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I created a vba Excel application for Windows with several userforms that contain some run-time ComboBox controls with a list of fixed values. It works perfectly in Windows Excel, since the dropdown

I have a common menu that I am including in all my HTML. Some menu items are set to "disabled" by default as they can only be accessed from certain pages. When one of the allowed pages is displayed I

After saving a file using react-native-fs where does that file go? Its not explained in the documentation or i could'nt find and its hard to figure.

I got stuck at this point. After login i am getting referral-url which i am putting into www.url.com?par1=val&callback="referral-url". My referral url is like www.ref-url.com?param1=val1&

Supposing I have the two DataFrames shown below: dd = pd.DataFrame([1,0, 3, 0, 5]) 0 0 1 1 0 2 3 3 0 4 5 and df = pd.DataFrame([2,4]) 0 0 2 1 4 How can I broadcast the values of df

I am a newbie at python and I am trying to figure out how to run something simple, namely: https://github.com/tarepan/rainbowgram/tree/master/rainbowgram There is a wave2rain conversion and a

i was wondering if i could select values from joined tables my tables are as following: mysql> desc tblvitsign; +-----------+--------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | Field | Type

My idea is that when Button "A" is tapped every time, it will set the NSDate value automatically. When the current time is larger than the existing NSDate value, it print "yes". Here is my code but I

I just wrote a code for the if-else control statement,It is as follows: y = input("Enter a number : ") x = input("Enter another one: ") if (x > y) and (x == 6): print(x) else: print(y) I

I have a video and play in ViewController. But when I enter to background and then back to foreground, the video sometimes pause. Have any idea let code add notification to know the user back to

I have a jar library which I want to be able to use from my react-native app. Currently I'm working on an android project and I want to be able to execute the jar from based on some user interactions.

I wanted to try Jetbrains' Clion IDE and tried to install MinGW for it. I used 2 installer and one of them close itself right after i hit continue. The other one closes itself when I mark the packages

I am fairly new and trying to compile my C program in MacOSX. This is how visual studio runs it cd "Folder/" && gcc main.c -o main && "Folder/"main In my main.c compilation and

I don't know how to target the specific object with the id an change the name and the email value together in one setState.(The members will take new objects with different id) state = {

I need to stream video file in Laravel and response for mobile application public function getProductLink(Request $request) { $token = JWTAuth::parseToken(); $currentDeviceId = $token->

My Question is about geth installation and configuration.I have a windows operating system, also please help me where to have the geth file saved for this?Im not able to use TOML even after installing

i have a problem i running this code resamp = pd.DataFrame() station_ids = list(set(weather_data.station_id.tolist())) for _id in station_ids: idx = weather_data.station_id == _id ti = time_index[idx]

I have advertisements table. In there i have two dates. You can put adv and add option to show top on the list. I created top_list_end_date and i can order by that date is simple. is another date

I have a problem, with the PCI-E. If i plug any kind of PCI-E cards to the motherboard, the ethernet goes off, but the card is working. System: Ubuntu 18.04 What can be the problem? (I tested with:

I am navigating the app screen to webview after pressing a row on listview. I have created two routes and it is navigating properly to the webview from listview. But the height of webview is not

In my project users upload images into a S3 bucket. I have created a tensor flow resnet model to interpret the contents of the image. Based on the tensor flow interpretation, the data is to be

I've used this following code : curl --cacert ./state-wallet-mainnet/tls/client/ca.crt https://localhost:8090/api/settings/sync/progress But It's getting following errors: curl: (35)

Can any one help me how to delete the image inside the folder? this is my code. i search many sites on how to delete the image inside the folder using this code but it not working. <?php require('

I can’t seem to use they API key I generated when running the android emulators. The very first app I made with any API key I generated works but anytime I make a new app and plug in the API key it

I wrote two versions of a program to test the performance impact of object allocations in a java program. One uses simple java objects: class Point { public final double x; public final

