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I'm currently working on Rails 5.2 application. I installed Devise for authentication. When I go to localhost:3000/users/sign_up I get the following error: Redirected to http://localhost:3000/

I am trying to integrate payment gateway, which I found on GitHub. I followed the instructions for installing it. When I run the website, I am getting an error. It says, An uncaught Exception was

I'm trying to get an Alexa skill to call a lambda function which sends a message to an SQS Queue. Basically what this guide is doing http://www.cyber-omelette.com/2017/01/alexa-run-script.html I have

So, I've been trying to reverse this matrix for a while now, what I mean is I receive an input file like this. 4 7 6 5 3 2 1 The first number is the dimensions of the matrix 4x4. The subsequent

I stumbled upon a C++ book in the library and have been following it ever since, trying to do the exercises in that book. The one thing that confused was the answer to one of the exercises I had

I'm trying to identify DOM elements by class name, but I'm not able to use the pattern.web as described in the docs (I'm also running code that I've used before, so it did work at some point). from

When I try to load a website and print the result, "if lte IE 7" comes out, I don't know what's this mean and how to solve this error?

CustomObject foundCustomObject = null; while(true){ System.out.println(System.identityHashCode(staticClass.getArrayList())); System.out.println(staticClass.

My code needs to output multiple values like a total. One output as a total of five different inputs, and the other only includes the values that have also had the coinciding checkbox checked beside

Hey just a small thing I am stuck on. I do have the structure ready for the JS array but I need to assign it to a variable like var data ={ Php array } Here is the structure of my php array:

I want to Patch stopped Instances using AWS system manager document. To do that, I try to create my own SSM document, which copy the following pre-existed SSM documents to my mainSteps as follows:

I am trying to get the second element of the list, but I get an error: /home/idf/Documents/c++/hellocpp17/main.cpp|67|error: no matching function for call to ‘Get<2>::Get(std::__cxx11::list<

I used that CODEPEN, and i dont rly know why it dont works on mobile? PLS HELP <3 THANK A LOT :* Can u tell me why that dont works with mobiles? I really need to use that, please give me a advice

I tried to run the npm run build command on my vue project. It is successfully running but no dist folder is created. I want to build this project and run it on the server. I am currently working on

I have a 3 column tile responsive design that's 1 column in mobile and 3 columns in desktop and each tile has a content drawer that needs to stretch the FULL width of the screen (complete with blue

I have an Imageview in custom notification I wanna this imageview be replaced with another one after it clicked but the problem is after clicking on the Imageview nothing happens here is my

I tried to search for the departure hours and bus arrival hours My database id | bus_id | city | time 1 |1 | 1 | 05:00 2 |1 | 2 | 06:00 3 |1 | 3 | 07:00 example user

My content overs one page. So I want to add the second page. Does someone know how to do it? I use iReport 3.0.0. I had tried edit > Insert Page/column break, but I do not know how to use this

I'm running a SendEmail script with a 3 triggers to be sent out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 9 different customers (3 triggers x 9 customers = 27 triggers needed), but it doesn't let me

This problem has been a thorn in my side for months and I cant find a solution or a reason behind this. I work with bash scripts a lot and I find that half the time when i execute a .sh script that

I'm having a problem with my controller integration tests on my ROR 5.2 project using CarrierWave and Minitest. I'm using fixture_file_upload to "upload" a file, which works correctly in my model

I have these 3 dataframes: df.1<-as.data.frame(matrix(rnorm(10),250,149)) df.2<-as.data.frame(matrix(rnorm(10),250,149)) df.3<-as.data.frame(matrix(rnorm(10),250,149)) I want to

I'm trying to join some columns from two datatables based on some conditions, but an error pops out and I'm not sure how to resolve it: Approach 1: xDT <- data.table(ID = c(1,2,3),`SPACE HERE` =

I am creating a shogi game board in React using Typescript. A shogi board has 9 ranks and files. I'd like to assert a 9x9 multidimensional array as a type to ensure both the size and contents of the

So I have a for loop for i in range(0, arr[0]): and I want the stop parameter of the range() function to be variable based on the value of the first element in an array. When I do this, however, even

My Django application that is running on Docker won't allow me to connect to it when I type or even my docker-machine ip. The error shows as below: Safari can’t open the page “‎0.0.0.

