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In the XNU sources, specifically <libsyscall/os/tsd.h> there is a function for fast access of thread-local data: __attribute__((always_inline)) static __inline__ void* _os_tsd_get_direct(

It's not hard to code argparse so it sets up a basicConfig with a lower level if the user supplies, say, a --verbose flag. Numerous StackOverflow questions address this. But it seems like a lot of

disclosure - this is my first SO question, my apologies if this is a repeat question but I have looked for a while now and have not found an answer to this particular scenario I want an efficient

I'm trying to average over a sliding window using nlfilter but the image keeps showing up as blank. This is my code. B = nlfilter(graydog,[3 3],@(x) round(mean(x(:)))); Any ideas?

I am having a MySQL table called products_reservations where I insert data when a user clicks a button to put something to his shopping card. Those products should get reserved for a certain amount of

I'm looking to see if there is a way to disable the Refresh All button in excel workbook to prevent the user from refreshing his data.

I am receiving input from a form using django. The imput text writes "tecnología". In django, I need to find the text in another string, but I receive it as "tecnología" . How do I turn back

I have recently upgraded my Angular 4 app to Angular 6 and now want to upgrade to Angular 7. According to the below article , running command the following command shouldn't take more than 10 mins to

I currently have stacked histogram coded as follows: x_multi = [np.random.randn(n) for n in [10000, 5000, 2000]] pyplot.hist(x_multi, 10, histtype='barstacked') However, I want to scale each stacked

I'm developing an app for Android Auto. I have to import the following package: com.google.android.apps.auto.sdk.CarActivity. I have this in my AndroidManifest file: <meta-data android:

I was reading this article and I saw that the current best known algorithm for 3SUM could solve the problem in O(n^2/(log(n)/log(log(n)))). I also saw that it could be solved in O(n^3/2) time using a

My code works but I feel like there's a way to do this without declaring a ton of state. When the nav is clicked, it opens all SectionHeaders, and when one of those SectionHeaders is clicked, it

I've dumbed down the code as much as I could to try and get a working piece of code yet I'm still coming up short. Some advice would be appreciated. I'm trying to get a DependencyProperty working, it'

I have a weird edge case in a stored procedure. Essentially I had dates in MySQL that, if overlapped, needed to have an amount column added together into a new column. My stored procedure looks like:

Consider package supervisedPRIM in R. This package have two functions supervisedPRIM and predict.supervisedPRIM that can be viewed in https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/supervisedPRIM/

i have already finished my Raspberry Zero (Gameboy Project with Retropie). I just want to add a kind of switch so i can use HDMI TV and TFT screen. Ok some changes in config.txt and it was done

I’m trying to build an application on aws that is 100% serverless (minus the database for now) and what I’m running into is that the database is the bottleneck. My application can scale very well but

I could not find similar questions here, so I am posting new one. In c# program with timer, what is more efficient: Declaring member variable, then using with each timer tick, it to calculate and

I am attempting to work within the parameters of the following search: SELECT * FROM `forum_table` WHERE `userid` = 0 AND `address` LIKE '' What I would like to know is if there is a way to

Trying to update my SQL Server 2014(SP2) version from 12.0.5000.0 to the latest version. I have downloaded the latest CU for SQL Server 2014(SP2) which is CU14 (SQLServer2014-KB4459860-x64). However,

I have my array like this, I want to fetch Score and Label from the array categories. I want to get my result like this as in here in category pornography its score is 0.25 and Non-Standard Content

I'm trying to use a negative lookbehind to filter out some matches of a few strings. Curiously, it seems if I use the string "STDIN", under the hood the code is actually trying to use the handle .

