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Suppose I have strings: String a = "hello"; String b = "h"; String c = "ello"; String d = b+c; When I check for a==d it returns false. Please correct me if am wrong, the bytecode would contain

在本地机器上安装Git克隆的LARAVER 5.4项目

i tried to install a recently cloned project from github and i keep getting this error on the command line; in line container.php, class db does not exist. I am new to laravel and i don't find this


Why is it that i cant do this onto my constructor Person::Person(std:: string tname,int tage): name=tname, age=tage {} But its perfectly fine to do this Person::Person(std:: string tname,


I am new to android studio and was importing one of my project everything is working except it cannot include google maps library and is giving following errors: error:package com.google.android.maps


I need some help with a problem I'm facing with Yahoo mail. To summarize, here's my situation: I have a simple e-commerce site with some users signed up. Some of them, uses Yahoo mail. When they buy


Good evening, As part of a data analysis course we have been thrown into the Metaheuristics realm..and I am really struggling to understand how to implement a Tabu search in R since my background


I create a form with wpf completely , but when reopen the form . codes behind are invisible and i cant change the codes in xaml .What is the solution ? How i can see them ? Thanks a lot

NPM错误!Type Error错误:缺少必需的参数2

When I try to install or update node packages via package.json in Visual Studio 2017 Pro I the error message below: Error PATH=.\node_modules.bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\


How can i search a string with several patterns, like checking if the string contains a date or a timestamp or number or email an so on. And if a pattern matches gives me back the matched string.


I'm wondering if there is a simple way to retrieve the name variables inside a tagged Template function. To be more clear, this is the code: let date = "2018"; let description = "my description"; let


Here is my code CSS-BEM div.menu{ height: 100px; width: 100px; background-color: black; display: none;} div.menu.--visible{ display:block;} everything works on Chrome, Firefox but IE does not seem


I have ArrayLists inside an HashSet. I add the numbers into the ArrayList using the for loop and add this ArrayList into the HashSet. But when I manipulate the ArrayList again, the manipulation


I have a MP4 file that I would like to use in my Windows Form App. However, whenever I add it as a resource, the option to change it's persistence from linked at compile time, to embedded in resx is

在Mac Outlook中如何将AdIn从上下文更改为带菜单插件

In my Mac Outlook, i see the app store button inside the email, instead of Ribbon Bar. & when i install a addin, it also shows up inside of an email, instead of Ribbon Bar. i have another addin


I need to write a MATLAB function such that by passing a modulated signal( positive and negative) through a MOSFET to switch on LED for positive and make it off for negative frequencies.

如何在包装类中合并两个Spring Bug微服务响应

I new to Spring boot microservices and exploring webflux framework. I'm trying to merge response from two microservices to one wrapper class to have the response in proper JSON. Below is the scenario


Is it correct way of implementing Google Analytics? <script async src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=UA-000000- 00"></script> <script> window.dataLayer = window.


Let's say we have the following: For x, the minimum value of 0x0000 is equivalent to 0.00000, and 0xffff is equivalent to 1.00000 Let's say I have a value of 0.6829, how would I map this to the


Sorry if this is a beginner question, I am just starting to learn node.js I wrote this code, and I was wondering why when it runs the output is Hello, Bob Bob was greeted but I thought it should be


I want to make an installer for an old game that uses InstallShield. The only modern tool (that I know of) that can extract IsCab files is UnShield. Whether Inno will directly call libUnshield or run


how can I get the value of an list? This are my two lists and after selecting these two values from the list(as marked) I want to insert these two elements(strings) into my database at this postition


I have made an angular project https://github.com/Rohanmmvc/my-project (I have used proxy.config.json to store app_key and app_id) This project is working fine , WHen i am trying to run on local


Below I am trying to execute the STOMP commands via netcat and when I try to get a receipt for the first message I receive the 2nd message unexpectedly (a RECEIPT and MESSAGE) when I only expected a


I'm trying to run the activity "caisse" that contains the button "Nouv". The functionality of "Nouv" is to save result in database (in The table "Argent"exactly). But, i don't know why it give me


I have 3 AutoCompleteTextView and I want to make a simple function to detect whenever it gain/loses focus so I'll hide an imageView. Or maybe, whenever the keyboard is UP I want to hide my logo (


My code does this to invoke a registered method when a network requests comes in. It's part of an RPC system. Delegate method; object result = method.DynamicInvoke(args); When the method returns a


I have a small form with a picturebox. I can't close the form until I choose an image for the picturebox. How can I close the form without choosing an image? It seems to hang. Imports System.


