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How to select each team member name in a query, pilot and copilot based on the two foreign keys in team table Table: player +----------------+-----------------+------+-----+---------+----------------

In a cluster with 2 namespaces (ns1 and ns2), I deploy the same app (deployment) and expose it with a service. I thought separate namespaces would prevent from executing curl http://deployment.ns1

How can I set the auto-format feature (Alt+Shift+F) to insert a newline on interface methods in Netbeans 10? E.g., As you can see the new line only works in class definitions (class Foo2) but not in

torchtext is able to read a file with some columns, each one corresponding to a field. What if I want to create a new column (which I will use as a feature)? For example, imagine the file has two

My program should read a .txt file and print the contents in a window, but there are these weird '{' and '}' characters in the output. The txt files contain one or multiple words, on a separate line.

My code is working, but I get really bad quality bitmaps from camera. I would need them to be in better quality because I want to display them full screen later. I am using SDK version 21+ private

I'm trying to use ROS with dji matrice 100, i followed the tutorial on the website and i connected the drone and got the correct parameters. The problem is that i cannot run simulation and give

I have bootstrap code which is not showing the desired result. The menu items shows separately at the upper right corner of web page whereas they should be in the horizontal strip. What is wrong with

i am trying to receive two different jason files Via flask-restful POST, i know how to receive a single jason file but i want to receive two files and store it in python dict

Im trying to Login with Twitter with Firebase in my app i set up everyting but i get this error in console: Error Domain=TWTRNetworkingErrorDomain Code=-1011 "Request failed: forbidden (403)"

I have searched for this Problem and I found some threads, regardless they did not solve my issue since they all used different implementations of the ActionListener Interface. My Program is supposed

I'm using Android Virtual Device from Android Studio. I created a virtual device Pixel2 with 8.1 Orea API (Include Google Play). I cannot download an apps call 'Alipay HK' from app store because it

I created the class ComplexEditText, which is extended from AppCompatEditText. I settled down my variant of background: setBackground(getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.backgroundedittext)); I

How to clickable when child menu is open ? i want all clickable parent as well child but if child is present then i am showing children of particular current parent,but parent also must be clickable.

According to some security reason, Google doesn't let us see all of the impression, and if you sum numbers in impression in search console API, always it smaller than that number you see in search

Problem I'm working with environment variables on a NodeJS project using VSCode. I want to optimize my workflow using .vscode/launch.json with a Launch via NPM configuration. I firstly followed this

So I have this model right here that looks a bit like this public class UserAccount : IdentityUser { public string Username{ get; set; } } and I also have a view that looks something

I have an Android project with the following structure: App: Flavor - MyApp Depends on ModuleA ModuleA: Depends on ModuleB ModuleB: Flavors - Standard, Telemetry How do i dynamically select a

I got stuck on this error with my code. I am using openpyxl library to store some data in an excel file. Look at my code because I don't know why I get this error. I hope you don't mind that I used my

running command detox build --configuration android.emu.debug gives us following error when i try to detox build on linux it gives this error related to androidx but it works fine on a mac Task :

I am trying to load a 2million records in dgraph, each is structured like message_id : <> message_id_replied_to: <references message_id> I process them like Load all message_ids in

Dear Community of Stack Overflow, I have issues compiling and linking an almost empty c++ class with Cl.exe in the command prompt. By this code I don't use Visual Studio, but just from scratch: int

In my homework I need to show the difference between read/write lock and 'synchronized' key word usage in code. I really don't know how to do it and what is the clear way to understand that difference.

Note: I'm aware of this question: Why doesn't Java have a copy constructor?. This question is slightly diffrent. I'm know that the following snippet only creates a new reference to an object existing

i am making a hybrid android app with html. my app can view all pages but can't play local audio (can play audio in internet). i want to play local audios. How can i fix it? Please help me. This is

I fit my data (daily stock return) to an arma-garch and garch model using fGARCH and I got this error: Error in solve.default(fit$hessian) : system is computationally singular: reciprocal

I was surprised to note that find "rspq" "q" actually found q in the series. The reason it surprised me is that the string "rpsq" is a series of characters and I expected to have to specify "q" as a

probably a relatively easy question but I'm a beginner, couldn't find an answer in here and wasn't able to figure out a solution myself. I have a ListView that is populated by views a simple

I can't figure how to properly write a query that will select only those entries where condition is applied against relations table. My many-to-many schema looks like this Topics - TopicPosts - Posts.