I'm working on some tests for a Laravel package I'm developing and the current issue I'm having is, I believe, in regards to one of my model's foreign keys. In the test, I'm trying to confirm that (1)

This code takes the users input and changes it to an integer and then checks if the int is between 0 and 10. I would also like this code to validate the users input against floats and non-numerical

I have a C++ Server which will transfor some image data to the C# Client to receive it Here is the C++ Key Code: while (TRUE) { //ret = recv(sClient, szMessage, MSGSIZE, 0); Screen("aa.jpg");

While going through the codebase of Shrine, I was curious to understand what design pattern was used to arrange the code here: https://github.com/shrinerb/shrine/blob/master/lib/shrine.rb I am

I want to stream some videos from native C++ application to the browser. Currently, I'm using GStreamer to convert my content (e.g. captured from a camera) into a theroa ogg stream to a tcp server:

Due to my entire Python environment getting messed up today and scaring me half to death, I really want to clean up my Python environment to its original condition and start using virtualenvs for

What is the best, most efficient way you have gained comprehensive understanding of SQL Server?

I can not do this problem, can you please help me coding it please. I am trying to practice for the ACM contest and the research did not help me much. In my code I can see a nullpointerException Code

I'm using proxmox to host a VM with GPU pass through. I'm wanting to simulate physically removing the GPU from a machine. Using the terminal, Is there a way I can kill the VM's connection to the GPU,

Cant find why it is any better to remove presentation-oriented markup from HTML

Trying to write a simple macro in Google Sheets, simple stuff but I'm not familiar with the language; extremely frustrated. Please help. I have two active worksheets in my workbook, Hotrods is a row

/** * Returns a list consisting of the initial item in the parameter * followed by every other item in the parameter. * For example, if the original list was ["my", "dog", "has", "fleas", "!"] *

Here is the code below converting X_train sparse matrix to standardized one. print("the shape of X_train",X_train.shape) standardized_X = preprocessing.scale(X_train,with_mean=False) print("shape of

I'm working with two forms where I have to validate inputs in the first form before I can switch to the 2nd form. My Code in the first form is as follows: private void btnSignIn_Click(object sender,

I am writing an Operating system and I am trying to figure out how I could read and write files with the C kernel. Since I don't have access to standard libraries(because of it being a kernel, raw c

I have written a windows service which uses SSH (Secure Shell) to copy data from a CSV file to PhpMyAdmin online database. There was an error trigger when the connection opens, MySql.Data.

I have apiece of code where i am changing the ID of the form like this; $("form").prop('id','FormApplied'); before the above formID was Form1 i have two functions $(document).on('submit','#

I'm trying to dabble a bit with Google apps script. According to the use case I have a range that contains numbers I use the getDisplayValue() to return the values (which are the above numbers) and

I am looking to update my Data Source from a path A to path B of a Pivot Table in Excel with Python. Do you see what is wrong with the code below? PivotTargetRange= wbTransition.Range('A1:AH305')

Given that PGP supports encryption using multiple public keys, how it can be achieved in mulesoft? adding two keys in Public Key Ring File Name field on encryption config window for pgp encrypter tab

I'm looking to perform about five different summarizing techniques over a lot of data. Generally, I'm looking to calculate mean, min, max, stddev, and sum over certain time windows and other

How can I pull the information of a Blob that has been pushed to a specific repo using GitHub API I can see that the blob gets created but I can't find it when I do git pull since it does not create

I've been using the idx library to safely access chained properties in javascript. Its got me thinking What does this idx acronym mean? It's a little ambiguous and would suggest index or internet

It would be great, if anyone could help me, i am working with an arduino project which is sensoring the punching time. i have created a coding for the data and now i wanted to know how to send