admin? So I have the following piece of code in a wp page template, which lists categories for a vendor (user). &

Trying to set webpack.ProvidePlugin doesn't work on Vue-cli 3. I'm trying to set lodash as a global import (so I wont have to import it in each store module). vue.config const webpack = require("

Fairly new to MySQL and I'm a getting little lost in how to build the following query. The table below shows what I want my intended output to be like. +---------+------------+-----------------+-----

Tables with sample data: CREATE TABLE TBL_1 ( ID int, FName varchar(100), LName varchar(100), MobileNumber varchar(20) ); INSERT INTO TBL_1 VALUES(1,'John','Mak','1234567890'); INSERT

Please how can I achieve this kind of spacing between containers. I also notice the containers have some kind of Bevel raise. How can I achieve that too (from code).

So currently I have an assignment for class to make a memory game. The "cards" work as I want to. Now what i have to do is have the point system in place. I made 36 buttons in a JFrame now what I

I keep getting an error when trying to display individual items. This is my code, i hope its understandable. my urls page: urlpatterns = [ url(r'^$', views.home, name='home'), url(r'^about/',

I was writting an app using C# to upload files to GoogleDrive. with some video files, it seems that google couldn't mark it's mimeType correctly. and I was looking for a way to change it instead of

I am trying to install Android Studio on Ubuntu 18.04. I downloaded and extracted Android Studio 3.1, and was wondering which JDK version is the last supported by Android Studio. According to

we are working on many different applications where each application has its own VS solution (and of course a CS project). Additionally there are many libraries (also CS projects) that are shared

Need you help please tell me what i am doing wrong in that function ? According to docs examples all should work .. docs create or replace function loginValidator(nickname varchar, email varchar,

Can the C macro #define process arithmetic operations in preprocessing? For example, if I write #define A 1 + 1 will it be pre-processed to be equivalent to #define A 2 before compiling?

When I use Live WCF service it shows error There was no endpoint listening at this that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action

I am having an Angular 2 app and in one component I have a nested grid. One main grid with a heading and each row is another grid, added by an *ngFor, and I don´t know how many rows I will get. If a

How can I deal with this, How do i get the cp and rm commands to run on windows? "copy:hosting": "cp -r ./dist/mysite/* ./public && rm ./public/index.html", Or if there's an equivalent of

why is this code not running after printing of array if I take value of n>=9??? printf("Enter No of Elements\n") scanf("%d",&n) printf("Enter Elements\n") for(i=0;i<n;i++){

I am working on to implement the research paper "Salient object detection based on multi-scale contrast". I am done with the first part of the preprocessing i.e super-pixel segmentation i dont know

I am using Firebase Unity SDK for iOS and am having troubles updating the SDK. I have been continuously trying to update the SDK since April version 4.5.2. Authentication and Database are working fine,

Currently I am mocking the Vuex store import Vue from "vue"; import Vuex from "vuex"; Vue.use(Vuex); export const getters = { loading: jest.fn().mockReturnValue(false), language: jest.fn().

I am puzzled about the following description: _ERROR: dependency 'SuppDists' is not available for package 'kSamples' removing 'F:/R-3.5.1/library/kSamples' In R CMD INSTALL_ Is my edition too

I have an issue, that I want to read csv files with similar names from a same path. The csv files are in 'C:\Users\Desktop\Data', and the names are just like: "data_20180301","data_20180302""

RiskIQ is kind of "private Google" which crawls and index entire Internet. This company suppose themselves to be the police of the internet and pester certain website owners, many without any relevant

I would like to know if there is a recommended way to return data back from a server to a client in python implementation of GRPC. Currently, I have a dedicated server's RPC call that blocks on

i have been fllowing a code from https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-to-write-a-super-fast-link-shortener-with-elixir-phoenix-and-mnesia-70ffa1564b3c to write a url shortener as a means to learn

I have a suite of tests but something is just not clicking regarding callback assertions. My feeling is that the done() parameter needs to be woven in, but I'm doing it wrong. I basically have two

// below code is written inside MainJS and Function "giveSelection" is calling from onChange var sel1 = document.querySelector('#sel1'); var sel2 = document.querySelector('#sel2'); var

Am just wondering if i can create listView of items that is also fragments. Like htis Picture I mean if list have 10 items that in activity, so any item is different instance from the one fragment

I created a Custom Dialog Window in Google Spreadsheet using Google App Script that looks like this: How do I get the data from the window to my spreadsheet. Here is my HTML code: <!DOCTYPE

i have tried many advise like devtool, cran , gooogle Api. i tested by downgrading R version still facing same error as below. can someone help me here please. Warning message in download.file(url,

I have this code: $doc = new \DOMDocument(); $doc->loadHTML($content); $links = []; $container = $doc->getElementById("content"); $arr = $container->getElementsByTagName("a");

I am trying to fetch data and display it in my view using laravel but I am getting the above error. Please help me. my code is given. education.blade.php <div class="container"><br> &

How do I wait for a semaphore to "reach zero"? And close it for new threads (set CurrentCount to 0)? Or am I using it wrong? Other better methods to gracefully close down a server? private

I have created a page template to show all list of post liked by current user it was listing the liked post but what i am not getting is i am trying to keep a remove like near every posts in the list

I'm using Marvel API to create an app and I want to implement pagination. This is the action for getting data, in response I can get total number of items, offset, limit, count; export const

i want to know the solution of problem the question is There are 5 paths from A to G inside the loop. If the loop is repeated 18 times, the number of all possible cases is 3814697265625. Explain how

I have this form And this code for the form is like this: .form-group.form-item.row = hidden_field_tag "test_method_id", @test_method.id, id: 'test_method_id' .col-sm-3 %label Signature

import java.util.*; class TestBinary { public static void main(String [] args) { BinarySearch tree = new BinarySearch(); tree.root = new BinaryNode(2); tree.root.left =

I've set up an online store and in the database, there are currently two orders. Despite this, though, when I call the database from PHP (7.0) to appear, with them being in two pairs of almost

Determine my letter showing only the odd letters and even letters. char cLet; int nLen; string sWord; cout<<"Enter a word: "; getline(cin,sWord); nLen=((sWord.length()-1)); for (int x=0; x<