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I have sample Python code and i am trying to construct and populate Rest API request parameters. Headers and Authorization params are working fine but i am not sure how to translate below mention "

I have two codes. The first works perfectly, as long as there is no constant in the input function. I made some minor changes to the second version, and now the program doesn't run properly at ALL.

I have a JAX-RS Application thats exports a openapi.json with Swagger2: http://localhost:8080/notification/rest/openapi.json And expose the OpenAPI: { "openapi" : "3.0.1", "info" : { "

#include <iostream> #include <map> using namespace std; int main () { map <int, string> mapIntToString; mapIntToString.insert (map <int, string>::value_type (3, "

I'm trying to multiprocess the download, extraction, and conversion of a large number of files. My code seems to work, except that each worker gets replaced after it finishes executing g.download(),

I have a WCF connected service in a .net core application. I'm using the code that is autogenerated taken the wsdl definition. Currently at the top of the request xml is including this line: <?

Test ENV Linux Intel x86-64 GCC 8.2.1 Flags enabled: -Wextra -Wall -Wfloat-equal -Wundef -Wshadow -Winit-self -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Wstrict-prototypes -Wstrict-overflow=5 -Wwrite-strings -

I'm trying to add an instance to the Books model, which is added using the inheriting form of ModelForm, the Books instance is added, but I'm not able to relate the user field to the User model.

I'm currently writing an interface for a ticket system that uses bootstrap 4's grid system to position components about the system. As you can see from the screen shot below, the UI has two container-

I'm trying to create a simple rule url, and I can't get it to work. I want the following rule: mysite.com/[username] to go to mysite.com/kit/page?id=[username] Is this possible. Right now I only

how can i copy paste the data on the cell above of first blank cell to the last blank cell before going to next non blank cell? can someone help me? THANK YOU SO MUCH! LIKE THIS

I was wondering if anyone could help me real quick with some advice on the following My wordpress plugin used to allow people to create a custom audience inside on Facebook Ads through the

I need to run a script every 15 minutes starting at 9:30 AM until 4:00 PM Monday through Friday only. I want to use cron on my linux system. My attempt looks something like this: /15, 30 9-4 * * 1-5

I tried searching for other questions that have been asked before, but I can't seem to find one that's relevant to my situation. I'll try my best to explain. I want to be able to press the 'Tuner On'

Helllo Friends, i have two questions this is my html first: <div class="mydiv" data-cid="1"> <div class="mydiv2"> <p> <b>Call this text</b> </p> &

I need to write a program that allows a user to flip a coin as many times as desired and then outputs the result of the coin flip. Everything works great except that the coin flip is exactly the same

I want to use "POST" webhook to create an "line items" for woocommerce. I'm susessful with "Custom" webhook, but can't find way to make array with line items automatically. Could you give me

What are the pros of having Docker containers running and communicating with each other through a Docker virtual network instead of simply having them communicate with each other through the host

My company have recently embark on a platform architecture change from monolithic to microservice architecture. The entire migration might take years so as of now, we would still need to maintain the

I have a function that takes in variable of type Record<string, string>, how do I create a type of a limited set of index without ts compiler error. Is it possible to create an interface with

Via a method or closure, perhaps? I created a subclass view controller of my superclass/parent view controller and placed labels with placeholder text in that subclass view controller. I want to

How to make query with list Strings, but using 'Like' or 'similar to' or something similar in Spring, I look for names that contain some of the strings, for example in sql: Select * From table where

We have the following scenario: We have an existing table containing approx. 15 billion records. It was not explicitly partitioned on creation. We are creating a copy of this table with partitions,

I wanted to pass everytime i select an item from a ui-select to the controller I did try to use ng-update and ng change but it does not seem to work. Any idea? why code is below. Thank you. I just

I have created a little script that I want to run as an executable on Mac and Windows. I create the executable as one file using --onefile and want to work with files in the same directory as the

I am new to coding and require selenium for web-scraping. I use Jupyter from the Anaconda navigator. I have conda installed selenium. I have downloaded geckodriver. However, I am running into an error

everyone. I am just playing with the calculation of integral of x^2 from [1, 2] using both midpoint rule and Simpson's rule. And I find it out that with the same number of subintervals midpoint rule

From what I can tell, there are two main ways to accomplish this: Option 1: Calculate each property "on demand" via their getter method (e.g. getTotal()). Option 2: Populate all calculated properties

I want to disable the next day but not the previous day. I have found out how to disable it for the next day, but for the previous day it was also disabled. Please help me This is my code public

whats the concept behind this error cannot convert from int to bytes byte a =10; byte b = 30; byte c = a+b;

Link to this problem: https://www.hackerrank.com/contests/takneek/challenges/maximum-length-substring/problem The code passes the initial test case but then times out when I go to submit on hacker

I use this Awesome Font on my site with SVG : https://fontawesome.com/icons/toggle-on?style=solid How to widen this FontAwesome das the width but not in the height ?

This is my code I need to get the value of the StudentsInfo I tried looping them but didn't get any results when I print it just say [] after the loop it's always empty let arraycount =

I have some tests that interact with a database. I have the test code set to clear out the test table before/after each test. This doesn't work with jest though, since it's running multiple tests in

I'm trying to verify a fingerprint template that is stored in a database but I keep getting this error on my project, I tried searching the web for solutions and converted the data type on my database

I was hoping to find examples for where threex.planets.js library is used. Is there a search engine that would return the site if it contained the code reference in a script tag. <script src=

Trying to send email with phpmailer and g-suite I'm trying to send an email with PHPmailer using g-suite account but i'm not able to use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\PHPMailer; use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\

I've created an adapter with an OnItemClickListener and set it to a check box. I've succeeded in making the check box toggle a Boolean value in Firebase firestore but it takes 2 clicks to change the

I wrote a C++ program to find the determinant of any NxN matrix. It works for a 2x2 and a 3x3, but returns arbitrary and incorrect values for any 4x4 or larger matrix. I can post snippets of my code

Hello I am having hard time looping through the PHP multidimensional array, I want to know the best possible way of looping an array. This is the current array that I am trying to loop through. Array

I'm serving a flask app with flask_restplus from an apache server. I'm using ProxyPass to forward all traffic to the app at some url extension like so in the apache .conf file: ProxyPass /some-

I have a NiFi flow that among other things transforms XML into JSON. This is done to prep the data for inserting into MongoDB. I'm using the TransformXML processor and an XSL to do the transform. Is

Is it a good practice to (always) tag functions that return promises with an async keyword? I know async uses an implicit Promise to return its result, so it's basically redundant, but we are

I have an error on a worksheet and I have no idea how to fix it. I had someone help me put this together and he exited the company. Can anyone help please? It should pull all training records from one

I want to create a set of buttons that controls the current screen that was created within the same for loop. my .py file class Profiles(Screen): #create button and screens based on items in

Suppose I have a table that describes primary and secondary reporting lines for each member of staff. Let's imagine an organisational structure where the CEO, employee 0, has 2 managers (1 and 2)

Hi I currently have a magento 1.9 site which i use session storage as files as i find that using the database is very slow. I currently have about 16 gig of session files which i want to delete. If

I am kind of new to this node js and went through many explanations, tried many solutions but still cant get my head wrapped around the function call backs. //app.js file var dashboardfunc =

I am currently making my own elements and attributes in HTML and I have switched the href tag to the loc attribute and have attached it to three different <navlink> tags. I have set it up so

std::forward_list::splice_after cppreference and std::list::splice cppreference mentions nothing about the exception guarantee of std::forward_list::emplace_after and std::list::emplace. However,