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We have an old dataflow setup using IBM message broker. I was asked if there are any open-source / less expensive solutions. Our Message Broker uses a dataflow as such: Input => Validation => "Java


I want to monitor some PostgreSQL databases with Prometheus. Can you help me choose one ? What are the main differentiating features ?


I Have my products in 2 categories: the first with one price (like simple product) and the other with 3 variations. To not duplicate my product I just wish display some variations in the first


I am using matTooltip to show tooltip in Angular. I am facing two issues - 1) I want to give copy option on matTooltip. How to give it. 2) My second issues is since my tooltip text is large or long


I am sending a redirect from POST API to adfs server in form of HttpServletResponse containing url with status 302 but It is giving error as XMLHttpRequest cannot load Resource A. Redirect from


I'am using gnu screen on a remote computer and emacs within that screen session. For some reason emacs has stopped and when entering ps -aux on the terminal of the remote computer I can till see the


Aim: To plot the first 20 countries in descending order Problem: When using the top_n function, it insists in selecting all and not just the top 20. Here is my code: #Omit missing values na.omit(

如何利用功率BI API实现信号R

I have some reports attached to the powerbi api dashboard driven by a hybrid dataset. For real time data update i am using signal r with sql dependency. All the code for hitting the powerbi dataset is


I am using DialogFlow to create a chatbot and I have connected it to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Vi.2. DialogFlow sends an action which index.php on the Pi uses a switch-case statement to decide what


https://developers.google.com/places/web-service/details provides various details of Places. Apart from place_id, is it legal to store any other attributes of Place API in permanent storage (


Could you please help me found the solution, how I can create chart like this one? The solution should be provided on SWIFT.

Like the title says , whats the difference between them ? i read from paper with title : "A Study on Possibilistic and Fuzzy Possibilistic C-Means Clustering Algorithms for Data Clustering " The paper


I have a json object. I want to deserialize it to IEnumerable type. I am working in asp.net core. I am tried by this: IEnumerable div = (IEnumerable)JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(value, typeof(


I have a old micro app using highstock 2.0.4 on a single application page. Now I want to integrate another micro app using highchart 5.0.5. how to handle this case?


I need to solve a test question that asks to count how many apples can be eaten in total when X apples are given as a start amount, Y apples are eating every time, and 1 apple is added every time


I need something like this, because imagemagick import can get screnshots and part of the program windows and i needed as numpy array to avoid creating local files.


I'm trying to write a regexp validating: one (or more) group of digits between 1 and 99 separated by | or , (both can be combined) Example Must accept: 1 10 1,2,3|5|10,20|30 1|5 Must refuse: 1,


In my Angular 6 service, I have the following method to get the current user's first 50 playlists from the Spotify Web API: getPlaylists(accessToken: string): Observable<Playlist[]> { const


having trouble in R using ggplot to plot some data. This is my code so far: ggplot(dati, aes(x=X, y=NfL.levels..pg.ml., shape=Level.of.certainty)) + geom_jitter(width = 0.2, size = 2) + labs(x = "",


I am trying to connect with MSOnline Service to list the AAD service principal users through powershell. I got the access token through graph API. I am using the access token to authenticate the


I have some paragraphs that contained the Textual Amounts multiple times (e.g : Insurance with limits of not less than Five Hundred Thousand Dollars per person and One Million Dollars) per occurrence

Android GPS方向

A have read this topic: Is it possible to create turn-by-turn GPS navigation app on Android using Google Maps? My choise is Second option (first answer). But I would like to recive Direction

如何在AWS EC2启动时保持现场和TZDATA

I would like to launch new ec2 instances (t2.micro) from a running one. I create an AMI and launch my new instances which works fine. I run a Debian stretch and i'v just a little problem that at each


First time posting here, so I hope I'm doing this right. I am writing a program that improves file portability by merging multiple files into one(much like winzip/7zip). My question is, is there any


I'm trying to write an application which takes a user input of a URL and then moves to the next view and uses that URL to load in a browser. I've got the input page and think I've got it saving but


I have two templates with 2 different prices. For the first template the price has the id priceblock_ourprice and it printed correctly but for the second template it doesn't print the price. How can I


