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I'm using Python 2.7.13. I have a Pandas Dataframe that contains business days as index and numerical data in each column. I am trying to : 1/ Extract monthly dates from the Dataframe. I managed to


I need to extract PCA results. df = spark.read.format(file_type) \ .option("inferSchema", infer_schema) \ .option("header", first_row_is_header) \ .option("sep", delimiter) \ .load(


I am trying to perform multiple fileupload with blueimp jquery fileupload library. link to library - https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload The files are uploading. But only a single file is


After I made some changes on branch1 and commited them I'm trying to checkout to branch2: >>git checkout branch2 error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by


Now the Justdial has changed the phone numbers from text to svg icons.


I have a simple array: var similarObjects: [Objects] = [] How I can see his changes after: similarObjects = someArray I try: (result: next -> complete) _ = Observable.just(similarObjects) .


I need some help related to Magento Ecommerce. We have a script to save product custom value. The script runs fine because i did checked in the admin that the value is inserted for that product and


I want to log the location of user every three seconds, I want to see the location when the app is killed and also if the user restart the device. I can see the location of user when the app is


I have a query in Jongo and the result (as I read online) is an Iterable. I create an Array and add the iterable's items to it: public ArrayList trovaImpegno(String data) { Iterable<Impegno>


According to the BigQuery schema documentation BigQuery supports the following modes for columns: Nullable, Required, and Repeated. Is there any way no make field (with type Record) Required and

如何访问C语言中的Modbus TCP/IP寄存器4XXXXX?1?

I need to access those register 4XXXXX.1, 4XXXXX.2 and 4XXXXX.3etc etc I try to use to use modscan64, I can only enter number in XXXXX as whole number, I am not able to enter address as decimal in


I have the following doubt regarding strings in java String s1 = "Test"; String s2 = "Test"; String s3 = new String("Test"); final String s4 = s3.intern(); System.out.println(s1 =


Searched Lot of Things But No Results.. I am Gatting Error When I Run My App in Device or Emulator (All) [ERROR:context_group.cc(137)] ContextResult::kFatalFailure: WebGL1 blacklisted This Error


I am trying to implement bottomNavigationBar together with google Maps. But GoogleMaps takes all the space left and overrides the bottomNavigatonBar. If I define googleMaps height with "dp" or so it


We often escape list character &, ', ", <, > for preventing XSS with HTML/PHP (as the htmlspecialchars method does) But what happens if we don't escape the & character? What case will


The below code throws Column not iterable error. code: df = spark.createDataFrame([('abcd', '123')], ['s', 'd']) df.select(concat_ws(df.s, df.d).alias('sd')).show()


I have a keras model with 1 input and 3 outputs: model = Model(inputs=x, outputs=[out, aux_2, aux_1]) I want to train it with model.fit and tf.dataset: model.fit(training_set.make_one_shot_iterator(


I was trying to write simple code to read a file and put every line in a table. When doing this, it gave me the error "io:77: index expected, got nil". I found this weird since it said the error was


I need some hints for the following system: client app: Android backend: Firebase Cloud Funtions database: realtime database One of the scenarios is as follows: All users are on android devices.


I used this XSD: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/programming-guide/concepts/linq/sample-xsd-file-customers-and-orders1 And this XML: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/


Starting with iOS 11 the behavior to prioritize own gestures over the system gestures on screen edges changed. Previously iOS assumed that if you hide the status bar you want your gestures on screen


I use a DataContract to handle a class in a WCF-Service. Therefore I need the property ApiCallStatus (type: ApiCallStatus as Enum) to have a both auto-getter and -setter. But for the override of


Actually i have main.py file and same diractory one folder SNAP. in my main.py i have to capture snap using button press event fire and save to location of SNAP folder. Everything is working fine


I wanted to ask if there is any possibility to display a vector of numbers within a UI element, which allows you to pick only the numbers from the vector? For example an extended numericInput, which


I am the new to the Vuejs. Normally Vue uses the event when sending data to the parent. For example, Vue.component('child', { template: ` <div class="myitem"> <button v-on:click="


Following is "Create File" CURL call I am trying to make using php, but it returns {"error":"404 Not Found"}. I am using "Personal Access Tokens" having scope "api"(only). What's wrong? Can anyone


