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是否有基于Spring Web流的基于注释的版本?

I have been working on an infrastructure project that has a myriad of pages that used in numerous flow based scenarios. I eager to use a standard framework for facilitating this flows. I have a glance

Linux下SDL 2库的破译

I'm trying to learn OpenGL with SDL2, but when I try compile anything I get fuckton of error https://pastebin.com/t0wzsWm7. I'm using linux ubuntu my code: #include <SDL2/SDL.h> int main() {


I have created a table in my SQL db. I want this table store only 30 rows and when exceeding 30 row let us say is 31 rows then the table has to delete the old 30. Is this possible in MySQL db? is


According to FCM docs: As of April 10, 2018, Google has deprecated GCM. The GCM server and client APIs are deprecated and will be removed as soon as April 11, 2019. But it is also said that:


I'm using Laravel 5.6 and PHP 7.1.9. I Have this selected box, which contain fixed data: <select name="" id=""> <option value="All" disabled selected>All Status</


I own a job scheduling software written in python that has lots of user facing scripts, each having its own command line options, for example: a script to install a batch job, "install_batch_job.py"


I want to close a Div when i click on the Background div(SearchBlur). My problem is if i click on the shown div it closes also. here is my javascrip code SearchBlur.addEventListener('click',

Java Servlet的角度6到Oracle DB连接

Is it possible to connect an angular 6 front end to an Oracle Db using a java servlet. If possible can any one please provide me with some example program. And please provide me the directory


I am using https://github.com/mervick/emojionearea for my messaging tool. I already use utf8mb4_bin in my database MySQL and even use utf8mb4 as charset in my html. But still dispay emojis like 🙈😂😱


I have multiple sheets filed with UDF functions. Whenever I calculate a sheet, all other sheets will return errors in cells where I have UDF functions and all graphs will then be messed up. This


I've working on a leave managing system. Where there's a Boolean field in the form, that acts as a select button in the admin panel. This is sign of approving or denying the leave for an


I would like to figure out how to create an email that allows users to choose a response to the email and return it to my Laravel application. This seems to be a very common piece of email today, but


I've been checking some previous questions about this and they all are from a few months time and maybe those answers wont help me with my current wordpress version (4.9.8). Which code do I have to


I am using Google cloud compute engine, I have installed Drupal8 and now I want to manage the site with git so I have installed git but how can I make a clone?, so that I can use git to manage the


I am trying to filter SSPR results from AAD directoryAudits using:- https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/auditLogs/directoryAudits?filter=category eq 'SSPR' This works fine, however if I try to filter on


I was trying to port the following Swift code to Objective-C: var contextImage: UIImage? = nil let image: CGImage? = contextImage?.cgImage let dataProvider: CGDataProvider? = image?.dataProvider let

Windows 10显示带有光标的黑屏,无法重新安装Windows 10

windows 10 showing a black screen with cursor continuously, tried to reinstall windows 10 but after hitting install button it showing system configuration message with the rotate mouse, no further


I have kubernetes running on AWS, and have installed weavescope. Weavescope does work fine if I launch a proxy per the documentation, but if I connect via an ingress, it will constantly say "


I have a page that has many variables, and one of the other pages uses the post method but sends 28 files at the same time, does this affect if some files don't arrive at the destination page?


there~ I tried to find the root cause of this issue on my computer here and there, however, I didn't get the right way to fix it. Could you help me? The following is my situation. OS : Windows7


MSO conditional comments- in html emails are being replaced by , as a result mails are not rendering correctly on the client machine. These extra comments where introduced by mail scanner(websense),


I run chmod 777 -R / in my Debian 9.5. And all permission Messed up. Can I recovery all permission? Thank you.