I have 3 tables in database. One is student, one is class, the other relates two of them, with two columns student_id and clazz_id. These three tables do not have foreign keys. I want to query for


here is my dataframe I would like to fid the % of each row a b c 1 NA 10 10 2 NA 11 13 3 NA 20 12 4 NA 20 20 5 NA 3 15 6


Facing problem when need to apply filter on multiple columns in the object. Based on the drop-down selected need to apply filters. one drop-down is directly linked to the id and another value holds


I have a header and "template definition file", as specified here and here, for a simple binary tree class, but I keep getting an error message (at bottom of post). My header file looks like this: #


This question doesn't seem to have been solved in R yet. So, given e.g. a <- c(20, 104, 380, 388) b <- c(16, 38, 108, 130, 200, 222, 291, 314, 384, 406, 476, 498, 568, 591) how do I find those


In C and variants, when you have something like this: { tmp1 <- 5 tmp2 <- 2 print(tmp1 + tmp2) } a 7 will be printed, but the tmp1 and tmp2 variables will be removed from stack once the


I resive my data in which there is deviceTimestamp:1531564520188828 I want to convert this timestamp in human date and use this code moment.unix(timestamp).format('dddd, MMMM Do, YYYY h:mm:ss A');


I have a class : <section class="banner booking-widget-home" data-path="/content/xxx/yyy/en/jcr:content/bookingwidget" data-bgset="/content/dam/xxx/aa-website/banner/2018/pppp/2018/04/abc%def%


I am getting the following result: search_s('CN=ABC - DEF,OU=Process IDs,OU=Service Accounts,DC=homeoffice,DC=Company,DC=com', 2, '(uid=%(user)s') returned 0 objects: Authentication failed for

詹金斯JEP-200 Windows操作系统

I am trying to run a Performance Center build job in Jenkins, and have hit a JEP-200 issue with the job. The Jenkins website does suggest a workaround, which is to run the Java instance with a -


Sorry for the confusing wording! I feel like this should be pretty simple to fix, but I've been having a lot of trouble with it. in this website here I have accordions that open and close to show


I am trying to read a large dataset in .csv format which is update automatically using the pandas library. The problem is that in my data, the first row is a string without double quotation marks, and


I have several applications written with Spring. Recently I discovered https://start.spring.io, which builds base application jar. But I cat run this jar just with cmd command as stand alone


I have migrated our CorDapp from 3.1 OS to Enterprise and so far everything seems to be working well. The only issue I have encountered is with our Postgres integration. The process of linking up


I have the following code: constructor(private router: Router, private route: ActivatedRoute) public onClickAndNavigate(){ this.router.navigate(['../'], {relativeTo: this.route}); } And


Is there any built in mechanism to prohibit/filter out queries that should not contain specific query types? For example if i prepare a query consisting of TermQuery/WildcardQuery/PointRangeQuery/


I'm trying to create a simple calculator with Java. For that purpose I created an array of JButton and added them to the JPanel. The issue: the buttons are not visible. I also added a single JLabel


We have a requirement where: If a server is down for less than 5 minutes and > 1 minute, email alert is sent If the server is down for >5 minutes and <10 minutes sms is sent If the server is down


I am trying to automate some email sending and wrote a simple C# program to do this. static void Main(string[] args) { var mailClient = new SmtpClient("my mail server address");


In a situation where a Gitlab server A has a private project. An other gitlab server B administred by someone else wants (with the authorisation of server A) to fork the private project and be able to


I have an extension where I'd like to change tab from the JavaScript side of the extension. My extension does not have a toolbar nor a contextual menu, so I'd like to use the messageReceived()


I have a dictionary that looks like that: {'NAME1': [{'value':'plop','color':'#444444'},{'value':'plop2','color':'#444445'}, ], "NAME2": [], } I created a dataframe this way: df = pd.


I have the following method: List<DropdownMenuItem<String>> _buildGitIgnoreTemplateItems() { var _dropDownMenuItems = List<DropdownMenuItem<String>>();


I ran pip install --user pylint and did not notice any error. However, pylint foo.py throws the error pylint: command not found. Comparing with the GitHub repository it looks like I only have a