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I'm new to ionic framework. I've already set the path of gradle and java on the Environmental variables on Windows 7. Kindly check the errors on the image below. Hope anyone can help me. Thanks.


I am working on a page that is built in Knack. I am filtering drop downs, and want to hide them if there are no results for that dropdown. Here is the page: https://gearheart.knack.com/gearheart-


How to reset a select box selection to the very first choice just after the form submit, with React JS? Please refer to the following snippet: import React, { Component } from "react"; import {

在Python CGI服务器错误

I am trying to implement cgi programming in python, for that i have Xampp server installed and configured on my system,I have updated the files as per the configuration required for the CGI

libGDX AI行为树”taskattribute对枚举不工作

I made an issue for this because I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if there is an error. Adding a public enum member variable with the TaskAttribute annotation does not work in the sense

自定义对象检测模型突破因为“(Python V3.5 W / tensorflow v1.8)

This seems to be a problem that is unique to me because I have found 0 results on the web for it. First Error Second Error The command that I'm trying to run from my object_detection folder is is


I am trying to use this function below for applying a nested condition, which first checks if the file is a text file and then checks the word in that file. If both are yes then the file entry is

Redux /布局容器与道具。通过从道具店布局使用反应路由器

I have a set of containers I've now separated out. Layout contains app navigation links. App contains the content within the Layout (effectively a child). This is how the code looks when working


play3d supports customized scene update function, i.e., you can do basically do whatever you want from frame to frame, including adding/updating shapes, surfaces, lighting, or viewpoint. See demo(flag)

推广手法对dplyr R数据框

I have a large data.frame structured like the following example df df <- data.frame(id = c(rep("A",3), rep("B", 2), rep("C", 4)), x = c(paste0(letters[1:3],1) , paste0(letters[1:

Python 3有人可以解释这是如何索引?

new user here so please be understanding if my question/code isn't quite up to par and I'll take any suggestions into account. The code is designed to count the amount of substrings (sb) in the


I am trying to use a class member function in another member function from the same class. Only thing is both class member functions(Class Foo) use arguments which are some parameters which come from


I've referred to several threads and articles including: Importing modules from parent folder Can't get Python to import from a different folder Import Script from a Parent Directory PEP 328 --


<integer> ⇒ <digit> | <integer><digit> <digit> ⇒ 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 I was able to make a leftmost derivation with this, but I'm having an issue

AWS EC2实例的服务器

What is a good EC2 instance to create if I want to configure a server by uwsgi and nginx with django 2.0 and python 3.x? I want to know because I need procesing power for file procesing, matrix


I'm building a very basic notepad app that saves data entered into a text field with a timer that triggers every 4 seconds. I have already figured out the logic to save and load the data after the app


We have a WordPress site, and we have a big issue. When the user moves through the pages, sometimes there is an unexpected logout. This issue appeared when we moved at CloudFlare CDN. So, as we


function myFunction(){ var url = "https://crix-api-endpoint.upbit.com/v1/crix/candles/minutes/1?code=CRIX.UPBIT.KRW-BTC"; var res = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url); var content = res.


So I'm currently working on a little summer project here -- a text-based RPG (I know -- how original!). Anyways, I've run into an issue. I want to have an inventory class for my character, which


I need to validate the user last name to enable alphabets, dash, underscore and single quote. What code do I need to add under lastname to enable that? Below is my code, <script async src=/


i am trying to install pygame, but the system displays the following error.enter image description here i tried all files on https://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#pygame but still cannot solve


So I have the fields name, dob, and image. When I want to update data name and dob fields are filled with data but not image. I want to edit data say the name I have to upload the image again. If I do

如何在jwplayer Android SDK设置playbackrates

I'm used JWPlayer for play video in native android, I want to set playbackRates for up/down video speed, but I didn't find a way to use it, Help me please.


