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In a CNN, the convolution operation 'convolves' a kernel matrix over an input matrix. Now, I know how a fully connected layer makes use of gradient descent and backpropagation to get trained. But how


How can i download in seift with this mechanism that fisrt creat a latge file in document with nullbytes as the download continues for example every 1 sec saves incoming bytes to the file and save it


I embedded a logo in the PDF, but it's blurry. I've exported it as a JPG at 96dpi and I embedded it as documented. I'm sure it's the right size. No errors are outputted when showImgeErrors is set to


I use a MediaWiki and extension CategoryTree. Problem is if I want to create a new page. I chose a category but my category list is empty printscreen . But when I create a new one and add then I see a


I installed package control : sublimeLintext. But I don't use it.


In a custom Jackson deserialiser, is there a way to delegate certain properties back to the default deserialiser? @Override public final T deserialize(JsonParser jp, DeserializationContext ctxt)


I'm currently following some steps in youtube, I'm making datatable in excel named Employee and Department save it to the onedrive. I'm creating an app, by start with your data after following the


I have a problem with setTimeout which is called from within a function. setTimeout makes a recursive call to the get_zone_counts function (only in error case). On the first time setTimeout is

当向RAID 0添加更多SSD时,IO速度不是线性的

We have 16 nvme SSD server , testing with single SSD gives us with dd command about 1.5GB/sec . Than we add 5 disks in Raid 0 (both via mdadm and zfs stripping mode) , theoritically the IO speed


I want to add the scss code below into the option styles object of react-select. How can I achieve this? @for $i from 1 through 20 { &:nth-child(#{$i}) { transition-delay:


I am trying to learn how to create and register a COM DLL using VS2017 C#. For this purpose, I wrote test code: using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; namespace ComObject1 { [


The source tables are TABLE 1 ID NAME X1 ssnnmm TABLE 2 ID NAME LEVEL Z1 ss 1 Z2 nn 2 Z3 mm 3 and the result should be RESULT CHILD_ID PARENT_ID X1 Z1


I am very new to python. I'm try to creating a python program which allow me to shutdown my computer in two ways. Program will check whether the time exceeds 22:00:00 or not . if yes, then it will


I have a table for storing contacts. Following is the query which is executed in onCreate. These queries are giving expected result in sqliteonline.com . I don't know what is going wrong here. CREATE


I have a .nuproj file. I want to package all the directories and files and preserve the structure in the output package I didn't find an option that I can use to define a preserve option "all the


I'm very new at Unity and C#. I'm creating the app which can stream the camera in Unity desktop to web bowser with webRTC. I'm using this system. Unity camera → Syphon → CamTwist → broadcast client


As far as I know, Django will auto index the "pk" and "unique" field But Now, My Django version is 1.8, and I want to use brin index. but I can't find any way to migrate let my all index remove,


I want to use ec2 instance as a proxy to connect to my s3 bucket. Does anybody knows how to do that with "apache"server? p


I am trying to move my docusign implementation from the demo account to the production one, but when I try to make a login request I receive the following error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception '


I want to set up rows height equal for every row with kable. how can I do this? there is no info anywhere. enter image description here


I have implemented model validation in some of my APIs, but I was wondering if it is possible to do some validation using attributes on simple parameters, like: [HttpGet("test/{type}")] public


When creating the android application, I encountered the problem of showing push notifications on certain dates, when the application is closed. The text of notification depends on date whet it has to


How can I find out which files are run from the scheduler when starting Windows.I look in the registry, but do not find what files are run from the task scheduler


I have 2 access tables. Table A is a list of companies (Customer ID and Company Name) Table B is a list of locations with a Customer ID column that references Table A I need to write a query that


I have a element which is scroll able. I also have a function that scrolls to a specific position. I would like to call a function when the scrollTo is finished. Plunkr example: http://plnkr.co/edit/


I have a gritty industrial control problem i'm trying to solve with T-SQL. The goal is to calculate an index position for each of two pallet loading robots, positioned in one of two ranges; 2 to 78 (


I have a spread sheet which is used for basic scheduling of tasks. Dates for the calendar run along Row 1 from O-NO and everything below is job related including due dates. I am trying to


Recently I've installed couchbase sync-gateway, and i'm having following issues from step one, 1) When doing an initial replication from couchbase to pouchdb through syncgateway, there are excess


I have an async WCF operation which I am cancelling on a certain condition (see below). However, I am getting Faulted event at client side after this. I also have a FaultHandler configured at Server


Hi I'm using Liblinphone with C# and when I do an outgoing call and remote side rejects the call I still receive connected state in Liblinphone. is there a Rejected Call State in that Liblinphone.


i am working on keycloak 4.1.0 using CLI(kcadm). according to the documentation "bin/standalone.sh -Dkeycloak.migration.action=import" is the command used to import which tells syntax not found. is


TLDR: How can I tell my Enzyme / Jest test it should run the tests as if it was running on iOS? I want to test platform specific behaviour. I'm building a custom status bar component that adds 20


Is there an easy way of implementing a queue of in-app notification in my Android app? I've been trying to research for this for hours now. Basically, I want to achieve the following effect:


I am both using Node.js and Python3.6 and I try to send a buffer from Node.js into a python script where I need an array of bytes as a parameter. After some transformation from the buffer stored in a

无法解析任何依赖性Android Studio 3.1

I new a project and the Gradle offline work is disabled.


I've been searching for a way to count the amount of numbers in one row column spaced by ",". (But nothing found, I use MySQL and what to count with the use of PHP) This is going to be done for whole


I want to work on this project with JavaScript. https://stackoverflow.com/a/43770468/10248939


My query comes from trying to use session store for eg. RedisStore in Golang where the store takes a vararg as last argument which as per document are pairs of authentication and encryption keys.


What is one dataset element in case of compound dataset? Suppose I have a structure defined as [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, Pack = 1)] internal struct Annotation { public long Id;


I'm building a UI application in macOS with dynamic localization (meaning that it's possible to switch language while the application is running). I've noticed that if the initial language is


I have an excel file of employee's names; times and dates of enters and exits of ONE MONTH. (example - https://snag.gy/Njecli.jpg) Every employee has its own date/time and exit. Sometimes he doesn't


I am creating a library from where I am exporting a React component alongwith some interfaces and an enum. I compiled typescript project. Its because the library is a for React and not typescript. I


I try to add new FieldDeclarations to my Main Class in CompilationUnit before all other existing FieldDeclarations. mainClassInCompilationUnitDeclaration.addPrivateField("Type", "fieldName"); Where


I am attempting to implement shift click functionality on a sorted MatDataTable using angular and typescript. The basic run down is that whenever a click event is registered on the table, the row


For package id 271 if I select this package then it gives me only one option for Redundant power supply as: 1)Redundant Power Supply [$7.25] And if i select package id as 1051 then it gives me two


Hi we have a WebChat based chatbot developed using Microsoft Bot Framework. One issue is our client wants a Welcome Message followed by a Card containing 3 options which the user can choose and click


I have a code that search the value of textbox3 in my data sheet , my code work well but it takes time to generate the answer.. Any better ideas? This is my code: Sub CODE23() Dim i As Long, arr With


I have to use cookies which get stored from the login session, webview creates. I can access cookies from UIWebview and store it in UserDefaults. Now, as UIWebview is deprecated I am thinking to

I try to test some API using soapUI but can't ficure out how to set proxy. When I installing python packages I set proxy in the next way: --proxy=http://domen%5Clogin:password@proxy.city.com:3131


I had tried to solve this issue many times, but the only helpful solution was to reinstall and remove all old settings. What wrong happen because this is a common issue with PhpStorm for many years.