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This is a list subtraction example. (\\) :: Eq a => [a] -> [a] -> [a] [] \\ _ = [] xs \\ [] = xs (x:xs) \\ (y:ys) | x == y = xs \\ ys | otherwise = (x : (xs \\ [y])) \\ ys Firstly,


I am using a cookie to save a PHP array(0 => 0, 1=>0,,99=>0) and I encode the array into JSON in order to be able to save it in the cookie, the problem is that when I decode the JSON to retrieve


I am new to python and also to tflearn. I am stuck with the to_categorical function of TFlearn. I read up the documentation and the below is from the website: tflearn.data_utils.to_categorical (y,


I'm a noob when it comes to using Redux and I'm running into issues retrieving data from an API and accessing it via Redux props. When I try to access data retrieved by my action it returns undefined.


I am working with a plugin for a website that allows me to search and replace with Regex. I have a search text box and a replace text box in the plugin. In the search box I would like to search for

Bootstrap HTML,试图创造一张黑暗的桌子

So, I was looking at https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/content/tables/ and I saw the bg really dark table near the bottom. I took the code and put it into a html doc, it did not work. I played around


I am trying to learn igraph in Python and have a csv file that contains network data in the format below, 1 2 1 3 2 4 3 5 and here is how I import it using igraph from igraph import * g =


I am using an asset from the Unity Asset Store called World Map Strategy Kit to work on a board game. The kit uses a list of Vector2's with values ranging from -0.5 to +0.5 to determine the borders of


I have a table in postgresql, value tag main_tag 1 Tag_A ABC -1 Tag_A BCD 1 Tag_A ABC -1 Tag_B ABC -1 Tag_B BCD 1 Tag_B ABC 1 Tag_B BCD There are three columns value, tag, main_tag. Under each

如何使用Java Spring和JSP将每个项目显示为StPoover之类的网站的一个框?

(read 'item' as 'question' in the above sentence) I'm developing a website like Stackoverflow. On home page, I need to show each question (with its basic details like number of people answered,


Is it possible to write a self-referential aggregation in django? For example, given the following model definition: from django.db import models class Match(models.Model): match_id = models.


[I want to have the text in front of my background image and not directly underneith it .backgroundimg { background-image: url("../Website Wireframes-18.png"); background-repeat:no-repeat;


I have this piece of code import glob all_filenames=glob.glob('13*.VisNO2A') all_filenames.sort() for filename in all_filenames: data=read_datafile(filename) #this is a fuction I defined earlier-


Noobie join question. I am trying to retrieve the value that is in an hstore such as location_id. SELECT * FROM USERS where locations -> '12345679' = 'true'; I then want to take the results and


I am trying to split tags. I have two different types of tags. My objective is to: 1) show only those tags as defined in the regex code. 2) remove those tags NOT defined in the regex code (separate


It seems like when you run webpack it builds some dist or src folder with all your bundled code and assets in it, and then automatically has a dev server serve it. How would I see what's in this


I'm following this tutorial: https://www.aspforums.net/Threads/137193/Rotate-Columns-to-Rows-for-GridView-populated-using-SqlDataSource-in-ASPNet/ which is essentially what I'm looking for, however,

需要的建议:.NETFramework vs .NET核心用于基于Web的启动

I am planning to create a website for a SaaS based idea (not decided yet, either in CRM, Blockchain or AI). I read a lot of posts about differences between the two but still could not come to a

Android Mac统一后的白屏

The screen (on my android devices: I tested different android devices, same issue) is completely white after Build and Run. Not showing anything! except for the game name on the top. I also tried only


It seems that raising a Complex Int to a power violates some contract in its instances. Am I wrong on this? minimal example below compl :: Complex Int -> Maybe (Complex Int) compl d = (d^) <$&


I have been trying to find an answer to this specific question for a few hours now. Sort of reaching my wits end. I've looked though MSDN and here and I have tried a bunch of different ways of doing


I was reading Hadoop: The Definitive Guide and the following paragraph came up. A disk has a block size, which is the minimum amount of data that it can read or write. Filesystems for a single


I am trying to copy the data from one file to another filepath. Here is what I have so far: String filePath = "/Users/david/Desktop/screenshot5.png" FileWriter wr = new FileWriter("/Users/david/


If we define a decorator function like this: return function IsDefined(object: any, propertyName: string) { . ] Then decorate some property like this: class Test { @IsDefined() p1:


Context: A game of aligning 4-6 pentagon tiles edge to edge to make specific shapes. Match a pattern of 4-6 tiles with a specific pattern of 4-6 tiles. Linked is an image to help with context. match


I want to start activity MovieNotifActivity from the notification but it doesn't run and shows nothing class MovieNotifActivity: MovieDetailActivity() { @RequiresApi(Build.VERSION_CODES.O) override


My database.yml development: adapter: mysql2 encoding: utf8 reconnect: false database: organic_tomatoes_development pool: 5 username: root password: password test: adapter: mysql2

将脸谱网SDK“激活应用程序”添加到“Apple Dead BeoMeActube”?