I'm currently working on a groovy based application on the top of JDK8 and spring-beans:4.3.1.RELEASE. I need to introduce a method by which I can recreate a targeted bean by its name at runtime. I


I'm building a site using Vue Js and I want to transition between router-views. There are many different possible for the transition depending from to which screen you go (for example a fade in or a


The list I am attempting to print off is here: https://tmi.twitch.tv/group/user/joxterthemighty/chatters My goal is to print a line containing each name under the "viewers" section of the JSON,


I'm trying to listen file changes in a folder except .gitignore to trigger rebuild. It seems like using inotifywait with --exclude option is the right way to do. Does anyone know a good way to


I am writing an app that will allow people to look up an account account and allow a user to choose from two options, line by line in a datatable. I'd like to output those selections eventually.


I write a sample to test the GPU parallel computing in cuda. enter image description here I call the function text, but it doesn't work correctly, I mean, the function I call should change the value,


Network latency impact the performance of my Application (vb.net) (which heavy retrieve data from SQL server), how to test and improve?


I have a pandas dataframe file.I'm trying to break up a dataframe column contains . column A column B (('<s>', '<s>'), 'abc') 0.


output keep on generating "try again" whats the error here ? import random x = int(input("guess a number between 0 and 10: \n")) y = random.randint(0,10) n = "try again"


I am practicing some vulnerabilities in smart contracts for my lecture in the university. The contracts that I am practicing on are; contract Company is CompanyInterface { address public ceo;

通过jsoup串[ ]

I want to get several images of a URL and move to a String [] and then play to a slide. In the case I have already been able to do this with help is listing normal in the Log. However I am not sure


I have some jquery for smooth scrolling: $(document).on('click', 'a[href^="#"]', function (event) { event.preventDefault(); $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $($.attr(this, 'href')


I have an activity whose sole purpose is to show 5 different fragments in a frame layout. There are 5 buttons, each corresponding to one of the 5 fragments that can be displayed in the frame layout.


I am using the standard auth.User model for the User objects, and my Follow object model is defined as follows: class Follow(models.Model): owner = models.ForeignKey( 'auth.User',


How to find out employee details based on 1st character of of ename in jdbc using statement

VBA如何在VBA中检索SQL Server数据

I know nothing about VBA but I need to put data into two labels when Access is opened(when form is loaded) I get data from below query. I know server name and password. anyone can give me example of


Which is the preferred way to use the REDIS throughout the application, Singleton (one open connection throughout the application) OR Scope ( Create the connection open and close always we need -


I would like to know how to make the contents object visible in the video.vue component. This is the Video.vue components. This component is where I want to access the content object that is defined


I have an overlaying density plot from two datasets, created with ggplot2. g<-ggplot(data = result_A, aes(x=log(cap_universal)))+geom_density(fill="lightblue") +geom_density(data=result_B, fill="

整合微软Azure与Oracle soa12c

Azure has service bus queues.what is the adapter we can choose in oracle SOA to push and pull the data to azure service bus queues to make this integration.


When deleting some more than 100 columns of data, I received . I pressed the OK button and then appeared . What is Excel doing in the background which make it show so many Ctrl dropdowns? Where are


I just following this guide but don't success: https://journeyofthegeek.com/2017/12/30/pfsense-squid-kerberos/ Pfsense: 2.4.3 Squid package:0.4.43_1 Windows: Server 2008 R2 I want when user login to


I have a standard sql query that I am trying to run in the bq command line tool. The query is executing flawlessly in the Google BigQuery web app (i.e. www.bigquery.clould.google.com) but not when


I am on this FCC challenge. In this challenge, you are asked to create a regexp to match a string only if it has the same number repeated 3 times with spaces in between. This means that a string with


I've been trying to figure out how the temporal dead zone/parsing of let and const work. This is what it seemingly boils down to (based on documentation and various responses I received in previous


I have a question while I'm studying about Redis with docs. Here is the description in official Redis document about expiration : https://redis.io/commands/expire Specifically this is what Redis does


I have two text file like file1. txt file2.txt http://example.com http://example.com http://example.com http://example.com I want to read these two files line