I am generating an external link with token from OData controller; the generated link is working fine,if I browse this link separately but whenever calling inside OData controller method is not going


In a CNN, the convolution operation 'convolves' a kernel matrix over an input matrix. Now, I know how a fully connected layer makes use of gradient descent and backpropagation to get trained. But how


How can i download in seift with this mechanism that fisrt creat a latge file in document with nullbytes as the download continues for example every 1 sec saves incoming bytes to the file and save it


I embedded a logo in the PDF, but it's blurry. I've exported it as a JPG at 96dpi and I embedded it as documented. I'm sure it's the right size. No errors are outputted when showImgeErrors is set to


I use a MediaWiki and extension CategoryTree. Problem is if I want to create a new page. I chose a category but my category list is empty printscreen . But when I create a new one and add then I see a


I installed package control : sublimeLintext. But I don't use it.


In a custom Jackson deserialiser, is there a way to delegate certain properties back to the default deserialiser? @Override public final T deserialize(JsonParser jp, DeserializationContext ctxt)


I'm currently following some steps in youtube, I'm making datatable in excel named Employee and Department save it to the onedrive. I'm creating an app, by start with your data after following the


I have a problem with setTimeout which is called from within a function. setTimeout makes a recursive call to the get_zone_counts function (only in error case). On the first time setTimeout is

当向RAID 0添加更多SSD时,IO速度不是线性的

We have 16 nvme SSD server , testing with single SSD gives us with dd command about 1.5GB/sec . Than we add 5 disks in Raid 0 (both via mdadm and zfs stripping mode) , theoritically the IO speed


I want to add the scss code below into the option styles object of react-select. How can I achieve this? @for $i from 1 through 20 { &:nth-child(#{$i}) { transition-delay:


I am trying to learn how to create and register a COM DLL using VS2017 C#. For this purpose, I wrote test code: using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; namespace ComObject1 { [


The source tables are TABLE 1 ID NAME X1 ssnnmm TABLE 2 ID NAME LEVEL Z1 ss 1 Z2 nn 2 Z3 mm 3 and the result should be RESULT CHILD_ID PARENT_ID


I am very new to python. I'm try to creating a python program which allow me to shutdown my computer in two ways. Program will check whether the time exceeds 22:00:00 or not . if yes, then it will


I have a table for storing contacts. Following is the query which is executed in onCreate. These queries are giving expected result in sqliteonline.com . I don't know what is going wrong here. CREATE


I have a .nuproj file. I want to package all the directories and files and preserve the structure in the output package I didn't find an option that I can use to define a preserve option "all the


I'm very new at Unity and C#. I'm creating the app which can stream the camera in Unity desktop to web bowser with webRTC. I'm using this system. Unity camera → Syphon → CamTwist → broadcast client


As far as I know, Django will auto index the "pk" and "unique" field But Now, My Django version is 1.8, and I want to use brin index. but I can't find any way to migrate let my all index remove,


I want to use ec2 instance as a proxy to connect to my s3 bucket. Does anybody knows how to do that with "apache"server? p


I am trying to move my docusign implementation from the demo account to the production one, but when I try to make a login request I receive the following error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception '


I want to set up rows height equal for every row with kable. how can I do this? there is no info anywhere. enter image description here


I have implemented model validation in some of my APIs, but I was wondering if it is possible to do some validation using attributes on simple parameters, like: [HttpGet("test/{type}")] public


When creating the android application, I encountered the problem of showing push notifications on certain dates, when the application is closed. The text of notification depends on date whet it has to


How can I find out which files are run from the scheduler when starting Windows.I look in the registry, but do not find what files are run from the task scheduler


I have 2 access tables. Table A is a list of companies (Customer ID and Company Name) Table B is a list of locations with a Customer ID column that references Table A I need to write a query that


I have a element which is scroll able. I also have a function that scrolls to a specific position. I would like to call a function when the scrollTo is finished. Plunkr example: http://plnkr.co/edit/


I have a gritty industrial control problem i'm trying to solve with T-SQL. The goal is to calculate an index position for each of two pallet loading robots, positioned in one of two ranges; 2 to 78 (


I have a spread sheet which is used for basic scheduling of tasks. Dates for the calendar run along Row 1 from O-NO and everything below is job related including due dates. I am trying to