Is it necessary to add FBSDKAppEvents.activateApp() to applicationDidBecomeActive when FacebookAutoLogAppEventsEnabled is not set to false? According to FBSDKAppEvents.h it is not necessary:


I have tried looking on stackoverflow about this and found couple suggestions, however I cannot get any of them to work of me. I am trying to ensure the height of divs/javascript updates everytime the


I've been trying to figure out ActionCable with ruby on rails 5.2.0 for a while, but I've been struggling. The goal of my rails app is to have live updates on the "index" view of the Orders scaffold


I have the following: lxd_containers: - name: "c1" devices: https: { listen: "tcp:{{ lip }}:443", connect: "tcp:{{ cip }}:443", bind:"host", type: "proxy" } proxy: - { name:


I am trying to build an above-basic data table see: https://codesandbox.io/s/mqoy658v9x However the footer cells are too large. I am struggling with the CSS to get them to conform. Under App.vue,


I have problem with my SQL query. I have two tables In first one I have ID and ID of persons id|id_p|id_p2 1 | 1 | 2 2 | 2 | 3 In second one I have ID of Persons and their names id_p |


When I try to insert quotes within a bracket they will not complete. The quotes will auto complete if they are on their own but if I put quotes within a bracket it will not complete and will look like


If I loop through the array of strings, and use each string as the key to an associative array, the key that is the string representation of a number cannot "find" its associated value: KeyArray :=


When trying to run php artisan db:seed for my app, the other seeders run successfully but this one in particular throws the following error: In OAUTHTableSeeder.php line 14: Call to undefined


I was trying to solve a most popular item in array problem. I found some O(n) solutions using maps but nothing that quite works when you have mixed data types, let's say [1,2,1,3,"1","a"] The "1"

I currently cant login to tomcat 9 on mac os. I've tried all the suggestions such as server stop/restart after making file updates, seperate logins for gui manager vs. other role and updated the


I'm using a basic WebSocket client within Angular 6 application. Everything works except for some reason both socket.onmessage or socket.addEventListener('message' are fired only once. No errors on


I am a beginner when it comes to interpreter design and after learning a little about language design (grammars, language, lexers, parsers), I don't understand why it is necessary for the parser to


Are there are any languages with an explicit compiler-enforced pure modifier apart from Solidiy? I know that some tools allow marking functions as pure for static analysis, e.g. @Contract annotation


Ok so imagine this mysql query SELECT * FROM table WHERE table_string RLIKE '[[:<:]]this[[:>:]]' OR table_string RLIKE '[[:<:]]is[[:>:]]' OR table_string RLIKE '[[:<:]]test[[:>:]


Now set of sizes of block look like: weight="811px" & height="811px". How set one parameter for weight & height if block have square/quadrant form? May be size="811px" or quadro="811px" :-) ?


I am trying to get list of all Folders shared on network \XYZ , I am able to access each folder if I provide folder name like below code. OS.listdir('\\\\XYZ\\folder1') But I want every folder name


enter image description here As you can see in the image, i have a constraint layout and inside i have another constraint layout, and 3 objects aligned vertically, at the top other constraint layout,


I am new to Django so please be kind -_^. I have two models "cats" and "litters". Litters contain two elements with names. I have a bunch of Cats. I want it so as a user, I can associate any cat


I have like that: a1@305@ a50@21 b6@@ The first and the last lines should be removed because they contain more than one @ What should be the regex for that? Any help would be

如何用OpenCV Python调整面罩的大小?

I would like to obtain a mask for a small (resized) image (800x600). Then I would like to resize the mask and apply it to the larger image (3000x2000). What would be the best practice for this purpose?


Similar questions: Create gitbook from github wiki pages , How to import a markdown file from github into local gitbook I need to read some documentation, and wish to save it all as PDFs (to read on


I love Oh My Zsh, but it has never worked properly in the JetBrains product's Terminals: cannot find executables cannot use version managers like pyenv, sdkman, rvm Oh My Zsh is zsh shell