I have built a custom PHP website using PHP 5.6.1 and its hosted in IIS 7. This website is configured to have Windows authentication enabled and Anonymous authentication disabled. So, all users

无法安装Android设备上下载的APK——Android OS 6(m),7(n)

on click of login i check ver of current apk and compare with ver of server apk if its not same i am downloading server apk to install. Its get downloaded and install popup came for android N as well


I need to check if a file contains all white spaced, I have a configuration file that sometimes is damaged with a lot of white spaces, what I tried for now is this: bool damaged = false; var lines =

iOS WKWebVIEW无法在HTML表单上传文件

The problem is similar to this, however in my case, after taping on the <input type="file" /> , the action sheet appears and users can choose an image. However, the image is not actually


I am currently writing my small library and using webpack as a module bindler. I want to have my have my bundle file and import or require from it my bundled code. My webpack.config.js: const path =

如何理解TyBuffIn(*IbMyLLDAPxSchchys)(LDAP *、char *、int、char *、char *[]、int、LDAPMevs**)

When I review a C program , I saw some code like this : typedef int (*ibm_ldap_search_s)(LDAP *, char *, int , char *, char * [],int , LDAPMessage **); As a newbie in C Program , I really don't


I'm having trouble returning an ArrayBuffer from my Node.js API. In my Node application I use express and just return the ArrayBuffer object like this: res.status(200).send(buffer) When inspecting


View code: <label class="item item-input item-select" name="documenttype"> <i class="icon ion-man placeholder-icon"></i> <span class="input-


Versions Mac OSX 10.13.6 (17G65) AWS RDS MSSQL Instance Select @@VERSION; Microsoft SQL Server 2017 python3 -V Python 3.7.0 pip3 show Flask-SQLAlchemy Name: Flask-SQLAlchemy V: 2.3.2


I'm able to create a group using People API. I'm able to create a new contact ( but it gets added into Mycontacts The contact should get added to the folder "testing 2", which is inside my contacts,


I use the onclose function of the signalR.HubConnection object to know when I get disconnected, and then try to reconnect. protected _hubConnection: signalR.HubConnection; /** * Constructor * @


I am implementing a simple bot in the Microsoft BotFramework. I have it deployed on Azure. For a number of reasons, I wish to make the app-service that the bot is hosted on use AAD authentication.


How can i just use the data of the previous 20 days using the TimeStamp. In the below code i am selecting the Timestamp anything above this timstamp i wanted to select and later insert it. But i not


I have a string based datetime i a pandas column which looks like this: 2014-01-02T10:00:00.218223000Z How would I convert this to a datetime object (column) using strptime? Thanks in advance.


I have read corda observer node implementation here. as per documentation flow sends transaction to observer nodes to record in vault_states of observer node. I have few questions related to observer

I'm making a multiple file project in c++. I have this code: lista.h struct elem { account info; elem* next; }; typedef elem* lista; login.h: struct account { string user = "";


I need to store the following objects in the Redis. case class Session(id: String, deviceId: String) The id field - is some UUID. The deviceId is one of three values, for example: deviceId = [D1|

无法实例化活动组件信息的Java Android运行时异常

On s4 mini when I lunch application it doesn't start. I see that application is stopped. On Samsung s5 it works correctly. S4 mini have android 4.4.2 API 19 java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to


function checkenabledisable() { if ($("#completebatch").is(':checked')) { $('.commoncheckbox').prop("checked", true); } else { $('.commoncheckbox').prop("checked", false); } $('


My Swift/Obj-C hybrid project is setup with two targets: MyProject and MyProjectTests In order to write unit tests (using XCTest), I have the following configurations for the main target (MyProject)


I have a weird issue with Laravel-Mix, whenever I try to mix sass or js, they end up in a completely wrong and different directories, for example: Here's my webpack.mix.js file: mix.js('resources/


When using the default, aws provided Data Pipeline for backing DynamoDB into S3, it creates a new folder in the target S3 directory, using the following format: s3://your.bucket.name/some/folder/path/


the code I have put down below will call fetch() to recieve some data and only after fetching it will display one output. But this always fails to update the view after the async call. I'm new to this


So I've been trying to find out whether the domain is registered or not. This is the basic code: import pythonwhois domains = ['google.com','yahoo.com'] for dom in domains: print(dom)