I can't seem to figure out how to delete all elements from a list in a dictionary key. self.pieces = { 'P1': [1, 0], 'P2': [[1, 0], [0, 1]], 'P3': [1, 0], 'P4': [1, 0]

today I've moved my private github repository to newly created organization (of which I'm an owner). I've changed my remote origin to git@github.com:organization/repo.git. I'm not able to push to

I've created my first screencast under https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_5jkMIXzL4. It has been recorded with the simplescreenrecorder and the samson go mic on a xubuntu machine. Which tools are you

Office.js add-in for WORD project in VS2017 was opening html files in my Windows 10 default browser Edge. But after installing update 15.8.7 on VS2017 HTML files (generated from add-in project) are

I'm making a dice of the Royal Game of Ur in C#. It needs 4 4-sided pyramids that have 2 out of 4 peaks colored white. This means that a single dice gives 50/50 chance of being either 0 or 1. Now

I have the below table. I need to count how many ids were active in a given month. So thinking I'll need to create a row for each id that was active during that month so that id can be counted each

I would like to have your feedback on the usage of TaskEither using fp-ts or another functional programming library for learning purposes: I am using a Promise when dealing with a nodejs stream, is

My problem is simple, at least it seems. I have state in my redux store that's holding the state of whether the user is logged in or not. That is all working fine, but when the user refreshes the page,

new to programming and Java is the first language I'm learning. I'm having difficulty thinking through the logic on this application I'm building. The application is really simple: it has say five

I have an exec of stored procedure like: EXEC usp_Log_Add @Title = CONCAT('New design created', ' ', @DesignName, '. By ', @EmployeeName) it throws me message Incorrect syntax near 'New design

i have following html_source = """{"linkparam":"CDAQ46598omxw=","linkmetadata":{"weblinkmetadata":{"url":"/service_ajax","sendPost":true}},"formfield":{"action":"

I have completely different two SignalR application, but the hub names are the same. Each application was deployed into same two servers(with load balancing). My architecture is like below Cache

I'm trying to get the list from a primeng dropdown that has a input to start typing and filter the list of the dropdown. How can I get that list? https://stackblitz.com/edit/primeng-dropdown-ffuath

An instructor from our university has an Q&A session with undergrad students, so I wanted to ask you guys about your questions on machine learning and intelligent user interfaces. Then, I will

I have a simple SQL file that I'd like to read and execute using a Python Script Snap in SnapLogic. I created an expression library file to reference the Redshift account and have included it as a

I'm currently trying to upgrade my Angular 2.something project to the latest version. I had a custom angular.config file so i could build 2 app's consuming the same component 'library'. But then the

i am trying to convert a rgb image to a grayscale one this is the code i am using to generate random pixels for the existing image i am using a .h file to generate the output file too This is

I have the following array with point data (in which two groups of points): const data = [[{x: 1, y: 3.4}, ], [{x: 1, y: 4.3}, ]] I want to draw points for each group of points so that the

I want my function to return any undeclared variables. e.g. fun minus (x, y) = x-y; If I get input "minus(1, a)", but "a" isn't declared, I want the name "a" to be raised. How should I do this?

(AndroidStudio) This is the XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ScrollView xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" xmlns:app="http://schemas.android.com/apk/

I have viewpager and recyclerview on same Activity.Viewpager swipe works correctly but when I swipe on recylerview it doesnt work. My layout is: <android.support.v4.view.ViewPager xmlns:android="

I have run into an issue with my XSL sheet. I am extracting data and putting it into a CSV. Within the XML there is a problems section which can contain 0-many symptoms. In my CSV I have a place

So I've implemented this tutorial: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/nav-CouplingAnimationAndNavigation.html almost to the letter. Almost means that I'm using the 2d freeform directional blend type

Issue: Xcode complaint about Unknown type name 'MKUserLocation' in my ViewController.h after I added #import "ViewController.h" to my bridging header. This error will go away after I remove it from

I am writing a sample code to handle socket connections in node.js using es6 script, on importing socket.io it raises an error import { PORT } from './config'; import express from 'express';

I'm trying to get all rows with an Index 0 from one array into another one with for loop and np.concatenate i=0 data0 = np.zeros((1,257)) data0.shape = (257,) for j in range (0,7291): if

We have a custom field with a lookup/selector for Inventory Item that I had restricted to only a certain item class. With 2018R1, the ItemClassID field is now an int and I need to compare to the

I've been trying to figure this out for a while now. Google Adwords is requiring that we remove malware from my client's website, and we finally got them to send us a list of which URLs are affected.