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I'm trying to implement a script which will play the game snake using the a* algorithm. The game was given to me by someone else (my teacher) and I have to write an working script that plays the game

I am testing out creating a waffle chart from the link: https://github.com/hrbrmstr/waffle The end-goal is to be able to create a waffle chart from any data frame. However, when I test the code given

I am stuck with an issue when it comes to taking slices of my data in python (I come from using Matlab). So here is the code I'm using, import scipy.io as sc import math as m import numpy as np from

I have tried using id's for each individual navbar options but the background color wont change only the text in the navbar changes. My required outcome is to get a background color for each navbar

I've been spending hours searching for the correct item model to use, but I'm left bewildered. Basically, it is a list of items (one-dimensional). When an item is selected, it sends a signal with

I am running a Python script in my laptop(windows 64 bit) but I want to invoke a windows powershell script to perform some task. This *.ps1 file should be invoked whenever I run this Python script on

I want to improve the R error handling by providing a function to handle specific (selected) conditions combined with a retry feature. For example looped downloads should retry after timeouts or

I am running a headless emulator (Android api 25) on a Ubuntu linux 14 server and I see the below output for the command- $./adb devices List of devices attached emulator-5556 device However, If

How to make EDIT and CANCEL/Undo make it functional. trying to make inline grid row editing features. HTML: ..iterate.. <span v-if="!row.isEditable" v-html="row.column">

yum -y localinstall oracle-database-xe-18c-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm Setting up Local Package Process Examining oracle-database-xe-18c-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm: oracle-database-xe-18c-1.0-1.x86_64 Marking

I am curious to know what is faster in Python Say I have a list myList = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e'] I have two ways of checking if an item is in the list. if item in myList: # doSomthing() or

My keyboard extensions which consists of a UICollectionView of UIImages keeps crashesing on iOS12 after exceeding 53MB of RAM collectionView:willDisplay cell is called on all cells, regardless if

I have written very similar methods which I think can be written as a shared method. Hopefully you can see the pattern (e.g. number of for loops nested is correlated to the number of single

I have a big collection of about 1 million documents, in MarkLogic (version 9), with below structure: <File> <Id></Id> <ModifiedAt></ModifiedAt> <Author&

Good evening guys, I have a problem. I'm working on a react project and after making some changes to the code I wanted to deploy it to staging. I ran the command gulp deploy --scripts --styles --

I ran into this problem in Safari where it appears that WebRTC is not fully supported. So when I call navigator.webkitGetuserMedia() I get an undefined error. So my question to the community is

does Kotlin compiler allow extending classes with inner and/or nested classes and if so what's the correct syntax? in EnclosingClass.java class EnclosingJavaClass { class NestedJavaClass1 {}

I am looking for a large open-source frameworks or applications that heavily uses either Finagle Futures and Promises or Scala Futures and Promises, during execution. Can you point me to such a

I need to create a program that reads in a name using a string. The user of will enter no more than two names which will be separated by a single space. They may also enter a single name and no spaces.

This is an example of what I am working with: Input The spreadsheet lists the export value to each country from each US state. I need to create a list for each state that shows which countries

I am using keras with Tesorflow backend (using python 2.7) and I built two dense layer on top of pretrained vgg16 model with four classes. And I get a pretty decent results on my validation set. Now

I'm trying to draw something called the bloch sphere, but I got its image even when it's not supposed to happen. I wrote the following codes. from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D import

My XML file sample is given below and I want to access text "The bread is top notch as well" and category "food". <sentences> <sentence id="32897564#894393#2"> <text>

Exist any way to change the icon or the color of specific folder based in your name? Example, to this: For this: { "directory": "bot", "color: "red" } Thank you very much =)

So I have a keyboard listener using the pynput module but I want the code to loop the listener until the the size of the text file reaches a certain amount of bytes. while os.path.getsize('textfile.

