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As far as I know, Django will auto index the "pk" and "unique" field But Now, My Django version is 1.8, and I want to use brin index. but I can't find any way to migrate let my all index remove,


I want to use ec2 instance as a proxy to connect to my s3 bucket. Does anybody knows how to do that with "apache"server? p


I am trying to move my docusign implementation from the demo account to the production one, but when I try to make a login request I receive the following error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception '


I want to set up rows height equal for every row with kable. how can I do this? there is no info anywhere. enter image description here


I have implemented model validation in some of my APIs, but I was wondering if it is possible to do some validation using attributes on simple parameters, like: [HttpGet("test/{type}")] public


When creating the android application, I encountered the problem of showing push notifications on certain dates, when the application is closed. The text of notification depends on date whet it has to


How can I find out which files are run from the scheduler when starting Windows.I look in the registry, but do not find what files are run from the task scheduler


I have 2 access tables. Table A is a list of companies (Customer ID and Company Name) Table B is a list of locations with a Customer ID column that references Table A I need to write a query that


I have a element which is scroll able. I also have a function that scrolls to a specific position. I would like to call a function when the scrollTo is finished. Plunkr example: http://plnkr.co/edit/


I have a gritty industrial control problem i'm trying to solve with T-SQL. The goal is to calculate an index position for each of two pallet loading robots, positioned in one of two ranges; 2 to 78 (


I have a spread sheet which is used for basic scheduling of tasks. Dates for the calendar run along Row 1 from O-NO and everything below is job related including due dates. I am trying to


Recently I've installed couchbase sync-gateway, and i'm having following issues from step one, 1) When doing an initial replication from couchbase to pouchdb through syncgateway, there are excess


I have an async WCF operation which I am cancelling on a certain condition (see below). However, I am getting Faulted event at client side after this. I also have a FaultHandler configured at Server


Hi I'm using Liblinphone with C# and when I do an outgoing call and remote side rejects the call I still receive connected state in Liblinphone. is there a Rejected Call State in that Liblinphone.


i am working on keycloak 4.1.0 using CLI(kcadm). according to the documentation "bin/standalone.sh -Dkeycloak.migration.action=import" is the command used to import which tells syntax not found. is


TLDR: How can I tell my Enzyme / Jest test it should run the tests as if it was running on iOS? I want to test platform specific behaviour. I'm building a custom status bar component that adds 20


Is there an easy way of implementing a queue of in-app notification in my Android app? I've been trying to research for this for hours now. Basically, I want to achieve the following effect:


I am both using Node.js and Python3.6 and I try to send a buffer from Node.js into a python script where I need an array of bytes as a parameter. After some transformation from the buffer stored in a

无法解析任何依赖性Android Studio 3.1

I new a project and the Gradle offline work is disabled.


I've been searching for a way to count the amount of numbers in one row column spaced by ",". (But nothing found, I use MySQL and what to count with the use of PHP) This is going to be done for whole


I want to work on this project with JavaScript. https://stackoverflow.com/a/43770468/10248939


My query comes from trying to use session store for eg. RedisStore in Golang where the store takes a vararg as last argument which as per document are pairs of authentication and encryption keys.


What is one dataset element in case of compound dataset? Suppose I have a structure defined as [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, Pack = 1)] internal struct Annotation { public long Id;


I'm building a UI application in macOS with dynamic localization (meaning that it's possible to switch language while the application is running). I've noticed that if the initial language is


I have an excel file of employee's names; times and dates of enters and exits of ONE MONTH. (example - https://snag.gy/Njecli.jpg) Every employee has its own date/time and exit. Sometimes he doesn't


I am creating a library from where I am exporting a React component alongwith some interfaces and an enum. I compiled typescript project. Its because the library is a for React and not typescript. I


I try to add new FieldDeclarations to my Main Class in CompilationUnit before all other existing FieldDeclarations. mainClassInCompilationUnitDeclaration.addPrivateField("Type", "fieldName"); Where


I am attempting to implement shift click functionality on a sorted MatDataTable using angular and typescript. The basic run down is that whenever a click event is registered on the table, the row


For package id 271 if I select this package then it gives me only one option for Redundant power supply as: 1)Redundant Power Supply [$7.25] And if i select package id as 1051 then it gives me two


Hi we have a WebChat based chatbot developed using Microsoft Bot Framework. One issue is our client wants a Welcome Message followed by a Card containing 3 options which the user can choose and click


I have a code that search the value of textbox3 in my data sheet , my code work well but it takes time to generate the answer.. Any better ideas? This is my code: Sub CODE23() Dim i As Long, arr With


I have to use cookies which get stored from the login session, webview creates. I can access cookies from UIWebview and store it in UserDefaults. Now, as UIWebview is deprecated I am thinking to

I try to test some API using soapUI but can't ficure out how to set proxy. When I installing python packages I set proxy in the next way: --proxy=http://domen%5Clogin:password@proxy.city.com:3131


I had tried to solve this issue many times, but the only helpful solution was to reinstall and remove all old settings. What wrong happen because this is a common issue with PHP storm for many years.

使用LpApple和Read XXLS将文件名用作列表名

I'm using lapply to read in multiple .xls files from a directory. Since the data represents data collected from sites with a different ID given by the filename, I'd like to set the list name to be the


Now, "alertSettings" : [ { "active" : "true", "lastConnection" : "24h" } ] Expected: "alertSettings" : { "active" : "true",


With Doctrine it is possible to find by a ID, like if you want to have all the information about a user. You can do it like this: $em->getRepository(User::class)->findOneBy(array('id' => 1)); Or you


Excel 2007 I'm stuck. Private Sub check_status_correctness(a_row) Dim status_col_rng As Range Dim status_val As String Dim found_status As Range Set status_col_rng = Sheets("


i have the problem about this one, how could i make the price come out when the item is selected in select option, many people give me a recomendation with ajax, but i dont know what is the code like,

So, whenether I turn on the debugger for Code::Blocks, it just displays an "Unknown option 'fullname'" messagebox. I tried re-installing Code::Blocks, rebooting, etc. Here's the log: Active debugger


I am using spark Mllib 2.3.1 version for one of my POC. I am using random forest for prediction the good or bad trade. As a input i have CSV file in which there are 7 columns. My problem is as follows:


i have c# com interop that deserialize json string into variant of array of variants object(10,1) i am using the following code: var res = (vbobj.ObjValue as JArray).ToObject<dynamic[,]>()

The error I'm getting is "TypeError: Cannot read property 'routeConfig' of null" I'm importing "RouterTestingModule", but seems some something is not right,not sure what the problem is. Anyone

UITababVIEW WravaPopVIEW有一个超前视图和超前视图

I'm creating a tableview on tvOS. The UITableViewWrapperView is subview of UITableView and there is a leading and trailing padding between them. How can I remove these paddings? Thanks?


I'm using Python 2.7.13. I have a Pandas Dataframe that contains business days as index and numerical data in each column. I am trying to : 1/ Extract monthly dates from the Dataframe. I managed to


I need to extract PCA results. df = spark.read.format(file_type) \ .option("inferSchema", infer_schema) \ .option("header", first_row_is_header) \ .option("sep", delimiter) \ .load(


I am trying to perform multiple fileupload with blueimp jquery fileupload library. link to library - https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload The files are uploading. But only a single file is


After I made some changes on branch1 and commited them I'm trying to checkout to branch2: >>git checkout branch2 error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by


Now the Justdial has changed the phone numbers from text to svg icons.


I have a simple array: var similarObjects: [Objects] = [] How I can see his changes after: similarObjects = someArray I try: (result: next -> complete) _ = Observable.just(similarObjects) .