I am trying to run a piece of code that will close the current form and another form, yet when I try to run said code, I get the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". What is

I have a problem, I've done some basic coding for our project. The main goal of the program are the following: Arrange the rows based on the combo box. [Error] Filter what the rows should show

https://hyperstech.com/intl/order.php -> I am trying to understand with which tools this page was built, I can't find any hint in the code. The domain uses the CMS Shopify, but this landing page

I have problem in my program. I implements https://developers.google.com/places/android-sdk/start this, and have problem on my code. my build gradle dependencies { implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs'

I am trying to do the following regarding my specification: The sales counter with the number of bytes N is starting with byte 0 in the BIG ENDIAN format stored as a two's complement representation ("

I'm trying to display the info of the user when I get the id using $routeParams.id, I already displayed the user's info using texts only but how can I display the user's image using img src? In my

I've built an AVMutableComposition with a video track and audio track, and concatenated (sequentially inserted) AVAssets from bunch of .mp4 files I've loaded from disk into it. Now I want to write

Recently I am working on an .Net project. We used EF to handle SQL, when we make an installer of the program, we realize that app.config is visible which mean that the connection string is not safe.

How to fond the asymptotic upper bound for T(n) = 5T(n/2) + n^2, T(1) = 2 without using master theorem. Here are my steps, but I don't know how to deal with the summation at the end and thus cannot

I hide all widgets with the "remove all widgets" command. Virtual joystick also disappears. I try to show it with a command "Activate touch interface", but it does not work. Help me, please!

In PHP I am using stristr search but I also want to return and display the surrounding characters each side of the found string, like concordancer. About 9 or 10 characters should be enough, for

<input type="file" id="soundUrl" (change)="onAudioPlay()" /> <audio id="sound" controls></audio> above is my HTML code and i need to play audio after selecting mp3 file using

I have used refactor for copying, moving and renaming but I want to expand my horizon for feature use so I wanted to know what Extract feature does and how it helps to increase productivity and code

I want to ask something about the procedural of build angular project. I was tried ng build --prod, ng build --aot, ng buld But it returns the same, my page didn't show as well. There was a

I'm attempting to validate the header (Text) of a given web page when making a successful submission. My command: async confirmSuccessfulSubmission() { return $("#contact_reply h1").getText().

I would like to get a modified response object. For example I dont know how to get the user object without the roles. The default response is: { "id": 6, "username": "username", "email":

I am trying to hold all jobs submitted from my account. However, scontrol hold only takes in array and I have many arrays. Is there an alternative command like scancel -u user?

Boring details alert: I have a systemd service file which uses a bash file to start the service. Below is the service file in question: [Unit] Description=A program service [Service] User=root #

using ionic fingerprint this typescript error is coming .fingerPrint.isAvalable() must give OK string as per this tutorial login.ts async showFingerPrintDialog (){ try { await this.

First I've tried everything in this UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa0' in position 20: ordinal not in range(128) and nothing works. I'm trying to send

I am using java spring boot and trying to write a mock for AWS s3 bucket in my unittest. Following is a code that cause some issue in when i execute the test @Mock AmazonS3 s3client;

I'm using a method written in a class and using it in the program I wrote, I can display a dialog on the page when the GPS is turned off or on. My problem is that this dialog is displayed correctly in

If I have a table like so: CREATE TABLE MyTable ( Id int PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY(1, 1), FooId int NOT NULL FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES Foo(Id), Data nvarchar(10) NOT NULL ); The following observations may

Please help me! I code ffmpeg add mp3 to image but i want to select random file mp3 when add to image creat video. my code: set INPUT=E:\image set OUTPUT=E:\video set mp3inseart = $(shuf -n1 -e e:\

mvn package docker:start to run MySQL and then docker run my-artifact. maven-assembly-plugin builds jar with dependencies and then docker-maven-plugin trying to build docker image and run it. Why