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We run into infinite loop situation when the remote directory that was configured with the SftpInboundFileSynchronizer object does not exists. "ERROR [task-scheduler-3][org.springframework.


'use strict' const gulp = require('gulp'), sass = require('gulp-sass'), sourceMap = require("gulp-sourcemaps"); gulp.task('sassToCss', ()=>{ return gulp.src("scss/

Android 8上Android应用系统的权限交互问题

I have created an android system app and the system does not have a screen to interact with it. Currently, it is asking for permission at the first time after installation open ex for location and


We are using eclipse to remote debug lagom and akka application, but eclipse is not allowing us to put breakpoint in the code. i am able to put breakpoint on my scala code written but not in akka


I am trying to create a Laravel application using a Vue template from Creative Tim (here is the download for it) and I have never worked in front-end before. I have been working through Laracast


Using Three.js, I'm trying to simply use mouse position in a Vertex Shader in order to modify vertex position (represented by gl_Position). Despite searching almost everywhere, I couldn't get it done.

Drupal 8将API文件迁移到媒体实体

I'm trying to perform a migration of Drupal 7 files into Drupal 8 Media entity via Migrate API. Is there a practical guide how to perform such types of migrations? Very much appreciated.


In a multi-line EditText, how can I get column and row indices from an absolute position obtained via getSelectionStart()? Manually calculating the column and row indices from the string returned by

这个背景是如何添加到这个代码中的?CSS/Bootstrap 4

Can someone explain how this background in the last image is done in this code? Its made in bootstrap 4.


I want to call the Amplience handlebars service with additional parameters that I can then use with my content rendering. tried with https://c1.adis.ws/v1/content/jwdemo/content-item/32101dfb-f1aa-


I am studying computer vision using OpenCV. I'm studying about self-driving cars. The aim is to create a rc car that recognizes simple symbols such as signs and traffic lights. But in reality, it


I have been using a user-defined function to open csv files contained within a zip file, which has been working very well for me. How to scrape .csv files from a url, when they are saved in a .zip

WPF RibBabTabHead样式绑定到RibbonTab属性

I am trying to bind a property of a RibbonTabHeader to a property of it's corresponding RibbonTab. However, it seems that the RibbonTab is not an ancestor of the RibbonTabHeader. I'm trying to bind on


Using React, I am trying to make a request using axios. In the console it shows me that I get an 404 error, but I would like to know how and why this is happening. Can anybody advice me on where to

为什么电子邮件/HTML图像选择Base64而不是Base16/ 32/128/256?

After Google hours, I cannot find the reason. Which is the main reason? Performance/Space/Padding/Convert to ASCII encoding etc.


I am running a keyboard agent for pacman several times. However, the bind works for the first time and I can play the game on my keyboard but on the next time, keyboard presses are not working. This


I was trying to understand how DataLoader works. This is how I applied it: # DATASET class Word2VecDataset(torch_data.Dataset): def __init__(self, vocabulary): super(Word2VecDataset, self).

I'm implementing a search method using jquery event over an <input> html tag. I need to search in a DB of many users. I've tried with change(), input(), keyUp() but it takes so long to do the


I am trying to run a program on RHEL 6.7 that is configured to work with a screen resolution of 1900x1200, however my monitor only supports screen resolutions of 1920x1080. Is there a command line


I'm working on a project using Nuxt.js as SSR engine and Vuetify as styling framework. In one of my templates I have such code: <v-layout row wrap align-center :class="{ 'mb-4': $vuetify.


Is there a npm package or something similar out there to generate TypeScript interfaces from classes? I have the following use case: My API has the following DTO when requesting users. I am using


In bash I am trying to parse following file: Input: </a></td></tr><tr><td>stuff.txt (15.18 KB)</td><td>12/01/2015</td><td>Large things</td>


When I output results of a query in blade, a numeric field value is returned as an array but if you look at the raw record the value is a 1 or a 0. If I use Product controller: $products =


I have an application whose data is hosted on a remote server, and for each task I execute a PHP-json script that returns the appropriate data and that will be put in an arrayList of objects before


I've an azure function with a blob trigger, but I'd like to be able to configure the container from which it is triggered with some configuration parameter that can be changed in the portal, without


Can columns within a mysql table be converted into buttons on a html document ? I am using python ( flask framework) and sqlalchemy. I am aware that the following method can be used to pull