My firebase project needs to be transpiled before it can be deployed. The code is written in ./app and transpiled into ./dist. Currently when I run firebase serve --only app I get an error: "Cannot


I implement a user search on the GitHub and display its gists. How can I pass a username from my view controller: func searchTapped(_ sender: UIButton) { guard let username =


I use the following intent to allow the user to choose where a file should be saved: // https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/providers/document-provider var intent = new Intent(Intent.


We have taken a series of aerial images (out of the side of the plane at arbitrary view angles) of animals along a beach head and marked all animals on them using a software (iTag: https://sourceforge.

C FCNTL()不工作?检查文件是否被锁定

So I have 2 programs, the first one creates one file called testlock and set the F_RDLCK and F_WRLCK to some regions of the file. The code is below: #include <string.h> #include <stdio.h>


I'm using the following dataset : https://www.kaggle.com/jessevent/all-crypto-currencies I'm trying to isolate two crypto (Bitcoin and Ethereum) currencies and pick a date to compare using a plot.


Let me consider a template class which derived from a base template class. The base class contains a template member. In this case, usually members of the base class can be accessed from the derived


I have now try everything, I use a linux machine with ubuntu 14.04 When i install lodash with npm. $ npm i -g npm $ npm i --save lodash I come to the first installation and i get: :~/Frontend$ npm

如何使用YouTube Android播放器API

To play a video in my app I decided to extend from YouTube Android Player API. But the problem is my menu is disappeared because I'm not extending from AppCompatActivity. The question is: how to use


I have a problem with my exercise for university. I need to create a JList and put there a few elements (just a simple text) without using any collections nor arrays. It's quite silly because a JList


I would like to write a plugin for mkdocs that allows to add a file of custom python code. Here is an example of plugin. I would like to put the file in the website's main dir, alongside the mkdocs.


How can I add an Enable WiFi button for React Native? (Preferably without modules)


I have a directory of Python files and I need to scan them all for the lists of fields that they query. So, in each file I'm looking for a line that has 'fields = [some list of fields]' What I'd like


bill=(input("the total amount has come up to ") low_tip = bill/15*100 print("The lowest bill to tip the waiter is" low_tip)


I'm using the Codeigniter framework and trying to integrate with SendInBlue's PHP API. Their PHP documentation is not super helpful and the setup instructions on Github not clear either. The doc says

ReAcjs:为什么使用const {} = th.pUPS,为什么要把它放在渲染函数里面呢?

I am learning reactjs and I see many people write, for example class Trees extends Component { render() { const { plantTrees } = this.props; return( I want to know why use


I use Qt binary creator with a command like binarycreator.exe -v -f -p packages -c config/config.xml myTool.exe If I create a new version of my software and a new myTool.exe file, then during the


I have a web application that has two versions of Maps using the 'google-maps-react' module. All the code will be available below. The point of having two versions (each on a separate .js file) is


I have an Rest API with Express. I'm trying to get some data with a fetch. fetch('http://localhost:7000/news/list', { method: 'GET', headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json',


how to change characteristic function in "SymTS" package? https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/SymTS/SymTS.pdf thanks


I'm trying to upload a file into a CKAN dataset using the API's. I eventually want to do that via .NET. For the moment, to understand how I want the request to look like, I am using Postman to


I'm working on a project and this project requires users to signup and then they can access their own profile from a custom dashboard and can view their analytics and update certain information, I'm


I am trying to install Android Studio on an Acer Revo Build M1-601. This is a computer that has a 32GB Hard drive and an external block drive that is 1 Terra. Windows is installed on the 32GB drive