Hello I come to you because I don't know how I can fill imageView depending on what I get from Json, there are moments when I get 8 images to load and other times I have to load 17 images. The problem

I have an Private Virutal Server with two ip. Th OS is Ubuntu 16. I would like to allow only* the ports 22,80,442 on the first ip and Allow the ports 12301,12302,12303,12304 on the second ip. How

When a link is opened in iframe. And if we click on another link on Web page inside iframe. That link is getting opened in new tab outside the iframe. So how can I open both the links in iframe, Does

So I need to edit two separate files in separate locations and create them if they don't already exist. I began with CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").OpenTextFile(FilePath & "\main.

I'm trying to pass some data from Js to PHP through Ajax, but i'm getting an error while using my data because they are null. the problem concerns the two object Debut and Fin. My JS code $('#

Hello Guys I am learning android, I am completely new, I brought a book "HEAD FIRST ANDROID 2017 EDITION". android head first tutorial i am following the procedure, i downloaded the android studio as

I have the following url structure in my Nuxt.js app. /pages/_wildcard/_id.vue which basically correspond to example.com// I am looking for a way to only fire that page when visiting specific

I'm working on an asynchronous TCP server. All is going well, and I'm learning a lot from it, but I have a question related to the structure. This is how the structure looks: The Server object is an

So I am following these instructions here: https://www.myonlinetraininghub.com/excel-ignore-blanks-in-data-validation-list And I got to this point: =Sheet1!$C$2:INDEX(Sheet1!$C$2:$C$1000,SUMPRODUCT(

I'm using nebular for my project, and cannot find out how to get close button of NbAlertComponent to actually close alert. By closing I mean to stop showing after clicking on close button. I read

I am making an http request from an angular form like that: this.http.post(this.endPoint, formData, { responseType: 'text' }).subscribe( res => { console.log(res); } ) And I

I'm trying to add font to my email template. I'm hosting that font because I'm using it on my website. I insert that font like below: @font-face { font-family: homsa; src: url('www.mysite.net/

I have a Centos7 server and I want to run an express backend application on it that will interface with the database. I also have a frontend application that I will place in this folder: /usr/

My list-column: library(tidyverse) dataset<-as_tibble(matrix(rnorm(6*30,1000,100),ncol=6)) cluster<-kmeans(dataset,centers=3) dataset$kmeans<-as.factor(cluster[['cluster']]) mylist<-

You are writing a program, which uses a weather Web service http://example.org/weather/weather.asmx. It works, but after 2 months the weather Web service is no longer available at http://example.org/

So i came up with my (even more )simplified ckeditor5 build which looks like this: https://i.stack.imgur.com/Em36X.jpg And now i just want to add one last simple feature - the codeview (Code View).

How to send 3 request per second without Timer ? oq = OperationQueue.main oq.maxConcurrentOperationCount = 1 oq.qualityOfService = .background oqSession = URLSession(configuration: .

I have a calendar list in which I'd like to import the content of a excel file. I'll describe below my steps and where I got stuck. Site Options -> more options -> List -> Calendar List settings ->

Topic I would like to interact with an Akka Actor via Akka HTTP. The idea is to have a system where a HTTP client calls an Akka HTTP server method, which handles the request to an Akka Actor. The

I need to create a session token and use this token in a request to get data from the matchbook betting exchange api. The shared task below is on a celerybeat task running every two seconds getting

I have a local running ASP.NET core API service and a local Angular App. Most of my call's goes fine to the API but a single call keep giving me CORS errors. I suspect it is because it is an post