M3U8流记录中的Android FFMPEG冻结

Our team have implemented *.m3u8 stream recording into *.mp4 file. We are using Unity with FFmpeg Bind plugin for Android. Command for recording: -reconnect_delay_max 4000 -i input.m3u8 -t 00:30:00 -


I am new to this software and recently I started learning C++ . I was trying out a program of tokenizing strings and when I compiled the program, it showed me this error. How can I fix this?enter

将数据上传到宿主FrasDATS JS上的文件夹

how to unpack the archive data into a folder on the hosting? Thanks. var form = new FormData(); form.append('data', JSON.stringify(data)); _this.ajax(form, 'download',

PHP读取存储在MySQL BLB中的XLSX(Excel)数据

I have successfully stored Book1.xlsx (valid excel file) in to mysql database table as blob. Now using PHP i am trying to read (download) the blob. I am able to save and retrieve/read pdf, csv but not


a simple query perhaps. I use a very useful formula: =JOIN(replace(A1, find("|", SUBSTITUTE(A1, ", ", "|", 5)), len(A1), ""), "", ) this takes a comma separated cell (may contain x50 strings)


I'm using xlrd to read an excel file. I cannot however, seem to get full date. I am already using xldate_as_tuple to convert excel's floating point version of the date into a readable one, but the

R -新的CULM使用2个连续文件来创建增量

I'm trying to create a new columns in a file A by using 2 consecutive file (id_base and id_offset) to create a delta. The aim of this column is to have a date stamped when the keyword "Completed" is

为什么LaaVell 5.4在登录后删除所有文件?

I don't know why but, when i call login function, All Laravel files are removed and i need to add that files again. Folders are there only all Files are removed.


I have this error in TLSharp (https://github.com/sochix/TLSharp) Most when working parallel or changing the IP or system clock,please help me. msg_seqno too low (the server has already received a


I have two FloatingActionButtons, One constrainted to the left of the parent, The other to the right, How to alter the following layout to achieve: Having 2 TextViews, both engagin all width

MySQL Excel出口中的NoDEJS编码口音

I have a encoding problem in my database mysql "Cale￾on 12pm Georgia". this problem stop the write in excel file. How i can resolve this in nodejs. Thank you very much.


I've got extremely sparse data (all doubles) for a variety of entities arriving a few times a day - say 10k entities, and up to 500 named data points per entity, but typically 20-50. I want to use


Hi maybe I can get some help here once again! I am testing a server to connect to a DB and so far it works and I can insert UUID Data. But when I try to migrate to another project, the same function


I am confused as to why I cannot call setOnClickListener on a TextView. The TextView is declared in a layout file with other TextViews that have their setOnClickListener called without issue. The


I have Basic MSI installer, created in InstallShield. I have added the upgrade role in this installer for major and minor upgrades. But now I want to allow an upgrade only from 2 versions back. For e.

没有找到Odoo I.AccunsServer ID

I'm new to Odoo. While trying to call a server action from a menuitem it can't find the model_id. My view code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <openerp> <data>


A long time ago I merged a sub folder from trunk to branch. This of course resulted in a mergeinfo property on the sub folder. Later we merged to whole trunk to the branch, and then reintegrated the


I am developing a mobile app that collects articles from several locations. The app pulls the articles within the router and delivers using a page template. I am looking to display my articles


Is it possible to load multiple views of laravel on a element of html of a single layout view dynamically? Is there any ajax package or equivalent package to enable laravel load views without the


In php I have an array set to be the return value of a sql query. I want to save this array to a JSON file on my local machine, where as the file I am working through is on the web server. After the

JoOMLA 3.8与移动版网站有关,无数主题使用Flex网格

I am facing issue while using myriad theme getting layout issue using safari browser, also issue in responsive on all devices. Not able to fix this.


I am learning react and I found a video on youtube of someone creating a PWA using a news api, I decided I would try replicate it using react as his video was just in vanilla JS and I learn things a


Code: #include <pthread.h> void *thread(void* o) { return NULL; } void man(void) { pthread_create(NULL, NULL, &***thread, NULL); } It compiles without warnings with -Wall -Wextra


Why is Facebook showing “Database Error” when I share a link to a post on my WordPress blog enter image description here