I am trying to use Spring Integration to read files via SFTP and to use multiple servers to only read each file once. I have configured the SFTP reader within Spring Boot and it works with the in-

I am new at machine learning and I came to this problem. I need to learn my model in run-time, based on user actions but it looks like I missed something because I am not able to find a proper way to

I have the following Dockerfile that does work: FROM nginx:1.15.2-alpine COPY ./build /var/www COPY nginx.conf /etc/nginx/nginx.conf EXPOSE 80 ENTRYPOINT ["nginx","-g","daemon off;"] I need to

I have database table in postgreSQL name as "time" like: | Name | | StartDate | | EndDate | ---------------------------------------- | Oct-18 | | 2018-10-01| | 2018-10-31| | Nov-18 | | 2018-

There an all employees distribution group already in place, I need to get a list only of all "Active Employee" from this group. How do I go about using Exchange Management Shell?

I try to set margin for div in responsive version but it doesn't apply. Why? Can't understand. CSS - Bootstrap 4. Footer is fixed-bottom. Link here.

I want to fire a function for cmd + click. But it looks impossible at least for my keyboard. My keyboard type: Macbook Turkish Q <div @click="foo($event)" ></div> foo(e){ console.log(

I'm trying to build a web scraper which detects if a web page has any irritating popups which display unrelated content like ads and if so then fetch the popup content. I've build a basic web scraper

I proceed every step from this tutorial. http://www.netis-systems.com/Suppory/faq_detail/id/23.html But in instalation of install.sh 2 errors occured. The wifi adapter is netis WF2120. I'm running

I am planning on developing a Chrome/Firefox extension that needs to authenticate to a YouTube account, to avoid spam and fake requests from the same person (voting more than once on the same video).

I'm trying to access a file within my jar but I am unable to do so as it is 16MB and I believe it is due to the fact that input stream only supports smaller file sizes, so how am I able to get this

I have a Google sheet with a function that enters a timestamp in a column if the column to its left is updated. It is triggered by the simple onedit trigger, and it only processes for a small set of

I'm using react-bootstrap-typeahead to allow users to search through a list of people based on their names or emails. I'm following the custom filtering example here with the data fields option, and

I have the code below: SELECT * FROM produto_unidades join produto_notas on produto_notas.id = produto_unidades.produtoNota_id join produto_licitacoes on produto_licitacoes.id = produto_notas.

I have the following string: €6,122,510 that string must be converted to this: 6122,51. How can I do that? $total = '€6,122,510'; echo $total;

I'm new to LDAP binding script, I'm trying to check if the script I found is correct to be able to use it back on my company as LDAP authentication script, for this I'm using this https://documize.

how to calculate 3d projectile for a radialGravityField. I have a radial-gravity field. then I applyForce as impulse on a direction to an object with mass m to move toward gravity-field center. every

i have a problem, i need a code as in title. So far i have this, but it does not work: for /l %%H in (1,1,2) do ( set endf[%%H]=!fName[%%H]:*_EN_=! set trim[%%H]=_EN_!endf[%%H]! set beginf[%%H]=!

I received an email saying that JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch serving endpoints being discontinued, and that my project on Google Cloud Platform is calling Global HTTP Batch endpoint. When I check

I am looking for a way to add CultureInfo.InvariantCulture in my string[] to float[] converter. I use this code, but it keeps throwing Input string was not in a correct format. exceptions. This

So I want to write an app in Visual Studio using Angular for frontend and .NET for the backend. What's the best practice to do that, while the project is still in the same project?

The script searches for the largest substring in the array of strings. But if the string does not begin with "A", the search fails. How to implement a search for substrings inside? ("ABCDE", "XBCDJL")

I have 1500 files in the folder,which are in some other format (csv ),but I am nor able to read them directly.If I open each of the file ,save it manually and the read it ,I am able to read it in R.

I try to execute a shell script(actually it is ldapmodify of OpenLDAP) with some arguments. This is how I did in pom.xml: In Maven Profile I defined some values <profile> <id>Linux-

I would like to have the dates go in the row section on desktop view and the time frame on the column. And on mobile view, I'd like to switch the two and have the dates shown on the top and the times